Singapore Farm Fest 2015

We went to Singapore Farm Fest organised by the Kranji Countryside Association. Nyee Phoe (GardenAsia) was the venue sponsor that hosted the event over the weekend of 30th – 31st May ’15.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

With 50+ stalls at three different “marketplace”, it is no wonder that many families went there for outdoor bonding after the Term Two tests.  The entire road at Neo Tiew Crescent was lined with parked cars and there were traffic guardians who helped directed traffic.  Shuttle buses were also provided between Kranji MRT and the event entrance as a convenience for non-drivers to enjoy the event.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

Scene at The Market Place 1

Being the typical aunty, I was straightaway drawn by the array of fresh food and food stalls over at The Market Place 1 where locally farmed greens and snacks made using premium ingredients were aplenty to sample and buy.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

Stall layout at The Market Place 1

We saw this stall selling homemade jam at GSH Conserves.  Judging by the way the kids attacked the free flow bread and jam samples, the stall holders must have thought that my kids love jam way too much!

As if that is not enough to secure my moolah, the stall holder told me that the Mango & Lime jam serves as a awesome marinate for baked wings!  On top of that, he told me to email him if I find another new way of cooking with his jam. Argh….really caught my wallet there and then!

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

$24 for 2 bottles of jam. My hubby shouldn’t read this >.<

As always, I have a soft spot with food.  The thought and visual of good food never fail to get me and I can go think about it for days and I’d go right out of the way to get it if it entices me enough.  On the other hand, if it’s a cooking ingredient, I’d get it then wait ten thousand years before I find time to cook it.  But I’ll get to it soon, I promise!

Here’s looking at the texture and consistency of the Red Dragonfruit & Lychee jam.  It is lightly sweet and though looks a little watery, it does have some level of firmness to it (pectin at work).  We have been eating this for breakfast 3 times as the shelf life only lasts for a month once opened.  Better to quickly finish it than to have it rotten 😦

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

Red Dragonfruit & Lychee jam

We quickly hopped on to the next few stalls where the Poffertjes looked really delicious.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

Yummy Poffertjes

At $6 for a serving of 10 pieces the size of half a tako balls, I refrained myself from tasting it.  Patrons can choose ANY variety of toppings to go with the pancakes.  There were Nutella, peanut butter, jam, icing sugar, cocoa powder, butter, chocolate chips, etc etc.  The kids picked butter and icing sugar and before I knew it, were wolfing it down as if they haven’t been eating for 3 days.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

It must be the kind of perfect pancakes, for I see a stack of order slips about 20-cm tall. That is just on 1st day in the late afternoon.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

Yummy Poffertjes in the making.

Over at the next stall, I lingered a little too long looking at the tiramisu.  I found myself being persuaded that their tiramisu is the best in the world and no where else I would be able to taste it.  So, I had to buy a cup with salted caramel topping and shared with my dear girlfriend.  At $5.90 a cup, I would give it a miss the next time I come across this stall again.  I proudly insist that the ones I made are nicer >.<


Tiramisu with Salted Caramel Sauce

Later on, I spotted my classmate who was holding a stall for his company selling homemade Pesto Sauce using the fresh basil leaves from his urban farm over at ComCrop by The Living! Project.  I have shared a pasta recipe using both the Signature Classic and Spicy version that was available at the market place.  Only 90 bottles were produced for the event and all were sold out over the weekend.


Each bottle goes for $16 and honestly, it is not expensive considering how much basil leaves is required to make it at home for a decent serving.  Pine nuts are not cheap too.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

Over at The Market Place 2, there were not much that caught our fancy as a quick glimpse showed plants and pots for sale.  Sensing not much of a party in our interests, we quickly moved off to another area.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

However before we left, we noted that Thow Kuang Pottery was there too with a small pottery turntable for visitors to make their own dish and decorate it too. For a small surcharge, they will bring the completed craft back for firing and collection at later date.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

Woohoo!!  Sunset Party, here we come!  The Sunset Party is a tented huge area with several stalls selling handcrafted beers, to-die-for sambal chilli, ROAST PORK, finger food and etc etc.  We later got to know that this the place where visitors can gather and stay until 9pm.  Visitors can wind down from the day with great finger food, live music and ice cold beer.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

To get to The Sunset Party, we walked through the gallery and take a photo with the water column.  Nothing much inside the gallery except very pricey outdoor display items.  We moved on quickly as well.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

The gallery leads outside to a mini animal garden on the left, and the tented party area on the right.  The kids quickly led us to the mini zoo with nothing much except for 2 goats, 2 bullfrog housed in a plastic fish tank, a chicken family and quails.  Though pathetic, the kids did enjoy some moments of fun zipping about in the well-grassed garden.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

Having ran our hearts out at the mini garden, we proceeded to The Sunset Party soon enough to check out the food available for sale.  We have been recommended to try Uncle G’s roast pork.  However we didn’t get to try it as the Q was either lined with people waiting patiently for their portion, or it’s totally empty (when the pork was being roasted).  😦  Next time perhaps!

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

Shan’s Addition (apparently is Da Chilli Queen on the block).  At every other food stall, I spotted 3 bottles of her chilli for sampling.  Shan’s Addiction Chilli is made without MSG or preservatives and comes win 3 different flavours.  Each bottle is $6.  Out of the 3 flavours available, the Sambal wasn’t too impressive as I felt that it’s a little too sweet.  The Belachan also didn’t go well with the Baked Ikan Bilis I ordered to sample the chilli with.  In the end, her Lime Chilli totally captured my heart and stomach.  My friend, who is also a Chilli King, initially thought nothing of what I introduced.  He ended up addicted to it, eating every mouthful while bathing in his own sweat.  Thank goodness I don’t sweat like that!

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

Here’s looking at my $2/serving order of ikan bilis + Lime Chilli.  Can you feel the heat already?  Coupled with the crispy baked ikan bilis, the spicy lime chilli is fire on the tongue with every bite.  It is so addictive that even though I totally lost all senses on my tongue, I’d still go for it.  The word SHIOK couldn’t be more adequate to describe this chilli.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

For lovers of chilli and spice, don’t miss their stall if you next go to any Farmer’s Market.  Or Follow them on Facebook.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

Having had enough of food tasting, we went around to the fishing pond to people watch.  The kids were crying to have a fishing rod for themselves too but as I don’t dare to handle the live meal worms, I had to reject them.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

One can pay $15 for a small cup of meal worms like this and a bamboo fishing rod.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

There were also activities for kids, which we missed as they were already packing up from the last event by the time we come to know of this.

Singapore Farm Fest 2015

The thing is, banners and advertisements showed the event’s timing from 2pm to 9pm.  The truth is, all the stalls at The Market Place 1 & 2, as well as kids activity area, closes at 5-6pm.  The only open stalls from 6pm onwards are those at The Sunset Party which did not serve any main course.  With The Market Place closed, there’s really nothing much to entice visitors to stay around except some who loves beer and they are mostly not families.  Organisers should take note of this and state the event timing clearly for future events.  We reached at 430pm in an attempt to avoid the heat but ended up realizing everyone is closing shop shortly after.

Singapore Farm Festival 2015

The Sunset Party

Nevertheless, it was a nice day out at the countryside.  We have enjoyed ourselves and will likely to return for the next farm fest.

Thanks for joining us on SAys! Happy Mums.  If you liked what you read on our blog, please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.  We hope to see you back again soon!

Disclaimer : We were invited to the above performance.  No monetary compensation was received.  And as usual, all opinions are our own.  All photos belong to SAys! Happy Mums unless otherwise stated.  Pls do not reuse without permission.

~ SAys! Shirley 🙂

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Check out a different kind of festival with the Singapore Farm Festival. There’ll be an animal corner, community workshops alongside local produce, artisanal food and live music. With over 50 stalls open over two days, bring the family down for a weekend of locally crafted entertainment. A sunset party follows the fest.

When: 30/05/2015 – 31/05/2015

Location: Kranji Countryside at Nyee Phoe ~ GardenAsia (Map)


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