{Media Invite} Introducing Delectable Favourites & New Tajima Beef Creations at Restaurant Hoshigaoka

We are excited to share about Restaurant Hoshigaoka’s new family and friends menu with new platter and delicacy creations.  In conjunction with Jack’s Place 50th Jubilee celebrations, Restaurant Hoshigaoka (under the JP Pepperdine Group (Jack’s Place, Eatzi Gourmet and Kkongdon BBQ)) has also not too long ago undergone refurbishment and a rebranding exercise.  Having been in Singapore for it’s 44th year to date, I regrettably have only visited the restaurant twice at The Grandstand and both times were many years ago without much of an impression.  Comparatively, I’m more familiar with “Uncle Jack’s” than Restaurant Hoshigaoka as they are always at the heartland and well located at all parts of Singapore ❤

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Chef Christopher Teng helms the kitchen at Restaurant Hoshigaoka and has launched a series of Tajima Wagyu Creations.  Under the guidance of Iron Man Chef Heman and other few Traditional Fine Dining Japanese Chefs from Japan , Chef Chris has undergone strict training and honed his skills to get to where he is now.

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Chef Heman (L) & Chef Chris (R)

Tajima Wagyu Creations

Wagyu Tataki ($21.80++)
Torched thinly sliced Tajima Wagyu Beef served with homemade citrus soy sauce, grated chili radish and spring onion, savour the tastiness and freshness of Tajima Wagyu Beef with Wagyu Tataki.
Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Wagyu Tataki

Other highlights include the Wagyu Cheese Aburi Sushi at $15.80++ and Wagyu Don ($25.80++) with 70gm of pan-fried sliced Tajima Wagyu Beef on a bed of rice, half boiled egg and miso soup.

Tajima is the most famous of all Wagyu bloodlines and originating from the Hyogo prefecture, these black cattle have larger forequarters and lighter hindquarters. They are generally smaller-framed but produce excellent meat quality with superior marbling. They are minimum 500 days grain fed, hormone free and anti-biotic free. Tajima Wagyu Beef is Halal approved with Marble score of 6-7 and 8-9+.

Hyogo Prefecture produces a beef of world-class quality. Its characteristics include the depth and richness of its taste particular to beef. When heated, the marbled fat melts on the tongue and the taste of meat and scent of fat blend magically, forming the unique taste of Tajima Beef.

Pitan Toufu ($7.80++)

Restaurant Hoshigaoka’s Chilled Pitan Toufu served with shredded crabmeat and a refreshing homemade sauce made with surprisingly, the century egg, is a welcome twist to the typical Japanese chilled toufu served with soy sauce or the piping hot Agadeshi Toufu.   Topped with Tobikko and spring onion, the silky custard-like toufu was given a different dimension with mouth-popping crunch and fragrance from the spring onion.  Used to having my century egg in the congee or “hgoh hiang” style, I was too pleased to try this alternative style!

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Pitan Toufu

Aburi Crackling Salmon Roll ($18.80)

Aburi style refers to nigiri sushi where the fish is midway to being cooked (by torching).  The salmon prepared this way has a nice smokey flavour while retaining the melt-in-the-mouth texture.  Wrapped in the sushi roll, I could bite into the crunchy salmon skin (that’s why the name “Crackling”) within, together with creamy avocado, crunchy cucumber and a little spread of savoury mentai mayonaise.  The “Crackling” salmon skin gave us a nice contrast to the overall creamy mouthful of everything else and I’d really love to have more of this.

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Aburi Crackling Salmon Roll

Hoshigaoka Zen ($35.80)

Around for more than 30 years, the signature Hoshigaoka Zen set includes a sample portion of everything served on a fancy flower plate.  I think it resembles the CNY tidbits plate too.  Probably it really is, or I am yearning to give out angpow again??

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Hoshigaoka Zen

Cold Tofu with Sesame Sauce (centre), Assorted Sashimi (3 slices – Salmon, Maguro, Hotate), Seaweed Radish Salad, Tempura Moriwase, Gindara Miso Yaki, Stewed Pork Soft Bone, Rice, Miso Soup, Chawanmushi and Matcha Ice Cream from Udders make up the value-for-money set.

The Hoshigaoka Zen would satisfy the greedy one in the family or those who prefer to share.  With the house favourites served in a pretty set like this, I was not sure which to start with.  Well, I ended up having the Seaweed Radish Salad and Stewed Pork Soft Bone last.  BIG mistake, I’d SAys!!  I’d strongly recommend you to attack the Stewed Pork Soft Bone (Sookii Nitsuke is the name of the dish) before anyone else does.  I can just eat this item straight from the petit dish with rice added to soak up every bit of the gravy in it.  I regrettably did not take a nicer close-up photo of it.  See if you can identify it from the photo above – it’s on the bottom right with the brown Shimeiji mushrooms.

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Hoshigaoka Zen – Stewed Pork Soft Bone (Sookii Nitsuke)

By the way, I just found out from the new menu that Sookii Nitsuke ($10.80++) is available as ala-carte item!

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Sooki Nitsuke (Photo credit to Restaurant Hoshigaoka)

Salad is normally not the first type of food I would attack.  However this deserves a special mention from the Hoshigaoka Zen set since I loved the tastes.  The fresh greens went very well with the absolutely delicious dressing.

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Hoshigaoka Zen – Seaweed Salad

Oden ($13.80)

A Japanese dish, the Oden goes well with sake and shared with a group of friends.  Consisting of several ingredients such as boiled eggs, daikon, konjac, and Japanese fishcakes stewed in a light, soy-flavored dashi broth.

Restaurant Hoshigaoka


Goma Beef Houba Yaki  ($18.80)

Heard of Japanese Houba (Magnolia) Leaf?  Japanese Magnolia (“hou” in Japanese) grows in the alpine forests of the Hida Region (in the northern part of Gifu Prefecture).  Grilling miso and other ingredients on the Houba leaf represents the local cuisine of the Hida Region, wherein one can enjoy the aroma of magnolia leaves and miso.  The rich taste of the marbled 30-day aged NZ Ribeye Beef goes perfectly with the flavor of miso and garlic slices and it was one of the dishes that I liked during the media tasting session.

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Goma Beef Houba Yaki

As I mentioned in our Instagram, unfortunately the beef had overcooked because…………………while we were busy taking that perfect photo in 10 different angles, we forgot that the beef was being constantly cooked 😅   Though medium-well cooked by the time we ate, it was quickly finished off due to the decadent richness from the generous marbling of the ribeye because no other cut of beef has the amount of fats that a ribeye does.

At $18.80, it has a portion that is enough to be served with just a bowl of fragrant Japanese rice and soup.  I would bring my hubby to try it again at Restaurant Hoshigaoka, medium rare the next time. ♡  And I uncovered the perfect reason why –

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Nothing beats a great promotion!!


Starting from today until end August, Chef Chris has launched a few special dishes and/or promotional lunch sets to commemorate Ocean Day.

Awabi Nitsuke ($14.80)

Namako Nitsuke is a dish featuring the younger sea cucumber cooked with mixed vegetables and mushrooms in specially concocted Japanese sauce.  Generous cuts of braised abalone (Awabi) and vegetables makes it a reason to celebrate with the awesome-tasting dish that tantalizes the taste buds.  Don’t need to wait until Chinese Near Year! 🙂

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Awabi Nitsuke

Namako Nitsuke ($16.80)

Namako Nitsuke is a dish featuring the younger sea cucumber cooked with mixed vegetables and mushrooms in specially concocted Japanese sauce.  The sea cucumber used here has not only got a firm bite but surprisingly a crunchy texture that reminds me of “ter ka kun” 猪脚筋.  We found out that the younger sea cucumber was specially used as a contrast to the softer veg and mushrooms used.

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Namako Nitsuke

Hirame Tempura ($12.80)

This tempura dish initially did not grab anybody’s attention.  To be frank, how would the Tempura Mori (or so I thought) shine when there’s abalone, seafood and Wagyu on the table??  >.<   It turned out that the halibut fillet tempura peppered with green tea powder was so fresh and well-fried.  As a fish lover, I am always ready to grab a piece of fresh fish meat and always wonder how restaurants retain the succulence in their fish.  I’m a major failure when cooking fish and my fish can always turn out dry no matter “how lightly” I steam/fry/bake them.  😦  My kids should quickly learn to eat sashimi for this reason.  Hahaha!  In all glory, I would strongly recommend this seemingly unassuming main course for the children to go with their cold soba or rice, sans the green chilli, of course! 🙂

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Hirame Tempura

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Sweets & Desserts at Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Shinjuku Toast ($8.80)

Imagine a thick and tall french toast drizzled with Chocolate sauce and topped off with a scoop of Udders Vanilla Icecream.   The simple but oh-so-delicious Shinjuku Toast is both fully of eggy goodness and a sweet mouthful at the same time.  And if you have not had enough, go for the Shibuya Toast that is all the rage in local cafes this year.

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Shinjuku Toast

Shibuya Toast ($8.80)

As if we have gotten enough of waffles already, the sprout of Shibuya Toast creations in Singapore following Japan’s trend threatens to wipe out all waffle creations we love.  With a tall slice of toasted caramelised bread forming a fortress surrounded by banana slices, small bricks gutted out from the middle filled the protected arena with love and protection.  Too bad that we were given a knife.  The poor toast got wiped out by sweet-toothed bloggers in no time!  >.<

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Shibuya Toast

Makan sessions are always tremendously enjoyable with our friend Soon Koon from Lemonfilm Blog where we truly enjoy each other’s crappy jokes and the delectable dishes on the table together.  Keep a look out for his review!  🙂

While our family was not so familiar with Restaurant Hoshigaoka previously as the outlets are not located near where our home or schools are, we will now make an effort to visit again for some other variety that is not so conveniently mainstream like Ichiban Sushi.  We are glad to have discovered new dining place where the whole family can get to enjoy a meal together with delightful dishes to the taste buds.  Restaurant Hoshigaoka is branded under JP Pepperdine (Jack’s Place, Eatzi Gourmet and Kkongdon BBQ) and is currently managed by Generation 2 and 3 members of the family.

Thanks to Sharon from Vu MarComs and Yi Ting from JP Pepperdine, we are grateful for the opportunity to be invited for a sumptious lunch at Restaurant Hoshigaoka, for the purposes of this review. We were not remunerated monetarily for the review, all opinions and experiences remain our own alone.  All photos unless otherwise mentioned are copyright of Restaurant Hoshigaoka and were provided for the purposes of this review.  All other photos remain the copyright property of SAys! Happy Mums and may not be reproduced without prior notice or written permission given.

About Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Restaurant Hoshigaoka






Website: http://hoshigaoka.com.sg/
Reservations: http://jppepperdine.com/reservations
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/restauranthoshigaoka
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/restauranthoshigaokasg/

Restaurant Hoshigaoka Locations:

SAFRA Toa Payoh | 293 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #01-04 (Map) | Tel: 6258 9050
OPERATING HOURS – Daily 11am – 10pm

The Grandstand | #01-31 The Grandstand @ 200 Turf Club Road (Map) | Tel: 6466 3716
Mon – Fri (Lunch): 11am – 3pm
Mon – Thurs (Dinner): 5.30pm – 10pm
Fri (Dinner): 5.30pm – 10.30pm
PH Eve & Sat: 11am – 10.30pm
PH & Sun: 11am – 10pm

Woodlands Civic Centre | 900 South Woodlands Drive #02-05 (Map) | Tel: 6363 2315
OPERATING HOURS – Daily 11am – 10pm

Restaurant Hoshigaoka was first opened in Singapore at the Apollo Hotel in 1972.

Initially named Hoshigaoka Saryo, the restaurant from Japan brought with it traditional Japanese cooking with an emphasis on culinary tastes, sumptuous dishes, a serene atmosphere and trademark Japanese hospitality. To appeal to a broader market, Hoshigaoka Saryo was renamed Restaurant Hoshigaoka in 1986. Restaurant Hoshigaoka – family Japanese restaurant has undergone a rebranding exercise since its acquisition by JP Pepperdine, owner of well-known F&B brands Jack’s Place, Eatzi Gourmet and Kkongdon Barbeque.

More than an update to the well-loved brand, the redesign is formulated in line with the traditions and values of the restaurant’s original founder, Kitaoji Rosanjin. JP Pepperdine hopes to continue to serve cherished long-time customers while bringing Restaurant Hoshigaoka to a new generation of diners. After more than 44 years in Singapore, the rebranding is slated to refresh the brand while preserving the original sentiments and values of its founder. With the original sentiments and values in mind, Restaurant Hoshigaoka will try to be the best Traditional Japanese restaurant in Singapore.


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