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Have you been patronising book sales and making use of the excellent discount on great books? SG Book Deals has a warehouse clearance right now.  Both of us, Shirley & Audrey, and our friends had swept the sales venue for a total of 6 boxes of children’s books over the weekend, twice, and definitely going back for more before it ends.


Our boys sharing a good find together.

Here’s the rules – Grab an empty carton box available at the entrance. The given box has dimensions of 404x246x242mm.  Fill up as many books as you want and can.  If they can cover and tape it, you just need to pay S$50 for it.  There’s been various occasions of leeway whereby some of us had to leave with box covers closed tightly, while we had seen some others enjoyed their purchases with over-bulging boxes.  There was no fixed rules on that during the initial sales period but you can count on it to get stricter by now 😦

Come! Let’s take a look at our loot >.<

Box 1

Box 1

We called this the Horrible Box  ;b

Box 2 – We called this the Horrible Box ;b


Box 3

Box 4

Box 4 – 80 books!





K inherited a big set of Goose Bumps series from 20+ years ago. She was so happy to find these new titles from Scholastics!


Pocket Heroes series (Chris Inns & Dave Woods) is a kiddy version with modern day humour. Shirley enjoyed reading Robin Hoodie to R yesterday on the MRT ride. He didn't catch the jokes though but primary school kids would be able to. Don't miss it!

And to end the sneak peak with our friend’s box of 89 (+2 not shown) books!!! How value of money for that??!!

We thank our friends for sharing some of their loot with us so that you will know these titles are out there too!

Its the last warehouse clearance sales for the year and will end on 10th Aug ’15.  According to their Facebook, they replenish stock on a daily basis.  But the next restock for children’s books is only scheduled on upcoming Friday, 7th Aug.  There’s a wide range of books from children to adult, fiction and non-fiction, and various sections catering to different interests (cooking/gardening/history/ religion, etc.).

We noticed that there was not too much of illustrated books for preschoolers unless yours is an avid reader reading thick chapter books at 6yo.  But then nobody says one can’t stock up for the next two years perhaps?!  >.<

Only CASH or NETS is accepted.  So do hop over and be early just so you can grab the best books!  We mean it when we SAys! to hang on to your books until you can firmly decide to say “NO” to it.  This is because once you put it down, you’re never going to see it again!

Here’s the event details to the SG Book Deals.  Don’t miss it!!!  And don’t forget your trolley if you are not keen in building muscles!


If you’re using the GPS, do NOT key in the address.  It will bring you to HDB block.  Instead, use the postal code to navigate instead.  Below photo taken from SG Book Deals Facebook.


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~ SAys! Shirley & Audrey

Disclaimer : This is NOT a sponsored post.  All opinions expressed remain our own. Photographs unless otherwise stated are copyright of SG Book Deals.


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