An Evening At Wihardja ~ Teak & Suar Wood Furniture Specialist

Just recently, I eagerly participated in the media invite hosted by the good folks at Wihardja.  Expecting to move into our new home from West to North-East in 2016 Q3, my hubby and I hope to pick up some tips in the current trend of furniture design and costs before the big move. Unknowingly, we had turned a blind eye to this department ever since we moved into our matrimonial home 12 years ago.

Established in 1997, Wihardja is a home-grown furniture maker with their own factory in Indonesia and now operates two retail showrooms in Singapore.  While the Toh Guan showroom (Map) has a much bigger floor area (8000 sq ft) giving the retail space a luxurious experience, it does not have air-conditioning.  The media sharing session was hosted at their Enterprise One Showroom located at 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 (Map), with a lot more furniture selections to choose from, smaller floor area and has air-conditioned comfort.

Upon arrival , we were quickly impressed with their collection of Balinese-style teakwood furniture and accessories.  There were so many units on display!  Every corner is a cosy corner.  Some smaller pieces were double stacked on top of each other.  There were loads of table and wall accessories for sprucing up the home as well.  Although there is just about enough space for proper walking amongst the show pieces, the quantity and variety in design more than made up for the little lack of walking comfort.  A quick mental note of the furniture pieces also showed that they are all pretty affordable.

Wihardja Kaki Bukit

As we walked through the showroom, we noticed two very special dining tables out of the majority made using teak wood.  These unique two were made out of Suar Wood.  Aside from teak wood being used commonly in furniture-making, we learnt from Ronny (Operations Director, Wihardja) that Suar Wood is gaining popularity in recent years and has found it’s way into the homes of young home owners.

Suar Wood Table with Metal Legsr

Suar Wood Table with Metal Legs – H75 * W120 * D80 cm, $1299 incl GST

Being aesthetically beautiful with natural wood grains and durable, Suar Wood is the perfect choice for furniture customisation.  How many permutations in length, breadth and thickness can you think of for a dining table??  Have a design you like but want to fine-tune a particular bit to your preference?  Want a unique piece?  I learnt that many has window-shopped for the design they like then seeked out Wihardja’s experience and recommendation for a “use-able” / practical dimensions.  In fact, furniture customization has became so popular in recent years that Wihardja has already made a name for themselves over this service.  Fret not if you are wondering how much it would cost to customise furniture.  It should not blow your budget at Wihardja because the furniture specialist has their own team of in-house craftsmen located in Central Java, Indonesia.  The direct path from factory to home has cut out the middleman’s costs which made Wihardja’s furnitures affordable at great quality.


Suar Wood bench

Highly sought-after for it’s robust strength and customisable dimensions, Suar Wood is frequently tailored into single-piece large wooden table top for homes, coffee table or even benches.  Suar Wood has a lovely accent of multiple wood colours and is artistically ideal for interior design.  I chanced upon a very lovely piece of table customised to fit around the column at Wihardja’s Facebook.  Just look at how versatile it is using a single piece of wood!

Source photo from a satisfied house owner to Wihardja

Aside from Suar Wood furniture, there is another piece of Teak Wood furniture that absolutely caught my love!  I heard it’s called the Transformer Table.

Wihardja Transformer Table

The Transformer Table measures H76 x W130 x D143 cm when fully opened, only $469 incl GST for such versatility!

Now, look at how it transforms.  The men were very fascinated over it and kept playing with it.  Hahah!  Apparently it is a smooth and easy operation without much effort according to my hubby.  He’s a pretty pleased man, I’d SAys!!


My hubby has long been planning for his own quiet corner at the balcony for the morning news and coffee.  My new apartment has a pretty unique layout with a balcony entrance from the main door.  The balcony is about 2-m wide and aside from being long, it is L-shaped which gave plenty of options for family time there too.  I would say 80% of our decision to purchase the unit came from the balcony design.


Layout of my new apartment

We were thinking that with this table, it offers alfresco dining option over the weekend for meals like steamboat and teppanyaki.  Or simply for the kids’ mini party where mess can be more or less contained “outdoors”.  When not needed, just fold it into a bench and we can still optimise the space should kids want to play or read there.  I’m glad that I’m not the only one who love the Transformer Table.  Seeing that my hubby started thinking over it made me glad that we have settled an item more or less.  Now is just the waiting game as Wihardja does not keep paid stock for more than 3 months.  Read : keeping stock = space = rent = costs.  It’s a vicious cycle and I am consoled to know that Ronny did not try to hardsell me to buy the piece NOW and then shift house with it.  No way would I want to shift anything bulky over to the new house!  I guess he’d rather I return as a happy customer next year?


I also would not need to worry if the teak furniture would be damaged in the “open” as my balcony is sheltered.  Ronny adviced that furniture lemon pledge can be used periodically to maintain the wood.  If there is a need for more intence maintenance, I can return to Wihardja for their furniture wax and advice.

If like me, you have wondered if Wihardja is one of the culprits causing the haze plague over Singapore in the past few months, you might be glad to know that Wihardja practices responsibility in wood sourcing from legal wood suppliers.  The timber used in the furniture made by Wihardja comes from Central Java, Indonesia, where their factory is also located.  In fact, they have no use for burnt wood at all as it cannot be made into furnitures!  As we all know, the haze is caused by irresponsible farmers who wanted to clear the forests fast enough to make way for palm tree plantations.

Wihardja Factory & Wood Source in Central Java (indicated by yellow star)

Wihardja Factory & Wood Source in Central Java (indicated by yellow star)

Teak wood is a well loved element in the home & furnishing industry.  Known for it’s natural ability for durability and being able to withstand extreme weather conditions, it was often associated with status symbol in the generation or two before ours.  No longer is affordability an issue now with better lifestyle, higher income and larger buying power in our generation.  Teak wood also naturally repels termites.  Wihardja produces teak wood furniture in 4 colour tones.  What used to be the preference for dark wood colour many years ago has now steered towards lighter wood tones.  Lighter colour appears to brighten up the house and also allows the natural wood grains to be far more aesthetically visible.  I would personally opt for the lighter wood tone in my new house.  I also learnt that there are 2 types of wood finishing available – wax finish and natural wood finish.  While the wax finish allows easier maintenance, natural wood finish is also a popular choice due to the high quality sanding to achieve that smooth and splinter-free surface.

Natural Wood Finish Wihardja

Display shelves in natural wood finish. Would you go for design or practicality? Both costs about $500 incl GST.

TV Console with a modern and clean cut look in natural wood finish, $1199 incl GST.

TV Console with a modern and clean cut look in natural wood finish, $1199 incl GST.


A space-saver coffee table with stool storage underneath ~ great for party-loving families! (90x90x50 cm) with 4 stools, $389 incl GST.


Very Balinese feel, right? $489 incl GST

Have you heard of Reclaimed Teak Furniture?  I have not.  Frankly, I didn’t know that it is actually upcycled furniture made from old wood which used to be part of an abandoned house, railway station, or bridge.  I have learnt that reclaimed teak furniture actually costs more expensive than plantation teak furniture as additional and lengthy steps are needed to process the reclaimed teak in order to make it “use-able” as a new piece of furniture.  While some may go for environment sustainability in re-using old teak or love the aged “imperfect” look (nail holes, uneven sides or big chip off), it is good to know that there are plantation teak finished to look like reclaimed teak furniture – sort of like a short-cut to achieve same look but at lower costs / higher selling price.  😦  The experts would be able to tell.  Do ask about the difference at Wihardja and they will show you.

Reclaimed Teak Wihardja

This display stand is made of reclaimed teak in rustic paint finish coca cola colors. This is a “one of a kind” piece with no replicias made.

Furnishing accessories and home decorations are aplenty at Wihardja too.  There are lots of lamps, inspirational portraits, decoratives, ornaments, vases, etc.  Take your pick!  Below about Passion and Family are my favourites, only $15 each for the wall display.

Wihardja Kaki Bukit Accessories

Shopping & Placing Order

There are too many options available at Wihardja.  Their collection range from RusticNatural, IndustrialContemporary to Resort look.  I’d suggest to browse Wihardja website, Facebook or Instagram, then email or call 67417717 to locate the actual piece before heading down for viewing.

Shopping at Wihardja is pretty straightforward.  If there is ready stock, orders can be fulfilled within one week.  If out of stock or items that require customisation, the waiting period is about 60 to 90 days.  A new piece will be made in their factory upon order confirmation then shipped to Singapore within the stipulated time.  Delivery will be made by their partner, NSZ Transport Service with payment direct to the latter too.

Wihardja provides 6 months warranty on structure and frame for all products (except wear and tear of fabric or faux leather materials).  However, even if it is out of the 6 months period, if it is something which Wihardja can repair, they will assist you to repair it for FREE (as long as you bring it to their warehouse for restoration).  FREE repair does not include upholstery or fabric replacements.  It’s reassuring to know, right?!

Discount Code

Aside from the learning session, we are also pleased to share a discount code kindly issued by Wihardja.  From now till Dec 2016, simply quote WJSaysHappyMums to enjoy 5% off your total purchase at Wihardja during payment.  Discount is applicable only for furnitures and not for consignment goods like accessories and display items.  Valid only with cash terms.

About Wihardja


Wihardja is a furniture specialist with a focus in teakwood furniture, teakwood accessories, pottery ware and soft furnishing.  Currently retailing out of two showrooms in Singapore, Wihardja maintains a team of dedicated craftsmen located in their own factory in Central Java, Indonesia.


Wihardja started their teakwood business in 1997 with a team of quality-control personnel to supervise their craftsmen on quality output.  Wihardja exports to the Asean region, extending to countries like Canada, Spain, Costa Rica and Australia.

Wihardja produces quality teak furniture in-house at excellent value without hefty price tag due to not using a middleman from production to retail.

Web | Enquiries : 67417717 | Email :

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Google+

Locations :-

Toh Guan Showroom
3-B Toh Guan Road East, #03-02, Singapore 608833 (MAP)
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 7pm Daily
Bus : 183
MRT : Jurong East MRT

Enterprise One Showroom
1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #01-07/08, Singapore 415934 (MAP)
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 8pm Daily except Wed & Thurs
Bus : 5, 15, 58, 59, 87, 25, 45, 51, 55, 93, 94, 854
MRT : Eunos MRT

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