{Review} ALL NEW Garden Kid’s Meal at Swensen’s

In a continual effort to refresh it’s menu to excite and educate the little ones, Swensen’s introduced an all-new selection of Swensen’s Garden Kid’s Meal with effect from 1st Jun ’15.

Swensen's Garden Kid's Meal

K can’t wait to check out what’s in her garden of Fish ‘N’ Chippies!

Children can expect to dig into their favourite entrée, the irresistable must-haves corn-in-cup as a side, and a choice of their preferred beverage, all at an affordable price of only $9,90!  The two all-new and wholesome additions to the usual mouth-watering main course delights are Chick ‘N’ Rice and Beef ‘N’ Rice.  Potted thoughtfully in a cheery garden holder together with a cute spade, it is no wonder that both K & R have been looking forward to the dinner at Swensen’s earlier this week!  With a selection of 6 delectable options this year, the pickiest kids will not be able to resist discovering the garden of delights in store for them.

Swensen's Garden Kid's Meal

Beef ‘N’ Rice is a delight of grilled beef and fresh veggies served on a bed of rice with corn-in-cup.  For chicken lovers, the Chick ‘N’ Rice offers grilled chicken and teriyaki sauce served on a bed of rice with corn-in-cup.

Inclusive in the Swensen’s Garden Kid’s Meal, children also get to exercise their power of decision-making by tailoring their meals with a drink to select from classic soft drinks, or beverages like Orange Juice, Apple Juice, or the newly-added Iced Milo.  Here, R decided on his favourite Spaghetti Twirlies ~ Spaghettis in meaty chicken bolognaise sauce with corn-in-cup and served with Apple Juice.

Swensen's Garden Kid's Meal

It’s tough to pose for photo when there’s a garden of delights to discover out there!

Kids can also indulge in an innovative new concoction, the Milo Ice-Cream Dirt Pot – proven to be a hit amongst ALL the children present for the media tasting session.  A sundae consisting of Milo ice cream covered with Milo powder, decorated with a gummy worm, strawberry and parsley, children will be given a spade to discover what’s hidden underneath all that ‘soil’.  How cool is that!  Once again, Swensen’s has hit all the right buttons in their kid’s menu.  As part of the meal, this iced cold bucket of delight can be relished at an additional $3.90, which has a usual price of $5.90 (a-la-carte).

Swensen's Milo Ice Cream Dirt Pot

Milo Ice-cream Dirt Pot ~ Can you spot the worm in the pot?

Prefer a more classic dessert?  Kids can enjoy the Coit Tower Junior at an additional $2.90, or a la-carte at $4.90.

Swensen's Coit Tower Junior

Coit Tower Junior ~ A junior tower of Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream, strawberry and chocolate fudge toppings, fresh banana slices and almond bits.

While the kids are trawling through their own backyard of excitement, my hubby and I found it a joy to be eating peacefully.  My hubby ordered Pesto Salmon ($16.90) for his mains.  I have always wondered how to cook such a thick fillet of salmon without letting the fish dry up.  There was only once when i achieved soft and moist meat at the insides, but then it wasn’t thoroughly cooked right at the centre.  After I sent it back to the frying pan, the meat at the outside dried up again.  It’s tough to be a home chef!  *cries*


Swensen’s Healthier Choice (Pesto Salmon) ~ Grilled Salmon topped with pesto sauce, served with mashed potatoes and vegetable of the day.

Swensen’s Pesto Salmon is classified under their deliciously healthy treat category and specially prepared with lower calorie count in mind.  We found the mash potatoes to be a little to dry though.  It would have been best if there is additional gravy for the mashed potatoes.

As for me, I followed my instinct and ordered my usual all-time favourite at Swensen’s.  There were not many occasions at Swensen’s that I remember without having ordered their Crayfish Pasta ($17.90).  The fresh whole crayfish, crabsticks and succulent fish fillet pieces tossed together in a flavorful tangy tomato sauce never fails to work up my appetite to finish the entire portion.

Swensen's Crayfish Pasta

With a big portion of serving for both kid’s meals, plus the beverage and Milo Ice-cream Dirt Pot, both hubby and I expected that they will barely be able to finish their food and hence we did not order additional sides and drinks to go with.  I was actually eyeing their Milo ice-cream in Dirt Pot!  Too bad I don’t get to eat their wormy   >.<  It was really cute to be eating ice cream with a spade though ;p  Not only did the kids found it filling to finish their main course (with corn-in-cup), they also tried to reserve more stomach space just because they spotted a free-flow of marshmallow at the Chocolate Fondue -.-

Swensen's Dessert Buffet at Ion Orchard

The delight on her face having fun playing with chocolate fountain and then eating her marshmallows.

Introducing Swensen’s EXCLUSIVE OUTLET with a All-You-Can-Eat Dessert & Pastries Buffet section, Swensen’s at ION Orchard, has catered to dessert lovers with a large section of the entire restaurant that serves almost 50 different premium ice-cream flavours with more than 40 types of toppings to go with, an assortment of about 10 different selection of cakes and pastries, and two chocolate fondues filled with abundance of strawberries, profiteroles and marshmallows.

Swensen's Dessert & Pastries Buffet

An impressive 50 different ice-cream flavours available exclusively at Swensen’s ION Orchard ~ which flavour would you choose?

Swensen's Dessert & Pastries Buffet

Swensen’s Dessert & Pastries Buffet

For as little as $13.90 (weekdays) and $14.90 (weekend), both prices with food orders, diners at Swensen’s can expect to be treated to a free flow extravaganza of sweet delights to end off the meal with.  Note that the mention of food orders excludes soups, sides and salads.

Both K and R couldn’t wait to reconnect with their new toys the next day.  Here we have R cutting bits of grass for his gardening pot while K (not in the picture) went around getting stationeries and coloured paper for him.  He has unknowingly picked up the scissors and ended up cutting 2 pots full of grass and soil!  I am so tempted to “confiscate” 2 of the spades for ice cream time at home!

Swensen's Garden Kid's meal

So, for those who don’t know yet, yes these pots and spades (together with the mini garden diorama) from the latest Swensen’s Garden Kid’s Meal can be brought home after your meal.  Just ask the staff for a plastic bag to bring them home with!  😉

About Swensen’s Singapore

A household name in Singapore, Swensen’s is synonymous with sweet memories of good times spent with loved ones.  Swensen’s first arrived in Singapore with the opening of a 200-seater restaurant at Thomson Plaza in 1979, and has since won the hearts of many with its warm, unpretentious ambience and a casual atmosphere. Over the years it has developed to become a restaurant chain offering not just ice cream, but fun and friendly casual-dining with a wide selection of hearty food, desserts, beverages, ice cream cakes and takeaway novelties.  Today, Swensen’s has expanded to over 20 full-service restaurants serving an all-day menu of food and ice cream sundaes, and continues to bring people together for hearty meals and shared memories.

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Swensen’s Outlets

Opening hours (unless otherwise state):  [Weekdays] 10.30am-10.30pm | [Weekends & PH] 8am-10.30pm

Ang Mo Kio Hub @ #B1-25/26 | Tel: 6481 4316
Bedok Mall @ #01-77 | Tel: 6844 9759
Bukit Panjang Plaza @ #03-04 | Tel: 6892 0319
Causeway Point @ #02-08/09 | Tel: 6894 2086
Centrepoint (Earle Swensen’s) @ #02-52 | Tel: 6733 6461 (Opening hours: [Mon-Thu] 10.30am-9.30pm | [Fri-Sun, Eve of PH & PH] 10.30am-10.30pm)
Changi Airport Terminal 2 @ Mezzanine Level, Arrival Hall North | Tel: 6542 8219 (Opening hours: 24 Hours)
Compass Point @ B1-28/29 | Tel: 6384 5187
City Square Mall @ #03-37/38 | Tel: 6509 6280 (Opening hours: 10:30am-10.30pm)
Clementi Mall @ #03-31/32/33 | Tel: 6659 2151
E! Hub @ Downtown East @ #02-121 | Tel: 6584 5716
IMM @ #01-111 | Tel: 6566 7554
ION Orchard @ #B1-31 | Tel: 6884 5967 (Opening hours: 10:30am-10.30pm)
JEM (Earle Swensen’s) @ #03-11 | Tel: 6734 7712 (Opening hours: 10:30am-10.30pm)
Junction 8 @ #01-39 | Tel: 6252 6229
Jurong Point @ #B1-64 | Tel: 6795 2187
Marina Square @ #01-206/207 | Tel: 6338 7256
Nex Mall @ #02-07/08 | Tel: 6634 4072
North Point @ #01-16/17 | Tel: 6754 1944
Parkway Parade @ #B1-33/34 | Tel: 6346 1886
Plaza Singapura @ #03-23 | Tel: 6837 0650 (Opening hours: 10:30am-10.30pm)
Tampines Mall @ #03-30 | Tel: 6781 5489
The Seletar Mall @ #02-11/12 | Tel: 6702 3640
The Sun Plaza ~ Opening in July 2015
Thomson Plaza @ #03-23 | Tel: 6454 8502 (Opening hours: 10:30am-10.30pm)
VivoCity (Earle Swensen’s) @ #02-117 | Tel: 6272 3306 (Opening hours: 10:30am-10.30pm)
West Mall @ #02-05 | Tel: 6898 9281

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Disclaimer : We were invited to the above media tasting held at Swensen’s ION, Orchard, for the launch of this year’s Swensen’s Garden Kid’s Meal.  No monetary compensation was received.  And as usual, all opinions are our own.  All photos belong to Swensen’s unless otherwise stated.  Pls do not reuse without permission.

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