[Review] Splash @ Kidz Amaze at SAFRA Punggol – Where Fun Flows

You would have already known that SAFRA Punggol has opened in late April.  We attended a media invite at Splash @ Kidz Amaze recently and the kids had the blessing to experience water-play at Singapore’s first indoor water playground, right before mid-year exams commence.

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

Occupying a floor area of 24,000 square feet, the water playground themed after the ‘Enchanted Deep Sea’ is by far the largest and tallest indoor splash pool with multiple play decks, five slides and a themed splash pad.  Splash @ Kidz Amaze is only meant for children aged 18 months to 13 years of age but adults are too having a great time in there.  Who wouldn’t love a dip especially under such hot weather?  Personal Bestest Reason – no harsh sun in there or else I would not be frolicking with the kids (and Audrey)!  >.<

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

The water playground has a standard depth of 30cm throughout the entire area.  The younger toddlers can enjoy their splashing in front of the party rooms where dedicated play structures have been installed for their enjoyment.  Our three kids spent a lot of their time here as they really loved the uncluttered area with large open spaces where they ran, crawled and made waves.

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

Even the daddies were having fun with water sprays and our families had some serious warfare around the water sprays.

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

Credit : Claudia, The Loving Mum

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

Credit : Claudia, The Loving Mum

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

At the far end of Splash @ Kidz Amaze, stands a huge 3-storey tall structure that has everything a child can dream of – water bucket, three slides of varying excitement and even colourful mood lights that come into play as the evening leads into the night.  Here at SAFRA Punggol, the water playground opens til 8 pm on weekdays or 9 pm on weekends and Public Holidays.

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

Over here, the big green slide appealed to our kids the most – the space is wide enough for two children to slide down almost the same time (I monitored and the crew does ensure a certain level of safety not to have the kids bumping into each other while at play).  Just at the three slides alone, there were already a team of 6 crews to look after the children’s safety both from the top and bottom of slides.  I did not count how many other crew were walking around the area though, but spotted at least 2 different persons ensuring overall safety at areas other that the huge play structure.

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

Out of the three, Jiejie was the only more adventurous one that day.  She decided to experience the thrill from both the taller slides.  She preferred the lower one as it was exciting enough for her but not overly so as she is not totally a thrill seeker.  🙂  Morever, she made friends with the pretty jiejie manning the entrance to that slide and insisted I go meet her new friend too.

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

Play during weekend is limited to four (4) hours per session and there are altogether three sessions in a day.  I find that the duration is comfortable and long enough such that kids will not still be crying for more at the end of the session.  With a sufficient four hours in the water, each of them readily and willingly went for their shower after that.

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

Jiejie’s favourite activity is becoming marshmallow baby whenever she spots a jacuzzi jet. She would inflate her top and the fun lies in toppling over after that. 🙂

Here’s a quick overview of the water playground at SAFRA Punggol to share –


Splash welcomes all children from age 18 months to 13 years old. KidzAmaze Members and SAFRA Members enjoy member rates.

Kidz Amaze Member SAFRA
Non- Member
(age range 18 months – 13 years)
(Excluding PH & Sch Holidays)
$8 $12 $16
$10 $15 $20
Per Accompanying Adult $2 $2 $5
Family Package

(2 Adults & 2 Children)
$16 $25 $35
Family Package

(2 Adults & 2 Children)
$20 $28 $40

Children under the age of 18 mo may enter SPLASH for free, they are also welcome to play at the play facility with accompanying adults. However, we would like to highlight that the playground was designed and built for children age 18mo to 13yo.  Parents should keep a keen eye on younger children and supervise them during the use of the water facility.

Party rooms conveniently connected to the playground are also ideal for hosting children’s birthday parties. The party rooms are big and spacious, each with their own marine-related theme as a backdrop.  If you are looking for a suitable location for the next party, by all means give a check out at SAFRA Punggol.  Each of these Kidz Amaze party rooms can host up to 70 pax with adequate quantity of chairs for the children to enjoy some craft work or meal in between play.  More information can be found here or you can simply call Splash @ Kidz Amaze SAFRA Punggol at 6585 8710 or email : splash@safra.sg for their booking schedule.

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

Thanks to Pizza Hut @ SAFRA Punggol, our families enjoyed a few hearty slices of smokey hot pizzas delivered to the party room before we attack the water playground.

For the month of May, SAFRA Punggol has also made special arrangments for FREE Jelly Fish Making activity for kids.  Available on weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) at the following time slots.

  • 2.00pm to 3.00pm
  • 5.00pm to 6.00pm 

So do drop by the party rooms to book your slot before you get all wet.  The party rooms are air-conditioned, you see. 🙂

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze
SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze
SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

Operating Hours:

Mon – Thu (10am – 8pm) | Fri – Sun, Gazetted Public & School Holidays (10am – 9pm)

Do take note that play hours during weekends are separated into 4-hour blocks, with a maximum of 400 pax each session.

10.00am – 2.00pm : 400 pax | 2.00pm – 6.00pm : 400 pax | 5.00pm – 9.00pm : 400 pax

*Closed for maintenance every third Monday of the month. Unless otherwise stated.

Key information to take note of Splash:

  • Electronic lockers are located in the changing rooms and are chargeable at: $4 (medium) and $6 (large) respectively. Only new coins and notes are accepted, but do prepare the exact amount as no change will be given. Please approach the counter staff if you face any issues.
  • The safety guidelines for Splash are located outside the playground and in the playground changing room. Do adhere to the guidelines to ensure your safety and that of your child.
  • Splash does not provide towels and swimming attire. Attire: Child – Strictly swimming attire. No pampers allowed in the pool. Please use swimming diapers if necessary. Adults: Dri-Fit top and Shorts will do.

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

SAFRA Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

More information here: http://www.safra.sg/enjoy/family/splash-at-kidz-amaze


SAFRA Punggol is the lastest clubhouse designed and constructed for the families staying in the Northeast region of Singapore.  The clubhouse consisting of 5 storeys sits on a land of 1.45 ha, is integrated seamlessly with the adjacent Punggol Waterway Park to retain the naturalistic ambience for recreation.

The family recreation and lifestyle centre is located at a mere 6-minute walk from Punggol MRT Station or 1-minute walk from Sam Kee LRT Station brings about a lot more convenience to the residences in the region.

Address : 9 Sentul Crescent (Map)

Contact : 6585 8710 | Email : splash@safra.sg

SAFRA Punggol Facilities

SAFRA Punggol

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~ SAys! Shirley 🙂 

We are grateful for the opportunity to attend the media event at Splash @ Kidz Amaze, for the purposes of this review.  We were not remunerated monetarily for the review, all opinions and experiences remain our own alone.  All photos unless otherwise mentioned are copyright of SAFRA Punggol and were provided for the purposes of this review.  All other photos remain the copyright property of SAys! Happy Mums and may not be reproduced without prior notice or written permission given.


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