Celebrating Christmas With Mandarin Orchard, Singapore

Anyone is looking forward to the the grand Christmas holiday season yet?  With just short of 2 months down the road, it’s about time to start looking and plan ahead.  With the festive decorations and lightings gearing up to set the Christmas mood along Orchard Road,  Audrey and I attended Mandarin Orchard Singapore’s pre-Christmas media party last week.  It felt weird to be celebrating so early (or so we thought when we received the invites much earlier).  But the festive atmosphere was densely immersive in the ballroom and it only took us a few steps into the ballroom to be totally absorbed in it.  Really, Christmas is right here already in October!!

Everyone present had lots of fun during the party.  From entertainment to gourmet food and right down to the sweets and pastries, it is evident that everyone quickly warmed up to the convivial mood and mingled around.

We had the most wonderfully prepared appetizer dish presented using a medley of cheery colours and palatable tastes from a chilled Maine Lobster with Mango, Marscapone, Radish, Toasted Hazelnut, Wasabi Seaweed Powder and Seaweed Chrolophyll.  A full original sweetness from the sea can be tasted in the lobster meat that is evidently fresh and firm to the bite.


Chilled Maine Lobster with Mango, Marscapone, Radish, Toasted Hazelnut, Wasabi Seaweed Powder and Seaweed Chrolophyll

The Roasted Pumpkin Consomme with Smoked Duck and Foie Gras Tortellini, Vine Tomato, Basil and Kabocha was another delight that wowed us.  We had not enough of the piping hot soup that is so heart-warming.  If it’s not fine dining, I would not be shy to have a big bowl of it, Chinese style because I am a soupy person and grew up drinking soup made with Mum’s love.  ^.^   Within the two tortellini, holds the jewel of minced smoked duck and foie gras that is lightly salted, yet rich in taste.  It’s akin to the Chinese dumpling but with a twist.


Christmas Takeaway Roasts

Starting off the festivities at Mandarin Orchard will be a dizzying array of takeaway Christmas goodies.  Their mouth-watering Christmas roasts and pastries will be perfect for the year-end home parties and office celebrations.  Look forward to sweet and savoury culinary delights including new creations such as Baked Norwegian Salmon Fillet, and Yuzu & Mango Yule Log and signature comebacks such as Premium Honey Glazed Gammon Ham, and Valrhona Delicious Dulcey Yule Log.

Oven-roasted Pork Knuckles with Sauerkraut (1.1-1.5kg $108)

Don’t leave behind the pork knuckles at Mandarin Orchard Hotel!!  It is one very mean pork knuckles to fight over at the table.  The meat is tenderly moist with a sinfully-pleasing crackling layer.  Do be warned not to get addicted though!  This is festive dish that is all set to impress!

Mandarin Orchard Oven-roasted Pork Knuckles with Sauerkraut

Roasted U.S.A. Turkey (6kg Medium $218 | 8kg Large $238)

Having a perfectly roasted bird on the table for the festives celebration is the pride of all Chefs.  The meat was not dry but instead full of deep flavour with herbs and chestnut stuffing, served with cranberry sauce, giblet sauce, green brussels sprouts, baby carrots and vine tomatoes on the side.

Mandarin Orchard Roasted USA Turkey

Roasted US Black Angus Beef Rib Eye with Horseradish-Rosemary Crust (3kg $398)

The Roasted US Black Angus Beef Rib Eye remains one of the must-try dishes evident from the long line of guests waiting for the Chef to carve out a slice.  Also available at Triple 3 during Christmas and New Year week, the rib eye is well-roasted and dripping with intense flavor while featuring melt-in-the-mouth marbling for an amazingly rich taste that will satisfy any steak lover.  Choose to pair it with Red Wine Truffle Sauce, Yorkshire Pudding, Roasted New Potatoes, Asparagus, Chestnut, Forest Mushroom and Fresh Herbs, OR, don’t add anything else, just enjoy the full flavour on it’s own.  It’s superb!

Mandarin Orchard Roasted US Black Angus Beef Rib Eye

Crown Roasted Australia Lamb with Chestnut, Festive Vegetables and Mint Sauce

The rack of lambs available at the live carving station wooed and satisfied many hungry guests for it’s amazing presentation and tender meat.  The long rib bones crowned the jewels of festive vegetables within and sealed the juicy flavour in between.  I normally don’t take lamb but this is surprisingly good.  Go try it at Triple Three to believe!

{New!} Baked Norwegian Salmon Fillet with Olive-herb Crumbles (1.5kg $125)

Although simple-looking, I have to give it to Chef for coming up with such moistly-baked slab of salmon filet.  Seriously, how to maintain the texture of the expensive fish when cooking it?  I have tried baking, steaming, grilling, pan-frying, air-frying.  By the time the insides are “just nicely cooked”, the rest of the fish is already so over-cooked, tough and dry.  I often have to resort to flaking the fish for the kids or drench it with gravy or they would never touch my fillet.  I totally enjoyed my serving of salmon at the party and was thankful for the light citrusy flavour on top of the herb-infused taste.  This would be a good main course for the kids, both full of nutrition and easy to eat.  Newly launched this year specially as a festive takeaway goodie at Mandarin Orchard, the serving size of 1.5kg is just nice for a party full of kids and fish-lover.  Consider this if you are thinking of a carefree dinner party with the kids being able to eat on their own without us parents having to peel, slice or cut for them.

Mandarin Orchard Baked Norwegian Salmon Fillet with Olive-herb Crumbles

Premium Honey Glazed Gammon Ham (4.2-4.5kg Boneless $298 OR 6-7kg Bone-in $388)

The signature Premium Honey Glazed Gammon Ham is an all-time favourite!  Mandarin Orchard Hotel’s recipe secretly perfected over the last 32 years.  Not fatty, moist and just salty enough, this mouth-watering traditional Christmas festive goodies is definitely a delectable delight for the entire party!  I have shared them with friends and my sis.  All of them loved it claiming that it is not too salty and that it’s fresh.  I’m saving my remaining portion thinking about the homemade pizza and pasta that I can make them with.  Wish I have more time to cook at home!

Mandarin Orchard Christmas Ham

Christmas Takeaway Pastries

Over at the pastries section, there is a dizzying array of delectable sweets that are both visually stunning and delicious at the same time.  I have always been impressed with Triple Three’s huge selection of pastries and would never let go of any item unless I have tried them all.

With four different designs and flavours of log cake from Mandarin Orchard’s powerful pastry team, we are spoilt for choice and it is really hard to select just one.  Aside from the deeply satisfying Valrhona Chocolate Delicious Dulcey Yule Log and Chocolate Truffle and Chestnut Yule Log, other flavours are the all-time heavenly Cherry & Hokkaido Cream Fairy Tale Log and the light and refreshing Yuzu and Mango Yule Log that are specially created for this Christmas.  Somehow Yuzu and Mango combination will never go wrong when it comes to making cakes and pastries.  The natural flavour of the mango is further enhanced by the mildly citrusy yuzu which brought out an overall heavenly level of sweetness.  One can’t help but to get a second serving for it!

Mandarin Orchard Yuzu and Mango Yule Christmas Log

Yuzu and Mango Yule Log ($78)

Mandarin Orchard Singapore - Chocolate Truffle and Chestnut Yule Log

Valrhona Chocolate Truffle and Chestnut Yule Log ($78)

Mandarin Orchard Singapore - Cherry & Hokkaido Cream Fairy Tale Log

Cherry & Hokkaido Cream Fairy Tale Log ($78)

Mandarin Orchard Singapore - Valrhona Delicious Dulcey Yule Log

Valrhona Delicious Dulcey Yule Log ($78)

Adding to the festive merry-making is the Gingerbread House ($35) that cannot be missed!  Here are some more photos from the whimsical spread to share.

Dessert and Pastries

For Christmas Goodies Takeaway, so make use of the following credit card discounts for the best offer.

Credit Card Promotion      Early Bird
24 Nov – 14 Dec 
15 Dec- 31 Dec
Citibank & DBS/POSB 25% off 20% off
Other credit cards  20% off 15% off

Festive goodies will be available from 24 November 2015 to 31 December 2015 at Mandarin Orchard Hotel’s Festive Booth, Level 1 Lobby .  For the full Christmas Takeaway Goodies form, please download at: http://tinyurl.com/MandarinGoodies2015.  For orders or enquiries, call (65) 6831 6272/6320 or email coffeecrust.orchard@meritushotels.com.


A Memorable Christmas with Family & Friends at Triple Three

Triple Three

If you are one who loves to immerse in the merry-making spirits of Christmas with one and all, Triple Three offers a Christmas and New Year buffet spreads featuring the restaurant’s Signature Pineapple Honey Glazed Ham, Roasted Stuffed Turkey with Champagne Dill Sauce and luscious festive desserts such as log cakes, stolen and fruit cakes.

Prices (24 to 27 December 2015 and 31 December 2015 to 3 January 2016):
(Lunch) Adults $88++ | Children (6-12yrs) $33++
(Dinner) Adults $118++ | Children (6-12yrs) $48++
Discount: Ranging from 1-for-1 for lunch and 25% for dinner for early bird pre-paid bookings made before 16 December 2015 for Christmas and 28 December for New Year’s Buffet.
Tel: (65) 68316288 / 6271 | Email: dine.orchard@meritushotels.com | Online Reservation: http://www.meritushotels.com/diningorchard

Impress your date with fine gourmet at Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro

Shinsen Hanten Mandarin Orchard

Relish on delightful creations by Chef Kentaro this festive season with seasonal items and twists on signature dishes to ring in the New Year.  Highlights include dishes such as Stir Fried Boston Lobsters with Cheese and Chilli Sauce, Shanghai Hairy Crab Fried Rice in XO Sauce and Japanese Chestnut Parfait and Warabi Mochi.

Prices (3 December 2015 to 1 January 2016):
(Lunch and Dinner) : $158++ per person (minimum 2 persons)

Credit Card Discount: DBS/POSB credit card holders enjoy 20% off the Festive Menu while other credit card holders enjoy 15% off.

Tel: (65) 6831 6262/6266 | Email: shisenhaten.orchard@meritushotels.com | Online Reservation: http://www.meritushotels.com/diningorchard

Counting Down at Bar on 5

Bar on 5 Mandarin Orchard

Raise your glasses and party away to the tunes of the resident DJ while enjoying creative mixes and free-flow of selected drinks on eves of Christmas and New Year.

Prices (24 December 2015, 7pm to 9pm): $85++ per person
With free-flow of house wine, draft beer, soft drinks, and carvings of roasted turkey and premium honey baked ham.  Enjoy Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial at only $188++ for two bottles all night long.

Price (31 December 2015, 9pm to 12.30am): $88++ per person
With free-flow of house wine, draft beer, and soft drinks.  Enjoy Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial at only $188++ for two bottles all night long.

Tel: (65) 6831 6288/6271 | Email: dine.orchard@meritushotels.com | Online Reservation: http://www.meritushotels.com/diningorchard

For the latest happenings at Mandarin Orchard Singapore, visit http://www.meritushotels.com/en/hotelinformation/mandarin-orchard-singapore/whats-happening.

About Mandarin Orchard Hotel SG 

mandarin-orchard-singapore-logo (1)

Address: Mandarin Orchard Singapore, 333 Orchard Road, 238867
Note : Special thanks to Mandarin Orchard Hotel, we had a memorable start to Christmas with fine wine, delicacies and great company!  As always, all opinions remain our own.  All photographs below to SAys! Happy Mums and Mandarin Orchard Hotel, unless otherwise stated.  Please do not use in any way without prior permission from us.

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