Dazzling Mid-Autumn Celebrations 2015 @ Gardens by the Bay

Last Saturday was such a sweet respite from the gloomy haze. ‘Trapped’ at home for many days because of the haze, the little one was over the Moon to know that we were finally going out for some fun! We took the opportunity, as did many others, to visit the Mid Autumn Celebrations at Gardens by the Bay (finally free of N95s!! Yay!).

Gardens by the Bay celebrates Mid- Autumn Festival with a celebration of Chrysanthemums Displays at the Flower Dome from 24 September – 10 November 2015 as well as a special limited time display of Spectacular Lanterns with Cultural Performances and a Food Street from 25 September to 4 October 2015.

Because there was a big crowd (most probably due to the clear day) the main carpark was full, even the next one at Satay by the Bay was full, so we went one carpark down at the Marina Barrage. The walk was not overly far away and it was pretty pleasant. An alternate carpark would be the one at the Meadows (before the main carpark), which we missed having expected to park at the main carpark. Do not park along the roads as we saw many LTA Enforcement Officers lining the streets even at 9pm! I wonder how many people got a fine that night, Yikes!

Celebration of Chrysanthemums

We visited the Flower Dome first to catch the more than 10,000 pots of Chrysanthemums brought in to usher in the Mid- Autumn Festival. And it was awesome! One can literally spend a whole afternoon there just taking in the beauty of the blooms.

The entire Flower Dome was transformed into a Chrysanthemum field with a myriad of colours that was truly breath-taking. I always enjoy coming to the special displays at the Flower Dome. So much effort and planning must have gone into the care and displays each time and it makes every visit special and refreshingly rewarding.

This hundred year old tree was specially brought in for the show! Now isn’t this simply picture perfect?

Chrysanthemums are a symbolic feature in traditional Chinese art, depicting typically the autumn season. We’ve always decorated our house with a variety of Chrysanthemums during Chinese New Year and I was pretty amazed to see so many more unusual ones on display. Do catch the many rare and unusual varieties including the Pompom Chrysanthemums and the Spider Chrysanthemums first cultivated in ancient China and Japan.


With over 40 varieties of Chrysanthemums on display, the little ones were amazed at the beauty before their eyes that set smiles on their faces.

Even my mum who’s usually camera shy obliged a photo with the little dainties. 🙂

Some of the smaller varieties also caught my eye… and I loved these little striped yellow ones.

Chrysanthemum Tea anyone?

Spectacular Lanterns

As we exited the Flower Dome intending to grab a bite, we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by many lanterns that were already lighted up since it was passed 7pm! They were so pretty that Wey forgot his hunger and ran happily around the lanterns exploring!

Forgot his hunger once he saw the pretty lanterns!

One of Wey’s favourite lantern display was that of The Koi Fish and The Otters… The display was probably inspired by the recent news about clever Otters coming to a Koi Pond to fish for food haha… I thought this display was cheekily clever haha…

Said the Otter to his buddy, “I Spy a Yummy Expensive Dinner in the Pond!” …hahaa

I especially liked the lantern display with Chang Er flying up high in the clouds with the beautiful birds all around the trees. So pretty don’t you think?

If you follow the trail of the animal lanterns including the animal zodiac lanterns, you will end up at the SuperTree Grove where the Performance Stage and other Mid-Autumn Activities are held. All these are set on the open grounds of the Gardens by the Bay and admission is totally free!

There are 17 different lantern displays, comprising 300 lanterns, dotting the grounds of Gardens by the Bay. These lanterns include floating lanterns at the Dragonfly Lake, Magnificent dinosaurs at the SuperTree Grove, Flowers and Baobab trees and Animals such as lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes and zebras.

Cultural displays include lanterns made with a Maharajah Indian theme too. This one was pretty magnificent in scale, with an entire palace building and various figurines and elephants depicting a dancing scene, fighting scene etc.

Look at the smiles on this very tired little boy!

Just past the stage, we finally got to the Jurassic Lantern display! The highlight for my little Jurassic fan. Tired as he was, he walked round the dinosaur lanterns a few times in amazement. The lanterns were dazzling and elaborate to say the least! Some of the heads of the dinosaurs even moved!


Food Street

Just beside the amazing lantern displays and the stage performance under the SuperTree Grove is the Food Street! There are tables and chairs set up all along the Food Street and it’s free seating. We were famished and bought a whole chicken for $12 from a Malay stall there… it was really tasty and yummy… worth every cent because even the little one who’s usually picky, enjoyed every bit of it.

See the yummy chicken being grilled?

The hubs was keen to try the kebab but the queues for this stall was unbelievably long, so I only took a snap shot of what remained on the slab LOL! This was the second slab and it was almost gone! The first slab next to it was sold out already! Must be really good?

There were a lot of different stalls with a great variety of food ranging from Ice Creams, Taiwan sausages, Hotdogs, Ramly Burgers, Drinks, Mooncakes and Tea etc. and I was exceptionally amused to find this drink stall still having a very old school kind of signboard… so cool! The prices ranged from $3 and above, pretty much the same prices at Pasar Malams outside. So no need to worry about food on your outing during this Mid -Autumn Festival celebration at the Gardens by the Bay.

It also seemed like everyone took the cue of a clear and beautiful September Day eagerly because the Gardens was packed but everyone was happy and smiling. Smiles and laughter that lay hidden behind a mask in the days of haze lighted up on everyone’s faces.

We were really fortunate to have caught the window of good weather to enjoy the outdoor displays. It’s such a pity that the haze has hit us badly this September, if you find a window of good air quality, do make a visit to Gardens by The Bay to enjoy the beautiful lantern displays which are outdoors, they really should not be given a miss!! It’s eye-candy at every turn. I would love to go back again with the little one just to admire the lanterns! Hopefully the outdoor lantern displays will be extended till later, so more kids can have the opportunity to visit.

And even if the PSI does take a turn for the worse, head into the Conservatories for Air-conditioned protection, at least you’ll still get to enjoy the awesome Chrysanthemum floral displays at the Flower Dome. More information about both events below at the end of the post.

Thank you for joining us on SAys! Happy Mums.  If you liked what you read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon.

SAys! Audrey 🙂

About Mid-Autumn Festival @ Gardens by the Bay

Date : 25 September to 4 October 2015

Time : 7-11pm

The Mid-Autumn Festival @ Gardens by the Bay lights up with a dazzling display of elaborately handcrafted lantern sets that celebrate the natural world. See the different spaces around the Gardens come to life with a kaleidoscope of light and colour, as you enjoy a host of performances by local artistes

3 Oct | 8:00 PM | Supertree Grove

Look out for our fireworks display on 3 October as we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival @ Gardens by the Bay 2015!

Spectacular Lantern Sets
25 Sept – 4 Oct | 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM | Main Entrance, Supertree Grove, Dragonfly Bridge and Dragonfly Lake

Spectacular lantern sets will be on display at various locations in the Gardens. These lanterns include floating lanterns, such as a majestic sea palace and dragon boats; magnificent dinosaurs and animals such as lions, tigers, jaguars, elephants, giraffes and zebras; as well as flowers and baobab trees. Look out also for 50 goat-shaped lanterns painted by members of the public in a lantern-decorating competition sponsored by Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple.

Cultural Performances
25 Sept – 4 Oct | 7:00 PM, 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM | Supertree Grove

Visitors can look forward to free nightly shows at the Supertree Grove put up by local music and cultural arts groups such as the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Dance Theatre, Nam Hwa Opera and Dicapella Dizi Ensemble. Malay dance group Azpirasi and Indian classical dance group Apsaras Arts will add a multicultural element to the performances. For more information on the performances, click here.

Food Street
25 Sept – 4 Oct | 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM (Weekdays) and
4:00 PM – 11:00 PM (Weekends) | Supertree Grove

Visitors can enjoy a variety of food choices from more than 30 stalls at the Supertree Grove, offering everything from local mainstays like kueh tutu, muah chee and vadai, to new favourites like fried Oreos and kebabs.

About “Celebration of Chrysanthemums” Floral Display

Date : 24 September to 10 November 2015

Time : 9am – 9pm

Venue : Flower Dome

Chrysanthemum blooms take centre stage this Mid-Autumn as we bring you on a journey to the Far East. Long admired for its beauty, the Chrysanthemum is a symbolic feature in traditional Chinese art to depict the autumn season. Marvel at unusual varieties such as Spider Chrysanthemums and Pompon Chrysanthemums first cultivated in ancient China and Japan, as you stroll through the scenic landscape dotted with a moon gate and teahouse, maple trees, and bonsai plants more than 100 years old.

Tickets : Admission charges apply to the Flower Dome.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2015 Promotion for Children

From 25 September to 4 October 2015, 5pm to 9pm daily, every child who brings along a lantern* will enjoy free admission to both conservatories.

SG50 Special – Free Admission for Seniors

In celebration of SG50, local seniors (aged 60 and above) can enjoy free entry into two conservatories. Accompanying caregivers of seniors can also enjoy 50% discount into two conservatories. Valid from 1 June to 31 December 2015.

All photos remain the copyright of SAys! Happy Mums and shall not be re-used without prior written consent.



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18 thoughts on “Dazzling Mid-Autumn Celebrations 2015 @ Gardens by the Bay

  1. ahhhh I see you were dressed for the occasion as well! We parked at the meadows. Well, the daddy parked and he walked after dropping us off at the main entrance. Hot day! But so thankful we had hazeless skies!


    • Hehhe just a simple flora top… Loved yr cheongsam! From Lark & Peony right? You and the kids looked wonderful!

      Wow… Daddy is so sweet hehe lucky you! We walked and were so relieved to get into the Flower Dome for the ac! Haha the night time was cooling outdoors though! Enjoyed the cool breeze tremendously! Hope to catch you next time 🙂 ~ Audrey


  2. Maaaaaaan we were just at Garden’s by the bay just before they’d finished gussying up the place for Mid-Autumn festival! All we saw were rows and rows of chrysanthemum plants just lined up. I guess this means we have to make another trip!


    • Haha yes you do need to make another trip! Hopefully the weather clears up and the kids can enjoy the lanterns too! It’s spectacular! But the Flower Dome is a great place to hide from the awful haze and have some cool ‘outdoor’ Fun 🙂 ~ Audrey


  3. Miss meeting you at GBTB that weekend. Lovely photos. I think we were very blessed to have a nice weather to enjoy the lantern display that evening. Hope you enjoyed yourself!


    • Hopefully we’ll be blessed again with great weather this weekend. It’ll be nice to go again for the lanterns. The flowers will be there till Nov and it’s also in AC comfort and protection from the haze 🙂


  4. Wanted to go down for this, but had too full a weekend! That lantern display looks amazing!! My boys would have loved to see the dino ones. Oh well… lovely photos! 🙂


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