This Yong Tau Foo Stall at Lucky Plaza ~ My Favourite Cafe

Two weekends ago, YH recommended this must-order mushroom and meat balls at Lucky Plaza’s Yong Tau Foo (YTF) stall.  As a Hakka, I normally don’t patronise the typical YTF stalls at food courts.  The majority of them are too sub-standard.  I love more of the traditional kind with a savoury gravy and fried stuffed brinjal, bittergourd and chilli with mixture of minced meat and fish.  Sorry, no tou foo for me though.  Weird?  Simply because I don’t really fancy the taste and smell of soya beans products.

Since YH and I share the same foodie passion, I gamely take his words and tagged along.  Boy!  Atypical of a true blue Singaporean, I knew I must be in for a good treat when upon arriving, I saw long Q of about 15 pax waiting to pick their selection.


While Khim was queueing up, the kids ran about and I tried to chope a table, only to be told by the aunty that I cannot look for a table right away.  I must wait for my turn to place order, after which I would be guaranteed a table.  Wow, ok!!  -.-


Every item is 60 cents each, with a minimum order of 7 pieces.  All the other items are standard of a YTF stall – beancurd, kang kong, broccoli, tomato, fishballs, etc.  They all look very fresh as turnover was high during peak hours.  What everyone went for, was the huge braised mushrooms (PALM-SIZED) and crispy fried meat balls – true to what YH said.  Not one or two pieces each, but many!  Thankfully for the lady behind us who asked for a new tray of mushrooms, we were able to pick up the largest of them all when it was our turn.


The seemingly innocent mushrooms packed a punch!  Soft, flavourful, and full of juice.  This photo is not representative of the entire lot.  These are the left behinds from the patrons in front of us and are the smaller ones. The real biggies are enormous to the size of about 8cm diameter. Same price!  Don’t blame me if you don’t see palm-sized ones when you’re there.  >.<


Their signature fried meat balls are about the size of Tako balls.  They are crispy on the outside while the inside is full of soft minced meat.  I thought that it is quite pricey for a meat ball this size.  But they were really good!


True enough, we were almost immediately allocated a table to ourselves after we placed our order.  Order placing was quite stressful and a hurried affair since there’s a long line behind.  That explains my shaky photos too.  Our food quickly arrived though!


The amount of bee hoon / kueh tiao was shockingly little.  They went well with the fragrant oil and probably some soya sauce mixed into the kueh tiao I ordered.  Chilli and sweet sauces were separately served (thank goodness!).  Though not enough carbo, the delicious mushrooms and meat balls more than made up for it as everyone left feeling full.


My delicious bowl of YTF, the kind that I can eat everyday and won’t get sick of.

Lucky Plaza Yong Tau Foo

What didi picked for himself – he can’t resist tomatoes!

Our table of 2A3C shared 4 bowls and 3 cups of barley.  Total bill was $36.50.  Pretty pricey eh?  Good food – worth it!

Despite the pricier meal (for everything is small portion), I returned for it again the following week (just on Friday) with my parents along for lunch at 3pm.  On my second visit, about the same 4 bowls without drinks.  Total bill was $22.50.  I was not able to comprehend the large price difference.  But glad that it’s not always this expensive??

Lucky Plaza Yong Tau Foo

This tray of mushrooms looked better? Even so, they were not as large as what I found on my first visit.

Lucky Plaza Yong Tau Foo

The kids’ upsized order on second visit. I literally skipped dinner that day after finishing everything they can’t finish. -.-

Lucky Plaza Yong Tau Foo

To conclude, this is a photo of 3pm lunch crowd.  Although less busy, there was a constant flow of customers during the hour.  The kopitiam was less busy but still, non-stop business!  Meal time was less stressful at off-peak hour.  Otherwise, be prepared to be signalled off the moment you seemed to have finished your meal.  😦

Lucky Plaza Yong Tau Foo

Photo collage from my mama!

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~ SAys! Shirley 🙂

About My Favourite Café

Bugis Cube
470 North Bride Road #02-10 S408936 (Map)

Lucky Plaza
304 Orchard Road #06-46/47 S238863 (Map)

Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm Daily



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2 thoughts on “This Yong Tau Foo Stall at Lucky Plaza ~ My Favourite Cafe

  1. Hi there, I have eaten at this place several times. For the first few times, the price differences were significant. Then I learnt a method to keep them in check. Asking out loud beforehand how much each piece is. Back then it was $0.50 per piece and standard for all. Thereafter the prices for me have always been the same for me. Question them on drinks prices. I realized this place is more “obedient” when put to question.


    • Wow so there was really an discrepancy!! The problem for me was that the kids wanted to “buffet” and were happily picking out what the want. It was very rush rush thing due to the queue. So i didnt get to count the pieces. Will keep in mind to do that next vist. Thanks for telling me ♡


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