{Giveaway} Glowtape Productions’ The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey| 14 – 30 JULY 2017

Glowtape Productions presents The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey from 14 – 30 July at the Drama Centre Theatre.

The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey is a spectacular musical adaptation that transforms Meng Jiang Nü’s tale into a soaring musical odyssey. Raw emotions are laid bare in a dazzling display of vocal showmanship as the characters come to life in a beautiful contemporary setting detailed with traditional design influences.


Captivating and profoundly moving, this production weaves a gripping tale of love and courage against an epic backdrop of imperial China. In the face of insurmountable odds, a young everywoman does not yield to her fate. What unfolds is a passionate display of a woman’s resolve as she stands alone against the ultimate symbol of unbridled hubris and power.


Join the phenomenal Na-Young Jeon’s Singapore debut, multi-talented George Chan and homegrown singing sensation Nathan Hartono as they team up this July for The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey.


No wall too tall.
No journey too long.
The legend of Meng Jiang Nü.

Behind the imposing façade of The Great Wall lies one of the most enduring legends in Chinese folklore – the story of Meng Jiang Nü, whose tears brought down the Great Wall.

This original musical with brand new script by acclaimed Singaporean playwright Jean Tay, who won best original script for Everything But The Brain and authored Boom, both literature texts in schools, is led by an international team of artists – featuring composer David Shrubsole (National Gallery Singapore’s Opening Festival, London Road) from the UK, helmed by Australian director Darren Yap (Man of Letters, Miss Saigon, Mamma Mia!), and starring talents from the West End – Dutch-Korean actress Na-Young Jeon (Les Misérables, Miss Saigon) and Monique Wilson (Miss Saigon, The King & I), along with George Chan (Chicago, December Rains) and homegrown singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono, fresh from his stint on Sing! China.

The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey is a musical not to be missed! We can’t wait attend this amazing new musical in July. Book your tickets early at SISTIC and get the best seats before it is a Sold Out performance!


WIN a Pair of Tickets worth $144!  

We’ve got great news for our loyal followers and fans of Nathan Hartono!

Glowtape Productions has kindly sponsored a pair of Cat 3 tickets worth more than for the 16 July, Sunday 3pm performance! Do follow ALL the instructions below to take part for your chance to win! 

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  • Collection will be at the Drama Centre Theatre, Level 3, 45 minutes before show time. Do note that children younger than 8 years old will not be admitted.
  • Winner will need to produce their IC to claim their tickets.
  • Prize is fixed and cannot be changed to a different day or time.
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About The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey


When  : 14 – 30 JULY 2017 | Tue – Sat 8pm |Sat & Sun 3pm

* Please note that the role of Meng Jiang Nü will be played by Ethel Yap for performances on 16 Jul 3pm, 19 Jul 8pm and 26 Jul 8pm.

Where: Drama Centre Theatre (Map)

Duration: Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes  (15 minutes interval)

Who : No admission for infants in arms and person below 8 years old.

Ticket Pricing :  Check SISTIC for discounts applicable.

14 & 15 JULY $68 – $98
FRI 8PM, SAT 3PM & 8PM $68 – $98, $128 (VIP)
TUE – THU 8PM, SUN 3PM $58 – $88

(Ticket prices excludes $4 SISTIC Booking Fee)

Tickets available through: Get Your Tickets Now
SISTIC Website
SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555
SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide

The Real Pumpkin Patch

[22 Jan 15] I am so very excited to share this!!

Saw this outside the kids’ art class. Its planted by a landed residence owner in the neighbourhood.

The real pumpkin patch

Three years ago, I did a unit study on Pumpkins with my kids.  That was when K was 5.5yo and R was 3.5yo.  We also attempted to plant pumpkin at my MIL’s house.  However, our previous 2 attempts at growing our own pumpkin failed badly. After all these years, I still can’t develop green fingers.  I simply can’t, even though I love gardening.  😦  My gardening friends would always tell me that I have over-watered.  I never give up!  Planning to plant my own veg some day soon.  I still love gardening and all things nature (except creepy crawlies & mosquitoes).   >.<

Wk 0-2
I baked some of these fresh seeds for the kids to try too. In fact, the seeds tasted good without needing to be baked as well.

Wk 4-4

Wk 4-6

Anyway, fast forward > 2yrs later, the kids couldn’t recognize the plant or any part of it without the fruit in full growth earlier.  😦  Now that we stumbled upon this, the kids can finally get to touch and feel THE REAL PUMPKIN PATCH over the next few weeks.  And we can do that every Thursday.  It’s going to be a good chance for them to catch up.  Nothing is better than being able to TOUCH!

Feeling the tendrils

I have tested them on site, and showed them the different parts of the plant. Even hinted to them that its orange and the seeds can be eaten if baked.

Pumpkin blooms only last for ONE day. It was late afternoon. We have missed the full bloom. Next week, we would go inspect the plant BEFORE art class. Hope to catch a full bloom at 3pm.
Female flower - that's the ovary at the bottom.  It's gonna become a pumpkin!
Female flower – that’s the ovary at the bottom. It’s gonna become a pumpkin!
On another female flower that has wilted.  The pumpkin is ready to grow.
On another female flower that has wilted. The pumpkin is ready to grow.

But then they were still unable to connect, I refused to tell them that its pumpkin. Refused to feed them info!  😦  When we got home, I fished out the All About Pumpkin book we did and purposely, casually left it lying around.  The kids discovered it before bedtime and K straightaway linked to this afternoon’s “excursion” at the roadside *hehe*


This is the video I captured using the front camera of my HP and I filmed it halfway while drying her hair.  She was very happy to share today’s findings with daddy who has just gotten home.  It’s so hilarious I am glad I have captured it.

Below are the photos of the book which I mentioned we did 2+ years ago.  I wish I have done more for them!

book 1

Book 2

book 3

book 4book 5book 6

book 7
Bottom Right shows K’s drawing of her pumpkin at 5.5YO
book 8
Top left shows R’s drawing of pumpking at 3Y1M ❤

 My book project aborted after 2 weeks of planting. 😦  I laminated the leaves of my plants!  They didn’t seem to look much different from the day they were laminated.  Not sure how long these leaves can last for and I wonder if the kids will find joy in reading this book again 20 yrs later.

I totally enjoyed doing this book with the kids.  Of all the home-learning topics we did, I would say this is one of the very few that I have lasting memories of.  Below are some happy moments of K while doing up her book.  She has enjoyed doing this more than R.  R was just happy to be playing then.




[Completed] Her own artwork of painted pumpkin.
[Completed] Her own artwork of painted pumpkin.
Last, but not least, recapping what she has learnt by 'teaching' daddy what she knows *haha*
Last, but not least, recapping what she has learnt by ‘teaching’ daddy what she knows *haha*

I dont have the softcopy of the printables anymore as my comp crashed long time ago.  Mummies keen to take this chance to follow up with your kid(s) can google for PUMPKIN PRINTABLES and science info easily.

If you are keen in extending the home-learning to the uses of Pumpkin, do check out our earlier post on Pumpkin Rice (recipe included).


Back to what’s happening on site, the pumpkin patch grows pretty fast. It was just 2 small patches of pumpkin leaves last week when I spotted them.  We WILL come back next week to check on these little babies!  Will update this post until we conclude this unit.  ❤

In the meantime, its the last 3 days to enter the draw at our current giveaway! Do join if you have not. Prizes worth S$180 up for grabs!

GIVEAWAY (Creepy Mathematics #2) running from 18 Jan to 28 Jan 2015

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Current giveaway on Facebook!! Click the above pic for contest details. 3 more sets to be given away in this round of giveaway. All the best!!

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– SAys! Shirley