{Review} Sentosa Skyline Luge ~ Where Once Is Never Enough

Sentosa Skyline Luge, in our family’s opinion, is one of the more adrenaline-pumping activities amongst everything that Sentosa Island offers.  The ride is a part go-cart, part-toboggan action ride that’s suitable for all ages.  Both Audrey and my family finally went for an afternoon of “Luge-ring” (if there’s such a word”), after many weeks of trying to fix a date between our families.  It was the 3rd time my family had been at Skyline Luge and my kids (jiejie & didi) were both very excited to return again since our previous visit.


Photo taken during one of our visits in Oct ’14 (that’s me and jiejie following behind closely)

With a fusion of high speed descent down winding tracks with tricky corners and a feeling of helpless excitement while on the chairlift up to the peak,  Skyline Luge truly deserves my vote as one of the must-visit attractions in Sentosa.  Skyline Luge has been in operation for a decade since it’s inception in Singapore.  Yet, I didn’t know about it until last year.  Now that I’ve finally tried it, I asked my hubby why we didn’t go for it during our courtship days.  His flat reply to me was, “We had been diving every month and dry-diving every other weekend.”  How true!


As usual, we made plans to hit it on a late Sat afternoon in order to avoid the hot sun and to enjoy both the day and night tracks which gave a totally different feel to the ride.  After parking at Beach Carpark, we headed straight for the sales counter and met up with Audrey’s family.  We lost no moment to settle our tickets and before long, we were collecting our helmets and up on the chair lift for the excitement ahead.

Even though we have taken dozens of rides on the chair lift by now, we still found it very scary each time we sat on the 320-m ride.  The gap between which we rest on thighs was really big.  Do refrain from shaking around and adults must look after the children well when sitting on it.


Hi from the SAys! Happy Families!  We are ready!


For those who worry about controlling the luge, it is really as simple as it is.


Photo memory for the happy father & son at the start of their first ride after the 1st-ride training.


By the end of the 1st ride down, Audrey’s family was literally zipping down the two trails like a pro, with each trail having 600 to 700-metres in total length and navigating the bends like an expert car-racer. Being addicted to the thrills was an understatement.  With that, we are now ready for the 2nd Luge Ride Queue with the stamp on the back of our hand to signify that we’ve been trained on handling the luge.

We went on both the Dragon Trail (688m) and the Jungle Trail (628m) that are specially designed with hairpin corners, long straights and exciting slopes.  We finished our evening with a view of the mesmerizing vibrant disco lights.


SAys! Tips:

1) Choose a good timing so you can enjoy both day and night views as you ride the Skyline and zip away on the Luge.  Depending on how fast the crowd moves, you can choose to space out your rides and come back later when the sky darkens and the tracks are lit up.


2) Don’t try to save by buying the cheaper package.  We worked out that the lowest cost per ride for the family would be the Ten ride family pass (where a family with at least 1 child can share 10 luge rides & 10 skyrides) for the price of $79.  Check out here for other price plans but trust us, you will do better to just heed our advice and save time at the counter – grab the 10-ride family combo pass!  Look out for credit card discounts at the counter too.

3) Pls take note of age & height restrictions here.



  • Min. height 85cm to ride with an adult
  • Min. height 135cm to ride alone


  • 6yrs and 110cm or taller to ride Luge alone
  • **Children under the age of 6 years can ride tandem with an adult

4) Remember to take your own photograph for memories at the free photo wall just behind the counter where Skyline Luge sells instant photo print outs.


Or you can purchase a print-out from the hilltop counter like what Audrey & her hubby did.  They pre-selected and paid for their shots, went another few rounds of Luge, then collect the nicely-framed photographs at the end of it.


Photo Purchaser

5) Do be very sure how many headcount you have when you are in a big group.  In our case, different staff at different point in time, ticked off our ticket mistakenly.  If we had not spotted the error and kept the count in our heads, we would have lost a ride or two without realizing until it’s too late.  Just look at the messy tick-offs on our tickets!  😦


6) Always be around your children even if he/she is eligible to be a single rider.  This is because right at the end of the track, we’ve observed that some luge comes in very fast and the kids might just be accidentally knocked over by these inconsiderate people who don’t bother to slow down towards the end.

7) There may be the odd ‘hero’ who will stop and get out of their luge in order to wait for photo-taking with their group.  This is highly dangerous both for the inconsiderate ‘hero’ and the driver coming down fast & furious without expecting anybody on the track.  This is as good as a car accident?

With the September school holidays coming up very soon, it’s probably time to consider making an adrenaline rush for it during the one-week break!  As true as what’s on the signage, ONCE IS NEVER ENOUGH!


A 10-tastic Celebration as Luge turns 10!

Skyline Luge Sentosa will be turning 10 on 26th August 2015.  For those who can’t wait til it’s September holidays, they are hosting a 10-tastic! carnival from 21 to 30 August 2015, packed with exciting activities such as games, caricature and balloon-sculpting stalls, magic performances as well as popcorn and exclusive Luge 10th Anniversary sticker tattoo giveaways, for guests.   The carnival will be held between 2pm and 6pm on weekdays and 10.30am and 2.30pm on weekends.

Look out for special deals that rolling out over the 10 days of celebration.  For more information on the 10-tastic! carnival, click here.

  • ​All day: 50% off Luge rider license membership at $25 for individuals (UP $50) and $60 for families of four (UP $120)
  • 10am to 10.30am: Free photo with every purchase of five Luge & Skyride combo (UP $53)
  • 12pm to 12.30pm: $10 off each ‘Ten-ride Family Pass’ (UP $79)
  • 2pm to 2.30pm: $10 for single photo purchase (UP $15)
  • 4pm to 4.30pm: $10 for two Luge & Skyride combo upgrade+

Luge is also offering a free Luge & Skyride combo and a special Luge pop-up birthday card on 26 August to anyone who shares the same birthday with Skyline Luge Sentosa!


The faces said it all 🙂

Thanks to the generosity of Skyline Luge Sentosa, we were blessed with an invitation for an afternoon of unforgettable fun.  Thanks for joining us on SAys! Happy Mums.  If you liked what you read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  All opinions expressed remain our own.  All photographs, unless otherwise stated, belong to SAys! Happy Mums.  Please do not reproduce without prior permission.  We hope to see you back again soon.

~ SAys! Shirley 🙂

About Skyline Luge Sentosa

Skyline Luge Logo

Prices : Info within link here.  All Luge and Skyride tickets can be purchased upon arrival, there is no pre-booking required.
How to Locate (Sentosa Express / Beach Tram  / Bus / Car)

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20 thoughts on “{Review} Sentosa Skyline Luge ~ Where Once Is Never Enough

  1. Interesting! When the Luge first opened, hubby (then my bf) and I went to play! But we haven’t since got back since my younger boy is still too small to take the skyride! Looking forward to bring them there when they are older!


  2. Interesting! Hubby (then my bf) and I went to the Luge when it first opened. We hadn’t since returned since we had children as they were too small for it. Even now, my youngest is still too small for the skyride! Look forward to bringing my children there when they are older!


  3. One day we shall let the kids have a thrill ride on Luge! Been on it once long long long long ago with my cousins and it was so fun!


  4. I have a post on the skyline luge where there was a photo of me sweating so much from my palm that it trickled down to my legs. haha major height phobia. Even so, the luge is super fun, thanks of for helping me to relieve it through this post! 😀


  5. We love The Luge too! My boy was so afraid that his footwear would drop off when he was on the Sky Ride. In the end, he held onto his slippers throughout the whole ride.


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