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Do you grapple with science as a subject or are clueless about imparting science-related general knowledge to your little ones?  Children’s curiosity is highly triggered by touch & feel, part of our five senses that help them learn better.  Through hands-on experience, children actually pick up information faster and it also helps to set the foundation for them for future revisit.

We recently come across asciencebox subscription.  It is essentially a convenient set of hands-on experiments delivered on a monthly basis, much like magazine subscription service.  If you’ve been too busy to structure a science learning programme at home, asciencebox subscription will come in useful to help you to engage with the children through simple trial and exploration.


Last week when school closed due to the haze, we took out our set of asciencebox and it provided us a good few hours of entertainment and bonding time.  Through the various experiments applied in learning about last month’s theme – LIGHT, the kids had lots of delightful time at home despite being cooped at home from the haze.

All That You Will Need – In A Box!

Monthly asciencebox is all about science and fun!  The kit makes use of fun for children to understand the basics and complexities of science by letting them learn through experiments.

Asciencebox was conceptualized to provide all the materials you would need for children to tinker around with their hands, explore and test.  Each themed set comes with all the equipment and parts needed to complete each mini project.  I did not have to go digging for scissors, straw or masking tape in order to start a session.  Each box consists of 3 to 4 theme-related experiments and comes individually wrapped in ziplock bags.  Inside the box is also a booklet consisting of a brief introduction of the topic subject followed by the step-by-step instructions for all the experiments found inside the box.


Themetic Study

Asciencebox currently carries a few topics ranging from electric circuitry, forensics, sound, colours and light.  The available range and more information can be found here.

Kids friendly

The manual comes with colourfully illustrated instructions and easy to understand explanations.


Even though asciencebox is targeted at children between the age of 5 to 8 years old, I personally feel that the first two pages of topic introduction is too in depth for 5-6 year olds.  Initially, Jiejie could not understand much after reading through.  As for didi, he had equally lot of fun helping jiejie with the craft-making and playing with the completed project.  However, it helped me greatly and refreshed me with the correct terms to use when sharing with the kids.  This is when I stepped in to break down the topic into bite-size information at a level that the kids would understand better.  While reading textbooks and memorising formulae only makes them retain the information for some time, the memory of learning through an experiment will ensure the memory stays on forever!

Easy Instructions

The booklet includes easy to understand instructions that the children can follow accordingly.  There are also not too many steps involved which suits the little ones nicely because of their relatively short attention span.


Family Bonding

Through fun, the children not only learned but also had an amount of precious time spent with me.  We could not stop after starting the first experiment and went on to complete everything in the box within a full day (meal and nap times excluded).  I got didi to read the step-by-step instructions, also a very good chance to brush up on his reading skills.


Here they are, two pairs of hands each doing a little part to make the craft work more fun.  For siblings who will tend to fight and prefer to own their own set of tools, asciencebox has the option of SIBLING ADD-ON PACK where an extra set of everything will be packed into the subscription (at additional cost of $15.90, only for 1 extra add-on pack).


There are 3 experiments in last month’s box working with LIGHT matter.  They chose to work on the Camera Obscura which reflects an inverted image when light enters a small pin hole opening.  I have forgotten about the basic principals of film photography until I come across this experiment again.  The kids had a wacky time looking at everything that is upside down.  They also discovered focal length and distances unknowingly but I did not elaborate since I feel it’s not at their level yet.  I promised them that they can bring out their Camera Obscura when we are outdoors again.



As they were the ones who did the entire assembly of the Camera Obscura on their own, they ended up with a not-so-flat projection surface.  Despite so, it did not affect the projected image alot as can be seen from the photo below.  Too bad that our “only” view outside of the window are some more blocks of flats.  If only we can be outside at the park or playground, kids can view upside down trees, slides, or cars, etc.  That would be so fun!




The Camera Obscura provided any opportunity for the children to start asking WHY.  They did not understand why the images would be upside down when they thought they were looking through the camera.  The experiment helped to promote their curosity and questioning about things and how stuff works.  I took the opportunity to explain to them about light path crossing each other when they entered the small opening into the obscura camera.  They don’t seem to understand the reasoning behind it as light is an intangible topic.  Nevertheless, it certainly has set an impression and when they are ready for the topic in primary school, they will be able to understand more.  I will also be revisiting Aurelia Tan’s Science Graphic Novel on Heat & Light with them after the school exams are over. 


Asciencebox provides direct hands-on experiences and invites observation, exploration and investigation.  When something failed to work, they go around trying to find out what went wrong.  In the experiment to make colours combine into white, the Colour Wheel was made use of.

When finally they found out that by not letting the marble sit right into the hole in the middle of colour wheel, they prevented the wheel from spinning on the marble because a bigger surface created more friction and stopped it from spinning.  With my help to materialize their discovery, we jointly made another attempt to spin the colour wheels such that the colours combine together and appeared to be white.

From the simple-looking Colour Wheel experiment, it actually hit two birds with one stone.  Isn’t it brilliant?!

I love that asciencebox subscription allows kids in the age of 5-8 years to delve deeper into the amazing world of science with simple-to-assemble home experiments.  The kids certainly wanted more and are looking forward to receive their next box of surprise!

Reasonably Priced

Single boxes retail at the price of $32.50 each.  If you are unsure of a commitment, it is a good chance to get a box to try out whether it works for your family.  Expect to receive your box within 3-5 working days depending on the mode of delivery.
Single Boxes
Once you get addicted to the convenience of instant edutainment without pulling your hair, go ahead and make the commitment.  At pretty attractive prices of $28.50- $29.90 per month for a regular subscription of 3 or 6 months, it indeed saves a lot of hassle and procrastination at our end.  For subscriptions, you can expect to receive your first box within 3-5 working days depending on the mode of delivery.  For subsequent boxes, they can be expected around the middle of the month.

SubscriptionDiscount Code

For fans of having science fun with the children at home, here’s a discount code (below) to share which entitles a 20% discount at asciencebox.  The discount code will be valid till 31st October 2015 which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the benefits.  Shipping is free within Singapore and will be delivered via SingPost standard mail.  For prevention of loss mail, simply top up for registered post or courier delivery.  

Simply quote SAYS20 at check out.

<<< GIVEAWAY >>>

In the meantime, thanks to our sponsor at asciencebox, we have a giveaway set of asciencebox to ONE (1) lucky reader!


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Terms and Conditions:

  • Giveaway ends 13th October 2015, Wednesday at 11.59PM.
  • Prize collection would be sent by normal mail upon provision of winner’s address.  SAys! Happy Mums and sponsors will not be responsible for lost mail.
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Best of luck!

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About asciencebox

asciencebox logo

Asciencebox is the brainchild of a mother of two.  Yew Soo aims to provide the opportunity for children to experiment, explore, test, and play, yet at the same time learn about problem-solving through questions and hands-on experiments.  Asciencebox idea was hence born to provide “all the materials” needed for children with an opportunity “to think with their hands” and to encourage curiosity and inquiring in children.  In the process of doing so, it makes science fun and easy while providing an opportunity for family bonding at the same time.

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[Updated 22 Oct ’15]


Thank you all for the support and so sorry for the delay in winner announcement.  Congratulations to our winner for a one-month subscription of asciencebox.  We hope you and your children will enjoy the tinkering.   We will be in touch via email soon.  ❤


[Updated 22 Oct ’15]




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