Advertising & Sponsorship Enquiries

Shirley & Audrey are self-proclaimed Shopping Queens and we love exploring anything new and sharing them with our readers.  At SAys! Happy Mums we share our honest opinions for products and/or services and we are open to sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Your organisation may be interested to partner us to have honest actual user reviews for your products or services.  We only take on review projects on things that we are passionate about and believe in.

Between the two of us, we are passionate about theatre, entertainment, lifestyle, books, toys, cooking, food, fashion, beauty, travel, parenting/ family-friendly and kids related products or services.  That’s almost everything under the sun!

If you think you would like to work with us, do email us at  We will respond within a week.  If you don’t hear from us by then, please email again in case we missed your email. 🙂   In any case, we promise a response and you will get a definite yes or no from us.

How can we Work together?

We work on product/service reviews, giveaways, sponsored posts and advertorials, sidebar advertisements and brand ambassadorship.  All projects undertaken will be posted on our blog and shared on SAys! Happy Mums’ social media platforms (as well as both of our personal ones, where appropriate).  We are also open to any suggestions and will consider them with due care.

Things to Note:

  1. We are not linked to any blogging network/agency and will accept projects on our own accord, between the 2 of us.
  2. Since SAys! Happy Mums is made up of 2 families, please note that there should be 2 review sets as Shirley & Audrey work very closely together on every blog post.  We live and breathe SAys! Happy Mums, where appropriate and agreed upon, we can provide 2 family reviews for your service/product if we deem it beneficial to our readers.
  3. We do not accept samples for review because we believe that it would be a disservice to both your service/product as well as our readers.  For our accurate opinion, we require the complete service experience and/or 2 sets of new non-returnable products.
  4. We share our personal/family experiences and not press releases and therefore, review posts are our way to go.
  5. All photographs on our blog belong to us even if the review is a paid or sponsored one and therefore, please do not use our images (especially of our family at your event or using your product) for your marketing or promotion activities unless prior written permission has been given by us.
  6. Please note that we would not accede to requests of product experience and reviews that must be specifically positive.  If it’s a nasty product or service, please do not sell it and we won’t promote it for you.  We reserve the right to write and share only products/services that we believe in.
  7. Once the review is ready, we promise to keep you updated with blog links etc.  You will not be kept in the dark wondering what happened.  Please understand however that there may be a queue of products/services review projects that we have already undertaken but if we have given you our yes, we will do it well.  No haphazard reviews from us, we either do it or not at all.
  8. We seek your co-operation to fulfil your giveaway sponsorship within 3 weeks directly to our Winner(s) once you have been informed of their details (which will normally be within 1 day of contest ending).  We do not want unhappy Winners or to reflect badly on your organisation.  We cannot be held responsible if the Winner(s) decides not to collect/attend the product/service provided in the giveaway.
  9. All organisations working with us on reviews, giveaways, sponsored posts or advertorials will be assumed to have read this page and are agreeable with our working style and premise when engaging us.

Why choose SAys! Happy Mums?

Well, we have 3 intelligent and active kids between the 2 of us and we have varied interests.  You will have the opinions of 2 loving mums with children of both genders, 2 boys and a girl.  The likelihood that at least one of us would be able to attend your events is higher since there are 2 of us.  Our reviews come fast we and are well thought out because we work together and share the load.  Take a look at our reviews and events coverage and you will know that we are responsible and detailed.  We know our readers and what they are looking for.  Our testimonial is our repeat sponsors and the fast growth of our followers on SAys! Happy Mums Facebook Page and Facebook Account despite having only started blogging in November 2014.

Thank you for visiting and considering us today, we know that you will have a pleasant experience working with us on reviews because we give our best to each project that we undertake.

With lots of fun & love,
SAys! Shirley & Audrey

SAys Happy Mums

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