{Sponsored Review} Samsung Galaxy View 18.4″ Edutainment Companion

It’s been an exciting week with the arrival of Samsung Galaxy View in our home this week!  With the whole house full of Samsung screens from 5 to 40 inches, it required little effort to get used to having another fantastic companion at home.


Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy View is a 18.4″ Edutainment Companion with a Full HD (1920 x 1080) touchscreen device that features a large screen, two–way stand and a built-in handle, which makes it great for spending time with the family.  It is not the conventional 7″ or 10″ tablet that some families carry to every restaurant for kids’ meal time entertainment.  Being in a class of its own, the Samsung Galaxy View is designed for use in the home, with the family in mind.  It has allowed our family to share quality screen time together as we wind down for the day.  The children made use of it to learn or watch educational videos together without having to fight for screen space or who to hold the tablet.

Samsung Galaxy VIew

It’s a great device for shared edutainment purposes for the whole family.  Weighing at only 2,650g for the Wi-Fi® version, even the kids can carry it around effortlessly since their school bag easily weighs more than 5kg daily.  With a Wi-Fi®-enabled Samsung Galaxy View, I found it so much easier to learn on-the-go even if it’s not within the house.  Technically, I can bring the device to anywhere I wish to, even to the car , granny’s house or at a staycation.  There is another 4G+ version (weighing at 2,700g) that is available as well.  The latter comes with a SIM-card slot.  Both versions come with expandable MicroSD card slot that can accommodate up to 128GB of storage.
Samsung Galaxy View

While school term is in full swing, I remind the kids not to touch any devices on weekdays except for e-Learning / homework purposes or on weekends only.  On weekends, I do allow them to play their games with control over screen time.

When it comes to school work, Chinese is a subject most of us parents grapple with.  With the current new syllabus (for 2015 P1 batch) in Chinese where the focus is more towards speech and oracy, MOE’s website, Xue Le Wang(学乐网) provides us with great resources and insight into what the children are being taught in school.

Xue Le Wang

We have been encouraged to access the above website with the children at home so that we can better foster their learning journey in Chinese.  The screen is big enough such that both kids can learn at the same time.


With most of their day’s activities worked around school hours and time spent travelling, the Samsung Galaxy View helped us in their e-Learning as well as giving the kids some relaxing moments during meal time.

When the kids were given assignments to make some Chinese New Year decorations for their respective classrooms in January, they made use of YouTube™ to comfortably share the large screen size and were able to follow the instructions closely to make their auspicious angpow gold fishes and fire crackers.  All loved it that the Samsung Galaxy View has a stand on its own and we did not need to search for suitable props to make it stand.

Samsung Galaxy View

With a 18.4″ screen size and having a convenient handle at the back which serves as a carrier, the kids no longer have to be restricted to working at my study desk where my desktop is, or having to fight for clearer view from my old Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0″).

Samsung Galaxy View

Backview of Galaxy View shows convenient handle and integrated stand for the screen which made it convenient to carry it around or let it stand on its own without the need to find something else to support it.

For learning / work purposes, I will ask them to sit properly on their learning desk instead of sitting everywhere on the floor or sofa.  For leisure entertainment, they are free to have the device even on the bed which we discovered to be such a luxury!

Samsung Galaxy View

The kids typically get quiet play time or read before we turn in for the night.  With the Galaxy View, they are more than keen to sacrifice their usual activities (only allowed to on weekend nights) and both of them were engrossed with the screen time.  From the plethora of apps and games at Google Play and Galaxy Apps, I shorted-listed a few that got my approval for more quality play.

Samsung KidsTime Apps

Samsung KidsTime is an app that provides access to a specially curated set of educational games and eBooks for the 3 to 7 year old children.  It is a subscription-based app without advertisement and in-app purchases so parents can have a peace of mind when children are are learning through technology without having to worry about inadequate popup ads or accidental purchases.  Expect to find a plethora of educational and interactive games and eBooks to aid with the children’s learning.  Ever since the children started their formal education journey in primary school, we found ourselves having to turn to the computer for e-Learning and research for their mini assignments.  When they take over my computer, I would worry about them accidentally deleting my photographs or files aside from not being able to do my own work.  With the Samsung Galaxy View, I can safely allow them to share the device with them seated right next to me as I work on my computer.

Samsung Galaxy View

The accompanying KidsTime Parent app helps to manage and monitor the time spent by my children on the app.  I can also track their learning and progress, set a timer for them from my Samsung mobile phone (I’m using Galaxy A8) or even remotely start/stop their screen time if I wish to.  This Parent Control feature is seamlessly built-in with KidsTime app which gives parents a peace of mind while the kids indulge in technology.

Samsung Galaxy View

Samsung Galaxy View

Limit Screen Time

With a small monthly subscription of S$6.50 (US$5), Samsung KidsTime app offers instant access to 30 free learning apps and eBooks that will be refreshed from their full library of 100 quality apps and eBooks every month.  With the specially curated galaxy of edutainment within just one app, it is no wonder both of them loved their learning time to the max.

Samsung Galaxy View

Screen from Treasure Dash Math within Samsung KidsTime

Samsung Galaxy View

Screen from Treasure Dash Math within Samsung KidsTime

I have looked through the apps available in various subjects covering reading, science, mathematics and other subjects and are pleased to discover gems like award-winning apps from National STEM video game design competition, KidsTime Authors Award and National Geographic Channel.

Samsung Galaxy View

Below is a quick peep at the parental control function, app interface and some of the apps within.

Getting Ideas for the Big Move

Aside from educational benefits for the children, my hubby and I also found it excellent for our own use.  We started using it to venture into Home & Decor apps.  The portability and large screen size of Samsung Galaxy View allowed us to share e-Magazine in the comfort of our bed and we could instantaneously agree on common theme/design.  With this, we have scraped using mobile messaging tools to send photos or quotations and wait half day for response because we are both busy during the day.  It was a time-consuming process.  I previously shared a little about our soon-to-be-completed new home during a media event and as of latest update, it can be anytime in Q3 this year and we have been so excited after 2 years of waiting.


Casual browsing for ideas for our new home

Family Square on Galaxy View & Mobile Phones

Aside from using the Galaxy View as another device for apps and games, another fantastic feature for private and remote photo-sharing amongst family members is the Family Square, an exclusive Samsung app.  Away from the gramps during the day or want to backup your photos while on family holiday?  It is now possible so long as your mobile phone has a Wi-Fi® connection no matter which part of the world you are.  Photos are shared across instantly.

Samsung Galaxy View

Family Square is a virtual home command center that connects the family.  I easily shared some photos and recorded video clips with my family members whenever I wanted to.  The Galaxy View (or any connected device) will display emotional and beautiful images from all family members in the group.  Family members can take advantage of its customised dashboard to video chat and share personalised notes on photos of precious moments with ease.

Below is a video showing how Family Square appears on both devices and how photos get shared.

About Samsung Galaxy View

Retail Price : [Wi-Fi®-version] @ $898  OR  [4G+ version] @ $998

Key Specifications :
Processor : 1.6GHz Octa Core Processor
Display : 18.4″ 16M Colours Full HD (1920×1080) full touch (C-type) TFT LCD Screen
Platform : Android™ 5.1.1 (Lollipop)
Camera : 2.1MP Front Camera (Beauty Face, Timer Shot)
Memory : 32GB^ Internal Memory + MicroSD slot (up  to 128GB) with 2GB (RAM)
Dimension : 451 x 275.8 x 11.9mm
Weight : [Wi-Fi®-version] @ 2,650g  OR  [4G+ version] @ 2,700g
Battery : 5,700mAh (UP to 8hrs battery life)

^Actual user-accessible internal storage is less than specified total memory due to operating system, software, and other built-in applications, and may vary after software updates/ upgrades.

Retail Locations : Major Local Telecommunication Operators, IT & consumer Electronics Stores and Samsung Experience Centres

For more information, visit Samsung at their website or Samsung Mobile Singapore Facebook.

We have been blessed with a set of Samsung Galaxy View for purposes of this review.  No monetary compensation was received and all opinions and photographs are our own.  Thank you for joining us on SAys! Happy Mums.  If you liked what you read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon.

~ SAys! Shirley 🙂

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