Jurassic World : Dinosaurs Rule the Screens!

Last weekend was a real Movie weekend for us.  After watching Minions on Friday, we finally had the chance to catch Jurassic World on Sunday. And boy, did we have fun!

Jurassic World

Those of us who grew up with the Jurassic Park movies may find that there’s nothing really new in this latest instalment but still it’s a great movie worth catching with the kiddos because it’s a whole new world for them since they’ve probably never even heard of Jurassic Park or watched it. Plus, it’s always a better experience watching it on the Big Screen than on the TV. (Plus, plus, plus, it’s Chris Pratt! yipeee!! hehee…)


The movie is set 22 years after the disastrous events in the former “Jurassic Park”. Now the new theme park ”Jurassic World” is open once again for visitors. For the sake of more Wow factor, the park’s research team is constantly innovating and re-inventing new ‘discoveries’ by cloning and creating new dinosaurs every 3 years. We are immediately told that a new ”asset” is about to be unveiled and it’s none other than the genetically modified, Indominus Rex! Indom??..WHAT!!??! Yeah you’ve never heard of this dinosaur, I bet! Even Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) says “That isn’t a dinosaur!”

Jurassic World

Source : Jurassic Park Facebook

The Indominus Rex – is white, bigger, badder and probably smarter than any dinosaur we’ve ever imagined, it’s every parents’ nightmare (hahaha!) In fact, it’s a mystery what Dr Henry Wu used to make this new dinosaur … and so the excitement, thrills and screams follow as this beast manages to trick the humans and escape its confines to bring new found terror in the park! Woohoo….

Jurassic World 2015

Happy at last to catch Jurassic World at GV Plaza

I had my fair share of Scream-Out-Loud moments during the show but it was good fun, not terribly scary, I promise! Initially, I was a little worried that the kiddo may get scared and that it may be gory. But we’ve emerged happy and chirpy and wanting more! It was a good time of family bonding fun and of course I got a lot of hugs from the little One too! Hahha!

One is drawn into the amazement and wonder of the Jurassic World Dinosaur Theme Park and almost silently wishes that it is a reality so we could visit as well. Wey was definitely in awe of all the different and realistic dinosaurs in the movie… It captured his imagination and it was definitely Wow factor for him. What got us excited was the Mosasaurus (something none of the previous Jurassic Park movies had)!

Watch the trailer and you will see why Jurassic World has captured Wey’s imagination! I would watch Jurassic World all over again in a heart beat!

A week later, Wey is still talking about the big dinosaurs in Jurassic World and has been asking to watch Jurassic Park. The hubs has been digging at our old stash of DVDs and managed to find The Lost World: Jurassic Park for Wey to watch and he’s watched it 3 times since! So this mummy is going Amazon Shopping to pick up the trilogy Jurassic Park Collection in Blue-ray at US$26, DVDs are only US$4.75! Can’t wait till we receive the trilogy set!

If you haven’t already gone to watch this show, don’t miss it on the Big Screen! It’s worth the popcorn money!

~ SAys! Audrey 🙂

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