Going Mad about Music with Sid Bowfin |25Feb- 12Mar 2017

This was the very first time we’ve gone to the theatres not for a drama but for a musical treat and the kids loved every minute of Crazy Classics with Sid Bowfin at the Drama Centre Black Box last Sunday.


You may be thinking, really? Can classical music really be fun… and for kids?? Well, I had my doubts before going this weekend and the children were the best judges. Every little one was enjoying Sid’s fun easy going way with the Classical pieces. He fiddled on his violin to the delight of the small audience who were clapping ,tapping along and having pure 60minutes of fun.

I liked that the show  was held at the Blackbox Theatre, a small cosy setting that made it all the more intimate and interactive. It didn’t feel intimidating (even though it was classical music haha)! Before midway, Sid Bowfin had already gotten the children on their feet and dancing to the classics he was belting out.

Sid Bowfin seemed to make classical music accessible even for the littlest one or the most clueless one that had zero musical background. He talked to his audience, interacted and told us stories of each piece he was about to play. He made everyone laugh easily with his funny expressions, crazy antics and jokes. The audience participation was unending and there was no lack of volunteers as hands waved up and down to be picked.

I was happy to see Wey very enthusiastic throughout the performance. He was trying his best to be picked as a volunteer. LOL! It has always been a big regret for me when Wey stopped music lessons last year because we just couldn’t quite find the time; with him being in the afternoon session in Primary school. Although I’ve heard him tell me that he wants to restart music once he gets to morning session, I was not sure that he meant it. And yet last weekend, I saw the twinkle in his eyes as the music played on, and yes perhaps, next year, he will go back to music again, when time permits. 🙂 In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the children at the show are already asking for violin lessons, thanks to Sid Bowfin (aka Adrian Garratt).

Even though the theatre is small, do note that it is free seating so get there early to get better seats. In any case, Sid does make an extra effort to go to his audience, even those seated behind got to be up close and personal with him so no one gets left out. Also, if you care to stay on after the performance, you can have family pictures taken with Sid Bowfin for that precious keepsake.

If you have a budding musician at home or just want to introduce and inspire the little ones, Sid Bowfin will certainly be a fun way to do it. Crazy Classics with Sid Bowfin is presented by Act 3 International and runs at The Drama Centre Black Box Theatre from 25February – 12 March 2017. Tickets are available from SISTIC, http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/ccrazy0317  more details at the end of the post.



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SAys! Audrey :) 

About Act3 International presents Crazy Classics with Sid Bowfin


When: 25 February to 12 March 2017| Mon – Fri: 9am | Sat & Sunday : 10.30am & 2.30pm

Where: Drama Centre Black Box


Who: 4 years and above and their families

Ticket Pricing : Standard $28 Weekdays, $38 Weekends (Excludes Booking Fee)

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

Tickets available through:
SISTIC Website

SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555
SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide

*For School Group Bookings, please call ACT 3 International at 6735 9986

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