Our New Home – Defects Inspection & Rectification Works

Week 4

Finally finished my defects rectification and signed off the defects list last week!  Armed with my PCK bag, I submitted our first defects list on the following week after key collection and subsequently adding on items that were spotted as we moved along.  Our “grand total” of 3 defects lists to date, were handled promptly and swiftly in literally a same-day or next-day-completion kind of efficiency.  I must say that I am totally impressed with the team from the main contractor.  The team leader came with a group of many workers and they swept through the whole house and got the bulk of things rectified in less than 2 hours.

All residents were given an access to the Novade app for lodging our defects in a much more efficient manner than a decade ago.   With each item lodged as a defect, I would just need to select from the list of locations pre-installed in my account, select the type of defect and take two photographs (wide angle and close-up view).  The app is so simple and convenient to use between the users (owner / developer / main con) that I always found many items already completed and checked off in the same afternoon that I was away.  Thumbs up for technology in the building & construction industry!!

Before I move on to design and actual works, if I have the energy to write down about these later on, let’s do a quick scan through of the defects in my home.  I must be really lucky that most of them should not even be called as defects.  Let’s just say that these are careless mistakes in workmanship and that I logged them down as an item so that I can get them cleared.

Floor Trap / Drain Pipe / WC

My hubby bought this endoscope type of camera which came with a “selfie stick” and bluetooth remote control for photo taking.  It has proven to be really useful for us as the “pipe” can go deep into the recess to inspection.  We found pretty our home clean of construction debris except for the washing machine drain pipe.  There seems to be a small piece of pipe plastic lodged inside.


Not sure how the contractor removed it as I was not there when they cleared it away.


Kitchen Cabinet (Finishing Works)

I found nothing much to complain about with regards to carpentry works and finishing.  The works were very well done at all visible areas except for a pair of doors that were not fully aligned with each other.  The hinges needed some tightening.  In general, I also dislike the gap between all doors.  They are meant to be like that as with current trend in interior design.  I really dislike it and my contractor will be “sealing” off the gap with the addition of another piece of wood behind one of the doors.


My main highlight to the defects team is to seal the gap between the cabinet base to the floor.

Our New Home Defects

While identifying the sections to be done, I found this cracked piece of laminate at the base of my dry kitchen island.  Wonder what the worker was thinking!  This is obviously piecing up the broken piece of laminate and since it’s right at the base, they might just get away with it with any luck?  When the defects team came, they were so smart to glue a new piece right over this existing piece without having to tear it out.  Well done, I must praise!

Our New Home Defects

With the above photo, you might identify where I wanted to be sealed.  Yes, the gap on the floor.  Isn’t it neater now (below photo)?  And I don’t have to imagine insects making a home under my cabinet (not until the silicon dries up few years later).

Our New Home Defects

Windows & Ironmongery

Not sure the reason why, but most of the horizontally-mounted window handles were jammed after initial uses on Day 1 itself.  These are found on the smaller pieces of window panels with limiters installed.  The workers simply did a replacement and they are still working well, hopefully forever.  However, I doubt the eternal lasting quality though.  The feel of quality is not there, in my opinion and we probably need to stock up some spares 😦

Our New Home Defects


For this pair of windows with ironmongery not aligned to each other (below), the works removed the entire panel instead.  I thought could simply do adjustment on the handles.  >.<  Not sure what they were doing and why, the handles were still not perfectly aligned after that although it is a lot lesser of an eye sore now, I let it be without further redo.


Our New Home Defects

Some pieces of window glasses were found scratched and they were also easily replaced.  I mean, it was really easy to remove the glass from the frame!  Come to think of it, a little scary, isn’t it?  They simply undo a catch and the glass panel comes off easily.  That easy.

Our New Home Defects

Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

As the worker was checking with me over the alignment of a piece of door on the cabinet below the stove, he ended up removing the entire stove so as to be able to access from the inside.  I did not give much attention to it until the next day when I put back the hob stands.


My hubby spotted it and asked if it’s a marker stain.  Upon closer inspection, it really is the work of making use of the black marker to mask the rust!  The supplier is Electrolux.  The rust either came from warehouse or happened during installation works.  What do you think?  -.-

Our New Home Defects

Again, it was promptly looked into once the developer is made aware of it through the app.  However, I have no way of telling if the workers used their bottle of spray paint to respray (like what they did for touch up works on aluminium frame), or the supplier has immediate stock on site for replacement (I highly doubt so), or, they took my neighbour’s set to exchange with me (good luck, neighbour!) as a temporary measure since not many has gotten their keys yet.  I do know of a contractor doing that for a recently commissioned property although the complaint was about faulty tap (insider information and I can’t reveal it).

Our New Home Defects

Tiling Works

I paid special attention to the floor tiles, particularly uneven tiles and sharp corners.  I must say that the workmanship for the flooring works were done quite well without sharp corners, hollow tiles or uneven joint lines.  After living our whole life in marble floor environment, this is coincidentally our first home with homogeneous tiles and we are pretty glad that the overall workmanship turned out fine.  However, we both agreed that our next home should have marble again.  The touch and feel is so different.

I’m sharing a short video clip here showing the differences in sound between a well-installed piece of tile versus one that has been installed on dry wall.  Dry walls are used in many construction works today due to speed and efficiency in pre-fabrication off-site.  The disadvantage from owner’s point of view is a less solid wall with worse off soundproofing from the other room.  I have yet to really experience how it will be.  Let’s see after I shift in.

99% of the “defects” lodged with regards to tiling works were simply to get the workers to round off the sharp corners where possibly one might fall on or kick into.



Yard area


I also got the workers to top up grouting for the tile joints at the kerb as shown in below photos.



I do have two annoying issues with the tiling though but my hubby and I both agreed that they should be left untouched and we do not want re-tiling works due to possible complicating issues.

Yard Toilet Water-ponding

There is a very slight water-ponding issue in my yard toilet and it is located at the tile joint immediately next to the WC.  To address the problem, we considered that the WC will need to be removed/reinstalled, four pieces (plus the bottom row wall tiles), possibly the floor trap has to be reinstalled, and most importantly the high possibility of damaging the waterproofing under the tiles.  Due to these factors, we decided to ignore the issue and just take care to use the foot to sweep water into the floor trap.  We suspect that we might not even bother to do that and just allow it to evaporate on it’s own since air circulation is superb in my unit.  Hahahahhaha >.<


Scratched Living Room Floor Tiles

The other upsetting issue lies on the living room floor, 11 pieces of tiles to be specific.  Most had long scratches on them and two pieces were particularly deep with one of them having a chip too.  I suspected that the scratches happened because of negligence by defects team when I was not around in the afternoon.

Not sure if I should say that we are fortunate – 9 pieces of scratched tiles can be covered by our L-shaped sofa.  We decided to cast off the problem by covering with our sofa.


The scratched tiles that can be covered by sofa.


Sorry for the blurry photo. Can see that “patch” of Post-It notes at bottom centre of photo? Jiejie marked it out. That piece and neighbouring piece of tile suffered the worst scratch and has a small chip along the edge.

I was initially quite upset about the remaining 2 pieces of tiles in particular.  They happened on a spot between our sofa and TV console and so will be exposed (if we PUT OUR HEAD AT FLOOR LEVEL to inspect la).  Note that I used capital letters to highlight.  Hubby and I decided to also ignore the scratches and to put it behind us.  Be happier and not use the magnifying glass to carry out defects inspection works.  After all, homogeneous tile is homogeneous tile.  They are cheap and cannot be polished off like marble.  I would have called for polishing if it’s marble but sadly not the case.  If we were to remove that two pieces of tiles, we might end up with even more serious problem like having two “sunken” pieces right in the middle of walkway, or jutting out corner, or, break more tiles as they remove the two pieces.

Bedroom Wardrobes

Last but not least, I found out that the carpentry for bedroom wardrobes come from a different supplier and hence the original team of workers “could not” attend to the below “problems”.  As usual, the gaps at the base which I want to be sealed.

This is my MBR wardrobe. It comes with lots of storage space in L-shape form and has pull-out bi-fold door compared to the other rooms with sliding door. Super love my new wardrobe!

Our New Home Defects

Our New Home Defects

Our New Home Defects

Our New Home Defects

Some other minor issues involve drawer doors not being able to close completely without any gap appearing.  These were simple works which were also quickly rectified as well 🙂

Our New Home Defects

Our New Home Defects

Balcony Sliding Door

We did not notice it at first but later discovered that the left-most panel of sliding door has a slight sound that suggests not totally smooth tracks.  Upon inspection, I realize the top of the frame (where the internal tracks are) has suffered some dent.  Thankfully, there was no need for a major headache, like hacking out the entire door frame that has been cast into concrete.  The workers were really SMART!  Instead of “expanding” that dented tracks from in between, they sawed off a small length of it and touched up with spray paint.  Whoa!  After that, no more sound anymore.  I was seriously impressed how minor the rectification works involved.  🙂

Our New Home Defects

Our New Home Defects

Where the purple arrow from above photo is, this is a close-up photo of the dent. The short length was simply sawed off. ❤

With the above, I close another small chapter in the journey to my new home.  Next up, transformation!  See you soon!

~SAys! Shirley ❤

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  4. Hey really interesting post! looked like u did a very comprehensive check of the interiors. Wanted to ask u how u knew where to look? is there a checklist of sorts?


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