{Review+Giveaway} AIR+ Smart Mask, by Singapore’s Innosparks

Its that hateful haze again!  It was only 2 years ago when we were hit by such a bad haze.  Have we all forgotten about it simply because we did not get hit last year?  Many moons ago when hubby asked me to stock up for AIR+ Smart Mask at Watsons Bishan, I was not totally interested with his enthusiastic find.  He was selling the benefits and advantages of this mask to an uninterested customer although technically, he is the one paying and I am the targeted end-user.  Well, there wasn’t any haze few months ago!  So when the haze suddenly hit us again, my family only had 1 box of AIR+ Smart M-sized mask and 1 ventilator, a “sample” that I agreed to buy and which we never get to review until last Friday.


Of course we took out our stock of N95 Masks but were pretty upset that one model has melted sticky silicon rubber straps, the other has disintegrated sponge at the nose bridge.  It’s not that I don’t know how to buy good quality masks.  Every year at the time of panic, everyone will be grabbing whatever is available, not whatever is best.  The ones that are the smallest size can fit the children better but they refuse to wear it for more than 10 mins?  Just by leaving our house to go to the carpark, they already are fed up of the heat inside the mask and want to remove it constantly.  It is literally money that flew away with the mask surface still good but not wearable due to problems here and there.  Our stock halved overnight.  😦


I lost no time in sharing with my close ones about my findings on the only set of AIR+ Smart Mask at home and quickly contacted Innosparks for a review and giveaway for our readers.  After seeing how my kids are enjoying the benefits of having “aircon” in the mask and willing to wear it, I’m really glad to share that hubby is totally right!!!


Different Sizes For All Ages – Smart Mask

Prior to AIR+ Smark Masks, the N95 masks in the market are not designed for children as they are designed as part of Personal Protective Equipment for industrial usage.  Although N95 masks filter 95% of airborne particles and has the best performance, the size does not fit children’s face, often with a big gap at the chin or nose tip which totally defeats the purpose of wearing one.


With the above in mind, Innosparks took on the project with the objective to create a comfortable-wearing mask and which also took into consideration the smaller sizes for children and Asians.  With extensive digital scans and tests performed on Asian facial profiles, the resulting Smart Mask design hence comes in 3 different sizes (S, M and L) that provides a superior fit and comfort for the whole family, and not forgetting to include the utmost protection in their products.


For references, my family is using the below sizes.  A size chart is available on every retail box of Smart Mask.  With the help of the size chart, I can conclude that the recommended sizes fitted our family’s profile quite accurately.  Perhaps this would be useful as a guide if you have not seen the actual product on the shelves due to out of stock situation right now.

Age Height (cm) Body Build Size
Didi Almost 6 ~ 120 Small S
Jiejie 8+ > 130 Medium, Taller than Average S can but preferred M*
Myself (Shirley) 163 Medium, Slightly Taller than Average M
My Hubby 183 Big, Taller than Average L
  • For Jiejie, size S seems to fit her too but appears to be smaller than required.  It somehow has lesser “air space” within the mask as her face is bigger than Didi’s.  She felt more comfortable wearing M and so we let her decide.  For the past two days, she has been wearing the mask for “very long time” in school, according to her.


Comfortability – AIR+ Ventilator

The more than half an hour of time I monitored my kids having not break out in a headful of sweat and feeling uneasy wearing the AIR+ Smart Mask, I knew I (or rather my hubby) had nailed it!  The AIR+ is a ventilator device which is somewhat like a mini fan.  It is compatible with all sizes of the Smart Mask and can be attached to any Smart Mask for improved breathing comfort and cooler airflow over extended period of usage.


Although on its own, the Smart Mask provides adequate protection against airborne particles, the add-on AIR+ ventilator complements by drawing out warm air (and carbon dioxide) from inside the mask and discharges it to the surrounding environment.  With this constant flow of air, wearers will less likely feel giddiness, blurred vision or discomfort from the accumulated carbon dioxide within the mask.  There is also enhanced comfort without a moisture build up at the insides of the mask.

The AIR+ ventilator runs on lithium battery (not replacement) but is rechargeable.  With a full charge, it is expected to last for 2hrs of continuous usage.  It can be recharged quickly with any reputable USB-compatible charger – portable power pack, mobile charger, camera charger, even the USB in the car!

The AIR+ ventilator is reusable and rated for up to 1000 battery hours, or 500 times based on 2hr per use.  So do keep it under proper storage (no direct sunlight) for use until next year!  >.<


Charging in progress. The red light indicator will be off when the device is fully charged.

The AIR+ ventilator is surprisingly low-noise.  I normally check whether it’s been turned off/on by checking the vibration with my fingers.  The noise level is that low.


For children and elderly, or even pregnant mummies I would SAys!, the AIR+ ventilator is a fantastic innovation.  Pregnant mummies however, pls consult your gynae over the recommended usage.  I suggested with reasonable thinking as a pregnant-before mummy but it is totally your choice and your own analytical skills over the usage of it for yourself and foetus.

Elastic Band Head Strap

The elastic band head strap is easily replaceable should the need arise.  It is also more durable in design and is secured with the clever use of a plastic clip at the ends.  No more melted rubber straps!  The length of strap provided also addresses different head diameter in individuals and is adjustable with a fuss-free quick pull.


However for the smaller children, it is important to make sure that they allow enough length at the top strap.  If the strap is not adjusted comfortably, it will “cut” the child’s ear and they might not want to wear it for longer than a few minutes.  So even though didi knows how to put on his mask, he does not take the effort to adjust the straps properly.  I will still need to watch out for him.



No more bulky masks that requires bulky container to bring out!  AIR+ Smart Mask can be folded in half when not in use.  Instead of storing my old N95 masks using bulky containers, now I just need a flat Lock & Lock (just being kiasu as I want to protect the AIR+ ventilator from impact drop).  You can use a ziplock back if you’re comfortable with it and don’t want the extra weight too.


Pricing Info

Smart Masks, $7.20 for a box, available in 3 different sizes.  Contains 3 pcs of Masks + 3 Valve Caps (for M-size only 1 Valve Cap).
AIR+ ventilator, $29.90 for a single piece, fits all Smart Mask sizes.  Contains 1 pc Ventilator and 1 USB cable.

I’d highly recommend that the little ones be equipped with a set of Smart Mask and a AIR+ ventilator.  In fact for my school-going Jiejie, I’m letting her bring a spare AIR+ ventilator as she needs to spend long hours in school.  Although all schools provide air purifier and air-conditioning rooms on days when the haze hits high level PSI, the facilities are only meant for children who needs it most, often those who will encounter breathing difficulties.  Children who have no history of breathing difficulties are less likely to be closely monitored.  I am depending on Jiejie to take care of herself and to know when to put on her mask.  If there is really a need, she can make use of both AIR+ ventilators and will have at least 4 hours of protection in school.  If I want to be even more kiasu(!), let her bring a mini power pack and teach her how to plug in for recharge.  But I hope that the day will never, ever come.  😦

As for didi, I have taught him how to operate the AIR+ and put on the Smart Mask on his own.  It is useful as he sometimes have to wait up to 15 min for me at his kindergarten’s common lobby for parent pick-up.  Here is a little happy video of him putting on a demonstration to wear the mask by himself <3.  Pardon my messy house, I have to catch his impromptu willingness to “perform” in front of the camera.

More Information

I’ve said enough about the benefits of the mask from my family’s point of view.  I shall not take too long to draft this review post as ALL Watsons outlets are out of stock now and the giveaway can start & close ASAP.  Although restock will be going on throughout this week, it will not be easy to stalk the nearest Watsons for the entire day if you are thinking of ambushing the new arrivals.  Pls refer to this link for technical specifications and more detailed information.

Where To Buy

The AIR+ Smart Masks are currently only available at all Watsons store.  As of last night, updates from the official Facebook page is on-going for restocking.  Do get updates from there before you head down to Watsons.  My friends and I have gone to many outlets since last Saturday and couldn’t manage to get enough for our families.

To add on, my friend sent me a Facebook update from his friend and I have gotten permission to share the below photo.  Two evenings ago when the haze hit PSI index of 200 points, my hubby was commuting home with a mask and he felt like an alien being one of the few wearing one.  Perhaps half the nation did not bring out a mask or expect that the PSI index would only hover around 120.  Anyway, pls wear as mask so that your own daily routine, health and work would not be affected.  This photo description couldn’t have said it better.  I have no idea what is the mode of transport for Mr Dan.  Maybe he has to walk quite a distance from public transport.  My family’s not that bad as we only take very short walk to the nearest bus stop/mrt/car.

Thanks Mr Dan C.W. for sharing. Quoting him, "Please share. I used the mask for communting and notice the discoloration yesterday morning."

Thanks Mr Dan C.W. for sharing. Quoting him, “Please share. I used the mask for communting and notice the discoloration yesterday morning.”


Thanks to our sponsors at Innosparks, we have 5 sets of masks to giveaway to our readers at SAys! Happy Mums.  This will be a super quick giveaway so that the 5 winners can benefit from it ASAP too.  Each winner will receive 3 boxes of Smart Masks (in each of S, M and L size) and 1 AIR+ ventilator.

To take part and qualify, please make sure ALL the following steps are completed:

1) COMMENT on this blog post stating your Facebook Name and your email address.

2) LIKE SAys! Happy Mums and AIR+ Smart Mask on Facebook.

3) LIKE and SHARE this Facebook post with the caption “Check out AIR+ Smart Mask for children.”.  Do set your post to PUBLIC so that we are able to verify your entry.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Giveaway ends 17th September 2015, Thursday at 2.00PM.
  • Prizes are to be collected at (to be advised) and will be updated for the winners via email.  Failure to collect before outlets close will be considered as no interests to collect and will not be compensated in any way.
  • Prize is fixed and has no monetary value.  Prize cannot be changed to a different set or item either with the same item value or topping up payment for.
  • The Winner will be notified by the email provided under the blog comments and must reply within 12 hours, failing which, a new winner will be drawn, without notice.
  • This giveaway is open to Singapore residents only.
  • Incomplete entries will be disqualified without notice. Decisions are final and no changes/disputes will be entertained.
  • All information is solely collected for the purpose of this giveaway and we will not send unsolicited emails to your inbox unless you have opted to subscribe to us (on the side bar or at the bottom of this page if you’re using smartphone.).
  • This giveaway is in no manner associated with any social media accounts except our blog.

Best of luck and we hope that the haze will go away very soon!  Take care and stay hydrated everybody.

~ SAys! Shirley 🙂

Note : Thanks to Innosparks, our family is adequately protected at the moment until I can get more stock for replacement.  I’m personally not wearing Smart Mask at the moment because I’m saving all the love for Jiejie since it can fit onto her well.


It seems like many of us are affected by the haze so badly.  Though we wish we can have more sets to giveaway, there is only so much we can do.  Hope the following 5 winners can get to collect their AIR+ Smart Masks quickly.  Emails have been sent out!  Pls revert with your personal details in order for redemption letter to be sent to you.  Thank you everyone and stay healthy!


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330 thoughts on “{Review+Giveaway} AIR+ Smart Mask, by Singapore’s Innosparks

  1. I also discovered this gadget recently from Watson and bought a few ventilators and Smart masks for my family. It looks like my stock of N95 masks will be left untouched because the Air+ is really effective.


  2. I bought one recently and within 1-meter away you can hear the noise generated by the fan inside the ventilator. The noise level was not given in the product specifications. I find it very uncomfortable with the ventilator on the mask.


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