{Review} SRT’s Hello Goodbye| Is It Really Happily Ever After?

The hubs and I always enjoy going out to the theatre on our rare date nights these days. Theatre nights out have always been our thing even before we had Wey… and I’m so glad that we still get the chance to go now. It also helps that my mum is always available to help watch Wey when we are out.

Have you been out recently just the two of you sans kids? Once in a while, it helps to get a breather from the kids, to get some ‘we-time’ in, so that neither spouse loses touch with each other ~ that’s the key to all healthy loving relationships, won’t you agree? And I relish the chance to dress up a little once in a while since I’m a Stay at Home Mum hahaha!!

We really enjoyed the preview night of SRT’s Hello Goodbye last night especially since it was the eve of the hubby’s birthday too, so we got to celebrate, Super Yay! Hello Goodbye is a fun romantic comedy play – quite adult if I may add, so it’s perfect for a couple’s nights out.

Juliet (DENISE TAN) arrives at her new apartment only to find it already occupied by Alex (SHANE MARDJUKI) who insists that the apartment is rightfully his. The two continue to spar with words as they learn more about each other. One is a collector of things (every single McDonald’s toy there has ever been, he’s got it!), while another is in a situation with no friend or boyfriend to turn to because of a careless sex-capade with a good friend’s/roommate’s Groom/boyfriend’s BFF on their wedding day! haha! Ok, do I hear anyone’s mind-blowing yet?

Hello Goodbye SRT

I cannot even begin to count the number of times the audience burst into laughter at the rather amusing banter between the two. The humour was witty and we laughed out loud quite, ever so often, on the clever play on words.

This was maybe my first time watching Shane Mardjuki on stage or perhaps not, but he certainly got my interest and attention from the start to end. Shane made Alex seem familiar somehow, like a person you and I would know.

Alex, with his phobias and fears, is the quiet introvert with the almost-geekish charm that … Erhem… “gives attention to details” in the bedroom!! Hahaa… Alex also seems to know a lot about everything eg. waste disposals, thermostats, dinosaurs etc and makes it a point to “just let you know how it works”. Juliet calls him,”The Rain Man” (Dustin Hoffman) and quite out rightly bullies him in Act One.

Hello Goodbye

Juliet threatening to smash the little T-Rex (Stegosaurus) McDonald’s toy that Alex so desperately wants to add to his collection, if he doesn’t agree to move out of ‘her’ apartment.

I was very excited to get a chance to watch Denise Tan again (my favourite Dim Sum Dolly and onstage actress) and I was not disappointed. Denise plays the impetuous only child Juliet with such ease and it’s always so fun to watch her. Despite her unreasonable empty threatening and bullying tactics in Act One, it is hard to dislike Juliet because of Denise! haha… The audience roared each time she said she would squash Alex if he didn’t move out of her apartment immediately. I laughed so much throughout the night and I know everyone else did too!

Says Alex, “Only children think the world revolves around them and when it doesn’t they behave badly.” “You want kids? Is that wise for you to breed?” Oops! Alex calls her the “Abandoned, only child, frustrated chef, wage slave!” haha but still she’s lovable! Plus, I really loved the cooking scene! And yes! It was real cooking, we smelled those yummy eggs Juliet cooked that Alex devoured in minutes! LOL!

Sure, it’s also quite crazy that after barely 20minutes of fighting over the apartment and who gets which room, the two somehow found each other attractive enough to well.. yeah… start kissing…. and…. Curtain closes 🙂 hahaa…

Hello Goodbye

Ooolala! Kissing!

What really made this play good was Act Two!

Fast forward 10 years later after the closing scene, we see quite a different picture. Love has given way to hostility as the couple are about to go their separate ways. Not quite the happily ever after that one would expect in a romantic comedy… I was completely caught off guard!!

I really loved the range of emotions explored as the two go through dividing up things. Each item ends up telling us a story of the last 10 years of marriage they’ve had before arriving at this moment of an ‘amicable’ split. From happy memories of fondness that grew into simply wanting more, leading to deep resentments and bittersweet memories, Act Two gets you charged up with situations that most couples may find familiar. The audience is drawn to find out why did it all break down in the end whilst sensing that the two still love each other deeply.

Hello Goodbye

Is it really Goodbye? *heart-breaking*

As the audience watched the state of Alex’s and Juliet’s marriage unfold on stage, the play quite daringly challenges the audience about their own love relationship. It is not embarrassed to ask you the honest question about your own romance – Is it really happily ever after or is it irreconcilable differences?? Where does one go from there? Is love really enough if both want different things in life? Or do you just continue driving each other insane?

I found myself tearing and yet still smiling and clinging on to that small glimmer of hope that Alex and Juliet may yet find the love again somehow. I shall not say what happens because you should really go to the play to see what happens and be surprised and touched by Love again. Self-sacrificing true Love that’s more important than any other thing one can possess on earth.

Hello Goodbye could have become too much heavy material for a good date night, but it didn’t. It stayed funny and heart warming till the end, so that your romantic date didn’t become a disaster but a thoughtful touching one that made you hold hands with your partner more that evening. I’ve been married for over 15 years now and we’re way passed the sparks but I am reminded again to always be thankful for the love from my husband whose been my steadfast pillar of strength. No new love could hope to substitute the years we’ve gone through together building a life together and I look forward to many more blessed years together.

So, if you must hear me say it, I had a really good time at Hello Goodbye and I’m quite sure the 2 couples that won our giveaway contest would have had fun too! Hello Goodbye is a great show to watch together with your significant other, it’s funny yet touchingly thoughtful. Don’t miss this great opportunity to renew your romance in September and have a great night out. Do get your tickets now at SISTIC, good seats still available! More ticketing details after the post below.

I also had the rare opportunity to interview Denise Tan, so watch for that post coming up real soon! 🙂

And look who I met at the preview show of Hello Goodbye! Adrian Pang who recently played the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew in The LKY Musical was on a date night with his wife too and I managed to steal a photo with him! hehe… Can’t wait for The LKY Musical to return to stage again (read our review and look out for when it comes back again by popular demand).

Thank you for joining us on SAys! Happy Mums.  If you liked what you’ve read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon.

SAys! Audrey

Note : We were extended tickets to the show for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed remain our own. Photographs unless otherwise stated are copyright of the Singapore Repertory Theatre.

About Hello Goodbye

hello goodbye 2

When :  2 – 26 September 2015
Time : 8pm
Duration: ~Approximately 1 hours 30 minutes (15 minutes interval)
Tickets available through:
SISTIC Website

SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555
SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide
Ticket Pricing (Excludes Booking Fee)
Preview (2 & 4 Sept 2015) Standard: S$40, S$30, S$15(SRT Youth)
Weekdays (Tue – Thur)
Standard: S$50, S$40, S$15(SRT Youth)
Weekends(Saturday) & Public Holiday(24 Sep)
Standard: S$60, S$50, S$15(SRT Youth)

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