How do you Zap those Jet Lag Blues??!!

I struggled a little with jet lag the last 2 days since we’ve been back but today it seems well and good so far.

For me, it always seems like the going there is easier than the coming home. I attribute it to excitement of starting a holiday. The excitement and adrenalin definitely helps stay away the effects of jet lag! On the other hand, I guess the pure fatigue and tiredness from the holiday itself doesn’t help when one is returns home.

Still in pyjamas… Happy and cheery even though it’s 4.30am!

This trip to the US was our very first with the kiddo, having been previously daunted by the prospect of a long 25 hour flight with a young child. We’ve previously done Hong Kong, Bali, Gold Coast and the longest one being Sydney. Wey flies pretty well and seldom has trouble on board even though we flew budget to Australia and there was no inflight entertainment.

All eyes fixed on the take off!

Here’s how we tried to help the little one chase those jet lag blues away even before they threaten to creep up on him:

1) Sleep Alot and at the Right time

I think sleeping at the right time helps a lot. 

When we got on the plane to start our long journey to the US, I was conscious to try to slowly adjust Wey’s timing to the US time. It also helps that the US is 12 hours behind us, so I figured stretching the first few hours without sleep on board would be ideal.

Switching time zones so sleeping in broad daylight is fine!

On the day of travel, we woke early around 4am to get to the Airport. The excitement kept Wey awake all the way until we boarded the plane to fly. Once on board, I hoped he would not sleep again as it was only about 7pm US time. We made use of the onboard entertainment to keep awake, all the time reminding him that he needed to take a short nap later. This intended nap was to match the US bed time. So little by little we had already started to switch his clock around.

2) Night is the Best Arrival Time

As it was to be, our arrival in the US was evening time and by the time we got the car and headed to the hotel, it was well passed 9pm. This helped a lot with adjusting as we were all very tired out by then, having been on 3 airplanes plus transit times. It was straight to bath and pyjamas for us. We were really glad to snuggle up and stretch out on a flat bed to have  a good night’s rest.

So good to have a bed to sleep on at last! hahha.. the morning after we arrived in the US

It was good that we did not arrive in the daytime as that would mean that we would have to stay awake to ‘trick’ our body into switching time zones. How physically tiring that would have been!

3) Don’t let boredom set in

We were unexpectedly (or should I say expectedly) delayed for quite afew hours at Narita airport on the way home. We had already been on 2 planes to get to Narita, travelling almost 18hours already. Everyone was tired and any fight delay however minimal was not welcomed news!


My legs were already numb from all the hours of flying but the Autobots were ready to roll out! Tired but cheery boy!

I usually pack a lot of activities in the hand luggage in case the kiddo starts getting restless. These include toys, activity and sticker books, storybooks haha and even some homework!! :p I was glad that we had toys and things to keep Wey occupied and amused during the few hours at the airport so that his sleep could continue later on board and be more in sync with Singapore time.

 4) Stay Active!

Keeping active and moving around certainly helps to lose any of those jet lag blues. That’s why I still think that it’s always easier to cope with jet lag at the beginning of the trip because everyone is filled with anticipation and excitement for the holiday fun. On the other hand, for me at least, it’s tougher when returning home because one is always tempted to rest at home after such a long trip.

I was glad we were forced to leave the house because it was my Mum’s birthday on the next day after we arrived home, so we had to go celebrate!

All dressed up and ready to go out and celebrate Grandma’s birthday!

I think it helped the little one that he was allowed a lot of playtime, tv time and skipping his usual afternoon naps (which would have coincided with the US bedtime). Staying up until it was actual bedtime made for restful sleep and not being trapped in sleepless nights.

When does jet lag hit you, if it does at all?

Usually the first two days are tolerable and the challenge really comes on the third day (for me at least). After that it’s simply body fatigue that tells you that you need more rest. I guess, it’s just really important to listen to your body. If you need the rest, take it and maybe that’s why people often say they need a holiday from a holiday! 🙂

Every child’s highlight ~ To meet the Captain of the Flight!

Little Wey had no trouble at all getting pass any jet lag if he had any at all… it seems kids take time zone switches way better than us. Life is definitely more fun when you are kid! And he is all ready to go back to America in a heartbeat – not me though… no thanks! LOL!

~ SAys! Audrey 🙂

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18 thoughts on “How do you Zap those Jet Lag Blues??!!

  1. Lil Pumpkin travels well on planes too but so far I think the farthest is about 8hrs away.. haven’t dared to bring her anywhere longer than that yet although we’re thinking of going back to London soon. Thanks for the tips!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


  2. Travelling with kids are indeed challenging. Now that my kids are older , it’s a little easier. Can’t believe how we got through those days when they were a baby!


  3. Great tips! It is always challenging to engage kids when they are tired from long haul flights. Easier for parents if they are prepared for the worse, ie pack lots of favourite food and toys along 🙂



  4. I have never travelled with the kids to countries with large time difference from Singapore before. Nevertheless, we spend the 2 days after coming back to Singapore sleeping non-stop. Wahaha…


  5. I think Night is the Best Time to arrive is a great tip, although one of the toughest to abide, cos the Singaporean in me wanna make my money’s worth and arrive in the morning! 🙂


    • haha true true! I guess if the savings is worth more than 1N hotel, then is ok? But somehow, we were really blessed that the timing just fell in place perfectly. We arrived in the US at night and came home at night too! 🙂


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