{Review} Lion City Adventures | Secrets of the Heartlands – by Don Bosco

Today, let’s talk about Don Bosco‘s “Lion City Adventures – Secrets of the Heartlands” for primary school children since it’s school holidays now. With the book and some walking around, the kids can really get to know our Singapore towns (8 of them) with bites of history, quirky facts & cool stuffs and also get to solve some mysteries with the members of Lion City Adventuring Club (LCAC) as they go along from town to town.
Secrets of the Heartlands is the sequel to Lion City Adventures and it leads to the new title – Island of Legends, published just few weeks ago.
Don Bosco Lion City Adventures Secrets of the Heartlands

Together with the members of Lion City Adventuring Club (LCAC), we journey back in time to see how the fascinating heartlands of Singapore have evolved.  Each chapter contains a history of the neighbourhood, information about remarkable people and events and a fun activity. To make things more interesting, children will get to solve puzzles and mysteries as they unravel clues from town to town.

Don Bosco Lion City Adventures Secrets of the Heartlands

The eight (8) neighbourhoods featured include:

  • Kampong Bahru
  • Jalan Kayu
  • Marine Parade
  • Punggol
  • Queenstown
  • Tiong Bahru
  • Toa Payoh
  • Yishun
Lion City Adventures is a very informative and a good guide book on Singapore for primary school children.  Seldom is there a guide book that is published for the purpose of really appealing to the young ones with full-colored print and matchy illustrations that speaks to the little ones.  The font size is pretty good for the eye as well with catchy headers to capture the attention of the young ones.  Notice I am straying away from mini-fonts.  It’s like a sign of “flower eyes”.  Likewise, kids wouldn’t like tiny fonts too.  The layout of the pages is also not too dense such that it makes reading topics related to general interests boring.
The “Instant Expert” section listed some information that is so close to heart.  Even I had learnt a bit of facts I never did know (failed the super boring History in Sec 2, you see >.<).  Now that I’m older and wiser, such information becomes more interesting to me and that I am also more motivated to read and learn so as to share with the kids and make general knowledge about Singapore interesting for them.
Don Bosco Lion City Adventures Secrets of the Heartlands

My mum used to tell me about my grandfather sending her and my aunty out to buy 20c of Tock-Tock Mee and how they would steal a bite before they get home. As girls and being the elder ones amongst siblings, they don’t often get equal treatment in their generation.

Lion City Adventuring Club (LCAC) is also connected to the Sherlock Hong Adventures series of books which Jiejie loves so well.   I spotted different titles of the series in her school bag more than a few times by now.  I guess my gut feel was right then – Detective Sherlock Hong going around town to solve different mysteries having a historical link to Singapore’s olden days did attract the kids.  We shared about The Legend of Lady Yue earlier.
I like this series of Lion City Adventures personally and thought that the kids would benefit from something more interesting than fact sheets and boring history books.  Before they grow up too fast, becomes less inquisitive, more academic, now is the best time to start them on such little adventure journeys around Singapore while they are still in lower primary.  Ideally, use the book together with field trips for maximum benefits.  Also note that, having one book per child would allow them to develop and read at their own pace.  The kids would be impatient to share a book, especially if there more than two of them in the family.  Right now in June holiday is the best time to plan for field trips with the kids if your family is not travelling.

Retail Info

Each copy retails at $15.80.
All of Don Bosco’s books can be found at Popular, Kinokuniya and Times bookstores, by the way.  We spotted his books at Times Bookstore, Punggol Waterway during their media launch.  Alternatively, you might like to buy online at http://www.marshallcavendish.com/marshallcavendish/genref/SearchResults.aspx?ti=Lion%20City%20Adventures&is=&au=&im= .

About the Author

Don Bosco writes mystery, fantasy, science fiction and thriller stories. He describes himself as “geeky and cheeky”. His books are created around brave and curious young characters who are forced to face incredible challenges and take on horrid villains. The plots are fast-paced and spiced up with a tasteful dose of imaginative magic.  To find out more, visit his website at www.supercoolbooks.com.

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