Loewen by Dempsey Hill | Latest Lifestyle Hub to the Charming Dempsey Hill Enclave

If you love the charm of aged British Colonial Houses the likes of those found in the highly popular neighbourhood of Dempsey Hill, you would be pleased to know that Loewen by Dempsey Hill is officially the latest addition to the rustic serenity of Dempsey Hill enclave.

Blk 72 Loewen by Dempsey Hill b

Newly opened to public in November ’15, Loewen by Dempsey Hill is accessible via either Tanglin Road or Holland Road.  Essentially located adjacent to the current Dempsey Hill enclave and across the road from Singapore’s first and newly minted UNESCO World Heritage site, the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Loewen by Dempsey Hill covers 35 Ha of lush greenery and restored colonia buildings, the estimated size of which is an 18-hole golf course.  Loewen by Dempsey Hill is set to target young families with an eclectic feature of 13 tenants focusing on the needs of education and lifestyle.

Loewen by Dempsey Map

A colonial-inspired family club, preschools, various enrichment classes ranging from art, language, swimming, yoga and gymnastics, as well as a premium home furnisher, an artisan chocolatier and even a luxury pet hotel has been put together in this idyllic and rustic neighbourhood right next to a picturesque landscape in original condition.


Exclusive to Loewen by Dempsey Hill, the school’s 5 key principles ‐ play, grow, make, care and  share ‐ ensure that Mandarin for kids is fun, productive, experiential and hands‐on.  At Little Mandarins, children learn language as they learn life.

Little Mandarins at Loewen by Dempsey

Launch Promotion : Free Trial class for 1st timer only (From 11 Jan till 15 Apr 2016)

Address : 71 Loewen Road #01‐03 & 04
Opening hours : 9.30am ‐ 6.00pm, Mon to Fri | Sat by appointment | Sun closed
Tel: 6473 8377
Website | Facebook
Email : jaime.koh@little-mandarins.com


Alpha Gymnastics is a provider of premier gymnastics and yoga classes for children and adults.  AlphaLife (Yoga) for adults helps to achieve a balanced life with award winning instructor Brittanie, recipient of the Halifax (Canada) Best Yoga Instructor Award, while Alpha Gymnastics for both children and adults helps to build character and stamina.

Alpha Gymnastics @ Loewen by Dempsey Hill

Launch Promotion : Gymnastics: 20% off term package + 50% registration fees OR Adult yoga & gymnastics: 1‐for‐1 class (From now till 31 Dec 2015)

Address : 72 Loewen Road #01‐07
Opening hours: Mon ‐ Closed | Tue ‐ 11.00am – 6.00pm | Wed ‐ 10.00am – 6.00pm | Thu ‐ 1.00pm – 7.00pm | Fri ‐ 10.00am – 6.00pm | Sat ‐ 10.00am – 4.00pm
Tel : 8700 7737
Website | Facebook (AlphaLife / Alpha Gymnastics)
Email : www.info@alphagymasia.com


SWISH! Swimming is a dedicated swim school with both indoor and outdoor pools which provides aquatic lessons for infants and young children in temperature controlled waters as well as sole distributor for the Merfin which allows children to experience what it is like to swim like a mermaid or merman.

SWISH! Swimming at Loewen by Dempsey Hill

Launch Promotion : 10% off one term of swimming classes on Tue, Wed or Thu, from 9am to 12pm, or 3pm to 6pm, Sat from 12pm to 6pm. All subject to availability. (From now till 3 Mar 2016)

Address : 72 Loewen Road #01‐08
Opening hours : 9.00am to 6.00pm, Mon‐Sun
Tel: 9832 2522
Website: www.swishswimming.com | Facebook
Email : admin@swishswimming.com


A tranquil sanctuary for families, Tanderra features play ateliers for children, a spa offering massages and nail treatments, swimming pool with aquatic lessons for all ages, and vast expanse of outdoor areas and garden for sports or simply enjoy what nature has to offer.


Launch Promotion : 2 free classes (From now till 28 Feb 2016)

Address : 73 Loewen Road #01‐21
Opening hours : 8.00am to 10.00pm, Mon ‐ Sun
Tel: 6509 3468
Website: www.tanderrasingapore.com | Facebook
Email : info@tanderrasingapore.com


Pop by A Green House for ideas and advice on landscaping, decking and unique gardening ideas. From pottery, to paludariums, A Green House is the place to visit, should you want to transform your place into a verdant landscape.

A Green House @ Loewen by Dempsey

Launch Promotion : 20% Discount (Only shop items like plants, pots, wood carvings, frames and paintings. Customized Paludarium and Landscape services are excluded) (From 24 Nov 15 till 31 Mar 16)

Address : 72 Loewen Road #01‐07A
Opening hours : 9.00am to 6.00pm, Mon‐Sun | Closed ‐ Thu
Tel: 6509 8505


A small chocolate factory, shop and school all rolled into one, ANJALICHOCOLAT is a must–visit for all chocolate lovers. Chocolates here are made using only the finest and freshest ingredients – Belgian couverture, French fruit puree, fresh cream, butter and natural spices and without artificial flavourings or preservatives. Learn the art of chocolate tasting and making from their school, Temper by ANJALICHOCOLAT.

Anjali Chocolat @ Loewen by Dempsey

Launch Promotion : A free tasting of chocolate every Saturday morning from 11 a.m. till noon (From 1 Dec 2015 till 31 Jan 2016)

Address : 73 Loewen Road #01‐15 & 16
Opening hours : 10.00am to 5.00pm, Tue to Sun | Closed on Mon
Tel: 9853 9663
Website: www.anjalichocolat.com | Facebook
Email : Anjalichocolat@gmail.com


Impressions Art Studio is the perfect place for you to reveal your inner artist. Walk in anytime during opening hours to try your hand at pottery painting, batik art, acrylic painting and even glass fusing. There are also classes which are carried out daily and weekly. The studio’s airy open and well‐lit space is perfect for art parties, get‐togethers, corporate events and team building activities.

Impressions Art Studio @ Loewen by Dempsey Hill

Launch Promotion : 10% off all DIY activities. Choose from acrylic painting, batik, glass fusing and paint your own pottery (From 24 Nov 15 till 24 Jan 16)

Address : 73 Loewen Road #01‐16
Opening hours : 10.00am to 7.00pm, Mon ‐ Sun
Tel: 6465 8908
Website: www.impressions‐art.com | Facebook
Email : info@impressions-art.com


Billkey Art, a gallery cum art studio was conceptualised in 2012.  The owners of Billkey Art are avid art collectors and enthusiasts who travel around the globe in search for unique and interesting art pieces which can be viewed in their gallery cum art studio.  Billkey Art also sources for artworks for hospitality, commercial and residential projects in collaboration with ICIA, an interior architecture practice.

Billikey Art @ Loewen by Dempsey Hill

Address : 75A Loewen Road
Opening hours : By appt only
Tel: 6634 1828
Website: www.billkeyart.sg | Facebook
Email : pieter@billkeyart.sg


Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, Two Trees provides quality and effective early childhood education. Specialist programmes include Project Work, Language, Arts, Mandarin, Math, Indoor and Outdoors Play, Music and Movement and many more, suitable for children aged 18 months to 6 years old.

Between Two Trees @ Loewen by Dempsey Hill

Launch Promotion :

Up to 20% discount for full‐time specialist programmes, for a period of 3 months from the time of enrolment. Promotion period from 1 Dec till 31 Dec 2015.
15% off November / December 2015 Holiday Programme. Promotion period 24 Nov till 31 Dec 2015.
Trial session at a special rate of $53.50 (U.P. $133.75). Valid only for first timers. Promotion period from 1 Dec till 31 Dec 2015.

Address : 73 Loewen Road #01‐19 & 20
Opening hours : 9.00am to 6.00pm, Mon ‐ Sun
Tel: 6509 8296
Website: http://betweentwotrees.sg | Facebook
Email : info@betweentwotrees.sg


Melbourne Specialist International School (MSIS) was established in collaboration with Port Philip Specialist school, which is well known in Australia for its curriculum and programmes with special needs. Students immerse themselves in dance, music, art or dramatic play that supports their individual growth academically, socially and emotionally.

Melbourne Specialist International School @ Loewen by Dempsey Hill

Address : 75C Loewen Road
Opening hours: 9.00am to 3.00pm, daily (for classes) | 9.00am to 5.00pm, daily (school tours)
Tel: 6634 8891
Website: http://msis.edu.sg | Facebook


Möbel Story is a local company with more than 9 years of experience in designer furniture and decorative art. A recipient of the 2012’s Singapore Outstanding Entrepreneur Awards, Möbel Story believes every furniture and artwork has a story to tell. Their flagship store at Loewen by Dempsey Hill features many world renowned European brands such as Hulsta & now! by Hulsta, Leolux, Kymo, FLEXA, Paola C and many more.

Mobel Storey @ Loewen by Dempsey Hill

Launch Promotion : 20% Gift certificate and complimentary design consultation

Address : 71 Loewen Road, #01‐02, S(248847)
Opening hours : 10.00am to 7.00pm, Mon‐Sun
Tel: 6634 3835
Website: http://mobelstory.com.sg | Facebook
Email : loewen@mobelstory.com.sg


Trimmings & Spa is the perfect place to go to if you want a little pampering away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy the lush foliage and tranquil surroundings while you choose from an extensive menu of beauty treatments ranging from hair treatments, facials to body massages and nail services.

Trimmings & Spa @ Loewen by Dempsey Hill

Launch Promotion : 15% off list price / Free fun manicure classes for kids (1‐hr session) (From 24 Nov till 31 Jan 2015)

Address : 75B Loewen Road
Opening hours : 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Mon, Fri & Sat | 9.00 am to 8.30 pm, Tue, Wed & Thu | Closed on Sundays and PH
Tel: 6471 1922
Website: www.trimmings.com.sg | Facebook
Email : Loewenspa@yahoo.com


The perfect place to leave your pets while you go on a vacation, The Wagington Hotel is fit for a king. The hotel offers 25 private luxury suites with each suite offering only the best amenities for your pets ‐ air conditioning, soothing music, comfortable furnishings and an extensive gourmet menu. There is even a garden and a pool at the back of the hotel for your pets to play in.

The Wagington Luxury Pet Hotel @ Loewen by Dempsey Hill

Launch Promotion : Complimentary pet swim worth $22 at Dog Pool (From now till 31 Dec 2015)

Address : 27B Loewen Road
Opening hours : 7.30am to 7.30pm, Mon ‐ Sat | 10.00am to 7.30pm, Sun & P.H
Tel: 6471 1689
Website: www.thewagington.com.sg | Facebook
Email : hotel@thewagington.com.sg


Dating back to 1870s during the British colonial times, the Loewen cluster began as a military barrack.  By the 1970s to the end of the 1980s, it became home to the Singapore Armed Forces Music and Dance  company, which groomed many local thespians such as Ivan Heng, Dick Lee, Jack Neo and Gurmit Singh.  Recently in 2013, the same otherwise quiet Loewen precinct made headlines when Karl Lagerfeld held his first Chanel fashion show in Southeast Asia at the historic site.  Today, Loewen by Dempsey Hill stands on the site of former military hospital, which has been restored to regain much of its original heritage and charm.  A picturesque  landscape, Loewen by Dempsey Hill holds a wealth of stories, anecdotes and memories from Singapore’s past; in fact, Loewen by Dempsey Hill was once part of the barracks that inspired the young Rudyard Kipling to pen ‘Barrack Room Ballads’ in 1892.

For further reading on its history, please visit www.dempseyhill.com/history.html.

Discover 150 years of Dempsey Hill’s rich history by taking up any of the four Dempsey Walking Trails, which have been specially put together to engage visitors on a more intimate level when they explore this enchanting precinct.

The “Nature‐Heritage Trail” caters to nature and history lovers who wish to take in the lush foliage off the beaten track and discover the colonial architectural heritage of yesteryears still standing.

Dempsey Nature & Heritage Trail

The Nature‐Heritage Trail allows visitors to trace how the old buildings look in present day.  “The centre building (Block 11) was a former Centre Dining Hall, now home to Dome Café.  The camp area was home to servicemen employed by GHQ  Offices.”  ‐  extracted from memories shared by former British servicemen Gary Bennet who arrived at the barracks on 3 Oct 1953.

For foodies, the “Epicurean Trail” whets your appetite with a smorgasbord of local gastronomic treats and international cuisine.  For UOB Dining Promo, refer to this link for the latest offer and promotions.

Dempsey Epicurean Trail Map

The  “City Dweller’s Trail“ is designed for individuals who are into art, home furnishings, retail and beauty therapy at this urban retreat.

Dempsey City Dweller's Trail Map

With the launch of Loewen by Dempsey Hill, a new route ‐ “City Dweller’s Trail for Families“ ‐ was created to cater to families with young children, where they can discover a host of outdoor activities and classes dedicated to the little ones.

Dempsey City Dweller's Trail Map (For Families)

For a copy of The Dempsey Walking Trails detailed information and maps, download here.

Thank you to Kee (Ginger Consultancy) and Marcus (WOMM) for leading us through the City Dweller’s Trail for Families located at Loewen by Dempsey Hill which ended with an awesome lunch (I heard) at Portico Prime which we were not able to join due to timing issues.  Overall, we had a fantastic experience during the morning walk and will be back again to check out the place at a more leisurely pace.

Thank you for joining us at SAys! Happy Mums!  All photos unless otherwise stated are copyright of SAys! Happy Mums and Dempsey Hill.  If you liked what you read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon.

~ SAys! Shirley ❤



A quaint and idyllic lifestyle enclave amidst lush greenery, Dempsey Hill is a unique hidden gem steeped in Singapore’s colonial history for over a century, exuding an air of old world charm like no other with its heritage, verdant landscape and architecture.

Located a stone’s throw from the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the country’s first UNESCO world heritage site, Dempsey Hill houses an eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes, wine bars, gourmet grocers, art galleries, antique shops and much more in the former British army barracks. From gastronomy to live entertainment, home décor to retail therapy, fitness to personal wellness, this charming and tranquil conservation estate is truly the quintessential urban sanctuary.


The latest addition to the enchanting Dempsey Hill enclave, the history of Loewen dates back to 1870 during the British colonial times, where army officials resided in the estate, alongside the officers mess, parade ground, garrison church and a hospital. In the 1970s, it was home to the renowned Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Music & Dance Company, which has groomed many renowned local music and theatre thespians such as Dick Lee, Jack Neo, Ivan Heng and Gurmit Singh.

In 2013, French luxury house Chanel revealed Loewen as the exclusive location for the highly coveted and acclaimed Chanel Cruise Show 2013/14. Graced by the illustrious luxury fashion maestro Karl Lagerfeld, who unveiled his resort collection in his first ever fashion show in Southeast Asia, the glamour‐filled and star‐ studded runway event was attended by international celebrities and media to much fanfare and anticipation at this hidden historic gem, in the heart of the city.

Today, Loewen by Dempsey Hill stands on the site of the military hospital, where it has been restored to its former glory, retaining its architectural heritage and charm. Curated with the young families who love the outdoors in mind, it is now home to an education and lifestyle commune, offering learning, enrichment, art and sports including indoor and outdoor swimming classes for children, as well as premium home furnishings, a chocolatier and even a luxury pet hotel.

Website | Facebook

How to Go

By MRT | The nearest is Orchard MRT
By Bus | Via Holland Road: SBS Transit 7, 105, 123, 174 | SMRT 75, 77, 106
| Via Bukit Timah Road: SBS Transit 66, 151, 153, 154 | SMRT 67, 171
By Shuttle Bus Pick up points at:
o Botanic Gardens ‐ Nassim Gate Visitor Centre (New!)
o Tanglin Gate Botany Centre (New!)
o Bus stop in front of Thai Embassy
o Bus Stop in front of Four Seasons Hotel
For detailed timing, please refer to www.dempseyhill.com/shuttlebusschedule.html


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