{Review} Do you Chinglish yet?

We were eagerly anticipating Pangdemonium’s Chinglish, its first bilingual play! Playing to a full house at the Sunday matinee at the Drama Centre Theatre, the play wooed the audience with an avalanche of laughter throughout the entire 2 hours ( not counting the interval).  It’s no wonder the play has been totally sold out even before it’s opening night! Read our preview post hereAudrey Luo’s opening prelude scene set the tone with her deliberate Chinglish and accent that got everyone laughing from the start till the end. With her “Please do not talk during the presentation, this is not China!”  and “Thankee you” who can keep a straight face? LOL! The play opens with an experienced businessman Daniel Cavanaugh (Daniel Jenkins) sharing his business experiences in China and showing us signage translations that were so bad, they were funny!

We are then taken back to a time when Daniel was a disoriented newbie in China, trying to figure out what guanxi (relationship) is and hoping to land his first lucrative deal.

Chinglish 2

Is sealing a deal easier with ‘guanxi’? Can Teacher Peter really help as he pretends to be a Business Consultant to Daniel.

Totally loved Audrey Luo who played multiple roles as different translators! She was brilliant and was probably single-handedly responsible for most of the laughter in the theatre. Her comic Chinglish cracked the audience up each time she appeared… Kudos to Audrey! haha my favourite translator was the curly haired translator for Judge Xu (Guoliang).

At times, the Chinglish was really hard to understand. Seriously, when Vice Minister Xi Yan played by Oon Shu Ann said “Talking … so sleepy. You and Me are sleeping together” Wow! What was that??!! haha… it took me quite awhile to realise what she meant was “Talking is so tiring…” LOL!! and one wonders why people complain about Singlish? Have they been to China? I mean Singlish makes pretty good sense doesn’t it, hmm…or am I just bias since I’m Singaporean?? hehe…

Chinglish 1

Impressing the Judge Xu (Guoliang) – husband of Vice Minister Xi Yan, and building on “guanxi”

Chinglish is wildly funny and so enjoyable! I loved the witty wicked bits and the entire cast really got our funny bones working overtime. We had so many laugh out loud moments during the play that at some point I had to consciously muffle my laughs with my hands because I was laughing too loudly! Oopsy! I was only a little disappointed that there was not enough of Adrian Pang and Guo Liang (who only appears after the break) hahha! Was so looking forward to seeing Adrian Pang on stage again and he certainly did a great job with the Chinese, I must say! haha… One almost feels sad for Minister Cai (Adrian Pang) who gets kicked off the job and ‘arrested’ for corruption. Loved him in The LKY Musical and still loving him in Chinglish! 🙂

If you can get your hands on tickets to Chinglish, GO! It’ll be a good 2 hours of laughter with whoever you go with!

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SAys! Audrey

About Chinglish

(Advisory: Some Mature Content and Coarse Language)

9 to 25 Oct 15 @ Drama Centre Theatre, NLB

When:  9 to 25 Oct 2015 8pm (Tues – Sat) , 3pm (Sat & Sun) , Sun, 25 Oct 8pm 
Where: Drama Centre Theatre @ NLB

Who: No admission for infants in arms and children below 12 years old.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours (Includes 15 minutes interval)

Ticket Price : Exclude SISTIC Charges

Standard: S$50, S$40, S$30, S$25

Fri & Sat Evening
Standard: S$70, S$60, S$50, S$35

Tue – Thu, Sat & Sun Matinees, Sun Evening
Standard: S$60, S$50, S$40, S$30

For more information, visit www.pangdemonium.com/productions/chinglish

Tickets available through:  SISTIC Website | SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555 | SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide

About Pangedmonium’s SEASON OF LOVE

Early Bird Special : $155 before end of Oct 2015, $165 until 17 Feb 2016

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• Support Singapore Theatre

– Be part of the Pangdemonium family and support the work that we do!

The Effect

23 February to 13 March 2016

Victoria Theatre

Kicking off in February, the Season begins with award-winning psycho-romantic comedy-drama THE EFFECT, which examines romance, passion, lust, and deconstructs the meaning of love itself.


13 to 29 May 2016

DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT

In May, we explore the nature of unconditional love in the Singapore premiere of FALLING, a provocative and poignant family drama.


7 to 23 October 2016

Drama Centre Theatre

The Season will wrap up with the 20th Anniversary Celebration of a story about love, friendship and community, in the form of the modern classic musical of our times, RENT.

For more information on the 2016 Season, click here


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    • Yes! Such a good sell out response for the show. I know so many ppl wanting to get tickets but hv to be disappointed. That’s why I’ve included the season ticket early bird promo info in the post as well. Cheers!


    • Hmm I think it isn’t really quite about dialects but about seriously bad English that makes no sense translated from Mandarin. Hehe so they will still laugh at the crazy English effect. Hahaa because it makes terrible sense or that it means a totally different thing 😜


  2. Just by reading your post on Chinglish I am already smiling to myself, I think I will definitely roar out in laughter if I were there! Looks like I should go check out their other plays!


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