{Review} Explore The World and More With Junior Explorers Subscription

Junior Explorers is an educational mission-based monthly subscription for kids, ages 5-11, to explore and discover wildlife and nature.  The children will travel around the world literally and virtually, learning about the different habitats of the world.  Every month, a new mission pack with a new habitat (biome) will be delivered via normal post.  With each delivery, there will be a unique mission code for access into the online world of learning.  The program has great developmental value for all kids that have an interest in animals, nature and are curious to explore the planet.

Junior Explorers is designed for inquisitive kids to explore the planet with resident explorers, Kia and Kyle.  Kids who have special interests in animals and nature would love this and it is especially true of both Jiejie and Didi!  With every 1st subscription, users will a receive special Introductory Kit before the official Mission Kit arrives.  The Introductory Kit contains a world map and a field guide, a water bottle, a wristband and pin, some cute temporary tattoos and stickers, as well as a “trunk” of their own.

Junior Explorers

The kids can’t wait to decorate their adventure “trunk” when they first received it and proudly shared it between them.  They found a spot to hang up the world map (do keep this hung at a convenient place for it is required for monthly mission – ditto for field guide).

Junior Explorers Subscription

Once a username and password is created via the unique initialization code in the Introductory Kit, the kids would be ready to start their first mission and play on it as often as they are allowed to (note that I didn’t say “as often as they wish to” because I am pro-objective screen time, not random screen time).

Junior Explorers Subscription

As a Junior Explorer, the kids are invited to see the world the way created by Mother Nature.  No more boring non-fiction books to force the kids to read.  Interesting copies are hard to come by too.  With Junior Explorer Mission Kits, the kids are introduced to monthly different world of biomes and the wildlife that lives in each biome.  Here are the three Mission Kits we have received so far.  Others will be coming along in the months to come.

Junior Explorers

Each Mission Kit includes fun collectibles including the mission-themed wristband, badge, stickers and tattoos.  Together with two animal figurines, six animal fact cards, four post cards, an information sheet and an activity book, kids are exposed to an easy and fun way to understand the importance of recycling and conservation.  They will also be guided with steps to login and begin the mission online at http://sg.juniorexplorers.com, with their trusted friends and fellow explorers – Kia and Kyle!

Welcome to Biomes.jpg

Mission Kit information and resources circle around the following learning points :-

  1. Biomes are regions of the world with similar climate, animals and plants.
  2. Our planet is made up of seven biomes: Oceans, Temperate Forests, Grasslands, Tropical Forests, Mountains, Deserts, Polar Regions.
  3. Animals live in different biomes because the climate, food source and living conditions vary greatly between biomes.
  4. An animal from one biome cannot live in another biome.
  5. Countries far apart from each other may have the same biome!
Junior Explorers Subscription

Mission Great Barrier Reef

Junior Explorers Subscription

Mission Arctic

Junior Explorers Subscription

Mission Serengeti


We found out that Junior Explorers are developed by a global team of teachers, researchers, education experts, scientists and passionate environmentalists.  The team
creates narratives and build age-appropriate missions featuring accurate facts and gamified learning experiences via the World Wide Web.  I like it that the education comes in two formats – both printed materials as well as online learning.  Personally, I go through the printed materials with the kids and I would further add on interesting facts as I go along.  When we are done with the Mission Kits, I set up the computer for them to do their e-learning and games at their own pace while I prepare dinner.  This is a set of trusted and reliable source of educational fun for the children.  To further make use of the great resources, I took the chance to couple it with some animal and nature-related books from my home library.

Mission Give Back

Junior Explorers

Junior Explorers started Mission Give Back, a program to support front line conservation projects around the world.  As kids learn about our planet with Junior Explorers, they can also learn about real-world projects happening around the world!  Every month kids complete the Mission Give Back programme via games and earning points, Junior Explorers will convert these points into real donations with a percentage of it’s revenues channeled towards fulfilling real life mission of supporting conservation.


Four different Junior Explorers monthly subscriptions is available for selection.  Depending on your comfort level, I would recommend to take up a 3-month subscription for a good preview before deciding whether to continue with a higher-savings plan with annual subscription.

Junior Explorers

More information can be found out at Junior Explorers and the preview video below.  Stay tuned to our review for one of the Mission Kits we have.  And of course, a giveaway to spread the love!

We have been blessed with a subscription for purposes of this review.  No monetary compensation was received and all opinions and photographs are our own.  Thank you for joining us onSAys! Happy Mums.  If you liked what you read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon.

~ SAys! Shirley 🙂

Junior Explorers Subscription

“Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” ~ Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate

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    • Hi Casie,

      Thanks for dropping by. Audrey and I have been blessed with a 6-mth subscription to review this subscription service. This is just an introduction post and we are still in the midst of reviewing the programme with our kids. It has taken us quite some time because of Xmas, new school year, Chinese New Year(!). 😦 For a start, this is a good basic set that introduces the necessary information to the kids. Having an online account also mean that the lesson can be portable all the time. I don’t need to be restricted to home-learning, esp now that both kids are shuttling all the time. Do look out for our 2nd and 3rd post with more detailed review coming up 🙂



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