{Review} ITheatre’s The E – NOR – MOUS Turnip 2015| 17 Nov – 6 Dec @SOTA

School’s finally out and the kids are really excited with the start of the school holidays! First thing we did? We got packing into the theatres to catch I Theatre ‘s The Enormous Turnip at SOTA Drama Centre which runs from 17 Nov – 6Dec 2015!

With an entirely new cast, the story is about Diggory, the farmer, who hopes to win a prize for growing the largest turnip in the world. Diggory chance meets Eek the little mouse, who yearns to be liked and be useful, even though he is such a tiny creature.


Diggory is at first, friends with little Eek and shows her the seeds from last year’s biggest turnip he harvested, which he hopes will bring him a bountiful enormous turnip this year to win the prize. Little Eek promises to be good and not eat the seeds but alas, the temptation is too great for the little one! Yikes!


By chance, Diggory meets a Magician who rewards him with possibly enchanted turnip seeds which he plants … and they grow and grow and grow…. until yup, at last we have one really E-Nor-Mous Turnip!!! Woohoo… a dream come true? But who will help Diggory pull the Enormous Turnip out so he can bring it for the competition?

This familiar tale with a twist makes for fun theatre especially with I Theatre’s beautiful and catchy songs that get all the little ones captivated and excited. Through simple dialogue and lots of audience participation, fun upbeat songs, the play entertains from the youngest to even the adults! I thought that the cast was awesome, bringing on laughter throughout the theatre, at every turn.


We loved the wonderful audience interaction and participation throughout the play, not just at the end when some children were asked to help pull the turnip! (Hint: Do grab front row/ section seats if your kids want a chance to be called on to go onstage and have a go at the enormous turnip! LOL!)


The cast got the little ones so excitedly shouting out when danger (in the form of a very hungry caterpillar haha) lurked or even when poor Eek just could not resist munching on Diggory’s prized seeds from last year! O Wow! What fun we had! It was such a fantastic show, I know everyone left the theatre with a big wide smile!

I really enjoyed myself today at this 2015 reinvented improved, more colourful version of the previously sold out 2013 run. I Theatre’s The Enormous Turnip was refreshing and fun even to watch a second time around! Wey squealed with delight throughout and I knew he had even more fun than the first time back in 2013 when he was barely 4!  He was engrossed to say the least! Quite frankly, I wouldn’t mind watching the show all over again at once and I know the kids would love to go again too! LOL!

What we love about I Theatre plays are the learning points that children can pick up from watching them. One discussion point I had with Wey was about how it wasn’t right to say that someone was useless. He told me “Yes Mama! Poor Eek, he must be so hurt when Diggory said he was useless even though he tried so hard to protect the turnips from the bad caterpillar!”  Other teaching points would definitely be keeping one’s promise (integrity), teamwork and not underestimating a willing helper, no matter how small or insignificant they are. So parents can expect teaching points to discuss and explore with young ones even after the play – great take homes!

Hint : Don’t forget to make your way after the show to catch a photo with the cast– that’s a regular I Theatre show feature… they never fail to let the little fans have a meet and greet photo for keepsake and making the outing special for us mums! 🙂 See my photo from 2013 in the preview post, makes me feel all sentimental seeing how much Wey has grown since! *winks* hahah!

Playing to a full house today, I can see why this show is back by popular demand and still remains well loved by little ones and their families this holiday. So don’t wait too long to get tickets to The Enormous Turnip, book early at SISTIC  http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/cturnip1215 to avoid disappointment.  More ticketing information at the end of the post.

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SAys! Audrey 🙂 

All photos unless otherwise stated are copyright of I Theatre.

About The Enormous Turnip


When: 17 Nov to 6 Dec 2015

Where: SOTA Drama Theatre

Who: 3 years and above and their families

Duration: 50 minutes with no interval

Tickets available through:
SISTIC Website

SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555
SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide


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