[Review] TORUK – The First Flight by Cirque du Soleil

Hi everybody! It’s been a long while since we last updated our blog.¬† All these school work and other hobbies have taken over our life. ūüôā¬† When we received the invite for TORUK – The First Flight by Cirque du Soleil, we knew it will be the perfect opportunity to reward the kids (and ourselves) with a visual delight after two semesters of hard work at school.¬† This sensory-loaded multimedia stage of artistic story-telling coupled with the signature acrobatic style of Cirque du Soleil is really hard to resist.

The breathtaking world of James Cameron’s AVATAR is brought onto stage with stunning live visuals and choreography in TORUK РThe First Flight.  Through a riveting fusion of cutting-edge visuals, puppetry and stagecraft buoyed by a soaring cinematic score, the stage at Singapore Indoor Stadium was transformed into a giant screen where Pandoran landscapes materialize.  The mythical tale is set thousands of years before the events depicted in the film AVATAR, and before any humans ever set foot on Pandora.

I enjoyed the Pandora world tremendously but found myself lost during certain segments when I focused on the captivating acrobatic acts instead.¬† Except for the narration, all other conversations were communicated in Na’vi language.¬† Honestly, it was quite difficult to follow as the story developed.¬† I would suggest that you familiarize with the characters and story before attending the show.

Ralu, Entu and Tsyal are the three main protagonists of TORUK ‚Äď The First Flight, which is narrated by a ‚ÄúNa‚Äôvi Storyteller‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†They are joined by the Shaman and the Chief of the Omatikaya clan as well as members of five Na‚Äôvi clans: Omatikaya, Tawkami, Anurai, Tipani, and Kekunan.


Ralu, 14, is a Na’vi of the Omaticaya clan. He is a natural born leader, a doer and a thinker with a heart of gold.


Entu, 15, is a Na’vi of the Omaticaya clan, who lived thousands of years prior to the humans’ arrival on Pandora. Spunky and intense, he knows to follow and trust his instincts.

Upon learning that Toruk can help them save the Tree of Souls, they set out, together with their newfound friend Tsyal, on a quest high up in the Floating Mountains to find the mighty red and orange predator that rules the Pandoran sky.


Tsyal, 15, is a Na’vi who lived thousands of years prior to the Humans’ arrival on Pandora. She is a sprightly girl with an indomitable spirit.

When a natural catastrophe threatens to destroy the sacred Tree of Souls, Ralu and Entu, two teenage Omatikaya boys, fearlessly decide to take matters into their own hands.


Tree of Souls

Prophecy is fulfilled when a pure soul rises among the clans to ride Toruk for the first time and save the Na’vi from a terrible fate.


Toruk (meaning “last shadow”) is a species of airborne predatory animals native to Pandora. This creature’s name in Na’vi translates roughly to “last shadow”, as its preferred method of attack is from above, with its shadow being the last thing its victim sees (and once they do it is already too late). The fierce beauty and nobility of the Toruk gave the species a central place in Na’vi lore and culture. It is celebrated in dance, song, and with elaborate totems that symbolize both the fear and respect given to the creature. Indeed, the Toruk is crucial to the Na’vi’s sense of destiny and interconnectedness.

The black-clad, shadow-like puppeteers personify the spirit of Eywa, the Na’vi’s guiding force and deity.

Thoughout different segments of the show, beautifully-choreographed acrobatic acts reflected the professionalism from Cirque du Soleil.  Every character was able to display powerful mid-air manipulation and balance.


Overall, the performance was entertaining and our travel into the Pandoran world well-spent.  Our mobile phones were buzzing away and interactively displayed lights in coordinated colours from the audience seats as if we were part of the show.

To participate in the immersive multimedia experience, remember to download TORUK ‚ÄstThe First Flight¬†app.
App Store: bit.ly/TORUKiOS | Google Play: bit.ly/TORUKplay


TORUK РThe First Flight is suitable for families and children (aged 10 & above).  For a good view of the entire stage and magnificent backdrop that comes alive with falling boulders, waterfall, steep cliffs and ancient trees, seats at section 218 to 224 have a great view!Singapore Indoor Stadium


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We are grateful for the opportunity to attend TORUK: The First Flight, for the purposes of this review. We were not remunerated monetarily for the review, all opinions and experiences remain our own alone. All photos unless otherwise mentioned are copyright of MediaCorp Vizpro and were provided for the purposes of this review. All other photos remain the copyright property of SAys! Happy Mums and may not be reproduced without prior notice or written permission given.

About TORUK: The First Flight


When : 24 May – 03 Jun 2018

Show timing

24 May (Thu): 8pm
25 May (Fri): 8pm
26 May (Sat): 4pm, 8pm
27 May (Sun): 1pm, 5pm
29 May (Tue): 4pm
30 May (Wed): 8pm
31 May (Thu): 8pm
1 Jun (Fri): 4pm, 8pm
2 Jun (Sat): 4pm, 8pm
3 Jun (Sun): 1pm, 5pm

Where : Singapore Indoor Stadium

Duration : Approximately 2hrs (including a 20min intermission)

Ticket Pricing :
Standard: $98, $1288, $158, $188 (excludes booking fee)
To find out more about MediaCorp Vizpro, please visit www.vizpro.sg.

{Review} Catch A Taste of The Forbidden |Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress

I’ve heard so much about this wonderful Dick Lee musical Forbidden City : Portrait of an Empress¬†starring Kit Chan but each time it was staged before, I was out stationed. No wonder then that the hubs and I were really looking forward to finally go to the Esplanade Theatres to catch this well-loved¬†classic and of course to see Kit Chan on stage!

Local theatre goers must have this epic musical as their 2017 Must Do,¬†Must Watch musical¬†and who could challenge that? Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress first commissioned by Esplanade- Theatres on the Bay for Esplanade’s Opening Festival in October 2002 has had a sell-out season at each restaging (in Sept 2003 and 2006).


Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress is the story of Empress Dowager Ci Xi (played by Kit Chan), her love story, betrayals and struggles, rise to absolute power, even as China was increasingly being ravaged by foreign powers as the Qing Dynasty struggled to retain control of China.

As the musical opened, I could feel the excitement and anticipation rising in the hushed audience. It was almost¬†unbelievable that I was finally watching this epic musical at the Esplanade. The little one who has a love for history was equally in awe, this being his first ‘adult’ musical! Plus, he was eagerly anticipating¬†watching Kit Chan, the singer of his favourite National Day song – Home! What a treat!


The Empress Dowager CiXi played by Cheryl Tan, Kit Chan and Sheila Francisco depicting different stages of her life.

The musical wasted no time in introducing the Dragon Lady and very soon we were transported into an unfamiliar time when the Emperor’s rule was absolute and his wants were insatiable (including his harem of concubines). As the older Empress CiXi (played by Sheila Francisco¬†) recounted her life’s hopes, joys, love, disappointments, struggles we were also¬†given a running history of the ebbs and flows of the Qing Dynasty.

Empress CIxi

Forbidden City was a musical treat from the very¬†start. Dick Lee’s beautiful music was equally matched with the¬†excellent vocals of the 2017 cast.

With big shoes to fill, credit must be given to Cheryl Tan who plays the young Yehenara this time instead of Kit Chan. Her voice crystal clear as always, was powerful and captivating. We’ve watched her as Juliet in SRT’s Shakespeare in the Park Romeo & Juliet, as Ivy in Dick Lee’s Beauty World and even as Little Bo Frilly in SRT’s The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and I think this is by far her best musical performance ever. She was calm yet vibrant,¬†playing a more matured heroine this time, putting away her usual more¬†animated and girlish characterisations.


The young Yehenara (Cheryl Tan) with her hopes so high of finding true love with the Emperor.

Cheryl Tan lifted and refreshed us with her stunning vocals throughout¬†Act One.¬†I think the audience¬†could feel Yehenara’s disappointment and¬†betrayal when the Emperor quite quickly forgot about her after three months of what seemed like¬†a fairy tale¬†love affair. (I was amazed that when one got pregnant by the Emperor, he shelves you!!)


My favourite has got to be the really entertaining Record Keepers played by¬†Sebastian Tan (Singapore’s favourite Broadway Beng) and Dwayne Lau (SRT’s Treasure Island). They were just the perfect amount of humour and wit! The Record Keepers were brilliant and everyone in the audience adored them… maybe because they added the light-hearted¬†fun in an otherwise depressing storyline perhaps? haha…



I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed that we had to wait till Act Two before Kit Chan came on. Although every part of Act One was enjoyable, I still wished that the talented¬†Kit Chan was on stage¬†earlier and sang more… for she did not disappoint. Her well trained vocals was not only¬†emotive,¬†she¬†commanded the presence only a star like her could.¬†Everyone just¬†could not get enough of her, I know that for a fact.


Kit made us all feel the deep sorrows a mother (even a Dragon Lady)¬†must have felt for the passing of her child. If there were doubts that Empress Dowager ever¬†cared for anyone, she removed it. How her heart must have broke when Emperor Tung Chih’s life was wasted. I teared as I watched and listened.



The stage sets were a awesome. Beautiful. Simple yet effective. I especially loved the funeral scene where the stage was opened up to reveal the depth of the really amazing theatre stage of the Esplanade! I had no idea it was so deep… other times when I’ve been to the Esplanade theatres, the productions had never used this to their visual advantage.

Forbidden City is Wey’s first ‘adult’ musical and I was half wondering if he would be able to sit through the 2 hour musical. As it turns out, I needn’t have worried because¬†my 8 year old¬†was totally absorbed throughout. So if you are wondering if your not-so young children will enjoy the musical, I would think so. He was intrigued by the larger than life characters and the story unfolding onstage, the beautiful stage sets and costumes and quite simply¬†the awesome music. In fact, when the musical ended, he actually let out a cry of dismay “Oh?! That’s the end?!!?”; much to the amusement of the people seated around us. Of course, be prepared to answer questions along the lines of : ” Mama, what’s a brothel? Why did the Emperor go there?” ” What disease did he get from the brothel and why?” haha… I took it as a good teaching point moment although I did not quite go into too much details. ūüôā

Not all musicals are created equal. It has been more than a decade since Singapore last watched this highly acclaimed iconic made-in Singapore musical and for me, Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress is still as stunning and magical as ever. When you go to see this musical, you will come away in awe at not just the entire production, but an amazement at our local talents.

Don’t miss this amazing timeless¬†musical by local theatre big names or you may have to wait yet another decade for its restaging. Also this may very well be the last time to¬†catch Kit Chan in the role as Empress Ci Xi! If you haven’t already booked tickets, be sure not to be stingy on the tickets, get the best seats for a better view, it’s worth every dollar! I¬†promise!¬†

Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress plays at the Esplanade Theatre from 8 -27 August 2017. Book Early for the best Category Seats to enjoy the epic musical fully. Tickets available from Esplanade Box Office at https://www.esplanade.com/events/2017/forbidden-city-portrait-of-an-empress, more details at end of post.

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We are grateful for the opportunity to attend Forbidden City РPortrait of an Empress, for the purposes of this review. We were not remunerated monetarily for the review, all opinions and experiences remain our own alone. All photos unless otherwise mentioned are copyright of SRT and were provided for the purposes of this review. All other photos remain the copyright property of SAys! Happy Mums and may not be reproduced without prior notice or written permission given.

About Forbidden City – Portrait of an Empress



When : 8 to 27 August 2017|¬†Tues¬†‚Äď Fri:¬†8pm | Sat : 3pm & 8pm |¬† Sunday : 1.30pm & 6pm

Where : Esplanade Theatre 

Duration : Approximately 2hrs (including a 20min intermission)

Ticket Pricing :
Tue‚ÄďThu, Evening / Sat, Matinee /¬†Sun, Matinee & Evening
Standard: $58, $78, $98, $118
VIP: $128
Restricted View: $38

Fri & Sat, Evening
Standard: $68, $88, $108, $128
VIP: $138
Restricted View: $38

{Review} The Magnificent Fan Yang Bubble Legendary Show 2015

Fan Yang Bubble Show 2015

Fan Yang,¬†19th time Guinness Book of Record winner, has finally¬†returned to Singapore for a magnificent performance at Resorts World Theatre, Sentosa. ¬†We left the theatre awestruck by the shear brilliance of Fan Yang’s¬†performance. ¬†There are¬†ONLY TWO¬†MORE SHOWS left tomorrow, that is (Sun) 29th Nov ‚Äô15. ¬†Don’t, don‚Äôt ever, ever miss it if you are not overseas this weekend. ¬†It is definitely the perfect family entertainment for the school holidays.

Fan Yang Bubble Show 2015

Today, myself and definitely Audrey as well, were kids again. ¬†I found myself mesmerized and repeatedly¬†OooOOOo and AhhHhHHh while my kids could simply watched with mouth agape. ¬†Yes, their eyes were locked on the charming performer and totally ignored me. ¬†Others would think that they are more cool than me! ¬†However, at that point of time, I didn’t find myself an embarassment while¬†fantasizing over the dreamy bubbles. ¬†I simply allowed myself to totally enjoy the fun.

Fan Yang, the Bubble Legendary, kickstarted the show with a few waves of giant bubble curtains.  It looks something like this except that he was doing it alone without the audience on stage.  He sent waves after waves of curtains in very fast motion, much to our delight!

While my kids and I have watched many bubble shows at mini perfomances at parties or family-related events, none of them could match the feel and adrenaline rush from the live performance coupled with multi-colour laser display and energetic music.  Fan Yang awed us with act after act of bubbles of various sizes, and a lot of them contains dry ice smoke within as well.  He was really great at transforming the bubbles into artistic pieces that reflected carefully-curated dazzle of light display within the bubbles.  It is a pity that we were not allowed to take photographs or videos during his performance.

The first act had us showered by the bubble-blowing machines throwing out a gazillion of them into the air.

If you haven’t known already,¬†Fan Yang is a world renowned bubble scientist, artist, and performer. ¬†Over the past two decades, Fan has explored the fascinating unknown world of soap bubbles, combining art with science. ¬†He has transformed a simple bubble into a beautiful piece of art, bringing bubble media into a new artistic dimension for the masses. Fan’s ingenious creations and dedication to the pursuit of his dream has brought to life an utterly unique form of entertainment. He emerged as Master of the Soap Bubbles and earned international acclaim in Germany, being voted “Artist of the Year” and is currently a 19-time Guinness Book of World Record holder, most recently having put an 8,800 lb elephant in a bubble.

You know what Jiejie told me during intermission? ¬†She doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore. ¬†She wants to be a bubble show performer when she grows up. ¬†I guess that will take away the need to study hard¬†for major exams, the first being her PSLE in 3 years’ time?? ¬†Hahhaha!

Fan Yang Bubble Show 2015

We were treated to more visual delights during the second half of the show. ¬†The Legend of The Silver Sea was another¬†highlight of the performance with amazing 3D laser light display,¬†a masterpiece of its kind combining bubbles and ultimate laser technology with the world‚Äôs first Silver, Gold and 3D lasers. ¬†Here’s a video from 2013 show where you will be able to see some snippets of the same light display. ¬†This time round, Deni Yang, Fan Yang’s son, did not perform.

Today, we were indeed blessed to catch him live on stage.  Fan Yang gave many chances for audience engagement and our kids were one of the lucky ones. Wey was one stage with another little girl to be inside a giant bubble.


There was also a couple who celebrated their love story on stage.  Didi took part in the giant curtain display.  Never had I seen him volunteering with such enthusiasm in order to be part of a performance!

Fan Yang Legendary Bubble Show 2015

Jiejie got missed out when she tried to volunteer herself because she tripped over my bag and someone stepped on her little pinky while getting onto stage. ¬†Seeing my little princess so upset, I decided to pay for a giant bubble photo-taking experience after the show so that she could have some fun too. ¬†For $15/photo, it was really worth it in my opinion. ¬†I got her smiles and we had so many shot attempts because the photographer gave his best in every photo he took. ¬†For the first time in a paid attraction photo, we never felt the rush to go off after 2 shots. ¬†Never before was an NG so pleasing to us. ¬†Whahhhahha! ¬†I wouldn’t mind if he NG forever ¬†>.<

Fan Yang Bubble Show 2015

Fan’s spectacular shows have been featured in Canada, USA, Singapore and over worldwide TV broadcast with his appearances on¬†“Late Night with David Letterman”, “LIVE! with Regis and Kelly”, “The View”, “CBS Sunday Morning”, “Today in NY”, CW11, CNN, Cirque du Soleil “Soltrom”, TNN, Disney-MGM, NHK-TV in Japan, RAI-TV in Italy, Canale 5, Television Chile Guinness Prime Time, FOX TV, CCTV in Beijing, TCS in Singapore, The Learning Channel, London Weekend Television, CCTV in Canada BC, and much more.

Fan Yang really lives up to his name as the Bubble Legendary.  We hope that he will be back again in the not so long future.  His performance is suitable for 2 to 102 years old.  But I guess everybody in house will feel as though they were all under 12!  We saw many delightful faces from the grandfathers and grandmas in the crowd.  I believe they have enjoyed the show as much as we did!  We also hope that our giveaway winner and her family has enjoyed it as well.

Fan Yang Bubble Show 2015

We just had to share one last video –¬†the madness in the house during the ceremonial closing scene. ¬†Yes, we stepped into a world of bubbles!

Ticketing Details

When: 28 to 29 Nov 2015 | Sat & Sun: 10.30am, 1.30pm, 5pm

Where: Resorts World‚ĄĘ Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa

Who: 4 years and above and their families  (*No admission for infants in arms and children below 4 years old)

Duration: approx. 90 minutes with 15 minutes intermission

Tickets available through:
SISTIC Website | SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555 | SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide

Performing to a house-ful of audience today, one will know why Fan Yang is back by popular demand and still remains well loved by little ones and their families this holiday.  So don’t wait too long to get tickets to Fan Yang Bubble Legendary Show 2015, book your tickets now!

Thanks to our sponsors, we were extended tickets to the performance for purposes of this review.  All photos unless otherwise stated are copyright of SAys! Happy Mums.  Thank you for joining us on SAys! Happy Mums.  If you liked what you read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon.

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{Review + Giveaway} Timmy & Tammy DISCOVER : Lee Kuan Yew by Hwee Goh

It’s holidays again and most of us parents are probably picking out good books for the kids.

Timmy & Tammy is a four levelled series by Armour Publishing,¬†targeted at emergent to confident readers. What’s special about this series of books,¬†is its local flavour and¬†content making reading relevant to our children’s daily¬†experiences. In fact 5 of the Timmy & Tammy Level 1¬†books were specially chosen for the¬†SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift Pack and will only be available for sale to the public after 2015!

Hwee Goh’s Timmy & Tammy DISCOVER :¬†Lee Kuan Yew is a Genius Level 4¬†book packed with fun facts about our founding father Mr Lee and it’s just right for curious little ones. I liked that the book is colourful with bite-sized information that’s just right for children. Wey has always loved reading about Singapore history (see my book review on Singapore in the 60s)¬†and I was excited to get to review this book about the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew¬†with him.¬†

The timing was just right with Wey’s new found love for independent¬†reading, I wanted to test the book on him to see if he could manage without help. Aside from the local names like Telok Kurau, Kwa Geok Choo¬†etc, he didn’t have much trouble reading the book which is great! Of¬†course there were also some big words that needed prompting but overall it was manageable.¬†¬†Because the book was so packed with facts, it was difficult to expect him to¬†finish the book in one sitting but it did capture his attention and aroused his curiosity about the great man in the book, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

I’ve always liked to instil in the little one a love for the country and an understanding of our roots as Singaporeans. This being the year that Mr Lee passed away, my little one witnessed my tears and¬†the national outpouring of grief so great that even the skies seemed to weep on the final day. When I penned down my thoughts in Lest We Forget : Thank You Mr Lee Kuan Yew,¬†I was desperate that my young one would not know the greatness of this man and all that he had done and sacrificed for Singapore.

Now it seems, with this book, the little one can read¬†and ask questions about the late Mr Lee. As it turned out, it became a wonderful time of family bonding because we sat with him as he read and took in all the information about Mr Lee. He asked questions and repeated statements from the book to us and I enjoyed the twinkle in his eyes as he discovered. ūüôā

Shirley¬†last reviewed the Level 3 Timmy & Tammy “What is Singapore?”¬†and this Genius Level 4 is quite a step up, simply by the number of words packed in every page and we love it, even for newly independent readers. For the curious fact finder, this book gives so much insights and doesn’t just stop at stating facts but also shares some of the thoughts and ideas of the late Mr Lee and how he made Singapore a better place for her people – housing, education, water, environment. Lots of discussion¬†points to explore¬†with the little ones! There was also a simple family tree of the Lee Family and I took the opportunity to create a family tree of our own with Wey too!

As an extension of Wey’s journey of discovery reading Timmy & Tammy DISCOVER :¬†Lee Kuan Yew , we had a fun time visiting The Peranakan Museum again, which¬†is having a special exhibit on Great Peranakans ~ Fifty Remarkable Lives and includes Mr and Mrs Lee and Founding Fathers Mr Toh Chin Chye and Mr Goh Keng Swee. (And yes, we also spied Dick Lee’s photo there… and he exclaimed “Hey, that’s the guy you took a photo with at Beauty World!”¬†hahaha)

Timmy & Tammy DISCOVER : Lee Kuan Yew is a great reading resource to have for parents wanting to introduce little ones to the late Mr Lee and the work he did for Singapore. Our family enjoyed sharing the book together very much!  Timmy & Tammy DISCOVER : Lee Kuan Yew is available at major bookstores at $8.90 while the bundle set including Timmy & Tammy : What is Singapore? is available online at $17.98 HERE.

In the meantime, thanks to our sponsors at Armour Publishing and Hwee Goh from Hwee’s Book Share Club, we have copy of Timmy & Tammy DISCOVER :¬†Lee Kuan Yew for giveaway to ONE (1) lucky reader, so start sharing to win!

<<< GIVEAWAY 1 Copy of Timmy & Tammy DISCOVER : Lee Kuan Yew>>>

To take part and qualify, please make sure ALL the following steps are completed:

1) COMMENT on this blog post stating your Facebook Name.

2) LIKE¬†SAys! Happy Mums¬† and Hwee’s Book Share Club¬†on Facebook.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • Giveaway ends¬†8 December 2015,¬†Tuesday at¬†11.59PM.
  • Prize collection would be sent by normal mail¬†upon provision of winner‚Äôs address. ¬†SAys! Happy Mums and sponsors will not be responsible for lost mail.
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Good Luck and Happy Reading and Discovering!

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Armour publishes books for three main markets: Christian, General and Children’s, targeted at Singapore and beyond.

For the Christian market, we publish books that give voice to local and regional Christian writers whose insights honour God and build up His people, for His glory. Books for the Christian market come under the Genesis imprint, under the following categories: Christian Living, Marriage & Family, Christian Response & Social Issues, Church Ministry and Leadership, Devotionals, History & Theological Resources, Missions, Teaching & Exposition and True Stories.

For the General market, we publish non-fiction books, for personal and professional development. Books for the General market come under the main Armour imprint, under the following categories: Marriage & Family, Biography, Business & Management, Food & Travel, General Health & Medical and Living & Wellness.

For the Children’s market, we publish fiction and non-fiction books that promote good values, including National Education values. For the preschool (3 to 6 years old) and primary school market (7 to 12 years old), our books help children to learn to read and grow their love for reading through compelling stories with good values. Books for the Children’s market come under the Little Knights imprint.

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Timmy and Tammy is a new series of books for preschoolers about two kids exploring Singapore.

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[Updated 18 Dec ’15]

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Fathima Jabeen Salahuddin! ¬†We have sent you the email. Hwee from¬†Hwee’s Book Share Club¬†will be contacting you shortly with regards to delivery¬†details. ¬†Hope you will enjoy the book!

[Updated 18 Dec ’15]


Planet J Learning Centre | More Than Just After School Care

Planet J

We were recently at Planet J Learning Centre to check out their after school care services.  Planet J is a newly established student care centre catering to primary school students aged from 7 to 12 years old.


Aside from offering a cosy learning environment, having trained and caring staff to look after the children with help on their homework is another service they offer.  Planet J has three cozy rooms with proper setup and good lighting.  These rooms can accommodate up to 30 children daily.  There is sufficient space for enrichment opportunities, classroom work as well as R&R time.

Planet J

Chill-out Corner with TV set and X-Box where kids can get to relax during selected timing.


A typical setup in one of the rooms, for classroom work during after school hours.

Planet J

Another room vacated for upcoming holiday enrichment programme involving CSI works (see programme below) ^.^

Planet J

The last, smaller room, set up as shown for another holiday programme which we had a chance to preview.

Planet J aims to provide nutritious and balanced meals for all students under their care.  They have a dedicated kitchen and dining area for meals and tea time.  Though small and simple, the place is very clean and self-sufficient for basic needs.

Planet J

Planet J Learning Centre

In order to nurture the kids in mind, Planet J provides in-house motivational programmes for the children.  A signifiant part of their student care programme goes into time spent towards imparting self-motivational skills to the children.  These programmes include areas in :-

  • Staying focussed
  • Time management
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Thinking out of the box
  • Building resilience
  • Values and character building

Planet J Learning Centre is located right at the corner of Soo Chow Walk playground at Upper Thomson.  Children can expect to have plenty of fresh air, sunshine and outdoor fun within easy reach and supervision.

Besides the mind and body, emotional intelligence of the¬†students can be expected to be taken care of. ¬†A weekly slot will be dedicated to ‚Äústicky situations‚ÄĚ that the children may encounter in their daily lives. ¬†The children will be¬†be guided over possible choices and consequences and how each decision impacts themselves and those around them.

At Planet J Learning Centre, option for additional convenience is offered for time-strapped¬†parents. ¬†These include providing a customised ‚ÄúAu Pair Service‚ÄĚ to take students to their existing tuition or enrichment classes and pick them up thereafter; as well as offering an ‚ÄúExtended Hours Service‚ÄĚ for those occasions when parents are unable to pick up their children from our centre on time. ¬†Besides extension of operating hours to accommodate late pick-ups, this service also includes options to provide dinner and even to send the child home at an agreed time.

For children who wish to stretch themselves and pick up new and interesting skills, Planet J has teamed up with carefully selected reputable partners to offer Optional Programmes that will be conveniently conducted in-house, such as:

  • Robotics
  • Creative writing
  • Speed memory
  • Speed reading
  • Analytical thinking

We’ve picked out a few that we think would be fun and engaging for children in a relaxed environment.

Planet J

Planet J

Planet J

Planet J

Planet J Learning Centre

About Planet J Learning Centre

Planet J

Planet J is a brand new student care centre that sees themselves as less of a ‚Äúcentre‚ÄĚ and more of a ‚Äúhome‚ÄĚ. ¬†As a ‚Äúhome‚ÄĚ, efforts are put in to consider more than just lunch and getting homework done. ¬†They want the time that the children spend with them¬†to be meaningful and helpful in their growth and development as well. ¬†Parents who entrust their precious children to them can expect to ¬†have peace of mind that they are not only well looked after, but also being nurtured in mind, body and heart.

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{Review} Beauty World | A Night to Cha Cha Cha Away!

After watching the Media Preview of¬†Michael Chiang and Dick Lee‘s¬†Beauty World, I was really looking forward to¬†the Gala Opening Night on Saturday.


Beauty World plays at the Victoria Theatre from 13 November- 12 December 2015. And it is a home-grown uniquely Singapore world-class musical, just right to close off the SG50 year with! Book your tickets at SISTIC before they all get snapped up.

Set in mid-60s Singapore, the musical traces the adventures of an innocent small- town young girl, Ivy Chan (Cheryl Tan),¬†who enters a seedy cabaret hoping to find her long-lost father. Cheryl, whom we last saw in SRT’s The Three Billy Goats Gruff, both looks and fits the role to perfection. I loved her crystal clear sweet vocals and her girlish charm.

Beauty World - 13Nov0003 (Photo by Alfred Phang)

Special mention must be made of Frances Lee who plays Rosemary Joseph,¬†the¬†Singapore pen-friend of Ivy Chan. One is blown away by¬†her strong¬†vocals and she turned in a phenomenal stellar performance on Saturday night. Frances’ relaxed and assured¬†stage presence brought on the laughter readily as she tried to convince Ivy to¬†give up the idea of searching for her father in Beauty World.¬† Her spunk in¬†No Class (don’t mess with Rosemary!) was a delightfully¬†unforgettable¬†one!! Even the Cabaret Queen was trounced!¬†hahaha…¬†Totally enjoyed her duet It Wasn’t Meant For Me and¬†the audience too, judging from the loud response in applause!

Beauty World - 13Nov0004 (Photo by Alfred Phang)

Rosemary’s duet with Ah Hock “It Wasn’t Meant For Me”

Having enjoyed numerous restagings, this 2015 production boasts a brand new cast with top TV star Jeanette Aw (Ou Xuan) taking the role of Lulu, the no.1 cabaret queen at Beauty World, and boy does she sizzle in her character.


What she may have lacked in vocals, she made up in energetic dance and portrayal and by just simply being Jeanette. Watch the rehearsal dance and you will see what I mean ~ sleek choreographed dancing indeed!

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#Throwback to the Media Preview of Beauty World last Thursday!!! One word – #amazing !! Michael Chiang & Dick Lee's highly popular Beauty World spins an exciting and engaging story filled with romance, revenge and retribution before coming to a heart-breaking climax. All the ingredients for a great musical date night out!! Book your tickets early @sisticsingapore before it's sold out! Showing at the Victoria Theatre 13 November- 12 December 2015! Have you taken part in our Giveaway of 3 pairs of Cat1 tickets worth $732! Details in blog, JOIN NOW, contest ends soon! #BeautyWorld | #DickLee | #MichaelChiang #JeanetteAw | #OuXuan | #SAysHappyMums #NiteOut | #DateNight | #Theatre | #TheatreSG #SupportLocal | #VictoriaTheatre | #giveaways | #giveaway @friedriceparadise @jeanetteawfc @jeanetteaw_xuan @ouxuantasy

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Beautiful Jeanette’s smooth portrayal of the sexy yet insecure cabaret queen is convincing and almost wickedly¬†delightful to watch, and will be a draw for all her fans. Imagine almost 2 hours of Jeanette in her sleek cheongsams Live on stage, not behind a TV screen! (I can already hear the screams from her fans!)

Veteran actress and familiar face, Janice Koh (Mummy) was the livewire of the musical and I really enjoyed watching her. She was commanding as Mummy the boss, yet empathetic of her girls and Ah Hock and eased many a situation with her gentle prodding of the jealous Lulu.

Beauty World - 13Nov0005 (Photo by Alfred Phang)

Mummy and Maid Wan Choo in the beautiful Cheongsam and SamFu singing their hearts out at Beauty World cabaret ~ Cha Cha Cha!

Janice was endearing despite her no nonsense control over all at Beauty World and one actually hoped that she¬†might well¬†be Ivy’s long last mother. I also loved the humour that the maid Wan Choo (Eleanor Tan) brought on.¬†Eleanor played the typical kaypo Ah Soh with no loyalties¬†to anyone, that we all so love to ‘hate’ and¬†laugh at! Both she and Janice got the audience roaring away in laughter the¬†entire night.

The set design captured the essence of old time Singapore and was clever as scene changes were effortlessly done from a High Street Tailor Shop to a¬†groovy Cabaret, a rooftop terrace and even¬†a backstreet backdrop. And wow! to the costume designs especially the cheongsams and even the¬†‘samfus’ that Wan Choo wore, they were all so beautiful!!

Beauty World is an evergreen classic that’s nostalgic and just so Singapore that everyone can easily relate to, making it fun to watch. I found myself tapping to the beat of the catchy music as I laughed with everyone at the witty and funny goings-on onstage. For me, it was a great Date Night to be dazzled by beautiful vocals and¬†energetic well choreographed dances. This 2015 production will still prove to be a popular show, so DO NOT MISS the opportunity to grab your tickets early at SISTIC¬†before it’s a sold out season yet again. More show information at end of the¬†post.

The Gala Premiere Night was a star-studded event as expected. I was so excited to finally get a photograph opportunity with my all time idol, Dick Lee! Yay!!¬†Finally! Wow! haha… And yes, I was also super excited to¬†get a wefie with¬†Adrian Pang (LKY Musical & Chinglish)¬†and Tracie Pang¬†in the house as well. hehe ūüôā

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~ SAys! Audrey ūüôā

About Beauty World

beauty world 2015 NO TEXT

When:¬†¬†13 Nov ‚Äst12 Dec 2015|¬†Tue ‚Äď Fri¬†8pm|¬†Sat 3pm & 8pm|¬†Sun 3pm

Where: Victoria Theatre , 11 Empress Place, Singapore 179555

Duration: Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes (With 15 minutes interval minutes)

Ticket Price (excludes SISTIC charges)

Preview (Fri, 13 Nov 2015)
Standard: S$108, S$88, S$68, S$48, S$28

Tue ‚Äď Thu, & Sun
Standard: S$118, S$98, S$78, S$58, S$38

Fri & Sat
Standard: S$128, S$108, S$88, S$68, S$48

Book now at http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/beauty1215

Tickets available through:  SISTIC Website | SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555 | SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide


{Media Invite} Pororo Park Opens in SG

While we have been to so many indoor playgrounds, Pororo Park Singapore is the only one in Singapore that is themed after the very much loved penguin.  Pororo Park Singapore is a 11,000 sq ft play and educational indoor playground located at Marina Square, level 2.  Pororo Park Singapore will be the first in Southeast Asia, and the largest character-themed indoor playground in Singapore.  Targeted for children 1 to 9 years old, expect to have fun play elements, specially curated programmes and a theatre with live performances at the themed playground.

My children literally grew up with Pororo and Friends.  From the daily cartoon on TV to their activity books and utensils, their love for the penguin is evident in my household.  Of course by now at 6yo and 8yo, the love would have somewhat shifted to other more mature characters like Lego Ninjago and Frozen princesses. I was half expecting them to reject my proposal of visiting the new Pororo Park at Marina Square. However they gamely agreed to the media invite and was even very excited over the thought of it.

Pororo Park SG

Pororo Express

The Pororo Express is a train ride for kids and the iconic centrepiece of¬†Pororo Park. ¬†Expectedly, all the children were queueing up to have their chance on the Pororo Train. ¬†Despite being only a very slow and short round trip, there is something strangely about train rides that simply attracts the little ones – even Jiejie wanted to have a go at it. ¬†The ride is administered by two staff on duty who ensured that everyone is safely belted and doors locked properly before the train starts on it’s journey around the “ice cave”.



Pororo House

For fans of Pororo, this will be a familiar sight with all of Pororo’s furniture in place, including this oh-so-cute bathtub. ¬†According to my observation, this bathtub is a must-take photo attraction for every parent and child. ¬†Don’t forget yours!



Shark Ball Pool

This is indeed another highlight within Pororo Park SG. ¬†With a huge ball pool consisting of padded base and walls, it has entertained the kids with non-stop play in the ball pool. ¬†They enjoyed swimming and diving amongst the balls. ¬†While I was hoping for a deeper ball pool (that is, more balls added) for more diving fun, I guess having it any deeper will endanger the littlest ones. ¬†I’m guessing the pool to be about 20-30cm deep.



Eddy and Petty’s Rooms

Happening at Eddy and Petty’s rooms aside from holding character-themed birthday parties, educational classes such as Petty’s Art Class and Eddy’s Science Class will also be held regularly to provide a holistic edutainment environment.

Poby’s Jungle Gym

This zone is one great mad house for the children. ¬†I suppose no child would pass up the opportunity to crawl, jump, slide and crawl around? ¬†Atypical of all indoor play gym / playground, the entire structure is safely padded for safety. ¬†I looked like a pretty small structure but I’m not kidding when I tell you to expect the kids to want to play there for 1+ to 2 hrs and still not wanting to leave. ¬†Both my kids were totally drenched in sweat by the time we could fish them out of Poby’s Jungle Gym. ¬†Do remember to pack a spare change of clothes for the little ones before leaving Pororo Park lest they catch a cold from the mall air-conditioning.


Tong Tong’s Little Theatre

Both the young and young at heart can also look forward to mini parades, character meet-and-greets, and sing-along shows featuring Pororo and friends at Tong Tong’s Little Theatre.  Additional shows will be scheduled on weekends to ensure that every minute spent at Pororo Park Singapore is filled with boundless fun and endless surprises.

Loopy’s Café

A very spacious 60-seater cafe that offers Korean-inspired main dishes and desserts, with free Wi-Fi for parents who can chill while the kids enjoy themselves.  The decoration is very simply done although I felt that it could have been more spruced up to reflect the Pororo-themed setting.  If there could be Pororo-themed utensils and character-dining, it would attract the kids a whole lot more!


Rody’s Toy Store

Fronting the premises of Pororo Park SG is Rody’s Toy Store featuring a wide range of Pororo merchandise. ¬†¬†Visitors can purchase their favourite original character-themed souvenir and toys which includes soft toys, activity kits, clothing and accessories.



As a family-friendly indoor playground, Pororo Park has adequate amenities such children restrooms and nursing room (available soon).  There are shelf spaces available for shoes and a designated area for parking strollers as well.



Except for expenses incurred at the café and merchandising store, expect to enjoy all the above attractions at a single admission price without the surprise of having to pay for additional play tokens.

Admission Rates (base on 2 hours playtime)

Age Group Non-Member Annual Member Partners^
Children aged 2 to 12 years $33.50 $23.50 $28.50
Children below 2 years $24.50 $16.50 $20.80
Accompanying adults $6.00 $2.50* $3.50*
Babies below 1 year Free Entry
Additional playtime $5 per block of 30 minutes (of part thereof)

*Up to 2 adults. Additional accompanying adults will be charged normal admission rate (see Non-Member).
^ Card members of DBS Bank, OCBC Bank, Popular Bookstore and SAFRA will get to enjoy Partners’ admission rates.
All admission charges are inclusive of GST.
Rates and offers are subject to change without prior notice.

How to Locate

Navigating to the new Pororo Park at Marina Square was really easy.  Pororo Park Singapore is located at Marina Square’s new retail wing at #02-29.  Entrance to the new retail wing can be found opposite Marks & Spencer (#02-109) OR via the walkway between Tag Heuer (#02-152) and Goldheart Jewelry (#02-279).  If driving, find your way to the carpark at RED ZONE (strange but it is actually painted in pink).  Park near the lobby with escalator.  The indoor playground is just next to the escalator.  How convenient!

SAys! Recommendation

Even though the indoor playground is targeted at children aged 1 to 9 years old, I thought that it may be more suitable for 1 to 6 years old. ¬†If only the Poby’s Jungle Gym can be 2-3x larger, it will definitely be another story altogether!

About Pororo Park Singapore








6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-29 (Map)  |   +65 6829 2203

Web | Facebook | Instagram | Email : info@pororoparksg.com

Opening Hours : ¬†Sun ‚Äď Thu: 10.30am to 8.00pm |¬†Fri & Sat: 10.30am to 9.00pm

Thanks to Pororo Park SG, we were invited to the media preview and the kids had a blasting great time.  Thank you for joining us on SAys! Happy Mums.  If you liked what you’ve read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon.

~ SAys! Shirley¬†ūüôā

{Review + Discount Code} Poiema Premium P500 Air Purifier

Poiema P500 Air Purifier

Poiema has evolved around the technology that makes the air purifier.  No longer is there a need for filters nor noisy fan blades to get used to.  We are embracing the latest kid on the block with the Poiema Premium P500 Air Purifier that uses ELECTRODES to remove the ultra fine particles that got into our home.  An electrode is an electrical conductor used to make contact with a non-metallic part of a circuit (e.g. a semiconductor, an electrolyte, a vacuum or air). РSource


My family has been using our Sharp air purifier for about a decade. ¬†It has been our reliable source of clean air within our bedroom. ¬†In recent years, it also doubled up as a mobile unit following us to the living room when the PM2.5 level was really high. ¬†Following our happy experience and a little study¬†on air purifiers, my hubby and I have¬†chipped in our two cents’ worth to¬†help close friends and families scrutinize their potential purchases over the years.

Filters ~ Efficiency

Conventional air filtering technology makes use of filters to remove particles from the air.  While TRUE HEPA filter has passed efficiency tests to remove 99.97% of particles (from the air that passes through it) that have a size of 0.3 micron in diameter, it is not all the time consistent as some microbials are actually smaller than the 0.3 micron a HEPA air filter is capable of removing.

Table 1 : Common Particles & Particle Size

Particle Particle Size (microns) Category
Dust Mites 100 – 300
Human Hair 40 – 300
Mold Spores 10 – 30 PM10
Pollens 10 – 1000 PM10
Hair 5 – 200 PM10
Mold 3 – 12 PM10
Yeast Cells 1 – 50 PM2.5
Anthrax 1 – 5 PM2.5
Talcum Dust 0.5 – 50 PM2.5
Copier Toner 0.5 – 15 PM2.5
Bacteria 0.3 – 60 PM2.5
Face Powder 0.1 – 30 PM2.5
Corn Starch 0.1 – 0.8 PM2.5
Oil Smoke 0.03 – 1 PM2.5
Viruses 0.005 – 0.3 PM2.5
Typical Atmospheric Dust 0.001 – 30 PM2.5

Data extracted from The Engineering Toolbox.

TRUE HEPA filter has always been the standards to look out for in air filtering capacity. ¬†However if it is lagging behind in terms of efficiency when compared to that using the electrodes, don’t even consider brands/models claiming to have¬†“HEPA-like”, “HEPA-type”,¬†“HEPA-style” or “99% HEPA”¬†filters which have been attempting to¬†convince buyers with ~97% to 99% filtering efficiency. ¬†Note again that the figure to look at for any filter efficiency should be 99.97% for particle sizes of 0.3 microns and above. ¬†These HEPA-wannabes are in fact unable to conform to the standards set by NIOSH for respiratory filters. ¬†For the unknowing who doesn’t do proper research before purchase, there is a chance of going home with a falsified sense of peace of mind.

On the Poiema Premium P500 Air Purifier, it filters air by generating an unique electrical field which traps pollutants and common allergens (from the air that passes through it) and that it has the capability to remove particles as small as 0.02 micron in diameter (100x smaller than PM2.5).

Filters ~ Replacement Costs

Our Sharp air purifier costed us $580 when we first bought it. ¬†It is equipped with a TRUE HEPA filter that in recent years costed us another $180 per piece to replace. ¬†Not only about the high replacement cost (for a piece of filter?!), we also could not find any OEM replacement filter that is made to the size for this brand and model. ¬†Not even from Sharp’s current line of models. ¬†It ultimately took us more than 2¬†months to get directly from¬†Sharp (because they do not keep stock). ¬†C’mon! ¬†The machine is only about 9 years old and still running without breakdown but there’s no more filter for replacement?! ¬†Each filter is expected to last for about 5 years (assuming usage of 12hrs/day). ¬†We changed it on Year 4 when the filter replacement indicator lighted up. ¬†We ended up ordering 2 pieces for fear of premature obsoletion.

Electricity Costs

Gone are the days when we will turn on the aircon or use electrical appliances at home without thinking second about saving energy (and money). ¬†When we were young, ¬†we want comfort, convenience and speed. ¬†Household electricity bills were our parents’ worry and we mostly did not understand the larger impact of energy usage on our environment then. ¬†Nowadays, we buy energy-saving refrigerator & washing machines and make do without the¬†electric airpot.

The air purifier looks like a small electrical item but the running cost of keeping it powered 24hrs a day (like hell, now) can amount to a substantial sum.  To determine annual electricity cost, look for the manufacturer-listed wattage of the air purifier you are considering and use the following equation to determine the annual cost in electricity needed to run the air purifier.

Annual Electricity Cost ($) = (Watts/1000)  X  (24hrs/day) x (365 days/year) x ($0.2035 cents per kWh)

*WEF 1st Oct 2015, the electrical tariffs for the current quarter is 20.35 cents per kWh.  For purposes of calculation, I used flat rate for entire periods of 4 years and 8 years.
*If running for night time only, simply estimate by halving the costs.

I have plucked some figures off some TRUE HEPA models simply for comparison purposes with the Poiema P500 and tabled the annual electricity cost ($) as shown below :-

Table 2 : Running Costs

Brand Floor Area (m2) Noise Level (db) Energy Use (Watts)  Annual Electricity Cost ($) 
Airfree WM600 120 neg. neg. 195 348
Blueair 503* 54 32 66 35 120 214
Winix WAC-5500 32.5 36 64 6 70 125
Novita NAP 001H 68 30 62 11 72 128
“Sharp FU60SE” 46 15 40 4 53 94
Poiema P500 60 10 20 34 61

Continuing from above table,

Brand  Unit Price ($)   Yr 4 Filter Change(s)   Yr 8 Filter Change(s)   4-yr Cost ($)   8-yr Cost ($)   Filter Replacement Recommendation 
Airfree WM600 1650 0 0 3040 4431 ¬†–
Blueair 503* 922 896 1792 2674 4425  6 Mths (base on 24h/day)
Winix WAC-5500 399 716 1432 1614 2829 Though washable, recommended to change every 12 Mths
Novita NAP 001H 699 505 1009 1717 2735  18 Mths (base on 24h/day)
“Sharp FU60SE” 580 288 576 1246 1912 ¬†30 Mths (base on 24h/day)
Poiema P500 1299 0 0 1541 1784 ¬†–

*I can’t find the cost of Blueair 503 in Singapore but found it at USD659 (USD80 for filter) on Amazon and used 1.4 as est. current exchange rate. ¬†Unit price excludes shipping costs, if any.
*I have also used brand/model that serves similar floor area but found the Airfree WM600 Air Sanitiser (111m2) interesting at similar range of Unit Price.  The running cost shocked me though! >.<
*All calculations used are base on above tariff formula and also with the use of max. energy consumption (Watts) for equal comparison.
*”Sharp FU60SE” is my existing set before I have Poiema P500. ¬†The 4-yr cost is no longer valid. ¬†The set is now 9yo.
*Winix WAC-5500 is actually the model we have been looking this year. ¬†For washable filter and with a unit cost that is so low, it is very attractive indeed but we had no luck in getting a set since it’s always out of stock. ¬†Taking this opportunity, I included this model into my calculations even though it serves only half of the coverage compared to Poiema P500. ¬†What appeared to have a low initial costs¬†actually turned out to be one of the units with higher long term costs. ¬†Considering that it serves half the floor area of Poiema P500, getting 2 sets to serve equal area means double the costs?!?!! ¬†Thank goodness my hubby had not brought home a current juicer ūüôā

From above table, conclusion is made on the estimated final costs for 4-year and 8-year usage, taking into consideration running costs and replacement costs as well.  Poiema P500 although appears to have seemingly high initial costs, it actually works out to be the cheapest in the long run for a unit that covers 60m2 (half the size of a typical new 5-room flat).

Costs per Square Metre

I extracted the figures from Table 2 above and re-tabled them to present the cost per square metre.

Table 3 : Cost per Square Metre

Brand  Unit Price ($)  Floor Area (m2)  4-yr Cost ($)   8-yr Cost ($)  4-yr Cost per m2 ($) 8-yr Cost per m2 ($)
Airfree WM600 1650 120 3040 4431 25 37
Blueair 503* 922 54 2674 4425 50 82
Winix WAC-5500 399 32.5 1614 2829 50 87
Novita NAP 001H 699 68 1717 2735 25 40
“Sharp FU60SE” 580 46 1246 1912 27 42
Poiema P500 1299 60 1541 1784 26 30

As it is seen, Poiema P500 also end up with the lowest cost per square metre of air purification (base on 8-yr usage).

Noise Level

Many air purifiers make use of a motor + reverse fan blade to draw air through the air filter because the only air that is treated is that which passes through the air filter.  Some models have a larger fan and louder noise in order to do the same work.  Unfortunately, they become white noise after some time.  My old Sharp air purifier is so loud at highest speed that we are made to maintain it at low speed during sleep time all these years.

Looking back at Table 2 again, Poiema P500 has one of the lowest noise levels whether it is in lowest or highest speed.  There may be other models with similar performance, for example the Airfree WM600 or even more out there.  My tabulation is base on a few selections of air purifiers serving the same range of floor area in terms of metre squre.

As a stand alone observation, my family has been sleeping without the low humming¬†noise throughout the night after we got the Poiema P500. ¬†In fact, the “noise” from the Poiema P500 is so low that when everything is absolutely still (the few minutes before falling asleep), we can hear a very faint ‘tick-tick’ sound if we listened really, really hard. ¬†The ‘tick-tick’ sound is actually the sound of the air particles getting stuck onto the collecting electrodes. ¬†It did not occur very frequently as logically so, the real-time PM2.5 reading was only in the region of under 10-30. ¬†The collecting electrodes act as magnet and are positive to pull all the charged particles to them.

For years and years to come, we will be getting used to soundless nights again. ¬†Base on specifications, it is 20dB at full speed. ¬†It is even quieter than my Mitsubishi StarMex airconditioners <3! ¬†The reason why the Poiema P500 has such low noise level is because it does not depend on motor fans to circulate air. ¬†Instead, it makes use of the generated magnetic field to “push” air around.

Quiet Means Not Working?

After 2.5 days of continuous usage, I could not contain my curiosity anymore and went to “play” with the unit.

20151020_100310 (1)

What I found was fine powdery dusts stuck onto the Collecting Electrodes which at first look, still very clean.

20151020_100242 (1)r

I wasn’t expecting my indoor air to be so dusty since my entire house was kept sealed whenever the PSI level is up. ¬†Take a look at the video below and be shocked.

Display Panel

Controlling the Poiema P500 is as easy as just pressing one button on the display panel. ¬†The dog icon switches between normal or sleep mode with a touch. ¬†During sleep mode, the unit will continue to automatically clean the air while dimming the lighted display for night sleep. ¬†However I found it too bright for sleeping and got my hubby to use something to block up the light. ¬†Yes, I’m those type that will get disturbed sleep at the slightest noise and light ūüė¶


Poiema P500 displays a real-time digital reading of PM2.5 level within it’s coverage area of 60 sqm. ¬†I have noticed that when I left the windows open for air-exchange, the PM2.5 reading displayed on the air purifier quickly shot up to the range of 30+. ¬†However it just takes minutes¬†for it to come back down to 10-12 after I closed the windows. ¬†The lowest reading I have noted in my house is a momentary PM2.5 level of 8 and it is comforting to have a reading and knowing exactly what level of cleanliness the air I’m breathing in is, ¬†‚̧

20151020_095110 (1)

Aside from detecting PM2.5 dust particles, the next concern to note is the level of indoor TVOC level.  The Poiema P500 detects the TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) level and gets rid of the toxic air via decomposition.  The possible 3 levels of TVOC presence is reflected by one, two or three bars, indicating excellent, good and bad levels respectively.  TVOC is a grouping of a wide range of organic chemical compounds to simplify reporting when these are present in ambient air or emissions.  Many substances, such as natural gas, could be classified as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are reserved for characterisation of such substances in polluted air, that is, VOCs generally refer to vapours of gases given off by compounds rather than the liquid phase. Source РAustralian Government National Pollutant Inventory

There is a long bar light indicator (below dog icon) which uses coloured light to reflect the combined levels of TVOC and PM2.5.  Colours like green, yellow-green, yellow and red indicates air quality level of excellent, good, light pollution and serious pollution respectively.

Below the PM2.5 indicator, H (MAN) stands for manual override.  The indicator will appear once the speed is changed using the remote control or Smart Phone.


WIFI indicator works with Smart Phone as a remote control.  Speed setting is available in low, medium and high.  I have observed that when manual override is not set, the unit is always at low setting by default.

Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF)

Initially, I have worry about excessive generation of magnetic field within the house as the Poiema P500 works by generating magnetic field between the Collecting and Emitting Electrodes. ¬†Doesn’t it seem questionable that a standalone unit with almost non-detectable airflow is able to clean up to 60m2 of floor area?? ¬†Will there be a huge magnetic field frying my family’s brain in the house?? ¬†Thankfully I found an app on my Android – Ultimate EMF Detector¬†and¬†happily went around the house watching the meter for unusual activity.

Typical magnetic field strength of household appliances at various distances  (Source : WHO)
Electric appliance 3 cm distance (¬ĶT) 30 cm distance (¬ĶT) 1 m distance (¬ĶT)
Hair dryer 6 ‚Äď 2000 0.01 ‚Äď 7 0.01 ‚Äď 0.03
Electric shaver 15 ‚Äď 1500 0.08 ‚Äď 9 0.01 ‚Äď 0.03
Vacuum cleaner 200 ‚Äď 800 2 ‚Äď 20 0.13 ‚Äď 2
Fluorescent light 40 ‚Äď 400 0.5 ‚Äď 2 0.02 ‚Äď 0.25
Microwave oven 73 ‚Äď 200 4 ‚Äď 8 0.25 ‚Äď 0.6
Portable radio 16 ‚Äď 56 1 < 0.01
Electric oven 1 ‚Äď 50 0.15 ‚Äď 0.5 0.01 ‚Äď 0.04
Washing machine 0.8 ‚Äď 50 0.15 ‚Äď 3 0.01 ‚Äď 0.15
Iron 8 ‚Äď 30 0.12 ‚Äď 0.3 0.01 ‚Äď 0.03
Dishwasher 3.5 ‚Äď 20 0.6 ‚Äď 3 0.07 ‚Äď 0.3
Computer 0.5 ‚Äď 30 < 0.01
Refrigerator 0.5 ‚Äď 1.7 0.01 ‚Äď 0.25 <0.01
Colour TV 2.5 – 50 0.04 ‚Äď 2 0.01 ‚Äď 0.15

According to the list of magnetic field strength of typical household appliances and a comparison of my own testing at home, I can conclude that the EMF level generated from the Poiema P500 is nothing much to worry about. ¬†For distances more than 1m away, it’s fine. ¬†Now, I feel like I should be shifting my CPU instead as it gave me the highest reading of 80¬ĶT and it’s directly next to me. ¬†ūüė¶

Maintenance & Care

My old set of Sharp air purifier makes use of Pre-filter, Activated Carbon and Ioniser on top of True HEPA filter to clean the air. ¬†The Pre-filter traps larger airborne particles and the net is washable using water. ¬†I didn’t realize that it’s been so long since I last washed the Pre-filter. ¬†I won’t be surprised if it’s been 2yrs already. ¬†>.< ¬†That is the problem when there is no indicator to remind me to wash the Pre-filter. ¬†We have gotten so used to our Sharp purifier that we neglected to care for it (or rather turned complacent). ¬†Look at the dusts!! ¬†I wonder how much of them has dislodged when I shift the unit around in the house.¬† And I’ve been doing that alot these 2 months. ¬†ūüė¶


The Poiema P500 on the other hand, will signal an alert on the display panel to wash the Collecting Electrodes (Emitting Electrodes do not require washing at all) after every 200hrs of usage.  Despite so, I can choose to ignore or reset it anytime.

Ioniser vs Electrodes

In air purifiers with built-in ioniser, the ioniser pushes out charged ions into the air to attract air particles, make them clump together, form a larger diameter and eventually gets heavy enough to drop onto the floor or whichever grounded surfaces like wall or furnitures. ¬†From all these years of usage, I have hated the powdery layer of dust that appears almost after a day of vacuuming and mopping the floor and wiping all table top surfaces. ¬†I can feel it while walking around and I know it’s on my bed as well.

2 days worth of dusts on my table.

2 days worth of dusts on my table.

You must have thought that I leave my windows open all the time. ¬†In actual fact, I never open my windows at all because of the dusty venetian blinds over it. ¬†On good days, I need to standby my vacuum cleaner and my air purifier around me before I could start with a quick and wet wipe over the blinds and window frames. ¬†I will only open the windows after everything has all been wiped clean. ¬†I would have loved to do it every morning as I love to have an airy house. ¬†The installation of venetian blinds was a mistake and we did not make any effort to rectify it with curtains instead. ¬†ūüė¶

With the Poiema P500, air is sucked into the unit through the magnetic field generated between the Emitting Electrodes and the Collecting Electrodes. ¬†When air passes through the Emitting Electrodes, air flow is generated and at the same time killing germs, bacteria and viruses. ¬†The VOC (volatile organic compounds) are also decomposed into H2O and CO2. ¬†All the particles will be electrically charged while passing through the emitting electrodes. ¬†Airborne particles are trapped and stuck to the Collecting Electrodes when the air passes through it, very much like the battery-charged fly-swapper we see at Mustaffa. ¬†This is when we hear that very faint ‘tick-tick’ sound. ¬†What comes out of the Collecting Electrodes will then be clean air. ¬†Everything else is either decomposed or collected on the Collecting Electrodes ūüôā

Poiema Electrodes

Smart App Remote Control

With technology, it is now possible to remotely control the air quality at home from wherever I am. ¬†My Dashboard by POIEMA¬†(on Android) serves as a remote control that connects via WIFI. ¬†It’s pretty fun to play with my WIFI remote or to check on the air quality from the next room. ¬†I read that some people used the function to monitor their domestic helper at home. ¬†If they see that the air quality index of PM2.5 having very good reading of 0 – 35, they would know that their helper has secretly turned on the air-conditioner. ¬†^.^ However, I had problem using the app on my Samsung A8. ¬†It crashes my phone and restart each and everytime if I am not within the reach of my house WIFI.


Size of Unit

Poiema P500 measures 315 (L) x 315 (W ) x 590 (H) mm.  Occupying a floor space of about 1.5 pieces of A4 paper, the unit is space saving with the added on benefit that the air intake and discharge are located on the left and right sides of the unit.  There is no need to keep a minimum distance of typically 60cm from the wall too.

Continual Operation

I realize that the unit does not emit significant amount of heat even after prolonged operation.  As recommended by Poiema Singapore, it can be operated continuously for 24hrs a day to monitor and control the indoor air quality.  With an electricity bill of only $5 per month, why not?!


Poiema P500 comes with 1-year on-site warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

For more information, pls see Poiema Singapore.


Poiema P500 retails at $1399 at Poiema’s eStore or $1299 at Mega Discount Store (Authorized Reseller), both with free delivery within Singapore. ¬†Alternatively, buy at Rakuten (also Mega Discount Store) for points.


Although the initial cost of a Poiema P500 seems to be double/triple that of other brands/models, it is ultimately ¬†determined as the winner in terms of engineering calculation taking into consideration replacement and total running costs. ¬†It just takes 4 years to see the difference. ¬†Maybe less! ¬†I used 4 yrs because of convenience of calculation since my old filter was replaced after 4 years. ¬†With so many other modern feature and benefits in ease of maintenance and care, the Poiema P500 is indeed a good investment against future-proofing, not only because it is a sponsored unit. ¬†Just look at the facts to decide. ¬† ūüôā

At the end of the day, whether you would choose a higher upfront payment or a lower initial cost, it’s your call to assess and decision to make. ¬†Whatever it is, having an air purifier to control indoor air quality has become more of a need than a good to have nowadays. ¬†As usual, always remember to fully ventilate your house whenever the occasion allows! ¬†Half an hour also good!

We have been sponsored a set of Poiema P500 for purposes of this review.  Thank you for joining us on SAys! Happy Mums.  If you liked what you read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon.

~ SAys!¬†Shirley¬†ūüôā


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