Media Invite | {New} Daily Delights at Triple Three, Mandarin Orchard Hotel

Last week, I had a sudden revelation while washing up in the morning – my hubby had saved lots of money on food over the past decade.  Simply because his wife don’t usually ask to eat at atas restaurant when we dine out.  When Chefs present beautifully-crafted dishes for diners, it shows their passion and dedication over what they do.  Each plated dish is a representation of their masterpiece and pride.  And I would feel very honoured to be on the receiving end.  While I love to indulge in fantabulously-tasting food, I often only end up wetting my keyboard because fine-dining is normally expensive.

Triple Three

Two weeks ago, Audrey and I had a dinner date at Triple Three to experience their new menu with daily delights at the Japanese-inspired buffet restaurant at Level 5, Mandarin Orchard Hotel.  We had a 5-hr Bestie’s Day Out in June which highlighted our sumptious meal with unforgettable range of delectable pastries, each of them calling my name asking me to eat them even though I was already very full!


Starting from now til 30 Dec ’15 (except during promotion periods and festive season), Triple Three will be offering something delightful and different for each night of the week.  This is on top of the usual spread that is available nightly.

Daily Delight at Triple Three

Tsukiji Thursday Seafood Market

Let’s start with my new love.  It was a Thursday when we went and that night’s highlight was the premium fresh seafood from the famous Tsukiji Seafood Market.  Nobody around me has known me to be a sashimi lover.  I have always been the “I will get tummyache if I eat raw food” kind of person.  My last taste of half a slice of salmon belly (which was the result of Audrey’s cajoling) left a fond memory that lingered for the past 3 months.  My heart skipped a little when I knew what’s coming up during the media tasting and secretly looked forward to the event.


While Audrey highlighted the recent yusheng 鱼生 scares before we make the decision to attend the event, I reassured and convinced her that those on the news are isolated cases and more often than not, it is less than adequate storage and food handling that caused the problems.  And I told her my family will not be eating any zi char / kopitiam yusheng for CNY next year.  With a 5* hotel right in the middle of Orchard Road and the freshest air-flown seafood from Tsukiji Seafood Market?  No way there can be food poisoning!

As it turned out, we were treated to a feast for the eyes the moment we reached.  On display was Amaebi (shrimps), Tako (octopus), Salmon, Maguro (Bluefin Tuna), and just what is Kampachi and Mekajiki??  I later found out to be Yellowtail and Big-eye Marlin respectively.  I am no sushi connaisseur but my appetite for Japanese delicacy is going to change forever.  I would be looking at sashimi with a very different opinion from now on.  Not sure if my hubby has sensed that his wallet is in “danger” from my new-found love or not.  But I believe he shall, in time to come. 😉


Perhaps the most popular fish ordered by sashimi lovers, the 15-20kg baby Maguro is sourced specially from Tsukiji Seafood Market in preparation for every Thursday night.  I can’t describe the texture but it’s a mouthful of lean, firm yet soft and sweet flesh with every bite.  As for the Kampachi, it is almost translucent in colour and tastes milder than the Maguro but is equally sweet.


Mini servings of Unagi and Uni Don

The Uni has a rich, buttery texture, and a sweet, briny flavour from the ocean.  Since I’ve been poked by the Sea Urchin before during one of my younger days of SCUBA-diving, maybe it’s time I take some action.  People say revenge is sweet?  😉


Mini Chirashi Don and Sweethalo

Over at the Seafood On Ice station, there is an abundant hill of fresh seafood with the usual freshly shucked oysters, king crabs, snow crabs and prawns.   Yes, I heard the oysters screaming out to me with alluringly sexy flesh.  Can you see that glistening oyster juice under the mood lighting in Triple Three??  Yes they were that attractive.  Audrey was also coaxing me to give it a try.  However I couldn’t forget the experience I encountered during uni days, when one very “act cute” classmate of mine ordered a shot glass oyster but ended up poking and playing with it.  I swear the pungent smell didn’t leave my nose after two decades!


Look out for the Hokkaido Fair from 21 Oct to 1 Nov ’15 where fresh indulgence will be ready to set you on an euphoria excitement from around the prefecture!

Wagyu Wednesday

Wagyu lovers, you will find rejoice on every Wednesday night with a free flow serving of the intensely marbled steak with soft fats, cooked to your desired perfection.  I love ribeye cuts as the beef flavour is more robust than the tenderloin which is leaner and has lesser fats.



Slow Oven-roasted Rib-eye

The Teppanyaki Chef over at the live cooking station is a different person this time round.  He is so much friendlier and even agreed to pose a nice photo for me while sizzling my request for medium rare rib-eye mini steak.  I wanted to ask for all four pieces on the hot plate but was a little shy at the greed.


So here you go, excellently done!  And he really has the perfect skills to my medium rare steak.  Many a times, I end up with do-able medium cooked ones.  Each bite is a rare enjoyment of succulent beef with the fats just melting in the mouth.


Foie Gras Tuesday

Foie Gras aficionados will revel in the range of dishes served with the delightfully soft liver.  Here is a cold version of foie gras mousse cocktail served with apples – Apple Gel, Caramelized Apple and a slice of fresh apply.  It is also my first time tasting the foie gras and I would say the smell of this cocktail is way too strong for my liking.  It is probably what I would describe as acquired tastes and I would not go back for second helping.  However the two guys sitting at the next table slurped up the entire cup and seemed to delight in it!


Foie Gras Royale

The Chawanmushi with Foie Gras topped on it is a heavenly custard of exceedingly smooth and silky steamed egg.  I seriously have not eaten a cup of chawanmushi that is so smooth.  Forget spooning.  Try slurping it instead!  Yes, it’s just eggs but go take 2 cups!


The Pan-Seared Foie Gras is unimaginably soft.  Paired with a very sweet piece of Japanese sweet potato, this atas dish is set to impress!  No wonder my sister always had foie gras when she is over at France.  Now I wonder what I have been missing in life.  Aunty Yoko yours truly, needs to start upgrading for sure.


Weekend Lobster Night

The star of Friday and Saturday nights would be the Lobster Mentaiyaki.  This baby lobster beckons for attention before I can start to pull out the entire chunk of fresh, succulent meat.  The savoury mentaiko cream sauce goes very well with the sweet crustacean and would easily draw me back to the buffet line for another few helping.  Or why not take 2 whole lobsters at once?


Robatayaki Monday

Robatayaki is the Japanese style of charcoal-grilled delicacies.  Chef Sam Chin personally overseas the import of fresh food from Hokkaido, Kagoshima and other Prefectures.


I was already belly-happy by the time Robatayaki is served.  Neverthess, I went for the two fat scallops that did not disappoint with the savoury sauce and flavour right from the sea.  The beef-wrapped asparagus was also done just nicely with the asparagus juicy and crunchy.  Now that i think about it, it seems to be the only vegetable I ate that night.

Not sure if my hubby would protest if I request for nicer than nice food every other week.  But I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I asked him to return to Triple Three with me, on a Tsukiji Thursday Seafood Market night no less!  Just once more!  Or maybe, Friday/Saturday night also can lah, got Lobster Mentaiyaki you know?!  ;>  Tsk, actually Wednesday night I would also be very happy.  Wagyu Wagyu Wagyu……Wednesday!  *fingers tapping on the table*

Sweets & Desserts

Let’s ponder about the next visit over some pure decadence??  Macarons, Tiramisu (it’s a pretty good one!), Passion Fruit Mousse Cake, Coconut Passion Mouse Cake (look out for the rectangular slice with red gel and a pink macaron over it!  It’s light, refreshing and full of coconuty fragrance.).  These are not all that’s available.  Check out our Lunch Buffet review for the mind-blasting variety!




With a wide smorgasbord of quality food and most of them freshly prepared upon request, Triple Three is at a different level amongst international buffet restaurants.  No wonder the restaurant is fully packed and bustling with laughter even for a Thursday evening!

Sunday Family Lunch

For the families who are free for a leisurely sumptious Sunday lunch, hop on to the Sunday Family Lunch with pampering array of food and entertainment for the kids.  Over at the dedicated Kids’ Corner with balloon sculpting, tattoo-painting, magic show, and loads more to engage the kids with, mummies and daddies can look forward to have some we-time moments with sparkling wine and reign-free indulgence in freshly shucked oysters, tantalising honey glazed ham, sweet Alaskan King Crab and etc!

Childrens Day Special

Look out for details of Triple Three’s Children’s Day Celebration that will happen normally on the weekend before actual day.  For this year, it should be 4 to 11 Oct ’15.  We will update with more details if we can receive them in time.


Source : Triple Three

About Mandarin Orchard Hotel SG | Triple 3

Named after the address of the hotel – 333 Orchard Road – Triple Three boasts an extensive Japanese-inspired international buffet featuring the freshest sashimi and sushi, seafood on ice, a premium roast section and mouth-watering desserts.
Address: Level 5, Mandarin Orchard Singapore, 333 Orchard Road, 238867
Reservations: (65) 68316288 / 6271
Web | Facebook
(Lunch) 12:00pm to 2:30pm   Adults $68++ | Eve & Public holidays $78++ | Children (6-12yrs) $28++
(Sunday Family Lunch)  11:30am to 2:30pm
Adults $118++ (inclusive free flow of soft drinks & juices) | Child: $42++ (6 to 12 years old)
Add $30++ for free flow beer, wine and Chandon Brut sparkling wine
** Kids Corner Activities and Balloon Sculptor.
Sunday – Wednesday  6:30pm to 10:00pm
Adults $88++ | Children (6-12yrs) $33++

Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Eve of Public holidays & Public holidays  6:30pm to 10:00pm
Adults $98++ | Children (6-12yrs) $33++


The moon cake fever is still upon us.  Read about Audrey’s review on the traditional baked and snow skin moon cakes from Mandarin Orchard Singapore which is available at the hotel’s Deli Counter on Level 1.  They have one of the prettiest packaging boxes too!  There’s still enough time to grab a box from now until 27 Sep ’15!

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~ SAys! Shirley & Audrey 🙂

Note : Special thanks to Mandarin Orchard Hotel, we had a memorable night of fine wine, delicacies and great company at Triple Three!  As always, all opinions remain our own.  All photographs below to SAys! Happy Mums and Mandarin Orchard Hotel, unless otherwise stated.  Please do not use in any way without prior permission from us.


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  1. It’s not a good thing to read this post when I not have taken my breakfast! I’m super hungry now. Hope to visit this place some day!


  2. Oooo.. I’ve been there 2 years ago. I remember the food quality was consistent across all food stations. I think it is time for a revisit soon for the daily specials. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Wow what amazing food! I’m salivating looking at your photos!! Would love to go for lobster night or the sashimi!! Our family loves Japanese food… Guess we should plan a trip down soon since my boys are not yet 6yo!


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