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SAys! Happy Mums = Shirley + Audrey + yoko + sweethalo

SAys Happy Mums is a Singapore Parenting & Lifestyle Blog hosted by two best-friend mummies!  We derived this blog name : SAys! from our names Shirley & Audrey (SA) and our online nicknames, yoko + sweethalo (ys).   SAys! Happy Mums is set up as a platform to share our happy moments with our family and kids. The things we love in life including shopping, eating and most importantly having fun and maybe, perhaps, a little bit of lazing on the sofa with our favourite drink too!  🙂

Both of us blossomed from young career women, who had no idea what fun (or how crazy) kids can be, til we are finally proud mummies after getting struck by a thing called Motherhood Instincts, we have come together to travel on the path that will lead us to the future with our respective hubby, and kids.  We hope to grow old together in the most amazing and gorgeous manner.

Shirley, mother to 2 beautiful children born in 2007 and 2009, has a spontaneous mind and is often inspired to follow her gut feeling.  Born a Pisces in the year of Dragon, a fiery Dragon no less, she always imagine herself as a sea-dragon living in a hut by the beach with the sun & the sea as the backdrop, and a beautiful garden in the underwater world.  Shirley is real glad to be a Stay-at-Home-Mum with wonderful friends that keep her company and most importantly having a hubby that supports (and nags at the same time) every move she takes.  She’s counting her blessings daily as she watches the kids grow up.  Her most frustrating time of the day is often feeding time.

Audrey, has an active and adorable 7 year old boy to keep her days and nights really busy! A Stay-at-Home-Mum, she’s glad she gets to spend wonderful days and difficult times with her little one and watch him grow up well. Her only hope is for him to grow up to be a kind and loving person and to be a blessing to all around him.

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With lots of fun & love,
~ SAys! Shirley & Audrey

SAys Happy Mums


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