The Completion of My Flawlessly-Painted Walls by Nippon Paint Professionals

It has been almost three months since I last updated about the painting of base coat for my walls and ceiling by Nippon Professional Painters at the new house and other renovation issues.  Seriously, how come I did not realize so many weeks has passed?  I can only remember packing and cleaning, packing and cleaning.  And I am not done with it, yet.

After my carpentry works was completed, Nippon painters popped by again for the top coat painting.  If you asked me whether it was worthwhile to let the professionals do the painting instead of doing the DIY way, my reply would be, yes totally worth it.  Why? Read on to find out more.

The week I was more certain of the completion of carpentry works, I scheduled with Nippon’s Project Manager, Alan to fix my appointment.  With that date locked into my renovation schedule, my carpenters worked hard enough to complete everything for me in good time.  I must really thank them for that as Alan had only about 1 or 2 slots available for me by then.  It is year end season and Nippon Professionals are almost fully booked.

It was pretty exciting to see spanking new tins of paint labelled with the chosen colour codes and names as they were carried into our new house that morning.  No longer was there a need to be suspicious over whether brand new paint was delivered, or if the requested colours were substituted with similar shades or brand like what I mentioned in this post earlier.  It felt really good!


16 x 5L tins plus 4 x 1L tins for feature colours here for my 4-bedder (125m2)

The day started with Alan going through the painting scheme with the lead painter.


As he went from room to room specifying the colour coding, the lead painter will use a masking tape to label on the particular walls so that any of the three painters around the house will know which colour to use once they see this label below.


Nippon Odour-less Easy Wash in Remembrance (NP OW1053P) for Living/Dining & bedroom walkway.  We chose this ultra gentle shade of grey because my hubby fell in love with a photo from Nippon’s Paint Catalogue (Colour My World 2016).  Being grey, it fitted our choice of colour scheme for the house very well as well.

I was initially worried that the masking tape will peel off the base coat layer and in fact, anywhere else in the house because my neighbour’s room floor laminate skirting got peeled off like paper when their contractor removed the flooring protection.  Yes, this is how lousy developer-supplied floor laminates is now.  Made in Germany too!  Bleh!


Alan quickly assured me that they only used Nippon-approved masking tape for all their painting works.  The adhesive on the tape is of high quality and will not peel off wall paint, carpentry or floor skirting laminates.  Upon comparison with those masking tape my contractor used, I found the quality to be indeed different.  To simply describe it without looking into any technical specifications, Nippon’s masking tape is just sticky enough to stick, but does not leave behind stubborn glue stains and is not too sticky when peeling it off.  Something like 3M’s Stick-It notepad but stickier.

As Alan went about his business from literally wall to wall, the other two painters were already busy doing protection works for the carpentry and other house accessories.


These plastic drop cloths came in really good size of 9ft x 12ft (3m x 4m).  One piece can easily cover over a full-width full-height window or carpentry works like my bed head.  There was no need to “join” pieces together – so convenient and smart!





Right before they start work, they went around the house to sand down rough surfaces once more although they already had done it before painting of base coat.  I was really happy with their meticulous work.  Professionals 就是 Professionals!


As usual, the first step to painting is to paint around the electrical fixtures using a small brush.


Nippon Odour-less Anti-Mould Celing White was applied onto the ceilings throughout the entire house.  I don’t need to worry over flaking paint or mouldy ceiling for a long, long time now even though I stay close to the riverside and I don’t like having bathroom windows open throughout the night for fear of creepy crawlies invasion.


Flaking paint ready to peel off (and at the patch near to light source, my hubby repainted it himself).

Even the small width of space where my curtain pelmet is, was not overlooked.



This is how it looks like after paint around the electrical fixtures is applied.

Once the critical areas were covered, they covered the entire ceiling and walls using standard sized paint brush.  This was when the guys could work really fast covering wall after wall within few hours.  They took their lunch rest after covering the entire house with first layer of top coat and resumed work to apply the second and final layer when the first coat of paint was dry enough.

The following few photos will show the different colours of the completed paint job.


Nippon Odour-less Easy Wash in Lilac White (1138) for my Master Bedroom.  The high gloss is the result of freshly-painted first layer.  When it dries, it becomes a low sheen that allows great washability for families with kids.


Nippon Odour-less Easy Wash in Mint Scent (NP OW1066P) for the kids’ study area and library.  Experts say green is good for the eyes and I need to keep cool with the minty colour when I guide them on learning!


Completion done for Study Room by mid afternoon.  Isn’t this colour so soothing for the eyes?


Nippon Odour-less Easy Wash in Blue Swirl (NP OW1068P) for walls and Winning Streak (NP BGG1566P) as feature colour for windows.  The happy didi was proud to have his own room (but not sleeping on his own) in his chosen colours here.


Nippon Odour-less Easy Wash in Blue Swirl (NP OW1068P) for walls and Green Rhythm (NP BGG1060P) as feature colour for windows for Jiejie’s bedroom.  Our whole family is loving it.  And this colour combi works well with either green or blue bedsheets ❤


Nippon Odour-less Easy Wash in Remembrance (NP OW1053P) for the bedroom walkway and living/dining area.


Nippon Weatherbond in Linen White (BS10B15) is used for my balcony that is so exposed to outdoor rain and shine because there is no provision for windows.

True to product specifications, the Nippon Odour-less Easy Wash has totally no paint smell.  Throughout the day, I did not detect any odour.  As you can see from some of the photos, I felt safe to bring didi along for inspection works after school hours.  With it’s anti-stain formula for twice the washability over the classic original “Easy Wash with Teflon”, it is great for homes with children.  This works for homes which are still being lived in while doing repainting works because it does not inconvenient home owners and there is no need to avoid the home for days just for the paint smell to be fully gone.

I heard from a new neighbour who DIY-ed that it took them 2 days just to complete the ceiling.  After 4 days of painting, the couple could not take it any more and roped in their friends for help to complete the work.  Comparatively, all it took for Nippon to complete their job was only 6 hours for base coat and 1 day for top coat (2 layers) for my 4-bedder unit.  3 painters were deployed for each appointment.  With my hubby busy at work and myself going solo on the defects and renovation coordination, I was glad to have Nippon coming on board to help with the neck-breaking painting works.  With the painting done, I could arrange for the move-in of furniture together with the start of serious packing up at my old house.  It was nightmare part 3 *sniff*.

Many many weeks later, my family shifted over to the new house with 46 boxes (by the mover) and probably 10-15(?) by myself before we decided to let the mover take them.  We originally thought that we could manage the non-bulky items on our own especially I come to the new house on a daily basis.  It turned out to be too much for us and for just an additional of $150 on top of the fees for bulky items, I happily let them have my money!


We took a week to unbox 90% of our stuffs within a week.  However now that we are into the 2nd week of stay, we are still taking things out from where they were and putting them into another cabinet again.  The study room is in a mess and totally not ready for the new school year and it looks like I have to throw away one of the cabinets I brought over from the old house because the room gave me a feeling of claustrophobia.  Can’t imagine how the kids would study in that room so tightly packed with books and shelves 😦

Here’s a glimpse into my pretty decent showroom-condition home before the live-in mess kicks in >.<


Nippon Weatherbond in Linen White (BS10B15) – View into my house from the main door.


Nippon Weatherbond in Linen White (BS10B15) for balcony and Nippon Odour-less Easy Wash in Remembrance (NP OW1053P) for Living/Dining.


View from my beloved sofa


Nippon Odour-less Easy Wash in Remembrance (NP OW1053P) for my living area.  I love how the light grey complemented very well with the overall colour scheme in the house and that sometimes when it is very bright, the grey actually appears to have a bluish effect! ❤


There it is, my beloved sofa with Remembrance (NP OW1053P) in the background.  I’m waiting for a good time to take out a nice piece of my kiddos’ canvas art work to hang on that wall.  The dining chairs are bespoke pieces from Taobao at a fraction of the original price. ❤


Nippon Odour-less Anti Mould Ceiling White for the ceiling in my mini wet kitchen and yard (not shown) that hardly allows for 2 pax to work in it smoothly.


Nippon Odour-less Anti-Mould Ceiling White for all 3 bathrooms.


Nippon Odour-less Easy Wash in Lilac White (1138) for Master Bedroom.  I’m loving the new mattress bought from King Koil warehouse sale that gave me the much-needed rest at night.


Nippon Odour-less Easy Wash in Mint Scent (NP OW1066P) in the very-not-ready Study Room.  Boxes are still everywhere with books waiting to be sold off or to have a space found for them.


Study room view from the windows with the kiddos’ wall of books.  I’m surprised these IKEA Billy bookcases survived the movers’ handling!  No need to throw any of them away after the shift. ❤


Nippon Odour-less Easy Wash in Blue Swirl (NP OW1068P) for walls and Winning Streak (NP BGG1566P) as feature colour for windows for didi’s room.  We sold off the Single-sized mattress and left the room as a play room for the kids at the moment while we took the time to decide on a new storage bed in either Queen or Super Single.


Nippon Odour-less Easy Wash Blue Swirl (NP OW1068P) for walls and Green Rhythm (NP BGG1060P) as feature colour for windows.  This room with Queen-sized bed is right now functioning as the bedroom for both kids until we can decide on the use of didi’s room.

I provided the respective colour code for references purposes.  However due to different lighting condition and screen setting, actual colours will appear slightly different from the photos I posted.  It is best that you request for a copy of catalogue sent to your preferred address via normal post.  I received my copy in the letterbox within a week.  Alternatively, you can request for a free colour consultation and quotation from the Nippon Paint Professionals by calling 6319 7222.


Nippon is currently running a very special promotion right now for painting packages signed on or before 27 Jan 2017.  With free gifts, free additional colour, free upgrade for ceiling paint and discounted sealer coat packges, they even allow payment by 0% interest free instalment now.  Not only these, stand to win RWS staycation packages (5 winners) with every painting package signed up too!


If you have been procrastinating, there is no better time to give the home a fresh new look than now.  As for the labourious task of shifting and doing protection to the furniture, let the professionals do it!

Thank you for reading this post and joining us on SAys! Happy Mums.  If you enjoy reading our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon.

~ SAys! Shirley 🙂

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to experience the Nippon Professional Painting Services package.  This post concludes the 3-part feature review in the collaboration with Nippon Paint Singapore.  We were not remunerated monetarily for the review, all opinions and experiences remain our own alone.  Photographs unless otherwise stated are copyright of  Nippon Paint Singapore.  All other photos remain the copyright property of SAys! Happy Mums and may not be reproduced without prior notice or written permission given.


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