{Review + Discount Code} Poiema Premium P800 Air Purifier

The latest model in the Poiema family of Air Purifiers is the Premium P800 and I was really excited to receive it for review except that my new place was still undergoing draggy renovation at that time. And as renovation goes, it’s always a headache with long follow up on outstanding issues. Arggh! Anyone whose had renovation done knows what I’m talking about.

Firstly, some background of the Poiema Air Purifers for a better understanding.

Poiema P800

How does a Poiema air purifier work?

Poiema air purifiers make use of a Silicon Valley developed TPA (Twin Pole Active) technology to emit and collect electrodes, forming an electrical field. The emitting electrodes charge particles while the collecting electrodes act as a magnet to pull all the charged particles as small as 0.02 microns.

TPA uses patented electrodes to generate a unique electrical field, which traps pollutants and common allergens. So when air passes through this field, it removes almost all particles and germs.

TPA is currently the world’s most powerful Clean Air Technology available.


Poiema has successfully harnessed this TPA technology to bring clean air into homes with their series of air purifiers using Electrodes.  There is no longer a need for filters to clean air because this wind purification method allows what is collected to be washed away. See info graphics below for how clean air is produced with a Poiema air purifier.


The Poiema P800 is the most advanced system in all the Poiema family of air purifiers! It boasts the following features :

  • High Efficiency in eliminating airborne threats and can remove particles and germs as small as 0.02microns
  • ZERO Maintenance Cost because there is no need for filters to continuously generate clean air
  • Cost Efficiency with Ultra low energy consumption at $4 per month of 24/7 usage! Wow!
  • Maximum Coverage suitable even for a big office or meeting room up to 1076 sq. ft. or 100 m2.
  • High Performance with turbo mode to speed up air purification process
  • Quiet mode to help you rest well undisturbed in the night yet with continuous clean air
  • Multiple modes of choice: Quiet, Speed 1-4, Turbo

Now back to our review of the Poiema P800. So we finally managed to unbox this beauty and set it up. Me being a fuss pot had not wanted to open this sleek beauty before all the renovation mess and dust was cleaned up, although Poiema assured me that it would in fact have helped with clearing up the air quality at that time!!

Day 1 Poiema P800

Setting up was surprisingly easy although the box it came in was rather big and bulky, it was in fact double boxed for extra protection! The machines is heavy at 17kg!

We unboxed a pristine sleek silver beauty that promised to clean up the air around us. I was excited to say the least to run it in a hazeless situation for a week.

Day 7 Poiema P800

Why I liked the Poiema P800

PM2.5 Digital Indicator

Have you had air purifiers that sat there when you turned it on and you just was never really quite sure if it was doing what it promised to do? Well, I’ve had a few units of hepa-filter types that I had to trust with blind faith that my family was being protected.

The good thing about Poiema P800 is it has a clear indication panel to tell you what’s going on with the air quality in your house. I know most ladies and COO types would appreciate this instantaneous feedback about how your work horse is doing, especially during those dreadful worrisome haze days.


Yay! Good clean air in my home! 🙂

Since I’ve had on my Poiema P800, the indication has been showing a very healthy air quality range of below 11 for PM2.5 reading. In fact it hovers around 8 and even went to a low of 5 or 6! The cleaner the better!

Update – 24 Aug 2016 Reports of Hot Spots in Indonesia and change in wind direction towards Singapore. My PM2.5 Indicator jumped up to 75 when my mum left the toilet door opened. I promptly shut the door and it gradually moved down to 20 and then rests at 9. Wow! I have clean air!


Haze haze go away! Can you also see the Orange Indicator Alert to remind me to clean the Collecting Electrodes and Emitting Electrodes?

Ease of Maintenance

After about a week of running the Poiema P800 24/7, I started hearing something different and realised that the orange indicator light was turned on. This indicator is a reminder to check and clean the collecting electrodes. I super liked this Alert Reminder! So good not to be ignorant or guessing (compared to HEPA filter types when we just use a rough gauge of 6months per filter)

I was surprised that it was so quick that I had to clean the Collecting Electrodes and Emitting Electrodes despite not having haze at all. Well it proves that the Poiema P800 was working hard on my renovation dust that I thought I had been cleaning away.

So I promptly switched off the machine and opened up the Collecting Electrodes and Emitting Electrodes sections to clean them respectively. The machine was new to us, I was worried that I might spoil it.. but really it was not difficult and as my son would say – So Simple! Easy peasy does it.


Included inside is a large brush for Collecting Electrodes and a small brush for Emitting Electrodes, plus User Manual and Remote Control.

  1. Take out the compartments, follow the even simpler instructions
  2. Clean up the electrodes (looked more like dust to me) with some mild non-cream detergent and brush and rinse under running water.

Removing the Collecting Electrodes compartment for cleaning once the Reminder Alert turns on!


Using the tiny brush to clean the Emitting Electrodes

3. Put it to dry.

4. Plonk the compartments back and you’re ready to reset the machine to work for clean air in the home again!

I really like that there are no consumables for the Poiema air purifiers as the electrodes are easily washable and reusable. No need for HEPA filters and guessing when and if you should change the filters (which are costly)!

Better Protection than Traditional True HEPA Filter

When buying HEPA type air purifiers, we are told to always look for True HEPA filter types for best assurance. Even so, a true HEPA filter can only trap particles and bacteria up to a size of > 0.3um! The Poiema P800 does better with up to 0.02 microns, 100 times smaller than the dreaded PM2.5!!

I’ve owned 3 HEPA type Air Purifiers that were, at that time, touted to be the best in the market. I am now realising that in fact if you are not diligent in changing your filters, bacteria and viruses etc. will still survive and hold onto the filter surface and be reintroduced into the environment!! YES!! SCREAM! Especially in highly humid Singapore, this can mean a even more excellent environment for germs and moulds to collect and  thrive!!! 😦

Now to replace HEPA filters regularly is not a small sum. Honestly, how many times have any of you thrown out your HEPA filters so far? (Sweat emoticon!) Generally the HEPA filters which costs anywhere from $80 – $150 each should be thrown out every 6 months for best health reasons!

Purifying the Ultra Fine and Unseen

It’s important to note that we don’t buy or switch on an air purifier just because of haze. Even in normal ‘good’ air conditions, the presence of dust, viruses, pollen and allergens prevail around in the home. Ever wondered why the children keep sneezing even when we’ve cleaned and cleaned?

After barely one week of 24/7, this is what I got from cleaning the Collecting Electrodes. There were a few more dirty tissues but you can imagine already! And we are talking about a non-hazy week with low PM 2.5!


TPA eliminates airborne particles to as small as 0.02 microns including dust, dust mite, mould, haze and viruses! (Note : HEPA has a limit of 0.3 microns in particle size).

For information, here’s what are the P800 removable particles and their relative sizes:

  • Mould spores – 100 – 2 microns
  • Pollen grains – 100 – 0.25 microns
  • House dust mite allergen – 25 – 0.1 microns
  • Bacteria – 25 – 0.25 microns
  • Pet dander – 10 – 0.1 microns
  • Toner dust – 10 – 0.1 microns
  • PM10 – 10 microns or less (PM = Particulate Matter)
  • Tobacco smoke – 4 – 0.01 microns
  • PM2.5 – 2.5 microns or less
  • Viruses – 0.05 – 0.003 microns
  • Ultrafine particles – 0.1 – 0.001 microns
  • Haze – 10 – 0.01 microns

I had more peace of mind than ever switching on the Poiema P800 24/7 even though there was no haze in sight during the 1 week of review.

Good Coverage

The Poiema P800 covers an area of about 1076 sq. ft. or 100 m2. So for most homes one machine is more than enough when positioned at a good location. My new place is really small so it was totally a good fit for specifications.

Compared to the Poiema P500 which costs less, the area covered is only 60 m2 so you may well need to buy 2 machines or restrict the purification only at an area where most home activities take place.

Power Consumption

If you’ve read our previous review on the Poiema P500, you will realise that the Poiema P500 came up with the lowest annual running electricity cost compared to commonly found HEPA filter type air purifiers in the market. That was based on a 34W Poiema P500. The good news is that the Poiema P800 runs at 31W and will obviously have an even lower consumption cost for an even bigger space coverage.

No Over-heating

Although I ran the Poiema P800 24/7, the unit remained cool with no overheat. This is unlike my 3 other HEPA filter type purifiers which do feel warm to touch. It makes me worry that the machines may overheat and I tend to give my HEPA ones a break once in a while.

Convenient Touch Screen Display

The only unit with a touch screen display, it makes it so much more convenient to make changes to the settings rather than looking for the remote control and fiddling with it to make changes. If you are anything like me, I tend to misplace remotes somehow or rather. 😦 I super liked changing settings as and when I felt like it without looking for the remote hehe..

Sleek Unit Size and Look

As I’ve mentioned the Poiema P800 is sleek metallic silver and looks presentable even if placed in the hall. What I liked is it stands narrow and tall and does not take up more floor space than necessary. The unit measures 345 (L) x 244 (W ) x 790 (H) mm, sleeker than even the already space saving Poiema P500 of 315 (L) x 315 (W ) x 590 (H) mm.

Because the Poiema P800 has a metal casing, it is heavy at 17kg versus only the 10kg Poiema P500! I liked that as it was more sturdy and probably higher durability compared with plastic.

What surprised me

Noise Level

I chose to place my Poeima P800 at the study room which is really an open area in between the bedrooms and hall. Strategic!

However,  I found that the machine was not as silent as I had expected probably because Kiasu Me put it on Turbo 24/7. It also started making a louder sound after the Orange Alert to check the Collecting Electrodes compartment came on.

If you intend to place it in your bedroom, I think the Quiet mode would be the best choice and thankfully Poiema 8P00 comes with 3 different function modes to choose from  – Turbo, Quiet and Speed 1-4. So essentially you are getting 5 fan speeds unlike the other models which only allow you 1-3. Consequently this means noise levels is a tad higher at 20dB instead of 15dB or 10 dB of the Poiema P200 and Poiema P500 respectively. But having said this, the 20dB is negligible compared with many popular Hepa based air purifiers in the market. 20dB is equivalent to the sound levels of rustling leaves… hehee…

Where to Buy

The Poiema P800 and it’s family series of air purifiers are available online at https://poiema.com.sg/shop with free delivery.

Otherwise, do visit retail outlets to take a look at the actual units as follows:

Poiema Pop Up Store:

  • Tampines 1, B1, In front of Toast Box

MEGA Discount Store:

  • 5 Stadium Walk, Kallang Leisure Park, #01-46~50, S’ 397693
  • 101 Thomson Road, United Square, ‪#‎B1‬-56D/E, S’ 307591

For comparison, the P800 retails at $1999 while the P500 at $1399. Despite the relatively high cost, after factoring in the cost of filter replacements and the better protection and hence cleaner air quality in the home, these two premium units are still worth considering.

Update 26 August 2016 : Now for a very Limited Time Only, get $200 off by using the special promo code “HAPPY200“. So don’t miss this chance to get a great deal espeically now that the haze seems to be here!

Currently there are two ongoing 1-for-1 promotions till end Aug 2016 (while stocks last):

  1. Any purchase of a P500/P800, a Free P200 will be given. (only available at the Tampines 1 Pop Up Store)
  2. Any purchase of a P500/P800, get a P200 at only $4. (only available at Poiema eShop)

For more information, check at https://poiema.com.sg/ to make your evaluations.


I personally felt that the P800 was effective cleaning up the dust and allergens in my newly renovated apartment, despite it being a relatively haze free year. Having said that it’s always better to be safe than sorry, ie. to have all your hardware on standby for that unpredictable unhealthy air quality that blows over our tiny red dot. The last I heard, haze may be blowing in our direction with the hot spots identified and change in wind direction!

Be prepared and stay healthy, Everyone!

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SAys! Audrey:)

We are grateful to receive one set of the Poiema P800, for the purposes of this review. We were not remunerated monetarily for the review, all opinions and experiences remain our own alone, so do still make your own evaluations with other information available. All photos unless otherwise mentioned are copyright of Poiema and were provided for the purposes of this review. All other photos remain the copyright property of SAys! Happy Mums and may not be reproduced without prior notice or written permission given.


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