Planet J Learning Centre | More Than Just After School Care

We were recently at Planet J Learning Centre to check out their after school care services.  Planet J is a newly established student care centre catering to primary school students aged from 7 to 12 years old.


Aside from offering a cosy learning environment, having trained and caring staff to look after the children with help on their homework is another service they offer.  Planet J has three cozy rooms with proper setup and good lighting.  These rooms can accommodate up to 30 children daily.  There is sufficient space for enrichment opportunities, classroom work as well as R&R time.

Planet J

Chill-out Corner with TV set and X-Box where kids can get to relax during selected timing.


A typical setup in one of the rooms, for classroom work during after school hours.

Planet J

Another room vacated for upcoming holiday enrichment programme involving CSI works (see programme below) ^.^

Planet J

The last, smaller room, set up as shown for another holiday programme which we had a chance to preview.

Planet J aims to provide nutritious and balanced meals for all students under their care.  They have a dedicated kitchen and dining area for meals and tea time.  Though small and simple, the place is very clean and self-sufficient for basic needs.

Planet J

Planet J Learning Centre

In order to nurture the kids in mind, Planet J provides in-house motivational programmes for the children.  A signifiant part of their student care programme goes into time spent towards imparting self-motivational skills to the children.  These programmes include areas in :-

  • Staying focussed
  • Time management
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Thinking out of the box
  • Building resilience
  • Values and character building

Planet J Learning Centre is located right at the corner of Soo Chow Walk playground at Upper Thomson.  Children can expect to have plenty of fresh air, sunshine and outdoor fun within easy reach and supervision.

Besides the mind and body, emotional intelligence of the students can be expected to be taken care of.  A weekly slot will be dedicated to “sticky situations” that the children may encounter in their daily lives.  The children will be be guided over possible choices and consequences and how each decision impacts themselves and those around them.

At Planet J Learning Centre, option for additional convenience is offered for time-strapped parents.  These include providing a customised “Au Pair Service” to take students to their existing tuition or enrichment classes and pick them up thereafter; as well as offering an “Extended Hours Service” for those occasions when parents are unable to pick up their children from our centre on time.  Besides extension of operating hours to accommodate late pick-ups, this service also includes options to provide dinner and even to send the child home at an agreed time.

For children who wish to stretch themselves and pick up new and interesting skills, Planet J has teamed up with carefully selected reputable partners to offer Optional Programmes that will be conveniently conducted in-house, such as:

  • Robotics
  • Creative writing
  • Speed memory
  • Speed reading
  • Analytical thinking

We’ve picked out a few that we think would be fun and engaging for children in a relaxed environment.

Planet J

Planet J

Planet J

Planet J

Planet J Learning Centre

About Planet J Learning Centre

Planet J

Planet J is a brand new student care centre that sees themselves as less of a “centre” and more of a “home”.  As a “home”, efforts are put in to consider more than just lunch and getting homework done.  They want the time that the children spend with them to be meaningful and helpful in their growth and development as well.  Parents who entrust their precious children to them can expect to  have peace of mind that they are not only well looked after, but also being nurtured in mind, body and heart.

Address : 99A Soo Chow Walk

Web | Facebook | Enquiries : 6451 0080 or 97345567 (Serene) |




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