Being Peranakan | The Peranakan Arts Festival 2015

Friends know that I am Peranakan, and proudly so. Although I’m not a member of the Peranakan Association Singapore or participated in many Peranakan events, I love the Peranakan food and material culture. The hubby and I have been collecting Peranakan keepsakes from porcelain (Nonyaware), furniture, hand beaded (Manek) shoes and jewellery.

We also love visiting The Peranakan Museum and little Wey thoroughly enjoys his visits there each time, for the visual galore and a glimpse into the past. It helps that visits to the wonderful museum are now free for all Singaporeans! I’m so glad that Wey has always loved history and culture and anything Singapore… See my previous post on Singapore in the 60s. One day, I hope he’ll grow to appreciate the things that both hubby and I have collected and keep them as his treasured keepsakes.


More than 6 years ago and pregnant with little Wey then but was still game to put on that kebaya for a Peranakan themed party!

I was excited to find out that the first ever Peranakan Arts Festival 2015  from 6 – 8 November 2015 will be the first time that the Peranakan culture will be expressed through Theatre, Music and the Arts.

The 5-day Festival will feature 2 World Premiere Theatre shows, 3 Seminars, free public performances and a myriad of exhibitions and showcase artworks by Peranakan visual artistes and a bustling bazaar with exclusive Peranakan merchandise on sale!

Pernakan Arts Festival Decal

I am most excited about these 2 world class theatre shows that will premiere at the festival – “Bibiks Behind Bars Kena Again!” and “Pintu Pagar”! It will be a hard pick if you must choose to go to only one, since both look really good! Peranakan theatre has always been full of culture, drama and colour… always a great experience to watch! So put on your kebayas and set a date with your theatre loving friends and #SupportLocal, we’re pretty sure it will be fun night outs with the Bibiks and the Babas!

Pintu Pagar

4- 8 November 2015, Victoria Concert Hall

Showtimes Ticket Prices
Wednesday, 4 th Nov 07:30pm Evening Show $75, $45
Friday, 6 th Nov 02:30pm & 07:30pm Matinee show $55 / $35
Saturday, 7 th Nov 11:00am
Sunday, 8 th Nov 11:00am

Book your tickets at

pintu pagar


At 14, she doesn’t believe in love. Only money. He is 17, from an impoverished Singkeh family of the 60’s.
What starts off as an antagonistic and prickly meeting between the pretty, sharp-tongued pragmatist and a dashing, handsome romantic will throw the two young lovers into a 40-year journey of just-missed opportunities, longing and heart-warming, selfless acts.

What lessons would they have learnt at the end of their journeys travelled separately and apart? Will they find each other in spite of four decades of missed chances and close encounters? Or will they swing in tandem like the two doors of the Pintu Pagar – always to miss, never to connect with and always with a deep longing to touch for a moment.

Starring Henry Heng, Nora Samosir, Nicholas Bloodworth, Kimberly Chan Playwright & Director Desmond Sim Music Director Elaine Chan Character Design & Makeup Joseph Ng

Bibik Behind Bars .. Kena Again!

5- 8 November 2015, Victoria Theatre

Show Schedule Ticket Prices
Thursday, 5 th Nov 08:00pm Evening Show $85, $55
Friday, 6 th Nov 03:00pm & 08:00pm Matinee Show $75, $45
Saturday, 7 th Nov 03:00pm & 08:00pm
Sunday, 8 th Nov 03:00pm

Book your tickets at

Bibik behind bars

Die-hard habits have never left this Peranakan family! Watch out as the Bibiks of Katong keep up with the times, challenging old traditions and gambling with the new. Are there really secret formulas from their Peranakan forefathers? Will the kaypoh kaywat auntie next door introduce other ‘sure win’ secret formulas? Or will they all wind up behind bars?

This fun-filled musical comedy is a must see for the whole family! Side splitting laughs as you catch these ‘Kaki-Judi’ game-blers as they indulge in their crazy, ‘Bey-Pio’, ‘Tiok-Toto’, ‘Kasi-nos’ antics. Lucky Numbers…? Boleh Kasi!

Starring: Shirley Tay, Melvyn Chew, Catherine Sng, Francis Hogan, Richard Chia, Jackie Pereira, Reggie, Matheus Ting, Dennis Heng, Adriana Tanubrata and Amanda Germaine Lee Playwright & Director Richard Tan S G Cheographer Richard Chia Music Director Babes Conde


The 28th Baba Nonya Convention Seminars

7 Nov 2015 9am, 10.15am, 11.45am, Victoria Theatre

3 seminars promises to be a power packed discussion about Peranakan Arts, Habits, Food, Lifestyles, Traditions and Secrets!

Baba Patois: Today & Tomorrow

The Business of Being Peranakan | Authenticity & Sustainability

Adulation, Subjugation or Misplaced Identities? The essence of being Peranakan – 50 years forward

Standard: S$45 (Single Seminar), S$80 (All Three Seminars)
(Free Seating)

Tickets available at

Cultural Interludes

A free public showcase of Peranakan Music, Dance and Demonstrations held at the Empress Place from 4 to 8 November 2015. With live stage performances, food demonstrations and dancing under the stars, CULTURAL INTERLUDES promises to be full and expressive of the Peranakan Culture – Past, Present and Future!

On the schedule are visiting Peranakan performers from the Asia Pacific region – including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. Enjoy a full feature of some of our forgotten art forms and practices and revel in the music, songs and dances!

Ba-Bazaar @ The Jubilee Lawn

The Ba-Bazaar features home made special Peranakan items that are on sale during the Festival. From books to baju, jewellery to makan, browse through a unique offering of old and new Peranakan merchandise for sale and get the best picks early!

I am amazed at the scale and organisation of this first Peranakan Arts Festival and one has to give it to the Peranakans! Thank you for all the effort put in to bring the culture to everyone this year! Do check out more details at the website :

Whether or not you are Peranakan, I’m pretty sure you’ll have fun at the various interesting exhibits, shows and cultural interludes especially the Ba-bazaar! Come November, I’m donning my Kebaya proudly to go to the theatres with the Bibiks! Watch for the reviews soon! 🙂  

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SAys! Audrey


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