Discovering the Joy of Reading |A Children’s Day Journey

Today was what traditionally would have been Children’s Day – 1 October! Back then, as little ones, we anticipated 1 October eagerly as it would be a holiday – a no school day. These days, somehow that magic is gone to whichever convenient Friday in October that the MOE deems right to place Children’s Day on. So today, the children went to school, and some even sat for their PSLE paper today. Yep the last year that they would be eligible to enjoy the privileges of Children’s Day, they went to sit for very major exams instead. 😦 So maybe that’s why Children’s Day will only be celebrated on 9 October, next Friday. Yikes!

My son has no clue what or when is Children’s Day. No anticipation… simply clueless. He is in K2. Into, the last term of his preschool years before he goes to Primary One. It’s kind of an emotional thing for most mums with K2 kiddos, especially so if it’s the first kid?

Today, I did not wish him Happy Children’s Day.

But today, we had time spent together. And that was precious. With the haze, there was no way I was going to bring him for any outdoor fun. I had initially wanted to bring him for a movie (Aircon Protection from haze) but was feeling under the weather so instead, we made it somewhat of a “never-did-this-before” day.

Okay, this may sound funny, but my son and I have never gone to the library to borrow books before. We’ve been to the Central Library and all but those were mostly for fringe activities and fun. The truth is Wey has been a reluctant reader plus I was a crazy excessive shopper, loving to buy books from all the year round book sales – MPH, Popular, Times, SG Books Warehouse, you name it. And really, the books at home have been more than he could handle for awhile hahhaa…

But of late, we haven’t been going out much due to haze. So I’d say this, if there’s anything good about the haze, it’s my son’s sudden discovery that books open a whole new world other than the world outside. And yes, this mother celebrates! Finally, the books that I’ve been painstakingly (curating?? can I even say that) picking for him have been flying off the shelves! WAHAHHA!! Can you feel my joy? Oh can you see my grins and my heart leaping? hehee… And yes, I’m desperate to find books that he will love to read. Got to catch that reading bug before it flies off right? It helped that a few weeks ago I found a range of books that drove him loving books even more and wanting more! Will be sharing more about the set of books that kept my reluctant reader asking for more to read. If you have any suggestions, please post them in comments – Greatly appreciate it! 🙂

Anyway, I had a good problem on my hands now. My boy wanted more but the book stores didn’t stock the series well, I had to call many outlets and ask for availability and transfers etc. I realised then that if my boy does continue his ‘Mummy approved’ behaviour, I wouldn’t be able to keep up giving him books at home, plus books not on sale are not cheap!! hehe…

So today, when I picked him from school, I asked this question of him for the first time. “Would you like to go to the library?” No prizes for guessing the answer I got from Little Wey.


And so we arrived at Ang Mo Kio Library on Children’s Day (muaahhhaahahaha!! *evil grin*). It’s been so long since I’ve borrowed a book, that I went online the night before to check what are the permissible number of books etc. and if I had a valid library card. hahaa Of course I do. I’m Singaporean! And it seems that means a lot of privileges at the library – free basic library membership to borrow 8 books for 21 days!

At first the kid didn’t know that people borrowed books from the library and had to return it later. He thought we could buy the books there, who could blame him since all he’s ever been to were book stores and book sales. (😁 my fault again!!) ok so this trip also turned out to be a simple lesson on thrift and grasping the concept of borrowing for him, why buy if you can borrow? Hehehe…


I found it quite amusing that the kiddo took to the library floor with no hesitation! A super Wow for me indeed! Because when he was much younger, I tried bringing him to the Central Library to look at books, and he did not hesitate to show me his displeasure. Today, he was happy! And that was all that mattered!


We spent quite some time there with the little one not wanting to go home. In the end, we managed a loot of 8 books and I was figuring out the Library system to borrow the books – very impressed because like I said, I haven’t borrowed books since I was a school girl, and wow things have changed! haha! No more stamping of dates blah blah… ok everyone must be laughing at me now. 😦 Anyway, the point is when I checked out, I was surprised that I had another 2 book allowance! Wow 10 books!??!! So Wey rushed back in to grab 2 more he fancied and we were off! It was that easy, no queues no fuss. This inexperienced silly mum, did not bring a book bag, so I had to hand-carry the 10 book hardcover loot with my bare hands.

By the way, I chanced upon the Facebook update that the Library is celebrating it’s 2oth Anniversary on 3 Oct 2015 and members can borrow 20 books from 3 Oct 2015 – 31 Jan 2016! Amazing! Have included some information at the end of the post.

This was not a very eventful Children’s Day of fun but one of discovery of the joy of reading (I hope for Wey) and probably one that only I will remember for doing something different with Wey. I’m pretty pleased that he says he wants to go back to the library again soon! Haha next week will be the official Children’s Day on 9 October and there’ll be more fun planned then! 6 more years to enjoy Children’s Day my love …. And just like how your first 6 have passed by, I’m sure the next 6 will be but a fleeting moment again… Sigh…

At the end of what would have been traditionally Children’s Day, we shared a good laugh over a silly book that I picked up at the recent SG BOOKS WAREHOUSE SALE.  I treasure these bonding moments in my heart, no matter how silly it is. Kids they grow up too quickly.


Happy Children’s Day my sweet little boy! Mummy loves your laughter and hope you’ll continue your crazy happy laughs even when you’re all grown up!

Lots of love to you always. 💖💖💖

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SAys! Audrey 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Discovering the Joy of Reading |A Children’s Day Journey

    • haha Thanks Ai! Yup, all they really want is to do anything with us… children’s love is that simple. Was surprised with his happy smile that day too, usually it takes many shots before I can get him to look at the camera LOL!!!


  1. I love how the library has evolved since my days as a young kid to now! Apart from the increased number of books you can borrow, NLB also extended the borrowing period from 2 weeks to 3 weeks now so no rush in finishing all the books at one go.

    Have you attended some of their story telling sessions? They are pretty fun too!


  2. It is indeed so beautiful to see kids loving their reading time nothing best than it. I used to visit library so frequently with my son and it was wonderful sitting together for hours and end up borrowing so many books back home.


    • Yes indeed Pooja! We’re making that a habit soon… cos we’re all set to go back again the coming week since he’s finished reading all the books….He still kinda wants to hang on to the ones we borrowed though… so will see how it goes.


  3. 1st Oct remains as Children’s Day for me even thought things have changed now. My boy who took his PSLE appreciate the change of date to be after their exams so that they can celebrate too. I did not wish my kids Happy Children’s Day too but we went out to eat. 🙂


  4. Yay! i’m glad you guys made it to the library! Haha I cannot believe what I read initially, that you’ve never brought Wey to the library and cute that he thought they are on sale. Yes your fault mama! tee hee hee but I love to read that he enjoyed himself thoroughly!

    Liked by 1 person

    • hahaha! I know you must have been like… what is wrong with this woman!!?? LOL! Glad you had a good laugh at this terok mother! hehee… We’re all set to go back again next week because he’s finished all the books 🙂


  5. I am with you.. I am always buying books rather than heading to the library because I’m always too busy to return the books and end up paying a lot in fines instead! Am waiting for the kids to be slightly older so that we can make it a regular habit to head to the library. The kids’ attention span is too short these days and they end up running around in the library and disturbing people instead.

    Liked by 1 person

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