{Review} Catch A Taste of The Forbidden |Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress

I’ve heard so much about this wonderful Dick Lee musical Forbidden City : Portrait of an Empress starring Kit Chan but each time it was staged before, I was out stationed. No wonder then that the hubs and I were really looking forward to finally go to the Esplanade Theatres to catch this well-loved classic and of course to see Kit Chan on stage!

Local theatre goers must have this epic musical as their 2017 Must Do, Must Watch musical and who could challenge that? Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress first commissioned by Esplanade- Theatres on the Bay for Esplanade’s Opening Festival in October 2002 has had a sell-out season at each restaging (in Sept 2003 and 2006).


Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress is the story of Empress Dowager Ci Xi (played by Kit Chan), her love story, betrayals and struggles, rise to absolute power, even as China was increasingly being ravaged by foreign powers as the Qing Dynasty struggled to retain control of China.

As the musical opened, I could feel the excitement and anticipation rising in the hushed audience. It was almost unbelievable that I was finally watching this epic musical at the Esplanade. The little one who has a love for history was equally in awe, this being his first ‘adult’ musical! Plus, he was eagerly anticipating watching Kit Chan, the singer of his favourite National Day song – Home! What a treat!


The Empress Dowager CiXi played by Cheryl Tan, Kit Chan and Sheila Francisco depicting different stages of her life.

The musical wasted no time in introducing the Dragon Lady and very soon we were transported into an unfamiliar time when the Emperor’s rule was absolute and his wants were insatiable (including his harem of concubines). As the older Empress CiXi (played by Sheila Francisco ) recounted her life’s hopes, joys, love, disappointments, struggles we were also given a running history of the ebbs and flows of the Qing Dynasty.

Empress CIxi

Forbidden City was a musical treat from the very start. Dick Lee’s beautiful music was equally matched with the excellent vocals of the 2017 cast.

With big shoes to fill, credit must be given to Cheryl Tan who plays the young Yehenara this time instead of Kit Chan. Her voice crystal clear as always, was powerful and captivating. We’ve watched her as Juliet in SRT’s Shakespeare in the Park Romeo & Juliet, as Ivy in Dick Lee’s Beauty World and even as Little Bo Frilly in SRT’s The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and I think this is by far her best musical performance ever. She was calm yet vibrant, playing a more matured heroine this time, putting away her usual more animated and girlish characterisations.


The young Yehenara (Cheryl Tan) with her hopes so high of finding true love with the Emperor.

Cheryl Tan lifted and refreshed us with her stunning vocals throughout Act One. I think the audience could feel Yehenara’s disappointment and betrayal when the Emperor quite quickly forgot about her after three months of what seemed like a fairy tale love affair. (I was amazed that when one got pregnant by the Emperor, he shelves you!!)


My favourite has got to be the really entertaining Record Keepers played by Sebastian Tan (Singapore’s favourite Broadway Beng) and Dwayne Lau (SRT’s Treasure Island). They were just the perfect amount of humour and wit! The Record Keepers were brilliant and everyone in the audience adored them… maybe because they added the light-hearted fun in an otherwise depressing storyline perhaps? haha…



I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed that we had to wait till Act Two before Kit Chan came on. Although every part of Act One was enjoyable, I still wished that the talented Kit Chan was on stage earlier and sang more… for she did not disappoint. Her well trained vocals was not only emotive, she commanded the presence only a star like her could. Everyone just could not get enough of her, I know that for a fact.


Kit made us all feel the deep sorrows a mother (even a Dragon Lady) must have felt for the passing of her child. If there were doubts that Empress Dowager ever cared for anyone, she removed it. How her heart must have broke when Emperor Tung Chih’s life was wasted. I teared as I watched and listened.



The stage sets were a awesome. Beautiful. Simple yet effective. I especially loved the funeral scene where the stage was opened up to reveal the depth of the really amazing theatre stage of the Esplanade! I had no idea it was so deep… other times when I’ve been to the Esplanade theatres, the productions had never used this to their visual advantage.

Forbidden City is Wey’s first ‘adult’ musical and I was half wondering if he would be able to sit through the 2 hour musical. As it turns out, I needn’t have worried because my 8 year old was totally absorbed throughout. So if you are wondering if your not-so young children will enjoy the musical, I would think so. He was intrigued by the larger than life characters and the story unfolding onstage, the beautiful stage sets and costumes and quite simply the awesome music. In fact, when the musical ended, he actually let out a cry of dismay “Oh?! That’s the end?!!?”; much to the amusement of the people seated around us. Of course, be prepared to answer questions along the lines of : ” Mama, what’s a brothel? Why did the Emperor go there?” ” What disease did he get from the brothel and why?” haha… I took it as a good teaching point moment although I did not quite go into too much details. 🙂

Not all musicals are created equal. It has been more than a decade since Singapore last watched this highly acclaimed iconic made-in Singapore musical and for me, Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress is still as stunning and magical as ever. When you go to see this musical, you will come away in awe at not just the entire production, but an amazement at our local talents.

Don’t miss this amazing timeless musical by local theatre big names or you may have to wait yet another decade for its restaging. Also this may very well be the last time to catch Kit Chan in the role as Empress Ci Xi! If you haven’t already booked tickets, be sure not to be stingy on the tickets, get the best seats for a better view, it’s worth every dollar! I promise! 

Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress plays at the Esplanade Theatre from 8 -27 August 2017. Book Early for the best Category Seats to enjoy the epic musical fully. Tickets available from Esplanade Box Office at https://www.esplanade.com/events/2017/forbidden-city-portrait-of-an-empress, more details at end of post.

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We are grateful for the opportunity to attend Forbidden City – Portrait of an Empress, for the purposes of this review. We were not remunerated monetarily for the review, all opinions and experiences remain our own alone. All photos unless otherwise mentioned are copyright of SRT and were provided for the purposes of this review. All other photos remain the copyright property of SAys! Happy Mums and may not be reproduced without prior notice or written permission given.

About Forbidden City – Portrait of an Empress



When : 8 to 27 August 2017| Tues – Fri: 8pm | Sat : 3pm & 8pm |  Sunday : 1.30pm & 6pm

Where : Esplanade Theatre 

Duration : Approximately 2hrs (including a 20min intermission)

Ticket Pricing :
Tue–Thu, Evening / Sat, Matinee / Sun, Matinee & Evening
Standard: $58, $78, $98, $118
VIP: $128
Restricted View: $38

Fri & Sat, Evening
Standard: $68, $88, $108, $128
VIP: $138
Restricted View: $38

{Media Invite} The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey|A Night of Stunning Vocals

I was so looking forward to go to The Great Wall Musical at the Drama Centre Theatre with the hubby on Thursday night (especially since the kiddo was finally done with his Math Mini- Test).  Date night finally! Away from the crazy homework and mini-tests schedules!

The Great Wall

Part of the excitement was also because it’s been such a long time since we’ve hit the theatres, and what a good one to start with. A brand new original musical based on a beautiful love story with a stellar cast! I was excited to get to see Nathan Hartono sing live on stage too! It was no wonder then that even on a week night, this musical was playing to an almost full house!


Set in the time of Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of China, who wants to create a new history, a new One China united under his rule, the musical is based on the legend of Meng Jiang Nü (played by Na-Young Jeon) whose devotion and love for her husband Fan Qi Liang (Nathan Hartono), sends her on a long and arduous journey in search of him after he is captured by the Emperor’s guards to work at The Great Wall.


Behold the Great Emperor of China

The opening scene with Emperor Qin(played by George Chan) is grand and sets the tone of the times~ where fear of this great tyrant prevails throughout the new One China. The dramatic effect was perfect, with the Emperor perched up high against the dark backdrop.  We were transported immediately into those fearful tyrannical times where everyone’s existence is for the pleasure of one man- the Emperor.


The Emperor commands that all males be conscripted to build his Great Wall and all scholars be killed!

I think it safe to say that every single person in the audience was moved by the singing of Na-Young Jeon. She was amazing. Her voice crystal clear and beautiful. Her singing lifted our spirits as she found love and fell sweetly and deeply in love to runaway scholar Fan Qi Liang. We felt her misery, her helplessness and desperation when her beloved was arrested and taken away by the Emperor’s Guards. We wanted to run with her and journey with her as she went in search of her husband to see him again. Na-Young Jeon made Meng Jiang Nü real… our sister in a desperate situation. (I hear Ethel Yap’s performance as Meng Jiang Nü is equally enthralling)


The beautiful lovebirds

I really enjoyed watching the two well matched lovebirds on stage. Nathan Hartono did not disappoint. Handsome as he sang away to melt our hearts (hahah) but a pity I felt he didn’t seem to have as many singing parts as I had hoped. In fact, I have a nasty suspicion that his air-time was far lesser than the Women in the Village!! But then again that could be just me? If only there was more of Nathan and Na-Young… the night would have been perfect! haha..

Even so, every song in this 2.5 hour long musical was delightful with stunningly good singing.


The Women in The Village / Mother / Women of China take up quite a fair bit of the musical, unfortunately.

The set and costume were simple yet beautifully designed and each scene was an artistic visual treat.

I especially remembered a scene of Meng Jiang Nü’s journey which required an amazing display of precision and teamwork, as the villagers laid out the wooden planks for Meng Jiang Nü, who walks and climbs on each plank. As her journey progresses, it is a stunning visual.  Perhaps, through this repetitive act of laying out the pathway for Meng Jiang Nü, the audience also experiences the difficulty and the long journey she took.


Truly a great display of No wall too tall. No Journey too long… Meng Jiang Nü’s arduous journey in search of her beloved.

The Great Wall Musical is a powerful love story of one woman’s undying love and determination to be with her beloved against all odds. But it is not just a love story, it is an amazing story of human strength and tenacity despite immense suffering … A story about bravery and courage to stand up for what you believe in, and remain unyielding in spite of ruthless tyranny.

The Great Wall Musical runs from 14 -30 July 2017 at the Drama Centre Theatre, so there’s only one more week before it ends, next Sunday. Do catch it even if it’s a week night show.

The hubby gave it a thumbs up and has been telling everyone (who has asked us) that it’s a must watch. I agree 🙂 This is truly a Must – Watch Musical for 2017. Take a well deserved break from the mundane and be transported into another time, another world, another love. Book quickly at SISTIC https://www.sistic.com/events/cwall0717 before tickets are totally sold out! Have a lovely time with The Great Wall Musical!

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We are grateful for the opportunity to attend Glowtape Production’s The Great Wall Musical for the purposes of this review. We were not remunerated for the review, all opinions and experiences remain our own alone. All photos unless otherwise mentioned are copyright of Crispi I Photography & Glowtape Productions and were provided for the purposes of this review. All other photos remain the copyright property of SAys! Happy Mums and may not be reproduced without prior notice or written permission given.

About The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey


When  : 14 – 30 JULY 2017 | Tue – Sat 8pm |Sat & Sun 3pm

* Please note that the role of Meng Jiang Nü will be played by Ethel Yap for performances on 16 Jul 3pm, 19 Jul 8pm and 26 Jul 8pm.

Where: Drama Centre Theatre (Map)

Duration: Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes  (15 minutes interval)

Who : No admission for infants in arms and person below 8 years old.

Ticket Pricing :  Check SISTIC for discounts applicable.

14 & 15 JULY $68 – $98
FRI 8PM, SAT 3PM & 8PM $68 – $98, $128 (VIP)
TUE – THU 8PM, SUN 3PM $58 – $88

(Ticket prices excludes $4 SISTIC Booking Fee)

Tickets available through: Get Your Tickets Now
SISTIC Website
SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555
SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide

Going Mad about Music with Sid Bowfin |25Feb- 12Mar 2017

This was the very first time we’ve gone to the theatres not for a drama but for a musical treat and the kids loved every minute of Crazy Classics with Sid Bowfin at the Drama Centre Black Box last Sunday.


You may be thinking, really? Can classical music really be fun… and for kids?? Well, I had my doubts before going this weekend and the children were the best judges. Every little one was enjoying Sid’s fun easy going way with the Classical pieces. He fiddled on his violin to the delight of the small audience who were clapping ,tapping along and having pure 60minutes of fun.

I liked that the show  was held at the Blackbox Theatre, a small cosy setting that made it all the more intimate and interactive. It didn’t feel intimidating (even though it was classical music haha)! Before midway, Sid Bowfin had already gotten the children on their feet and dancing to the classics he was belting out.

Sid Bowfin seemed to make classical music accessible even for the littlest one or the most clueless one that had zero musical background. He talked to his audience, interacted and told us stories of each piece he was about to play. He made everyone laugh easily with his funny expressions, crazy antics and jokes. The audience participation was unending and there was no lack of volunteers as hands waved up and down to be picked.

I was happy to see Wey very enthusiastic throughout the performance. He was trying his best to be picked as a volunteer. LOL! It has always been a big regret for me when Wey stopped music lessons last year because we just couldn’t quite find the time; with him being in the afternoon session in Primary school. Although I’ve heard him tell me that he wants to restart music once he gets to morning session, I was not sure that he meant it. And yet last weekend, I saw the twinkle in his eyes as the music played on, and yes perhaps, next year, he will go back to music again, when time permits. 🙂 In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the children at the show are already asking for violin lessons, thanks to Sid Bowfin (aka Adrian Garratt).

Even though the theatre is small, do note that it is free seating so get there early to get better seats. In any case, Sid does make an extra effort to go to his audience, even those seated behind got to be up close and personal with him so no one gets left out. Also, if you care to stay on after the performance, you can have family pictures taken with Sid Bowfin for that precious keepsake.

If you have a budding musician at home or just want to introduce and inspire the little ones, Sid Bowfin will certainly be a fun way to do it. Crazy Classics with Sid Bowfin is presented by Act 3 International and runs at The Drama Centre Black Box Theatre from 25February – 12 March 2017. Tickets are available from SISTIC, http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/ccrazy0317  more details at the end of the post.



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About Act3 International presents Crazy Classics with Sid Bowfin


When: 25 February to 12 March 2017| Mon – Fri: 9am | Sat & Sunday : 10.30am & 2.30pm

Where: Drama Centre Black Box


Who: 4 years and above and their families

Ticket Pricing : Standard $28 Weekdays, $38 Weekends (Excludes Booking Fee)

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

Tickets available through:
SISTIC Website

SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555
SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide

*For School Group Bookings, please call ACT 3 International at 6735 9986

The Stage is Calling ~ Casting Calls for Little Ones | 29 Dec 2016

If you have a talented little one with a dream to take the stage and be a star, here’s an opportunity to do it with a stellar theatre company, Pangdemonium!

Pangdemonium is casting for their production FUN HOME!
Pangdemonium’s “FUN HOME” is holding auditions on 29 December 2016 for three child roles.


Getting cast in this Tony-winning Broadway musical could be a dream come true for any young musical theatre actor!

The casting call includes protagonist Alison Bechdel’s youngest stage incarnation and her two child brothers: Christian and John.
For those unfamiliar with this coming-of-age hit…

CHRISTIAN is the oldest Bechdel child. Young male actor aged 10–12.  JOHN is the youngest (age 7–9), and described as being full of energy and having a quirky imagination.

Both roles call for a young singer-actor with a natural sound, good sense of harmony, and pitch.

YOUNG ALISON (age 9-11) holds much more heft in the show than her two stage brothers—original cast member Sydney Lucas earned a Tony nomination for the role, after all! She’s “on the cusp of finding herself and forming her own views on how a girl her age should behave and dress”. We are looking for a young girl who is both confident and intelligent. The right candidate’s singing abilities will require moving “seamlessly in vocal quality from speech to song” and a range of B to B.

* Please note that in the story, SMALL ALISON is considered a “tomboy”, and becomes aware that she is not like most other girls her age. She sings a song “Ring of Keys” (https://youtu.be/pMAuesRJm1E) about this growing awareness, but otherwise does not understand, much less know how to act upon, what she is sensing. It is not until she reaches her late teens (MEDIUM ALISON) that she dares to come out as gay.  With this in mind, auditionees (and their parents/guardians) have to be comfortable with the subject matter of the story.

Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.


Auditions  29 December  2016
Call Backs  30 December 2016
Please bring sheet music for ONE short contemporary musical theatre song, OR choose one song from the suggested list:
○ “Ben” – Michael Jackson
○ “Rockin’ Robin” – Michael Jackson
○ “I’ll Be There” – Jackson 5
○ “Who’s Lovin’ You” – Jackson 5
Please note that we will NOT transpose on the spot. Minus-1 will NOT be accepted.
Prepare a short monologue (memorized) in an American accent
Bring picture and resume

Other Dates

FUN HOME Boot Camp (learning songs) – 12 – 16 June 2017
First Rehearsal – 28 August 2017
First Performance  – 29 September 2017
Last Performance – 15 October 2017
To book an audition slot please email – auditions@pangdemonium.com

{Review} I Theatre’s The Magic Paintbrush | An Amazing Full Circle

If you haven’t booked your tickets to The Magic Paintbrush yet, please do! This is a most amazing production by I Theatre as it is the finale production for their 15th year Anniversary Celebrations!

Super happy Trio – They love the theatres!

We went to the Drama Centre Theatre on Saturday with no clue what it would be like since it was an entirely new remake, redesigned play from its first staging. And we were totally blown away by the scale of the production!

The Magic Paintbrush was first performed 16 years ago in 2000 and was the inspiration for creating I Theatre as a theatre production company. How apt it is for this year’s 15th Anniversary celebrations to end on a high note with a reworked version of The Magic Paintbrush– I Theatre has come full circle and continues to bring so much joy and inspiration for local children’s theatre.

The play opens with what every parent and school going child would be able to relate to. A young girl preparing for exams and told to study hard, and not just do her best but “Be the Best”!


Shocking revelations indeed for every Singaporean parent to see themselves on stage perhaps? And then the magical journey begins …. when the girl Toni wishes she was someone else, wishes she was Ma Liang who is a poor but talented orphan. She thinks it’s way better not to have parents… and the inexplicable Magic Paintbrush grants her wish…


From there the audience is transported to another world in ancient China, where Toni is now (as she wished) Ma Liang, and she has to fend for herself, to work hard in order to survive and yet having no opportunities to explore her talent in painting because she has no money.

But Ma Liang is given an opportunity of a lifetime to do good, when he is given a Magic Paintbrush ~ Whatever he paints comes to life! Will he use this power to do good or to bring selfish benefits?


Wonderful lively cast that kept the audience excited!

What will he do when faced with personal danger? Will Ma Liang succumb to the threats of the greedy Emperor and his wicked schemes? What happens to Ma Liang?


Loved the beautiful costumes!

The new Magic Paintbrush is extravagant and grand, it is so big scale that even the adults will be captivated. The sets were beautifully designed and so impressive that you may not think it was for children’s theatre. I loved the upbeat music, the beautiful life-sized sets and the amazingly detailed costumes! WOW!!


Impressive stage set

Expect a visual treat from colourful sets and intricate costumes, to puppets and even a segment with black light theatre (which is always a hit with the children).


We enjoyed every bit of the 1.5hours at the Drama Centre Theatre and I think everyone in the audience would agree with me that I Theatre has outdone itself this time! The theatre was lit with laughter through out the play!

Our take way from the play was more than just the theatre fun. I asked Wey what he thought was the moral of the story… and was amazed that he told me “If you have the power to do good, do it. Make someone else happy. Don’t use it just to get more money or be rich, like the wicked Emperor!” Such valuable life lessons delivered in a beautiful play, I hope he keeps forever.


The Magic Paintbrush is indeed a fitting climax to a celebratory year for I Theatre! Once again thank you I Theatre and Congratulations! Thank you for bringing beautiful theatre to brighten the lives of the littlest ones and enchanting yet another generation with music and drama!

And don’t forget to stay behind for the special Meet and Greet photography session which is always a highlight at all I Theatre productions! Loving our keepsake photos!

Love these photo keepsakes of our theatre fun together

The Magic Paintbrush runs at the Drama Centre Theatre at the NLB from 27 October – 12 November 2016. Do make your bookings asap before tickets are sold out! Click http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/paint1116?cid=itheatre-HLI-paint1116 and have fun at the theatres with the amazing cast! We hear that there are lots in store coming 2017 and we’re very excited for the new season, do follow I Theatre’s facebook for the latest updates.

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We are grateful for the opportunity to attend ITheatre’s The Rainbow Fish for the purposes of this review. We were not remunerated for the review, all opinions and experiences remain our own alone. All photos unless otherwise mentioned are copyright of I Theatre and were provided for the purposes of this review. All other photos remain the copyright property of SAys! Happy Mums and may not be reproduced without prior notice or written permission given.

About The Magic Paintbrush








When: 27 October to 12 November 2016| Mon – Fri: 10am | Sat: 10.30am & 2.30pm

Where: Drama Centre Theatre

Who: 3 years and above and their families

Ticket Pricing : Standard $32 (Excludes Booking Fee)

Duration: 75 minutes plus 15 minutes interval

Tickets available through:
SISTIC Website

SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555
SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide

{Review} I Theatre’s The Boy Who Cried WOLF!! @ Jubilee Hall from 15 Feb -19 Mar 2016

If you’ve read our preview post, you would know that I Theatre Season 2016 is back in full swing with a brand new production! We were glad to finally head to Jubilee Hall for I Theatre’s, The Boy Who Cried Wolf which runs from 15 Feb – 19 Mar 2016. So get busy booking at SISTIC  before it’s another sell out season again!

 The first production for 2016 in this special 15th year Anniversary Celebrations of I Theatre, the cast played to a full house on Saturday, and charmed the young audience with a time treasured simple story.
Now who hasn’t heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf? Boy has a really boring job, watching the sheep really… just watching and watching…He gets bored and decides to add some excitement by crying WOLF!! What happens next in this Aesop fable, is all too familiar.

The play opens to a slow start with the sheep chattering on… about humans and how jealous they are of sheep because they just don’t have wool.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The conversation was a wee bit fast and almost inaudible perhaps also because we were seated at the back end of the theatre. (Hint: Do book early to get front row seats for greater enjoyment!) Even so, when I glanced at Wey and R, they were captivated by the interesting costumes of the sheep. So much effort and costs must have gone into the costume design and making!

Expect your little ones to laugh a lot at the show, which was peppered with funny moments through out. The little ones found it really funny to watch Boy falling asleep almost every minute on stage. And Boy cleverly worked in some audience participation by getting them to shout “WAKE UP! WAKE UP!!” Everyone (even the Adults) had a fun time exercising their lungs! LOL!

And then there is the crazy hysteria of the sheep which made the audience giggle and laugh a lot… The mention of WOLF sends the sheep into a crazy silly panic, even if it was just talking! haha… so nobody should say the WOLF word… just say… W-er W-er W-er hehehe….

I really enjoyed the number performed by the town folk. Joshua Lim who plays both Galway the sheep and Mr Arabella sang with such a rich baritone voice that I’m already looking forward to watching future plays with him in it! Wow!

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Colourful sets and absolutely beautiful singing!

If there’s a part we totally loved, it has to be the Puppet Show! It was brilliant! The sheep were really rather creative as they sought to become teachers to Boy… to show him the consequences of his irresponsible action. They put on a puppet show of Chicken Licken’ for Boy to see what could happen if he continued to lie about the Wolf. A show within a show? I thought it was cool!

Wey absolutely loved the puppetry and so did all the young ones around. Which child doesn’t love puppets? The entire theatre was abuzz with delight as we were told the story of how all the fowl friends went into the Fox’s Den and never came out again all because Chicken Licken’ told a lie about the sky falling.

As always, we love I Theatre plays for the learning points that little ones can pick up from watching them. This play drove home obvious teaching points that it is not right to lie and that lying has consequences. What a wonderful way to teach our kids that they should always only tell the truth. It happens that Wey’s school is focussing on the value of integrity this term, which means to do what is right. I thought it was great that we could discuss the point that being dishonest and lying makes others have doubt on one’s reputation and makes everyone not trust the person in future.

It was nice that Boy learnt his lesson before it was too late! Go to the theatre to find out how and what happened! There were scary moments when Wey cringed with anxiety as the ‘wolf’ appeared but they were short lived because of the happy ending 🙂

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Have you learnt your lesson yet?

After all the fun watching the show, don’t forget to have your photos taken with the entire cast at the end! Queues may be long but clears up pretty quickly… I do so love these Meet and Greet photo keepsakes, especially when we look back at all the theatre shows we’ve been together with Wey since he was only 2!! 🙂

We almost missed this precious family shot with the cast as the little one doesn’t do quite well with queues… Good thing the queue cleared up just as we were ready leave the theatre so we sneaked back in haha! Yay!

Book your tickets now at SISTIC http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/cboy0316 and get your little ones excited with this fast paced funny adventure of Boy and bring home the lesson of the danger of telling lies!

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All photos unless otherwise stated are copyright of I Theatre.

About The Boy Who Cried Wolf

BCW016 Banner 15x5

When: 15 Feb to 19 Mar 2016 | Mon – Fri: 10am | Sat: 10.30am & 2.30pm

Where: Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel

Who: 3 years and above and their families

Ticket Pricing : Standard $32 (Excludes Booking Fee)

Duration: 55 minutes with no interval

Tickets available through:
SISTIC Website

SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555
SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide