{Review + Giveaway} Boxgreen Subscription ~ Better Snacking Starts Here

Following our first discovery of Boxgreen snack box subscription in April, we have since been enjoying healthier snacks at home without having to include these into our weekly grocery list and wasting time scrutinising into pack after pack of packaging labels at the supermarket.  I sometimes do buy junk food, especially if it’s for myself.  But the very basic rule is to put them back onto the shelves if anything spells “Made in China” (except for my cannot-let-go Maling Luncheon Meat and canned Ter Ka).  Sigh!

Right here, we have the snack box for June’s subscription and I’m very excited to share how delightfully crunchy and naturally sweet my favourite flavour ~ Coco Berry Smoothie is (was because I’ve finished it in one morning).

All snacks are natural with no preservatives and BoxGreen works with a nutritionist to come up with new snacks each month.  From their initial start up of 80 boxes each day to the current 500 boxes daily, it resonates the built-up voice of many who are now choosing healthier eating and who wants to know what they put inside their body.


Boxgreen ~ June ’15

Peanut Pretzel Muddy Bites | Pretzels, Chocolate Chips, Peanuts, Cashews

“Something salty, something crunchy, something sweet.”  This sounds like the perfect snack to bring out for an outing with the kids.  However, both the kids and I didn’t get to sample Peanut Pretzel Muddy Bites because my dear beloved brought it to office for his personal consumption (without asking me for “permission”).  Humph!  I told u he’s a nut-lover earlier right?

Coco Berry Smoothie | Toasted Coconut Flakes, Cranberries, Pineapple Cubes

Coconut reminds me of the beach or Changi Village Food Centre.  It’s a must-have drink at either locations.  So what does one do when the cooling coconut drink served in it’s husk is not readily available?  Simply grab a pack of Coco Berry Smoothie to ease the craving!   I had this combination of sweet crunchy toasted coconut flakes, dried cranberries and sweet pineapple cubes added into my morning serving of Kefir milk.  As the Kefir milk is served cold without added sugar (except milk), coupling it with sweet and delightful bites makes it a rich and wholesome breakfast for that morning rush.


Pina Okinawa | Edamame, Pineapple Cubes

Both K and R are big fans of edamame beans.  We usually keep a frozen pack at home for afternoon tea time.  Simply boil it (without thawing) for a few minutes, rinse them under cold running water for a minute.  Then serve!  Each of them are able to eat a big 10-cm bowl of edamame beans by themselves.  I’d be broke if they eat this way at the restaurants.  It’s the first time I’ve come across dried edamame beans.  This packet of Pina Okinawa has a little savoury flavour to the light and crunchy beans.  Paired with the sweet pineapple cubes, the combination is a potent combination of sweet and savoury delight.  It’s just like going to the cinema and not being able to decide whether you would like a box of all-sweet or all-salty popcorn to enjoy the movie with.  You end up getting a half-half mix most of the time for the best of both worlds!


Here, this is the usual milk Kefir I served for the kids, topped with Pina Okinawa, dried apricots and 3 marshmallows for them to savour.

Tart & Tangy Appleberry | Dried Apple Bits & Cranberries

With the scorching heat from the current hot days, I got the kids to make iced popsicles using Kefir yoghurt and allowed them a packet of Boxgreen snack to be added into it. They read each of the 4 flavours from June’s subscription box and decided on Tart & Tangy Appleberry.  Together with their favourite basil seeds, we instantly gathered all the ingredients within 5 minutes and started pouring into the popsicle mould from Daiso.  The milk Kefir was of course, prepared and left to ferment the night before.  It’s funny how a simple exercise like this can make the kids very happy.  They were just very satisfied mixing their own “recipe” and “setting” it into moulds.  ❤


Here is R, carefully spooning the contents with full concentration so as to minimize wastage.  Every drop counts, you know?!  ^.^  R doesn’t like cranberries as much and hence had lesser of it added compared to the dried apple bits.  I had to control him in case K get left behind with just cranberries!


I secretly added more dried cranberries into each popsicle mould when the kids weren’t looking.  What they don’t know, wouldn’t be bad for them.  As expected, they finished up everything over two nights.  Why am I such an evil mum?  ;b


On the same night, this is a video of R enjoying his homemade creation.  I can say all I wanted to say about how nice and yummilicious the Kefir yoghurt is but you may not believe me still.  Well, this video will do the talking instead.  With his favourite and healthier snacks added into the “ice cream”, he’s just more than glad to slurp up everything in order to reach the snacks.  Does he look like he hated it?  ;p


Boxgreen ~ June ’15 (how it looks like from the back of packaging)

If you’re convinced to snack the healthier way, do consider Boxgreen, a Singaporean e-Commerce company supplying natural, healthy and wholesome snacks delivered to your mail box every month.  We have a DISCOUNT CODE and a GIVEAWAY tagged onto this review.  Read on to find out how.

How It Works

Boxgreen Plans

Fill in your billing and delivery details after selecting your plan.

Discount Code!

Good news!  We have a discount code to share with our readers.  For the month of July and August, just key in the promo code : SAys20 to enjoy 20% off the first box (1-mth subscription).  Then wait for about 1 week for your first box to arrive.  Subsequent boxes should be received in the 1st week of each month.

Do share with us if your subscription is yummilicious too!  We can’t wait for the July box to arrive! ❤

Recommended for You

How It Works

Fill in a 4- question survey on your dietary preference and get directed to a page with a list of recommended snacks based on your answers to the survey. It’s very fuss-free and quick!

Simply go to top right hand corner under OUR SNACKS and select RECOMMENDED FOR YOU.  Base on a 1-click survey of 4 questions relating to your dietary goal and snacking habits, you will be brought to the screen below after completing the short questionaire.  Boxgreen makes a recommendation with a list of different snacks for your consideration on the left side of the screen.  Simply click and drag your selections into “MY PANTRY BOX” on the right or leave it blank for a Surprise!.  A reminder that every box delivered will consist of 4 different types of snacks, not 8.  However, do be encouraged to choose all 8 options in case any particular flavour is out of stock.

This customized feature is fantastic for anyone who has food allergies so being able to select what you think that best suits your dietary plan is the best!

Recommend for You

A portion of what was recommended to us. There’s more than 20 choices to select from and we couldn’t really decide which to choose.

Get Free Credits with Referrals

Everyone snacks!  Sharing your invite link is the easiest way to rack up free credits.  Every new snacker who signs up with your code will get $5 off their first box, and you’ll earn $5 off your next billing cycle for spreading the word.  It’s the ultimate win-win.

Get Free Credits

Click FREE CREDITS at top left hand corner of page after you logged in.

1 Box = 1 Meal

For every box delivered, Boxgreen will donate a meal through Willing Hearts to help the underprivileged, the needy, and other marginalised members in Singapore.  This is what they’re doing as a form of return to the societ

[Ended] GIVEAWAY TIME [Ended]

Thanks to the our kind sponsor, Boxgreen, we’ve got 2 boxes of wholesome healthy snacks, worth more than $40, for giveaway to readers of SAys! Happy Mums! That’s right! 2 lucky readers will a box each in the following month. Yay!!

To take part and qualify, please make sure all the following steps are completed:

1) {Compulsory} COMMENT on this blog post with your Facebook Name and your email address (for contact purposes in case you win).

2) {Compulsory} LIKE SAys! Happy Mums  and Boxgreen on Facebook.

3) {Compulsory} LIKE and SHARE this Facebook post with the caption “Tag @Friend A  @Friend B  @Friend C @Friend D @Friend E  @SAys Happy Mums has 2 natural & healthy snack box from @Boxgreen to give away.”.  DO set your post to PUBLIC so that we are able to verify your entry.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Giveaway ends 22 July 2015, Wednesday at 11.59PM.
  • Prize is fixed and cannot be changed to a different item.
  • Winner(s) will be notified by the email provided under the blog comments and must reply within 48 hours, failing which, a new winner will be drawn, without notice.
  • Prize will be delivered to Winner(s) via normal mail.  The subscription box fits into standard postal boxes!  Pls note that Boxgreen and SAys! Happy Mums will not be responsible should there be lost mail.
  • This giveaway is open to Singapore residents only.
  • Incomplete entries will be disqualified without notice. Decisions are final and no changes/disputes will be entertained.
  • All information is solely collected for the purpose of this giveaway and we will not send unsolicited emails to your inbox unless you have opted to subscribe to us (on the right!).
  • This giveaway is in no manner associated with any social media accounts except our blog.

Best of luck and we hope to catch you snacking to a healthier life very soon!

[Edited 28 Jul ’15 ->]


Thanks to your support, we have picked 2 winners for this giveaway.  We will be contacting you shortly via email on redemption method.


[<- Edited 28 Jul ’15]

Thanks to Boxgreen Singapore for the generous sponsorship.  We received sample boxes for review purposes.  All photographs (unless otherwise stated) and opinions are our own.

Thanks for joining us at SAys! Happy Mums.  Pls do follow us at our Facebook page for more updates.  Hope to see you back again soon! 🙂

~ SAys! Shirley

Wait!  There’s more!  Read on below to find out how to win 1 year’s worth of Boxgreen snacks delivered to your mailbox!

About Boxgreen Singapore






We are on a mission to promote healthier snacking by sourcing and delivering natural and healthier snacks straight to the customers hands, in the most hassle-free way possible.

WebFacebook | Twitter | Instagram

Enquiries : sales@boxgreen.co



Boxgreen Giveaway

Just subscribe to their mailing list with your email and click “Yes Please!”.  What’s better?  Refer 5 friends to join the giveaway and double your chance! Hit 10 and you get a FREE box right away!  Joining the above contest does not mean a confirmed subscription.  You need to go through the procedures and make payment in order to get subscribed.

WIN IT NOW: https://www.boxgreen.co/summergiveaway.  There’s only about 2 weeks left to participate.  Good luck!


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We are a Singapore Mum Blog hosted by BFFs Shirley & Audrey. We blog about our children, parenting and family lifestyle. Most often than not, we find ourselves immersed in family and kids entertainment and can't escape from the lure of great food!

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