{Review} Creative Fun with Mister Maker Live! | 10 -12 June 2016

I have yet to meet a child that’s not keen in art – to create and have fun with colours, glue and scissors and just get messy!
Wey and R both love art and craft! Wey has enjoyed watching Mister Maker since he was a tiny tot and it’s no wonder why we could not miss out on this opportunity to catch Cbeebies’ Mister Maker and the Shapes Live!
Here for only a limited run of 7 shows, we were so excited to be at the 6pm opening show at D’Marquee Downtown East today!
 Mister Maker Live
Everyone entered the tent at D’Marquee with so much excitement as we were each given a piece of coloured paper for craft later.
The kids went wild when their favourite Mister Maker finally came onstage.
The music was catchy, the songs were easy to sing along, the kids just naturally joined in the dancing and were clearly having so much fun! Take a look at Mister Maker’s Party!

Be sure to bring along a jacket for the kiddos as the air-conditioning was really cold! haha… not that the kids noticed since they were all wild with excitement jumping around and joining in the song and dance from the very start!
Mister Maker

Engrossed and following instructions to make the Big Craft!

K, Wey and R  had such a great time running around and dancing to the music, the night was pure adrenalin pumping fun! haha take a look at the video and you will know what I mean! Good thing the air-con was blasting! 😛

Expect lots of audience participation and fun interaction throughout the 2 hours of non-stop song and craft! The young audience were all eyes on Mister Maker and they could not help themselves but to creep forward all the way to the front of the stage! LOL!
They sang, they danced, they made lots of noise and they had a great time with Mister Maker! The 2hours flew by so quickly, everyone was so reluctant to say their goodbyes to Mister Maker!


We do so hope Mister Maker will come back to Singapore again and bring on the smiles and excitement on all the kids faces once more! Do bring your little ones to catch any of the 6 remaining shows on Saturday and Sunday (11-12th June 2016) at D’Marquee Downtown East, they are definitely going to have fun time with Mister Maker Live!

Mister Maker

Everybody’s favourite Mister Maker! Yay!

We also had the unique opportunity to ask Mister Maker some questions that the kids were curious about. Thank you Mister Maker for taking time to answer so many questions! haha…

1. What sparked your interests in art?

I used to love watching art programmes on TV when I was a little boy. So now, I am very proud to be part of an art show that tries to spark interest in art and inspire creativity.
The Mister Maker TV show will always have art at its heart and it is produced in a bright, bold and comedic way. The character has developed through the years and now with the theatre shows, it has taken on a new and exciting "live" life too!
From a young age, I loved arts and crafts and trying to make people laugh – so now, to do these things for my job, is just wonderful!

2. Have you always wanted to play with shapes and work on children’s show as a presenter?

It sounds a cliché, but being Mister Maker is my dream job. I always wanted to be a children’s television presenter – from an early age – and to be one now on a show that encourages fun and creativity, is a dream come true. And yes….I love The Shapes! I am so excited about them taking to the stage in Singapore for the first time.

3. How do you manage to conceptualize what you were going to create within such a short span of time?

Good question, because actually putting a 20-minute TV programme onto a stage and making it into a full theatre show was a real challenge. The live show includes a lot of the things that make theatre exciting – singing, dancing & audience interaction. Mini Makers and grown-ups will be asked to join us on stage to get arty and play games…plus there is a big make that everyone in the audience can help Mister Maker with. That’s the great thing about a live show…anything can happen! We wanted to create a live show that all ages would enjoy.

4. Any advice for the aspiring little creators (when it comes to making art)?

I think the most important thing is to start collecting your own doodle drawers of arty materials for a rainy day. This can be just an old shoe box that you fill up with materials that might be useful one day. Then of course, paper, glue and scissors are must-haves…but be careful, scissors are…? Sharp!

5. Have you ever visited Singapore prior to the upcoming show?  Given extra time, which places of interests you would be keen to visit?  What food would you want to try?

I love Singapore! I have been lucky to visit many times before and I can’t wait to meet up with my friends. Any suggestions of places to eat would be much appreciated… I have to keep my strength up for all my dancing in the show!!! (you sure do! haha…)
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SAys! Shirley & Audrey :) 

We are grateful for the opportunity to attend Cbeebies Mister Maker and The Shapes Live On Stage, for the purposes of this review. We were not remunerated monetarily for the review, all opinions and experiences remain our own alone. All photos unless otherwise mentioned are copyright of Cbeebies Mister Maker and The Shapes Live On Stage and were provided for the purposes of this review. All other photos remain the copyright property of SAys! Happy Mums and may not be reproduced without prior notice or written permission given.


When: Friday 10 June: 6:00pm | Saturday 11 June: 12:00pm, 3:00pm and 5:30pm | Sunday 12 June: 10:30am, 2:00pm and 5:00pm

Where: D’Marquee Downtown East Pasir Ris (Map)

Duration: Approx. 120 min with 20 min interval

Ticket Price:  Standard: S$110, S$75, S$35  (Excludes the booking fee of SGD$3/4 per ticket)

Tickets Available at : http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/mister0616 and all SISTIC outlets or CALL +65 6348 5555


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