SG50 Treasured Singapore Memories |The Little Red Brick Show @Central Library

On the last day of the Jubilee long Weekend, we ended up chilling at the Central Library after a good lunch at Manna Korean Restaurant. I was actually surprised that the Central Library was opened even though it was a Public Holiday but this time we didn’t visit it for books, we were there for something more exciting!

Wey is happiest when playing with LEGO so we try NEVER to miss any cool LEGO event. I was really glad that we made it to The Little Red Brick Show (SG50 Edition)! It was packed with beautiful awesome builds that would convert anyone into a LEGO fan instantly.

In conjunction with SG50 Singapore Memory Project, the talented builders of the Singapore AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) community used LEGO to bring to life, 50 memories of Singapore’s past. I was truly awed by the amazing displays!

Wey was excited beyond words, you can tell he was captivated. From builds about our everyday life eg. the SBS Buses and Bus Stops to even National Service Army Life, he hardly blinked as he took in all the fascinating displays. I could hardly fault him, the little girl in me was more than excited as I snapped away.

Treasured Childhood Memories

Sharing some of the beautiful displays that tugged at my heart strings …

I grew up going to the old NLB at Stamford Road with my best friend on Saturday mornings… this beautiful red brick building held so many fond memories of my childhood years and it was really nice seeing her and those welcoming palm trees again even if it was only in LEGO brick form.  How I’ve missed you!

Old National Library before it was demolished!

Game & Watch! Have you even heard of it? haha… back then, it was the most wanted toy ever. When exams were over, classmates would bring their own and we would exchange them to play in class. I hope my Primary School Classmate is reading this! Chwee Hoon are you there! LOL!

Game & Watch – OCTOPUS

I had this particular one – Octopus! There were others like Popeye, Helmut, Fireman. These were the electronic games that we played with back then before the smart phone, ipads of today.

Every Singaporean child must surely know McDonald’s! Then, it was a treat to go to McDonald’s on Sunday for lunch haha… I remember my parents bringing me to the YMCA branch after church every Sunday and I would be smiling from ear to ear. Having a McDonald’s Party or being invited to one was the coolest thing ever.. things are quite a little different now… People queue for MacDonald’s to get that Hello Kitty toy and throw the food away… sighs!

Crowd queuing for limited edition Hello Kitty Toys at McDonald’s

The Heritage Dragon Playgrounds are all the rage now and every happening mum has brought their kiddos to try out this old fashion fun playground. I remember having hours of fun with friends on these simple slides oh so long ago! Simply love the Watermelon playground too!

Infamous Heritage Dragon Playgrounds from my childhood days!

Love the LEGO Watermelon playground, don’t you? The ‘sand’ is just so inviting! haha!

Much to our delight, we saw Singa there too! Wey doesn’t quite know who or what is Singa but he thought it was pretty cute too! LOL!

Singa the Courtesy Lion that we knew so well.. .Courtesy is for free, Courtesy is for you and me… hahaa

This unique Peranakan Tingkat (Tiffin Carrier) and the tin of jewel biscuits was one of my favourites. Every bit of detail made of LEGO, from the Old Chinese Calendar, the tin container, the jewel biscuits, old radio and the lovely Tingkat! This is local creativity to the max!

Today in History- Proclamation of Independence on 9 Aug 1965

I was surprised that the little one immediately recognised this SG memory! I hadn’t noticed it and initially only thought it was Parliament House. Wey told me “Mama look! This is when we queued to pay our respects to Lee Kuan Yew” I asked him how did he know… He replied “Look at the half-mast!” And I realised he was right.

Amazingly Detailed Builds

The hubby and I have been LEGO fans for sometime now and have been avidly collecting LEGO Modular Sets. When I saw the online photographs of some of the amazing building displays made for this show, we had to come to admire them.


Row of Peranakan Houses at Koon Seng Road. Amazing? Love the cornice work, tiny gates and lanterns!

We were definitely not disappointed by the beautiful builds which included the row of Koon Seng Road Peranakan Houses, other Heritage buildings and even the most modern and iconic HDB, The Pinnacle @ Duxton. How nice if LEGO produces these sets to build!

Peranakan House at Emerald Hill

The detailing was amazing and we were delighted to see how special parts were used differently to depict the unique architecture of these old buildings. Simply love this iconic building Katong Bakery!

The Little Red Brick Show (SG50 Edition)

The familiar red building in the East ~ Katong Bakery

Another walk down memory lane is the old Chinatown Building… not quite sure if it is still around now though. 

This is so cute! I wish there was instructions to make my own!


Pinnacle @ Duxton – Amazing work!

By chance there was also a LEGO workshop organised by The Little Red Brick(LUG) while we were there, so we happily registered.

Following Instructions to build the bauble and then taking it apart to create alternate builds

Jeffrey Kong of Artisan Bricks conducted the workshop and encouraged the participants to explore new ways to build with different parts other than following the instructions. We were told to have fun and think of alternate builds with our given pack of bricks.   Wey thoroughly enjoyed the session too and managed to come up with a few of his own creations… LOL!

So if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, don’t miss this event because even if you are not a LEGO fan, the nostalgia is guaranteed to bring back lovely memories and will definitely put a smile on your face!  The awesome displays are available for viewing 1-28 August 2015 at the Central Library foyer.  For more information on LEGO events, check out Facebook Group – I’m a Singaporean Adult Fan of Lego (AFOL) and Brickfinder.

To the wonderful and talented Singapore AFOL builders, thanks for inspiring little minds and the not so young ones like myself too!

Thanks for joining us on SAys! Happy Mums.  If you liked what you read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon.

~ SAys! Audrey

About The Little Red Brick Show (SG50 Edition)

1st – 28th August

Central Public Library

100 Victoria St, 188064

About The Little Red Brick

Founded in 2013, The Little Red Brick is a Singapore-based LEGO Users Group (LUG) that aims to engage the local building community and creating an environment conducive to sharing of building techniques and creations. Led by a passionate group of LEGO fans, the LUG is at the forefront of many community engagement projects and where possible, tries to give back to society through charity efforts.

Check them out on Facebook :


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15 thoughts on “SG50 Treasured Singapore Memories |The Little Red Brick Show @Central Library

  1. Fun for free! Why not right? These people are so talented! I can hardly build a nice anything with duplos! Hahaha putting all these blogs on the exhibition together, I’ve seen it all already. Don’t have to go down to see it for myself! Although I’d love to, i would be too busy babysitting the two little ones rather than appreciating every single exhibit which i would very much prefer to! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Thanks for sharing. I went down too early today and had to wait for 20min before they opened at 11am. The creators are so talented! My son and I were totally amazed by some of the displays and I think he was inspired.


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