{Media Invite + Review} Cooking Is Fun @CULINARYON

Interested in cooking but just don’t have the dare to start or the equipment or the ingredients all at once? Feeling nervous every time you want to try some new recipe? CULINARYON may just be the answer for you!

We were invited to CULINARYON to simply have fun cooking at their studio. I didn’t know what to really expect so when I got there, I was really surprised at the set up!

It was HUGE! It was BEAUTIFUL! It was really Everyone’s dream kitchen whether or not they can cook! It honestly took my breathe away! And I knew it would be a fun day at CULINARYON!



CULINARYON believes in its tagline “Cooking Is Fun and it’s for Everyone“! Designed to be a relaxed, just-like-home (actually it’s more classy than most homes hahaa- as I mentioned earlier, more like what I wished my dream kitchen would be like -simply love it!!)

Fully equipped with top of the line kitchen appliances, great chefs and kitchen helpers and having 16 cooking stations for hands-on cooking, anyone who doesn’t know how to cook can still feel relaxed and be confident to try! When one steps into this cooking haven, you just know that you’re going to have a great time cooking.

Housed in a spacious 7000 sq ft studio and it is the largest cooking studio in Asia! Someone whispered to me that CULINARYON also bottles its own house wine and has a really well stocked bar! A cosy place to hang out and relax with cooking buddies or close friends on weekends.


Corporates will love it for teambuilding activities or meetings as the welcoming space can be divided into a conference room and 4 event areas, each with its own cooking stations, chef table and a bar!!


Definitely a Good Idea! hahaa

WOWEEE!! I love it for the potential for birthday parties and master classes!! The space and the fun of getting together to just cook with close friends or extended family, without the fear of missing out on ingredients or cleaning up after *Winks*!!! Memorable fun times … a wonderful experience to cherish!

Now to the fun day we had :

What was on the menu? Shrimp Pasta, Lava Cake and Ice Cream! 100% made on the spot by all present at the cook out.

Then came the pleasant surprise! The kids were given their own cooking stations sans adults and we were given our own separate event area…. whoopee! We were going to have a carefree, kids-free cooking session. It was going to be Kids vs. Adults !

The children got to play with (oh! I mean make) their own pasta from scratch. First they mixed the flour and kneaded the dough and then they each got a turn to put the dough through the pasta maker. It was a thrill to see the fine pasta noodles coming out fresh and so neatly!


And then the fun kept up with melting chocolate for the Lava Cake!


oooh…. can you see someone licking fingers? haha…

I think the best part of it all was the Chef encouraged all the children to have fun and let loose. Something that most of us can’t or won’t afford to let our kids do…. They were given the green light to just mess up the place (what???!!??) Yes, they had fun throwing flour at each other, across the room, at the Bosses and the Chefs too! I can’t imagine any Asian Mum doing that at home? LOL!

Game ON! Collecting flour to continue their Flour Fight!

It was an amazing fun relaxed anything goes place for the kids to just enjoy themselves and they really did! Best of all, they were not being supervised by Mummy or Daddy, nobody to say Stop That!

Over at the Adults Only Arena, we gathered around the Chef and started preparing our ingredients. No fear of not being able to see or hear the Chef. Everyone was comfortably seated around the cooking demo island with full view of everything the Chef was doing, plus he wore a microphone so we heard him loud and clear too!

Now the guys were the brave souls, and were given the great task of preparing the shrimp hehe… none of us ladies wanted to get our fingers ‘dirty’. Oops! Sorry, boys! haha… but looking at their faces, they were having fun as well!

So glad we brought the men along! LOL!

Basically, what the kids did, we did it better… hehehe… We made fresh pasta from scratch, melted the chocolate and made Lava Cake and of course we made our very own vanilla Ice Cream, all with the guidance of the friendly (rather humourous) Chef.


Nothing could go wrong! It was a piece of cake! Plus we didn’t have to worry about cleaning up! Cool right? hahaa… The ambience was relaxed and filled with laughter and friendly banter.  I certainly had a good time with my BFF, Shirley! It was great cooking, good tips with the best company!

Us trying to scoop the chocolate mousse into the cups for baking!

Our lovely yummy Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream! QED at CULINARYON hahaa!

Hahaa… and we also got to enjoy a hearty Shrimp Pasta meal cooked by the Chef at the table. It was impressive showmanship, as the Chef wooed and surprised us as he flipped the heavy pasta pan and poured Cognac over the heated pan, which brought on a flaming spectacle! Everyone was laughing and having a great time and sipping champagne.

If you’re interested to sign up for Master Classes, be prepared to choose from over 300 dishes and 30 ready theme sets from all over the world! hehe!! Isn’t that just awesome? In just 3 hours, clients can cook up 3 fabulous dishes with the guidance of CULINARYON’s experienced and very friend culinary team members. Each master class session is hosted by an Executive Chef, a SOUS Chef, an Event Master, a Bar Man and a Photographer!!! Click here for a quick spy on what’s coming up on the CULINARYON Master Class Calendar! Prices start from $88 per person for Kid’s classes and $188 for Adults and is inclusive of class materials, ingredients and soft drinks as well as a photography momento of the unforgettable experience.

We all had such a good time at CULINARYON, the kids and adults and I know everyone present that day would not wait a second to go back again! I was really lucky to win the lucky draw and brought home a really special bottle of WINEON! Can’t wait to have a toast with it!


Thanks for joining us on SAys! Happy Mums.  If you liked what you read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon.

SAys! Audrey


The first CULINARYON opened in Moscow in 2012 with great success and by 2015, the studio doubled their size to 9,000 sq ft to keep pace with the increasing demand. The centre in Moscow now serves an average of 3,000 clients each month at over 130 events!! CULINARYON has also received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2015 and was ranked first in the category of Master Classes and seminars in Moscow!

Opened in Singapore since September 2015 and located in the heart of the vibrant Central Business District at One Raffles Place, the 7000 sq ft studio is only the second outlet and its first international outpost. It is well equipped with a conference room and 4 event areas with 16 cooking stations, 4 chef tables and well stocked bars.

One Raffles Place #04-63

Singapore 048616

(MRT: Raffles Place Station, Exit A)

Prices start from $88 per person for Kid’s classes and $188 for Adults and is inclusive of class materials, ingredients and soft drinks as well as a photography momento of the unforgettable experience.

05Key Events : Culinary Master Classes, Parties, Team Bonding Events, Corporate Meetings

Opening Hours : 11am – 11pm (By appointment only. Do sign up for classes in advance)

More more information contact +65 3108 0385 or email welcome@culinaryon.sg



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