{Review + Giveaway} Timmy & Tammy : What is Singapore? by Ruth Wan-Lau

Timmy & Tammy Bundle Set: What is Singapore?
by Ruth Wan-Lau (Armour Publishing)

For the younger generation, many do not understand and appreciate the Singapore where they were born and grew up in.  They have so much hatred and ideas that don’t sound convincing.  For me, even though I did not come through hardship during my childhood and youth days, I am blessed and appreciate many things over what our forefathers and most importantly my parents have done for us.  Nothing happens magically without hardwork and perseverance.  前人种树,后人乘凉 is a Chinese Idiom which aptly described the fruits of labour that we, in our generation have been enjoying since birth.  Not sure why, but somehow along the way, the younger generation got influenced by the antagonists who made use of treasured democracy and social media.

It is really time to rethink what the younger population face, and how we can help our own children (what Generation do they belong to by the way?) find out WHAT IS SINGAPORE, WHO IS LKY and how we have come a long way for them to be enjoying what they have now.  Before we realize, we would be the next batch of “Pioneer Generation” and they would be the ones making the policies and shaping our future.  Would we want to live a retired life for fear of safety the moment we step out of the neighbourhood?  How about having money but unable to enjoy it because COE is free and owning a car does not get you anywhere?  I always say, if there’s going to be any influence at all, let it be a positive one.  Before our children can be brainwashed by anti-PAP group, let us influence them positively starting from right now so that they will always remain in the right path.  I’m a free-thinker but I love this Mission statement from my children’s (and mine too!) church kindergarten and it speaks every word of wisdom.

Today, I’m going to introduce Timmy & Tammy “What is Singapore?” locally published by Armour Publishing.   It is from the Timmy & Tammy series of famously popular levelled readers for preschoolers and up to the age of primary-school going children.


A Level-3 book under the Timmy & Tammy series targeted at increasingly confident readers with simple chapters broken into parts, my opinion is that children between the age of 4-6 would enjoy it most.  In this book, we have the little Timmy and his friends from different races wanting to find out “What is Singapore?”.  Singapore is a noun, an island, a multi-racial society, a nation, a leader in ASEAN countries, a small but powerful red dot on the map.  How do we bring across such a complicated subject to children beyond simple facts?


“Singapore is a butterfly. One that has just come out of it’s cocoon.”, Raj’s grandma says.

The metamorphosis of butterfly in it’s life cycle is a familiar process by most little ones.  They were given the opportunity to witness butterfly eggs turning into caterpillar, goes through several molting process, becoming a pupa after getting fat enough, then struggle with might to emerge from their shell as a beautiful adult butterfly.  The entire process from egg to butterfly reflects exactly what Singapore has come through during the early days of turbulence.  From celebrating our first independence days, to multiple policy changes along the way, to emerging as a first world country from being a third world nation, our Pioneer Generation has gone through all those.


In another creative analogy, Singapore became a large soupy dot with wings and spikes.  Singapore has, in the children’s imagination, become a collage of what we are all familiar with – Eric Carle’s style of drawing.  The analogies and illustrations in this book took didi from page to page of laughter.  He totally enjoyed the book and this is one of the titles I brought along on one of our daily MRT rides as part of my little “U Read To Me, I Read To U” Programme with didi.  From one book by each of us, to the current 4 books by him and 1 lengthier book by me, the daily 30-min train ride became a precious bonding moment between us where I would try as much as possible not to touch my mobile phone at all.


Timmy & Tammy: What is Singapore? and Timmy and Tammy DISCOVER Series : Lee Kuan Yew is available at major bookstores at $7.90 (before GST) and $8.90 (before GST) respectively.  If you prefer the comfort of online shopping, you can order the bundle set via Armour Publishing‘s online shop HERE at $17.98.

We will cover the review + giveaway of the other title, Timmy & Tamy DISCOVER : Lee Kuan Yew, in another blog post.  So look out for it! 🙂


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In the meantime, thanks to our sponsors at Amour Publishing and Ruth from Timmy & Tammy, we have a giveaway copy of Timmy & Tammy : What Is Singapore? to ONE (1) lucky reader!

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Armour publishes books for three main markets: Christian, General and Children’s, targeted at Singapore and beyond.

For the Christian market, we publish books that give voice to local and regional Christian writers whose insights honour God and build up His people, for His glory. Books for the Christian market come under the Genesis imprint, under the following categories: Christian Living, Marriage & Family, Christian Response & Social Issues, Church Ministry and Leadership, Devotionals, History & Theological Resources, Missions, Teaching & Exposition and True Stories.

For the General market, we publish non-fiction books, for personal and professional development. Books for the General market come under the main Armour imprint, under the following categories: Marriage & Family, Biography, Business & Management, Food & Travel, General Health & Medical and Living & Wellness.

For the Children’s market, we publish fiction and non-fiction books that promote good values, including National Education values. For the preschool (3 to 6 years old) and primary school market (7 to 12 years old), our books help children to learn to read and grow their love for reading through compelling stories with good values. Books for the Children’s market come under the Little Knights imprint.

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Timmy and Tammy is a new series of books for preschoolers about two kids exploring Singapore.

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