Marina Mandarin Peach Blossoms | Simply Indulge in Abalone Set Menu

Peach Blossoms at Marina Mandarin launched a brand new menu this month, featuring the bests of seafood in their latest Simply Indulge in Abalone Set Menu.  With the best offering of shark’s fin soup or crocodile’s paw in supreme broth, six-headed whole abalone and codfish as part of a seven-course meal, the upscale Chinese restaurant is all set to win with its signature traditional cuisine cooked with clever twists.

Available from now to 30 November 2016, the ambience, location and price point is great for impressing that important person.  So let’s move on to share what’s the highlights during the media lunch we attended.

Peach Blossoms Trio Appetizer Combination
* Chilled Japanese Cucumber Rolls filled with Jellyfish
* Deep-fried Scallop and Banana wrapped with Mashed Taro
* Deep-fried Prawn coated with Mayo and Mixed Nuts
精选特色三拼 –> 


I love mashy soft and sweet taro.  My mum uses taro in her cooking pretty often but has never ventured to wrap it over scallop and banana before.  The Deep-fried Scallop and Banana wrapped with Mashed Taro was a welcoming appetizer both from it’s inviting looks as well as the combination of taste and texture.


You have to agree with us how pretty the Deep-fried Scallop and Banana wrapped with Mashed Taro looked!

This Chilled Japanese Cucumber Roll filled with Jellyfish cold dish appetizer looked simply exquisite.  Both crunchy and soft at the same time, it started off well as a light and refreshing appetiser so that it wouldn’t kill off the taste buds for later.


Chilled Japanese Cucumber Roll filled with Jellyfish

My last bite from the appetiser trio was the creamy Deep-fried Prawn coated with Mayo and Mixed Nuts.  The crunchy prawn was well-fried without losing succulence.  Generously coated with mayo and dressed up with some mixed nuts, there was a good balance of texture and colour created to please the palate.  Appetizer started very well, I would say!

Deep-fried Prawn coated with Mayo and Mixed Nuts

Deep-fried Prawn coated with Mayo and Mixed Nuts

Braised Shark’s Fin in Supreme Broth served in Stone Bowl 石锅黄烧牙拣翅

Audrey had the Braised Shark’s Fin Soup in Supreme Broth.  According to Chef Francis Chong, the broth has been simmered for hours in a large pot to extract the collagen for the unparallelled natural flavour.




Double-boiled Crocodile Palm Soup with Morel and Black Garlic 黑蒜羊肚菌炖鳄鱼掌汤

If you refrain from eating Shark’s Fin like I do, go ahead to order the Double-boiled Crocodile Palm Soup with Morel and Black Garlic.  I was surprised I wasn’t served the typical sharksfin-substitute somewhere along the line of Wintermelon or Fish Maw Soup so commonly found at other places.  Trust me, you will not regret this croco-soup or even feel “shortchanged”.  

The crocodile meat was so tender and fleshy that it almost tastes like chicken (with a crumply rough skin >.<).  None of the fishy crocodile smell lingered in the black clear soup containing chunky Fish Maw, Morel (a type of atas honeycomb-lookalike fungus that is super expensive and hard to cultivate/farm) and Black Garlic.  Seems like no expenses were spared measures in the preparation this croco-soup at all.


Braised Six-headed Whole Abalone in Superior Oyster Sauce 红烧六头鲍鱼

This six-headed whole abalone from Australia was larger than the tablespoon. At about 100g each, they hold a delicate taste while retaining it’s distinct succulent flavour from the sea. I love the mollusk’s firm texture and really enjoyed savouring the luxurious delicacy generously drizzled with the superior oyster sauce.

Oh man! I wish I can eat this everyday ♡


Steamed Silver Cod in ‘Penang’ Style 槟城式蒸银鳕鱼

This is one excellent assam fish in the 7-course Abalone Set Menu.  I LOVE ❤ that the thick assam sauce is a refreshing perk-me-up with just the right degree of tanginess to complement the sweet codfish.  Not only is the fish fresh, it also retained its succulence. Cod is also one of my favourite fish to cook at home. However, I can never achieve this kind of succulence no matter how i steamed, grilled or airfried it.

We got to find out that the Penang style sauce that many of us enjoyed was made with ginger, shallot, garlic, lemongrass, ginger flower, chilli and tamarind (assam).  All ingredients were blended and cooked at low flame for two hours, and by constantly stirring the sauce to provide a burst of delicious flavours to surprise.


“Dong Po” Pork Ribs with Honey Sauce 蜜汁东坡骨

The pork ribs were cooked “Dong Po”-style. They were first braised until the meat are ready-to-drop-off kind of tender, then grilled to perfection with honey sauce to achieve that caramelised taste with a little crisp on the skin.  The Honey sauce consists of honey, hoisin, oyster sauce, cinnamon, star anise and Chef Francis Chong’s secret spice.


The clever use of ribs instead of belly provided a healthier option for everyone. ❤  Coupled with asparagus that balanced the meaty serving, this was one of our favourite dish during yesterday’s media lunch.


Stewed Rice Vermicelli with Assorted Seafood 大澳米粉

The most plain-looking of all.  What??  $128++ set meal and Bee Hoon is part of the menu??  But we were so wrong.  The Stewed Rice Vermicelli with Assorted Seafood turned out to be a flavourful favourite even though we were all already pretty full.  Chef shared that the vermicelli was first wok fried for the “Wok Hei” then stewed in a flavourful chicken stock with dried sole and a dash of Chinese rice wine before serving.  No wonder – so yumz!!


Chilled Coconut Jelly with Mango Puree served with Coconut Ice cream 香芒椰子冻

No matter how full I am, I would always, never, ever, without fail, finish up the dessert especially if it’s got to do with all-time favourite coconut or mango.  As the name suggested, right at the bottom of the glass is a generous layer of coconut jelly which was topped by the thick and sweet mango puree.  On top of it all, a scoop of coconut icecream was added to make all the children in us very happy at the end of the meal.


Every dish hit the right spot in terms of presentation and flavour.  If there was any complain, it would be having too big a portion.  I went into food coma the moment I reached home, slept the afternoon away, skipped dinner and gotten myself fatter by maybe half kg  >.<  At this price point, I made a daring comparison and felt that it is so much more worthwhile to spend the same amount here than at a wedding lunch with half-cold food and rushed-rushed affair.

The seven-course Abalone Set Menu from Peach Blossoms is priced at $128++ per person.  Not valid with any other promotions, vouchers, privileges or membership/loyalty programs.  Available from now to 30 November 2016 only.

Peach Blossoms
Level 5, Marina Mandarin Singapore
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594 (Map)

Reservations :
Call (65) 6845 1118 or email

Opening Hours :
Monday – Friday Lunch: 12.00pm – 3.00pm
Weekend Lunch (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays): 11.00am – 3.00pm
Daily Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm

We are grateful for the opportunity to be invited for a sumptious lunch at Peach Blossoms, for the purposes of this review. We were not remunerated monetarily for the review, all opinions and experiences remain our own alone. All photos unless otherwise mentioned are copyright of Peach Blossoms and were provided for the purposes of this review.  All other photos remain the copyright property of SAys! Happy Mums and may not be reproduced without prior notice or written permission given.

~ SAys! Shirley and Audrey :) 

About Marina Mandarin Singapore, by Meritus

Marina Mandarin Singapore is a world-class, 5-star luxury hotel that offers breathtaking views of Marina Bay and the financial district.

Enjoying an excellent location in the heart of the city, the hotel has direct access to the Marina Square Shopping Mall, and is opposite the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre and The Esplanade–Singapore’s premier performing arts centre. The hotel is also perfectly situated right on the trackside of the annual Singapore Grand Prix Formula One race.

Complemented by a host of comprehensive amenities, the hotel’s 575 well-appointed guest rooms and suites are specially tailored to meet the needs of discerning business and leisure travellers.

With a distinctively majestic atrium soaring through 21 levels of the hotel, Marina Mandarin Singapore is imbued with a philosophy of providing Asian grace, warmth and care in an atmosphere of relaxed elegance.

About Meritus Hotels & Resorts

Meritus Hotels & Resorts is a Singapore-based hotel management company under the Hospitality Division of OUE Limited (SGX-ST: “OUE”), a diversified real estate owner, developer and operator with a portfolio of iconic properties in prime locations in Asia and the United States.

As an award-winning hospitality brand, Meritus has been providing guests its signature Asian Grace, Warmth and Care for over 40 years. With hotels and resorts strategically located in key cities and idyllic sanctuaries in Singapore and Malaysia, Meritus is soon extending its footprint in more locations around the region, particularly in Southeast Asia and China.

Meritus Hotels & Resorts is three-time winner of Most Popular Heritage Brand at the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA), demonstrating its impact as a home-grown Singapore brand that has become an important benchmark for values and best practices that other local brand owners strive to attain. More recently, the Group was also conferred Global Winner – Luxury Hotel Chain at the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2013.

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