Kids SAys!…..the Darnest Things

Inspired by our friend Aurelia, we went to dig into our past Facebook posts featuring the darnest things that THEY SAys!  Everything was so memorable.  We had a few good laughs.  Despite being over the past few years, everything seemed like they happened recently when we look back.  Have fun reading and we hope you enjoy our little moments.

Arranged in chronological order :-

10 Jul 2015 : K @ 8+

Putting K to sleep at my SIL’s room. I get bitten 2x by mosquito in matter of 5 minutes.

K : how can it be? I never get bitten and I am in the same blood group as u.
Me : I’m sweeter than u. That’s why.
K (gave me a long blank look. Then shook her head) : No. Cannot be.



27 Jun 2015 : K @ 8+

Shortly after lights off.

Me : Children, we shall have ah yi mummy’s yoghurt for tomorrow’s tea break again ok!
(Chorus) NooooOooOooooo
Me : Daddy?
Hubby : NoooOoooOooo
K : Mum, it’s 3 against 1.  So we shall not have any yoghurt.
Me : But I’m mummy!  You’ll eat it tomorrow.
K : (Without thinking) Ok ok, let’s go by age.  Dad is 41, I’m 8, Didi is 6.  Total is……55.  And you’re only 39.  We win you again!  Yay!
(Me left feeling amused with her train of thoughts……)


15 Mar 2015 : K @ 7+

Home and bathed after Cinderella the movie. K & I had a little chat while drying her hair.

Me: do u want to watch Cinderella again? (Half hoping yes cos actually it was me who wanted to)
K : huh, why? With my friends?
Me : no, just u and me. I can arrange to bring u.
K : err…How abt dad n R? Dad needs to watch shows u know?
Me : why?
K : I need adventurous parents.
(Me thinking, what’s it gotta do with adventure, man?!)
K : I need adventurous parents so that u guys can teach me poaching. U know, like poaching pheasants. The boy in the Roald Dahl story? He’s just 8yo u know. His parents taught him how to poach pheasants. (And went on telling me abt the stupid rooster which ended up as dinner)
Me : orh! Ok!

15 Mar 2015

10 Mar 2015 : R @ 5+

The day after spending some moments doing nothing but just to watch him sleep in the morning.

10 Mar 2015

Shir : Didi, do you want to go back into mama’s tummy?

R : No. Because I want to smell your hair.


11 Mar 2015 : R @ 5+

The next day at night.

Shir : Didi, you sure you don’t want to go back into mama’s tummy?  I want you to be my baby forever.

R : No. Because I don’t want to start all over again.



24 Feb 2015 : Wey @ 5+

Wey : My teacher said “I love you, N!” again! This is the 2nd time already, you know, Mama.

Audrey : Wow, so are you happy or shy?

Wey: sheepish smile (obviously shy)

Audrey : so next time u tell her, “u wana marry me?”

Wey: no! How can, she’s an adult. She’ll be so old u know, when i can marry.

Audrey : hahaa isn’t that better then she can take care of u like how mama takes care of u.

Wey: (thinking hard) errrh…. … No! I dowan.

Lol! I guess boys will always want a sweet young thing?


04 Feb 2015 : K @ 7+

About housework

Yesterday during lunch, K asked, “Mummy, next time when I grow up, do I need to do all the housework?”

I had wanted to say yes u must help but i asked her “why do you say that?” instead.

K : because Ah Ma is doing housework, 阿公 never do。 婆婆 also did all the housework at 婆婆’s house. 公公 never do.

Moral of story : Kids watch what’s happening at home.  Teach your girls to find a husband who helps out in chores at home.

12 November 2014

12 Nov 2014

10 October 2014 : 人家说,"他们是 Ah Beng 和 Ah Seng 的儿子。"

10 October 2014 : 人家说,”他们是 Ah Beng 和 Ah Seng 的儿子。”

02 Oct 2014 : K @ 7.5yo

Brought them out to play after Children’s Day celebration in school.  I was totally flat after that without wanting to be stressed over a meal.

K : Mummy, now u feel very very peaceful right??

Shir : keep nodding cos i 讲不出话 alreadyz

K : Because this is the food that we like. So we can eat very very fast.

Happy Meal @ MacDonald's

Happy Times @ MacDonald’s

20 Aug 2014 : K @ 7+ / R @ 4+

Overheard in the car :-
R : Unker Nico. Is he very fat??
K : No didi. He’s just plump. U don’t call him fat.
R : Ohhh



08 Aug 2014 : K @ 7+

The kids were singing One People One Nation One Singapore in the car. Then R started making fun of the lyrics with poot poot here and there.

K : Stop it R! It’s so rude! This is our country’s song! We must love our country. If u don’t love Singapore, then u go to other country!!!


15 Feb 2014 : K @ 6+yo

Show & Tell Preparation for P1.  NO IDEA!

15 Feb 2015


05 Feb 2014 : K @ 6+yo

Picking her up after school and tried to start a conversation for the evening.

Shir : How’s your day?
K : good1 good2 good3 good4 (in hypy)



4 Jan 2014 : K @ 6+

K: Mum, u know Chelsea said her friend is very tall already? She’s almost to your ear already.
Me: Wow that’s very tall! (Thinking preschooler)
K: She’s in University already!
Me: Oh! Then she’s very short!
K: Do u know how to grow taller? By playing basketball. Then why is Chelsea so tall?
Me: Cos her daddy & mummy are tall too.
K: U’really short rite? and daddy is tall. So I’m tall and didi is short rite?
Me: Ya didi abit short. Hope he will be taller when older.
K: Mum, u don’t need to worry! There’s so many baby gals! All over the world!
Me: ???
K: There’s so many baby gals out there! Didi still can find a gf!



22 Nov 2013 : Wey @ 4+

Wey : Look mama! This is when mama was pregnant with me!
Audrey : @0@ wahahhaa

22 November 2013


03 Oct 2013 : Wey @ 4+

The picture my dear boy drew while he missed his mummy…

Wey : “Mama, it’s a picture of you when you brought me to Bishan Park with K jiejie and Didi to catch fish”

Audrey : “Why is there a hole on your leg?”

Wey : “That’s when I fell down”

( actually he mixed up going to Bishan Park when he caught fish and Seng Kang Park when he fell down)

*instant meltz*

03 October 2013


23 May 2013 : Wey @ 3+

Wey : Mama my friend bit me at school today, you know??!!

Audrey : Why did she bite you? Did do something naughty to her?

Wey : erh no! She did so many naughty things today you know?

Audrey : really? Hehee? What did she do?

Wey : ya! She 不听课! And so many so many other things, you know??!!

Audrey : ooo …. (Wondering where is this leading to)

Wey : ya!!! Mama, I think she will grow up to be a robber , ‘cos she’s so naughty right now!! (humph)

Audrey : Faintz!! Hhahaha …

23 May 2013


15 May 2013 : K @ 6yo

Kristy was wondering why the dark cloud can follow us so fast from JW to Sentosa. Then she concluded :

Mum, there’s lots of traffic light on the road. So even though we travel very fast, the cloud can still catch up with us! This is because there’s no traffic light in the sky! And the wind will just blow & blow & the cloud wouldn’t stop.

15 May 2013


08 May 2013 K @ 6yo

K: Mum, can u don’t say bad words ?
Me: Wat did I say ? (I really didn’t say anything cos was busy eating & posting)
K: Wanna – Can u don’t say ‘wanna’?  Its bad English. I will learn it.
Me : ok
K: So u don’t say it until i’m adult ok?
Or how abt u don’t say it until i’m 12?

(Is she giving me pity thinking that I will die if I don’t say bad word?)


06 Feb 2013 : R @3+

This happened after changing didi into his PJ.

R : Mama mama! There’s something in my pyjamas! I need to take it out. (holding his pj footing helplessly)

Shir : I feel around & felt 2 lego sized and quite hard things around his foot. So i undress him again and fished out 2 pcs of blacky looking thing. Rolled it around in my palm. Was thinking of milo ball cereal and trying to decide if the not-totally-solid thing and triangle-shaped thing is indeed melted milo balls, somehow.

Just as i put it to my nose, K shouted ‘大便?’.

I screamed and the kids screamed in enjoyment at the look on my face too. I then ran to the toilet in the next second. Shucks!

*perks of a mum*


18 Dec 2012 : Wey @ 3+

Audrey : Ok learn to write letter P. Make a straight line down and then make a round little belly, just like a pregnant lady… ‘P’ is for pregnant…

Wey : huh? why? ‘P’ is for pregnant?

Audrey : Yes ‘P’ is for pregnant

Wey : Oh, then I want to draw a little baby inside the P

Audrey : Huh??!! frown emoticon

Wey : See mummy, I’m drawing a baby inside the pregnant P… This 1st ‘P’ is Auntie Shirley Yong with Didi & K jiejie, 2nd ‘P’ is you, Mummy! 3rd ‘P’ is Auntie Tracy with S, last ‘P’ is Auntie Yvette with S……

Audrey: Whoa! (@0@) Faints!

P is for Pregnant


 28 Nov 2012 : Wey @ 3+

Audrey : If you jump like that and hit your head if you fall, you  can become stupid

Wey : huh? Did u call me stupid? (pretend mean look with finger pointing at me)

Audrey : Nope I did not, I said that if you fall and hit your head, you can become stupid.

Wey : Did you call me stupid??!! (pretend meaner look at me)

Audrey : I did not and don’t change my words

Wey : humph! We shall not be friends anymore! (runs off in a pretend huff and side smile)

Audrey : Goodness!


4 Mar 2011 : K @ 3+

Kristy said last nite, “Didi, cannot come into the kitchen. Wait you become Cinderella. Quick come out!”


Do share with us in the comments before what kind of kids talk you have at home.  We, Shirley and Audrey here, hope that you have enjoyed reading our post.  Do follow us at our Facebook page for future updates!  See you back again soon 🙂

~ SAys! Shirley & Audrey and our little ones, K, Wey and R  🙂


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  1. I had to keep this as my last read on the blog hop so that I can immense myself totally in the kids’ banters! I should start jotting down conversations at home. What great memories this make! I like it that her mental Suns are so quick to win you on the age hahaha


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