Jubilee SG50 RSAF Black Knights Aerial Performance

We made a very last minute decision to rush for the aerial performance by our RSAF Black Knights over at Marina Bay yesterday.  Having caught few magnificent stunts on several video and photo channels sent by friends and on the official Facebook of Republic of Singapore Air Force, we rushed off immediately after the kids’ classes ended at 1030am.

Hubby dropped us off by the road side at Singapore Island Cruise Centre when it was apparent that the carpark was already full.  On the guidance by the Traffic Police on duty, he proceeded to park at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre multi-storey carpark and walked back for about 10 minutes to join us.  Photo below shows where we sat around to watch the entire aerial display.  Background shows the exit point of Marina Bay MRT Station (right) and to the left, the Singapore Island Cruise Centre.  It was really a convenient exit point for the mass as hordes of people were seen exiting the MRT station to line along the shore line just to watch the show.


Here are some of our photo memories and all photographs were taken using the complimentary loan set of TG-4 TOUGH camera from Olympus Singapore.


What do we do while waiting?  Picnic, of course!  Thankful for the wonderful weather throughout.

What do we do while waiting? Picnic, of course! Thankful for the wonderful weather throughout.

The first sighting of the arrival of the Black Knights!  They are finally here at 12.00 noon after much anticipation and the crowd cheered too!


The Opening Curtain where the six Black Knights fan downwards from the top of the loop after a Delta Formation.


The Spear Formation.


The Sapphire Fly By formation in a tight, almost gapless line up in front of the crowd.


Low & Slow > Muscle Climb | Here, the F-16s deliberately slowed down as the planes flew past the entire shore line at their slowest speed possible.  Too bad that I didn’t manage to catch a nice image with the afterburners in sync.  The sound was thunderous as it was so close over head.  Everyone cheered and clapped, feeling proud of the skills, might and power of our very own Air Force team.


I think here, they were doing either the Lab Loop here.


Four Black Knights pulling up together to form the Ruby Formation.


The tight Ruby Formation fly past.


The only photograph that I enlarged a further 10% before cropping.  This is the best I could do as I had already zoomed in 4x (maximum limit) while taking this shot whole the fighter jet was doing a Knife Edge with the aircraft flying at 90-degrees on it’s side.  It’s my most favourite photo of the day as it proudly showed off our national flag on the F-16.


The Finale Burst where all six Black Knights pull-up in a Delta formation and break away in an evenly spaced fan-burst.


I got the names of these various formations from MINDEF’s official release here.  If you are keen in all the details, pls refer to this link for the names of all the 22 stunts and how they are executed.

While this is our first time and we did not do much homework before going down, we ended up at the most convenient (just outside the MRT) but not the most ideal spot.  Nevertheless, if there is any similar performance next year, we would know where we should have been!  ❤


Thank you, Black Knights and Olympus Singapore, for the awesome memories!  I believe everyone left the venue feeling mighty proud and satisfied with the wonderful weather and magnificent performance.  Here’s sharing one of the videos posted by RSAF on their official Facebook.  Watch it if you have not already done so or are overseas this weekend.  Just click on the print screen below or link here.


May Singapore be forever in peace and not take for granted what we have and own now.  It certainly was unimaginable how our forefathers overcame all the odds just so that we have an enjoyable life in our generation.  Thank you, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, for having the foresight and for having spent your entire life dedicated to a better life for all of us.  50 years since Singapore’s Independence, I woke up today at 9AM, feeling secured and blessed for as long as I can remember.


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~ SAys! Shirley

Disclaimer : This is NOT a sponsored post.  All opinions expressed remain our own.  Photographs, unless otherwise stated, belong to SAys! Happy Mums.  Please do not reproduce without prior permission.




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  2. Hi! Your photos came up when I was searching for some photos of planes formation. Can I use the 8th photo from the top on one of my school noticeboard. It looks very clear. I’ll acknowledge the source of the photo.

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