{Review} Underwater Fun with I Theatre’s The Rainbow Fish | 26 April – 15 May 2016

Finally making a comeback after 5 years, I Theatre is staging the ever popular, The Rainbow Fish for it’s 15th Anniversary Celebrations at the Drama Centre Theatre from 26 April to 15 May 2016. So do book early at SISTIC to avoid disappointment!

I Theatre The Rainbow Fish

Every young one must have had this Marcus Pfister well loved award-winning book on their bookshelves one time or another. The Rainbow Fish stayed our daily bedtime favourite for many a night when Wey was a young boy. At one point, young Wey could even flip the pages and ”read” the book because he had every sentence memorised! That’s how often we read this delightful story.

Having watched this timeless classic back when Wey was no more than 2 years old in 2011, I was surprised that the boys were equally eager to catch the show again now.

The Rainbow Fish

So even now, my 6 year old was waiting eagerly to catch The Rainbow Fish at the theatres!

I Theatre’s The Rainbow Fish is such a beautiful production, and it’s no wonder why they’ve brought the show to India, Malaysia, Australia, USA and even UK and always with huge success. Cleverly using Black Light effects, the entire theatre becomes pitch dark, and all the audience can see are the vibrantly colourful props and story characters on stage without ever really seeing the actual actors (who are dressed in black).


As the cute little fish and star fish came on stage, there was excited chatter amongst the young audience, who were too engrossed to even notice that it was pitch dark all around. (So no fears that the kiddos may get scared… they love it!)

I’ve only attended one other children’s theatre production that used black light and as always it is a hit with the kids because everything on stage is just glowing (because of the UV light) and B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!

The Rainbow Fish

Beautiful brain coral prop glowing on stage with the help of UV lighting.

Wey’s favourite sea creature in the show was the wise Octopus. The Octopus was indeed impressive just by his sheer size. Wey was intrigued that the Octopus seemed to be floating with his tentacles moving effortlessly as he dished out wise advise to Rainbow Fish. I bet he was popular with most of the kids.


My favourite part must have been when the feared shark came to the reef for a meal… I enjoyed the humour and laughed so hard each time the shark came on. The audience roared with laughter as well… who won’t haha… looking for your favourite SASHIMIIII…. and SUSHIIIIIII…. hahaha

The Rainbow Fish

Ooo yummy… Sashimiiii!!! Sashimiiii!!

If I even had the thought that this show was more for younger ones below 5, I would be so wrong! The trio of K, N and R sat captivated throughout the show. Probably at their age, Pri 3 and Pri 1, they could focus more on the conversation and the themes and lessons behind the storyline.

I love I Theatre productions because they are always filled with learning points for take homes and discussion. This time, I asked Wey what he learnt from the show. The first obvious answer was the part about Sharing – how it was wrong to be selfish and not share with friends. I liked that we could talk about Rainbow Fish’s self-centeredness and vanity that made her full of herself and too proud to see the worth of others as equal individuals. It was also nice to explore the value of Teamwork (another value Wey’s school has been focussing on) when Rainbow Fish, Star Fish, Small Blue, Big Violet and Little Green came together to ‘scare’ off the shark.

The Rainbow Fish

TEAMWORK! Working together to get rid of Shark!

I Theatre productions are probably one of the very few productions that allow a Meet and Greet for ALL without additional costs. The actors always kindly stay on till everyone gets a chance for the Meet and Greet.  So do take the time and stay on after the show for that extra photo opportunity. It’s always a precious keepsake for me 🙂

The Rainbow Fish

K, R and Wey at I Theatre’s The Rainbow Fish 2016! Yay to Sashimi!!

As always we loved our favourite I Theatre actors Alicia Kim Chua (Little Green)and Elizabeth Loh (Tiny Stripes), from previous I Theatre productions like The Enormous Turnip, Aesop’s Fables and The Boy Who Cried Wolf (not forgetting Joshua Lim, Mr Arabella/ Octopus, Sharkie). I would not have guessed it was Ann Lek (羊妹妹 from 《三只山羊》 and Jim from Treasure Island) as Starfish and Dwayne Lau (Long John Silver in Treasure Island) as Big Violet too if not for the meet and greet! What a great cast for this second instalment of I Theatre’s 15 Anniversary Celebration productions!

Don’t miss out on this wonderful stage production of the well-loved storybook, The Rainbow Fish. It’s always a popular one, and tickets will sell out quickly. Most weekday shows are fully booked by schools so you have limited weekend shows to catch this superb delightfully fun play! As Shirley says, it’s Sashimi time and have a great fun swim with ITheatre’s The Rainbow Fish before they swim off after 15 May 2016! Just 2 more weekends to catch it and so totally your loss if you miss it this time. Don’t say, we didn’t tell you! 🙂

Oh yes! And I was super happy to get a very nice The Rainbow Fish Tee for Wey at the foyer at just $10! 

Beautiful shiny prints on really good quality material at a really affordable reasonable price… yes this Shopaholic Mama will shop even before a show… haha

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SAys! Audrey :) 

We are grateful for the opportunity to attend ITheatre’s The Rainbow Fish for the purposes of this review. We were not remunerated for the review, all opinions and experiences remain our own alone. All photos unless otherwise mentioned are copyright of I Theatre and were provided for the purposes of this review. All other photos remain the copyright property of SAys! Happy Mums and may not be reproduced without prior notice or written permission given.

About The Rainbow Fish

I Theatre The Rainbow Fish

Date:                 26 April to 15 May 2016 (Weekdays 10 am | Sat/Sun 10.30 am & 2.30 pm except No-Show on 8th May ’16)

Venue:             Drama Centre Theatre, Singapore (Map)

Suitable for: Anyone from 3 to 103 years old!

Tickets available at: SISTIC website or call 6348 5555

Ticket Prices:

  Standard Ticket
Adult/Child $32.00
Family Package (4 Persons) $121.60
Big Family Package (5 Persons) $144.00
Corporate Groups (min 20 persons) 25.60


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