A*Star Science50 INNOVATI50N Exhibition Around Singapore

We first got on-board the Science 50 INNOVATI50N Exhibition Truck at the A*STAR Science Jubilee @ one-north Carnival Open House event on 4 September 2015, where we had an afternoon of fun filled science discovery activities.

The INNOVATI50N Exhibition Truck showcases 50 made-in Singapore innovations that have made an impact on our everyday lives. It was indeed an eye-opener to see how the innovations improved our lives directly and to discover that there are so many inventions that were really made in Singapore! Wow!

This unique pop-up Science-Meets-Art exhibition all housed within a truck was interesting and engaging to see how scientific innovations was interpreted into creative art pieces by talented artists from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. The reason that all these works are housed in a truck is because the exhibition goes around Singapore!

Yep, since its debut on 4 September at the Science Jubilee, the INNOVATI50N Exhibition Truck has been going to various shopping malls so that Science indeed comes to the public’s playground. There are 2 more remaining stops at Century Square and Plaza Singapura in October, more details at the end of the post.

Touch & Feel to Experience @ INNOVATI50N

Perhaps what the kids loved most was the really cool robot on board! These 2 robots set at the rear of the truck were the hot favourites of every child and adult visiting the INNOVATI50N Exhibition Truck and I don’t think I need to explain why. Go make a visit to the INNOVATI50N Exhibition Truck and you will be smitten too! LOL!

The children had a lot of fun being able to touch, feel and take in the visual displays on the special truck exhibit.


Intrigued that Science could be represented by such beautiful art forms, best part was being able to touch and pinch them? oops! 🙂

Hopefully, the fun they had on the INNOVATI50N truck and at the Science Jubilee @one north has captured their imagination and sparked an interest in science and innovation.  

It would certainly be wonderful if the Science Jubilee event can be held more often so that the public can experience the creativity and innovation happening within our country.

Here’s a look at some of the other beautiful artwork on display in the INNOVATI50N Exhibition Truck.

X-Sat Satellite (NTU) and 3D Wire Bonds (A*STAR)

Home is Where the Heart Lines ~ Winnie Yip

This awesome eye-catching detailed relief painting of Singapore is a creative interpretation of images taken by the X-Sat Satellite (NTU), which is Singapore’s first locally made satellite that has been launched into space! Wow! I really had no idea we had such equipment made in Singapore! The X-Sat Satellite is proof of Singapore’s capability in satellite engineering and has been useful in acquiring satellite-based data and imaging for environmental applications such as haze and soil erosion! The artist also cleverly incorporates another made in Singapore first of it’s kind innovation of 3D Wire Bonds (A*STAR), to highlight road mappings and connectivity.

Endotoxin (NUS) and Superbug-Destroying Nanoparticles (A*STAR)

A Cyclical Lifestyle ~ Aditi Rao Venkatesh

Look at the little one’s finger pointing eagerly at this Oil Paint and Pastel on Canvas which is a chessboard with scattered pieces. I was a little taken aback by the bizarre looking painting but realised later that it represented our body as a battlefield as it defends against infections!

Spot the Superbug-Destroying Nanoparticles (A*STAR) that aid defence, by selectively destroying anti-biotic resistant bacteria without affecting the healthy surrounding red blood cells. Wey was very impressed that this Singapore invention was named one of 10 world-changing ideas by Scientific American in 2011, and could well be a new weapon against superbugs such as MRSA. Also the award-winning Endotoxin (NUS) diagnostic and removal technology is now used globally to test the purity of sterilised medical equipment for quality assurance and preparation of injectable medications!

GloFish (NUS) and Liquid Forging Process (A*STAR)

Adhesive Reef ~ Kylie Tamara

This colourful replica of an underwater reef in the fluorescent colours of GloFish (NUS) which is a patented and trademarked brand of genetically modified fluorescent zebrafish , was eye-candy! We learnt that these GloFish, created by scientists at NUS, was to help detect pollutants in aquatic environments and have now also become a novel variety of glow-in-the-dark ornamental fish, a beautiful showcase of biotechnology in Singapore. I’m more than amazed, since we’ve never really seen any GloFish in Singapore!!??

Dengue Test Kit (A*STAR) and VereTop Biochip (Veredus Laboratories)

To Dengue and Beyond ~ Nature Shankar

This 2 beautifully embroidered pieces tell the story of the Dengue Test Kit (A*STAR) and the VereTrop BioChip (Veredus Laboratories). The Dengue Test kit can detect a key dengue antibody from saliva within 20 minutes while the VereTrop BioChip revolutionises conventional diagnostic systems by inexpensively identifying targeted disease pathogens within 2-3 hours.

OSIM Massage Chair

uInfinity ~ Yoko Choi


It’s great that INNOVATI50also recognised and included innovations from the private sector!  Now who is not familiar with the Osim Massage Chair? Hahha.. this whimsical sculpture cleverly compares the dexterous frog-fingers to the sophisticated designs of rollers and ball bearings of the OSIM massage chairs. I loved these cute colourful froggies – all so relaxed they seem to be orchestrating a massage fest, I can almost hear the music playing! haha…

There are just 2 more stops for the INNOVATI50N Exhibition Truck, don’t miss it if you haven’t been on-board. You’ll be amazed with what Singapore Science has explored and innovated and most of all you will come away feeling proud of Singapore, the little red dot!

Thank you for joining us on SAys! Happy Mums.  If you liked what you read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon.

SAys! Audrey 🙂

About INNOVATI50N Exhibition Truck

Catch this unique pop-up Innovati50n exhibition as it journeys around Singapore. Only 2 more locations to catch it! Find out more at www.science50.com.sg . Free Limited Edition Science@50 goodies bag and win Shopping vouchers too!

Science Jubilee 4 September
Vivo City 5 & 6 September
IMM 12 & 13 October

Century Square 3 & 4 October 2015

Plaza Singapura 10 & 11 October 2015

About Science Jubilee @ One North

Science Jubilee @ One North is one of the series of events under the Science@50 initiative to celebrate 50 years of Singapore’s innovation through science and technology. More information about Science@50 may be found here.

The Science Jubilee @ one-north seeks to showcase the success of one-north as a hub for research and innovation, and the diversity of the public and private research activities in Singapore. A series of lab tours, science talks and science exhibitions will be conducted by the A*STAR’s research institutes and industry partners located at one-north. It will also include a carnival with a special open-top bus tour of one-north (guided by JTC Corporation) and performances to make the event a fun-filled one.


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