{Recipe + Quaker Purchase Promotion} Power Up with Rice Cooker Quaker Oatmeal

Hello!  I often cook oatmeal for the children ever since my mum taught me how to when they started on solids.  Even more so when I am time-strapped for dinner prep ever since both kids are in single session school this year.  Typically, I get to reach home at about 430pm on weekdays, after having lunch near to school.  Yes it’s that late for me.  If mum doesn’t cook for dinner, my entire late afternoon gets burned if I try to “choot pattern” for dinner, often due to some craving of sorts ;b

In order to save time for doing some revision or homework with the kids, I frequently cook very simple one-pot all-throw-inside dinner.  It minimizes food preparation time and cut down on cooking and washing time as well.

Quaker Ricecooker Oats

I recently found out from GetGo Parents and Quaker Oats that there is a more time/energy-saving way to prepare oats.  Little did I know that oatmeal can be cooked using the RICE COOKER.  I only used the rice cooker to cook rice at home >.<.  With some research, I realize this method of cooking oats is a very common practice in the Western countries – they either cook white rice with it or they don’t own it and decided to get one after realizing the benefits.  Who doesn’t like to wake up, press a button, change and have a hot bowl of breakfast ready?  I certainly embrace the idea!

Quaker Ricecooker Oats

Below recipe is tried and tested, which resulted in a serving of rich and fluffy oatmeal.  No longer is there a need to watch over the fire anymore, even if it’s 10 minutes!  YAY!

Quaker Ricecooker Oats

Ricecooker Oatmeal

Serves 2A2C


1 cup Quaker Rolled Oats
1 cup Quaker Quick Cook Oatmeal
3½ cups water
Pinch of salt
½ teaspoon cinnamon powder
½ cup milk

(you can add almost anything for a balanced and healthy meal!)

Honey, Chocolate Sauce, etc

Banana, Apple, Peaches, Kiwi, Dragronfruit, Cherries, Dried Cranberries, Raisins, etc

Pumpkin SeedsAlmond Nuts, Flax Seeds, Macademia Nuts, Pistachio Nuts, Cashew Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Roasted Soya Beans, etc


Place both types of oats in a rice cooker.  Add with water.  Add the salt, cover, and set the rice cooker to auto mode.
Stir in the cinnamon powder and milk.
Serve topped with your favourite toppings.

Oats are naturally low in fats, has natural source of magnesium, sodium and zinc, and contains the necessary dietary fibre to aid with digestion.  Here in this post, I used both types of oats for added texture.  the toppings highlighted above in bold.

Quaker Ricecooker Oats

The result above is a warm family dinner which has the usual out-of-the-norm Chinese-style of dishes in my home.  No other seasoning or condiments (unless you want to count that pinch of salt) have been added.  I love that oatmeal provides my kids with a wholesome and natural goodness and they get to select what kind of toppings they prefer for their serving – something like being at the ice cream shop!

Quaker Ricecooker Oats

Aside from cold cereal products or cookies, Quaker Oats has three types of oats on the shelves that can provide a stomach-warming bowl of energy for the day – Instant, Quick Cook and Rolled Oats.  Aside from texture differences with Instant and Quick Cook oats being more crumbly while the Rolled Oats is 100% whole rolled oats, the cooking time varies as well from 1 min (Instant Oatmeal), 3 min (Quick Cook Oatmeal) to the 10 min of cooking time required for the 100% Whole Rolled Oats.  With the rice cooker, it is just a matter of dumping everything in, add water (you can do that the night before and set timer on your rice cooker to start cooking in the morning!), and wait.

Due to mum’s influences in believing that instant oats are more heaty, I have been using Quick Cook and Rolled Oats alternatively, depending on how fast I needed a meal to be ready.  Now that I discovered the additional use of the rice cooker, both types of oats will go into the pot because whole rolled oats are even more yummy to the bite and has a lot more fibre to aid with digestion.  Rolled oats are whole oats flakes, beige to golden in appearance, well-textured and with a nutty taste.  For gluten-intolerance, it is best to stick to Rolled Oats since the ingredients is nothing but 100% natural wholegrain oats without any additivies. 🙂

Quaker Ricecooker Oats

Comparing Quaker Quick Cook Oats (left) and Quaker Rolled Oats (right).

POWER your day with QUAKER

Quaker is having a promotion at NTUC Fairprice supermarkets till 12 Mar 2016.  Stand a chance to with a Tiger Induction Ricer Cooker worth more than $700 with every $5 worth of Quaker products purchased.  Check in stores for details. T&C applies.
Quaker Promo

This post is a collaboration with Quaker Singapore and GetGo Parents.  We hope that you will relish the extra 10 minutes and get to save the time for other things that matter more.  All opinions and photographs are our own.  Thank you for joining us on SAys! Happy Mums.  If you liked what you read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon.

~ SAys! Shirley 🙂



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