{Review} Are you in Love yet? Pangdemonium’s The Effect

The Hubs and I took some time to have a matinee date last Sunday to watch Pangdemonium‘s first show of its 2016 Season of Love, The Effect at the Victoria Theatre. We enjoyed ourselves so much at last year’s Chinglish and I was rather curious what The Effect would be like.

The Effect played to a full house at the Victoria theatre on a Sunday matinee and everyone in the audience was captivated throughout the play to say the least.

The play is a clinical dissection of love and revolves around two young volunteers, Connie (Nikki Muller) and Tristan (Linden Furnell), at a clinical drug trial of none other than a ‘love pill’. Sealed off from the outside world and the lives they left behind, the two fall in love … or do they?

It’s curious that still in the month of Valentines’ and celebrating our eternal loves, we are presented with the very question of what is love and how do you know if it really is love? haha… Can love be found in and through a pill? Do we need to reach out for that love pill? I’m pretty sure if indeed there was such a pill in the market, it would certainly do brisk sales in our world where everyone is looking for love all the time (albeit in all the wrong places hehee)

Loved this giant Love Pill Rose display! Wow! 🙂

I felt for Nicki Muller‘s character, Connie, who being a psychology student involved with an older man outside in the real world, starts to fall in love (or so she thinks) with the ever carefree nomad and clinical trial veteran, Tristan. She questions every aspect of the trial, everything that’s happening around her and what’s she’s experiencing. She questions if her feelings and Tristan’s feelings are due to the pills they’ve been taking and if so is it really love? Connie to me is so every woman out there, putting herself out for that one true love of a life time, always searching and never sure. Haven’t we ladies all yearned and waited and wanted that one true real love of our lives to happen?

For me, Tristan’s carefree nature makes love happen easily. If it is, it is! And yeah, isn’t it actually so simple?

If we don’t worry and fuss over why love happens and what love is, won’t we be more involved with the loving of the moment than the how and whats and whys? Why do we (most women unfortunately… hahah) agonise so much about who and why we love and if we are really being loved? In our focus on the questions, we forget sometimes to enjoy the moments of love, risking the chance of losing it forever. 😦

The audience was definitely captivated in the 2 hour long, deep and thoughtful play. Nothing quite prepares them for the cruel twist at the end, which I am still trying to digest. But love is something so precious and gives us all strength to hold on and to hope that somehow it will return … Catch the show to know what happens to the young loves and of course enjoy watching favourites Adrian Pang and Tan Kheng Hua, who in their bickering are also in love with each other.

I enjoyed myself at this thought provoking play and I’m secretly glad that I found my one love in the hubs long ago …. hahaha… no more wandering and wondering about true love and thankfully there are opportunities for us to inject some romance and sparks with occasional dates without the kiddo! haha!!

The set was really cool and it seemed to transport us all into a high tech lab for the clinical study.

Do catch this deeply moving production which runs till 13 March 2016! Book at SISTIC http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/effect0316 now, before tickets are totally sold out like Chinglish! !

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~ SAys! Audrey

About The Effect by Lucy Prebble

the effect banner

When:  25 Feb – 13 Mar 2016  | 8pm (Tues – Fri)  | 3pm & 8pm (Sat & Sun) |

Who: Rating Advisory 16 (Some Sexual References and Course Language)  | No admission for infants in arms and children below 12 years old.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours (Includes 15 minutes interval)

Ticket Price : Exclude SISTIC Charges

Preview (25 & 26 Feb 2016)
Standard: S$55, S$45, S$35

Fri & Sat Evening
Standard: S$65, S$55, S$45

Tue – Thu, Sat & Sun Matinees, Sun Evening
Standard: S$60, S$50, S$40

For more information, visit http://pangdemonium.com/productions/the-effect

Tickets available through:  SISTIC Website SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555 | SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide


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