Disneyland Hong Kong – Dec ’14 (Day 1)

Continuing from my post on the short holiday within Hong Kong City, our group proceeded to Disneyland after checking out from Excelsior Hotel.  As we were afraid of morning peak hour traffic in the city, we got up “especially early” at 8am (was actually way off our targeted time of 7am), the men went for their me-time breakfast and packed simple food for the rest of us before we do check out.  After checking with Conceirge on the possible routes to Disneyland, we were advised that taking the cab would be better due to our group size and that the location of the Umbrella Movement that morning will not be affecting our transfer too.  The whole journey took a max. of 45 min.


Siblings playing in taxi on the way to DisneyLand

By 1020am, we were on the bridge leading to DisneyLand.

By 1020am, we were on the bridge leading to DisneyLand.

Disneyland Day 1 (03 Dec ’14)

Finally at 1030am, we saw the entrance to DisneyLand Hotel and it was also this time that the kids get really excited now.

Finally at 1030am, we saw the entrance to Hongkong Disneyland Hotel and it was also this time that the kids get really excited now.


We did spend quite a bit time at the Hotel Concierge.  Thankful that while the hubs were settling cab fare and luggages, the kids had a little corner to themselves for some TV-time and we could concentrate with the administrative work for our booking.  I think they had not watched TV for many days too!

Disney cartoon provided for in a cosy corner right next to Hotel Conceirge so parents can do the admin work worry-free

Disney cartoons provided for in a cosy corner right next to Hotel Conceirge so parents can do the admin work worry-free


This is how buddies watch TV together.

And since the paperwork took so long to check in, let’s have a wefie before parting with our money for the expensive park admission tickets.  We all had to pay using credit card as we had knowingly splurged our cash in the city over awesome food and shopping.  ;p  Yes we were cashless by the time we checked in to Disneyland Hotel, save except for a few tens for the cab fare to the airport.


We spent almost S$400 on 2-day park admission for the family. Very expensive and heartache. Now if I am residing in HK, I would surely buy the annual pass and bring my kids every month!

We paid almost S$400 on 2-day park admission for the 2A2C.  Very expensive and heartache there and then.  Now if I am residing in HK, I would surely buy the annual pass and bring my kids every month!  It’s so much more value-for-money.

Prices for Annual Pass. It costs just only about S$50/pax on top of 2-day prices. If only............

Prices for Annual Pass. It costs just only about S$50/pax on top of 2-day prices. If only…………

Anyway, we settled and paid for everything and received this sheet of Hotel Information.  I must say that just staying at the hotel alone would be enough entertainment for the kids without going the park.  HK Disneyland Hotel provides a lot of kids entertainment in-house.  It was a pity that we did not get to enjoy all these facilities (except Wi-Fi and shuttle bus) as we have full intention to stay IN THE PARK for the next 2 days.



We booked three Deluxe rooms (garden view) for our group and had a connecting pair so that the kids get to run about at night.  The room was spacious with a touch of Disney magic at every possible corner and room amenity.



Our Magical Room





As soon as we dumped all our luggages, we took the kids to zoom right off for the shuttle bus.


See how happy the kids are!

In the shuttle bus within 5 min

In the shuttle bus within 5 min.

For information on Shuttle Bus schedule, refer to this link.


We reached the main gateway of Disneyland and the kids started running amok.  It took like 8 shots before before I finally found this photo above which I feel is nice.  All 3 mummies were also excited in our own way although I’m the only one who hasn’t been to Disneyland before.  I guess the Disney Magic works in every one irregardless of age.

From the main gateway to the Main Street inside the park, it was endless photo-taking for us.  Below are just some shots I want to share as keepsake.



Very first lesson of the trip ~ the kids were told stories on kids abduction in Disneyland.  All the horror stories we’ve heard of or read about were shared with the kids again, and narrated as graphically as possible. Hahhahah!


Better pay attention!


Pair of sweet darlings at the park.



This below was not a breeze of a ride at all.  Notice that the gals were all in PINK cars.  This was because gals MUST HAVE pink cars!!!  Park visitors were all issued a tag with car number and we were supposed to stick to it.  We ended up having a very hard time in order to satisfy the girls’ wishes to sit on pink cars and the boys on red/orange cars.  It’s just a car, kids!!  Nevertheless, we managed to get them what they wanted and were less fussy on subsequent rides.


This is not a breeze of a ride at all. Notice that the gals are all in PINK cars!

The most boring ride in the whole park was Autopia yet some of us made 3 rounds on it.  And here, my two very miniature and enthusiastic F1 drivers taking me on a ride around the park. Luckily it was a track-guided car ride. >.<

My 2 very ganjiong but shorty kids. Luckily the car is guided by tracks >.<

Lunch was a brief and quick affair for us as we had to watch our time and took care not to miss the afternoon’s ”Flights of Fantasy” parade which is scheduled twice daily.  We had lunch at the Starliner Diner located inside Tomorrowland since we were already there.


Starliner Diner serves western delights which pleased the kids so much that they gobbled up everything cooperatively and we had plenty of time to get to the Parade Square.



As usual, I’m the photographer.



Atmosphere was high and everyone was waiting excitedly in anticipation for the Disney characters to appear.






We were supposed to head for the Golden Mickey show straight after the parade.  But we bumped into the setting up of photo-taking queue for Cinderella and Belle at Fantasy Land along the way and we couldn’t say no to this perfect opportunity without having to wait for ten thousand people for our turn.


I wonder what was R thinking. “Is this a real princess? OMG I held the hands of Belle!  Should I wash my hands?” ;p


小 S' favorite princess must be Belle. Look how happily she smiled!

小 S’ favorite princess must be Belle. Look how happily she smiled!

Despite being first in the queue, we took more than 15 min to take photo with Cinderella & Belle and ended up having to run all the way for the Golden Mickey show.  I never ran so hard in 20 years as long as I can remember!  Thankfully, everybody made it for the show without anyone falling down along the way as the theatre was pretty far from where we were.

The Golden Mickey show is a broadway-style awards show celebrating achievement in fun with favorite Disney Characters.  With musical tributes to heroes, adventure and romance, Mickey and Minnie hosted a star-studded spectacle with guest performances from multiple Disney Characters adding to the glamour and making everyone feel like a winner.


“The Golden Mickeys” has ended its illustrious run at Hong Kong Disneyland with its final show being staged on July 26, 2015 (Sun).

It was late afternoon by the time we were done with the Golden Mickey show.  We took a relaxing slow ride in the Small Small World, which happened to be one of my favorite. It’s pure enjoyment listening to the song “It’s a Small World” while the whimsical boat takes us thru the different continents passing joyful congregation of singing children from around the globe.  It was a wind-down compared to an hour ago rushing here and there to catch as much of the Happiness at Disneyland as we could.  These dolls were so pretty that I do wish I could own a few of them at home.

Small Small World - one of my favorite rides. It's pure enjoyment listening to the song "It's a Small World" while the boat takes us thru the different continents. These dolls are so pretty I wish I own a few of them at home.

What’s one to do when we were all tired from the rides?  Let’s have ice cream in the cold!  I think, it’s really “shiok” to be eating ice cream in the cold cold weather. Thankful that the kids didn’t catch any sickie bug throughout this trip despite the bad weather.

I think, it's really shiok to be eating ice cream in the cold cold weather. Thankful that the kids didn't catch any sickie bug throughout this trip despite the bad weather.


The musical clock tower on the facade of Small Small World that we so enjoyed watching.

I don’t know why kids loved it.  Mad Hatter’s Teacups – I super hate teacups! Giddy-me-not!  They took a few rounds before allowing us to call it quits.

Teacups - I super hate teacups! Giddy-me-not!

Mandatory happy ride on the carousel, Cinderella’s Carousel, no less!  Even daddy was enjoying it and we all had our Royalty moments on the ride 🙂


This was how the Royalties ride on the carousel. ^.^

We also had time to visit The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh before we were finally hungry for dinner.  It seemed like nobody was ever hungry while having fun in the park.



We played so much and had to made a quick dash for dinner when we realized that the restaurant was serving their last order for the night.  We didn’t even have much of a moment to ponder over the choice of food and so simply ordered anything that’s available.  While the adults can go hungry, children are not allowed to!


Sorry there wasn’t any food photo for this meal as it was too dark and also too rushed.  We had to run after the night parade immediately after dinner too.

After dinner, we quickly “chope” our spot on the pavement fronting the path of the parade.  For the kids, if they were to be caught in the midst of crowd, they would have missed all the great deal at the night parade.  So we honestly did make an effort to be more “kiasu” and went to get the hottest spots way before the parade is scheduled to commence.


We managed to catch the night parade “Disney Paint the Night” on the first night although it was very cold and with a very light drizzle.  Everybody did not mind sitting in the rain just to catch these fantastic display.  At the night parade, Mickey Mouse lighted up the night with a procession of Disney Characters and a pageant of pixie-dust infused magic of light and colorvisions.

Night Parade

McQueen & Mack brought about madness from (yes, me). The kids were pretty cool about it.  Aren’t these simply beautiful??!  Aunty Shirley (me here) was shouting like a teenager as these cars were passing by us.  It was like reliving childhood.  And yes, I want to go back again!  🙂


See, it was not only me that had enjoyed the parade.  Even my friends were clearly mesmerized and happy as evident in these photos.  ;p


CC had a childlike innocence on her face!



Unfortunately, rain began to fall upon us towards the end of the parade just when everyone begain gearing up for a memorable fireworks display.  I didn’t manage to capture any nice picture because I was holding my handphone in one hand (not being sure whether to take video or photo) and umbrella in the other, while at the same time trying to make sure K wasn’t out of the umbrella coverage too.  Lots of umbrellas came into view too.  We just had to keep moving forward to avoid being blocked.  😦  It was disappointing not to be able to enjoy the fireworks in it’s full glory.  The heavy drizzle also turned into heavy rain halfway during the fireworks display and we had to give up watching before it ends.  😦




Terribly terribly bad experience watching fireworks in the rain 😦

The first day at DisneyLand ended with me quite wet and very cold.  However the day’s happenings and the two parades we watched already made me as happy as my kids.  It was indeed a memorable day!  We were one of the very last few to leave the park at almost 10PM after taking our time to attack the gift shop.


The walk out of the park was really long compared to the same distance into the park.  Strange, but it’s very true that the journey back is always longer!  I bet everyone wished that the hotel is just within the park.  How wonderful would that be?!

20141203_231323 (night)r

It’s funny how we were not tired despite the kids not having nap in the afternoon and we were on our foot for almost the entire day.  The girls were still sorting through their prized stickers after their bath and also did some doodling before sleep.

I will schedule the post for Day 2 at Disneyland on another occassion.  For now, I wish I don’t have to reminisce about the holiday but to be experiencing it all over again, right now!

This is not a sponsored post but a sharing of our happy holiday before memories fade.  Thanks for joining us on SAys! Happy Mums.  If you liked what you’ve read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon.

~ SAys! Shirley 🙂


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19 thoughts on “Disneyland Hong Kong – Dec ’14 (Day 1)

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  2. The most magical part of Disneyland for me has always been the fireworks. I simply love it. We’ve never splurged on a Disneyland Hotel before because we will be out at the park almost dawn to dusk but I’m sure it’s a special feeling staying there. Hope to have the chance to do it one day 🙂


    • Angie, it was my first time at Disney and staying at Disney Hotel. Was really heart-pained over hubby’s choice. Also a good thing cos the walk out of the park was soooooo long! Was glad we could be in bed very soon after the place closed.


  3. So beautiful! We missed the night parade on our visit. but luckily caught the fireworks. Didnt have the chance to stay in Disneyland Resort.. hopefully one day can go.. looks really pretty.


  4. Disneyland HK was also the first overseas themepark I brought my eldest 2 kids too! And I can see that you really splurged on the trip, with the hotel and all. I really cannot bring myself to pay that much for accommodation. But I can see that the kids enjoyed their stay!


  5. Pretty sure if I went to stay at Disneyland hotel, I would spend a lot of time at the hotel lobby too!! If I had a choice, I would just bum at the hotel and not go Disneyland itself.. LOL! Must make the money for my stay worth mah…. But I’m sure the kids would not let me do that. Lucky you, got to see the fireworks! When I was at Hong Kong Disneyland, the fireworks were cancelled due to bad weather.


  6. Disneyland always have a special place in my heart and hold so many magical memories for us! Hope to bring my daughter to the one in Tokyo one day as the locals are so enthusiastic about dressing up!


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