Totally Messy But It’s AWESOME Fun ~ Cloud Dough

I used to do messy play more often in the past two years when I have much lesser shuttling to do.  A whole day together with both kids can really drive me crazy at times.  On some days, I just want to sit back and relax for a whole 2 hours without anyone disturbing me.  Allow me to introduce you to extra me-time from the kids.

Cloud Dough

Messy play is great for children who often find the need to tickle their senses.  While they are having a sensory blast with the dough, I find myself sitting back and relax.  Never mind about the sweeping up after the play.  The 2 hours is worth it and they also tire out the kids for the often-resisted afternoon nap.

Using only two ingredients, and almost instantly, you can make an awesome party right at home.  It’s absolutely great for any age, even adults will find it therapeutic!  So let’s get started right now!

Cloud Dough

Recipe for Fun :-

Plain Flour
Baby Oil (or Vegetable Oil)
Optional : Food Colouring
Optional : Food Fragrances

The above mixed together in the ratio of 8 portions of flour to 1 portion of oil.

Cloud Dough

I scoured through supermarkets and found that Sheng Siong has the cheapest flour in the market.  A 3-kg bag like this costs $5.  I cannot remember the price of Baby Oil but I also found that they are the cheapest at those neighbourhood shops retailing bath and body products.  For this bag of flour and using the same ratio of 8:1, I found that it’s nearly 2 bottles of Baby Oil.

Cloud Dough

Can’t wait any longer for the party to start!  She’s been waiting for her bestie to arrive since early morning.

I forgot to take a photo of the mixture the moment when baby oil is added.  So I dug up the below picture from 2012.

Cloud Dough

When R was 2+, he was apprehensive to touch the oil but not the flour.  You can tell that from the picture above that he’s just looking on and K was showing him how to do it.

Cloud Dough

Using the ratio 8:1, we got the P2 girls to do their maths using Division to calculate the no of cups of oil required for 24 cups of flour.

Cloud Dough

Another old photo ~ How Cloud Dough should look like

They can’t help digging in the moment we got everything measured.

Cloud Dough

Very soon, they were asking for colour!  So so there goes whatever I have in the fridge – expiring Pandan Paste and Banana Essence!  From that moment, it’s madness-in-da-house with the kids trying to get every drop of the colour into the flour.  They used up both the colour and essence by the way!  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Cloud Dough

With entire bottles of pandan paste and banana essence added, my corridor outside never smelled so nice before.  The next door neighbour even came out to check on the commotion and laughter and I believe she went ‘tsk tsk’ before going back into her house.  Hahahah!

Cloud Dough

You might have wondered how the texture of powdery soft, mouldable dough became like this (below) at the end of the play.  That’s because the kids started asking for WATER to be added too.  I think I gave them about 500ml of water.  Please adjust the amount of water cup by cup as having too much water will spoil the dough and probably end up as slurry  >.<   Slurry in the bathroom is fine, but I think it’ll be a big headache to clean up if it’s at the outside corridor.

Cloud Dough

Here’s sharing a video of them jumping on their dough.  Next time, I’ll get 3 bags of flour so they can have a bigger piece to jump on.  It looks so fun!  Let’s not talk about the cleaning up work.  It took me 2 days to recover from the STRENUOUS exercise of sweeping, scrapping up the smaller bits stuck to the ground, and flooding the corridor with pails of water after that.  But it’s all worth it as the kids and hubby took turn to give me massage for both nights too!  🙂

So, what are you waiting for?  Enjoy messy play while the children are still small.  Last week’s play was pretty mild compared to the memories I dug up from 2012.  The children have grown up not only physically.  But have also somewhat matured a little too fast?  😦

This was how they played – sitting and swimming in the pool of flour.  This is how fun should be!

Cloud Dough

I’m going to be shifting house next year.  The outside corridor would be a place I would miss.  It’s hard to find such spacious corridor and spacious walk way to the lift in new flats now.  And I definitely won’t have this at the new house 😦

Cloud Dough

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~ SAys! Shirley 🙂


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