Homemade Chilled Aloe Vera with Longan in Syrup

The crazy weather really made me lethargic and smelly as early as 9am.  Bathing 3 times is not an option since I run in and out daily.  I have also given in to indulge the kids with ice cream EVERY DAY as a quick cool-off and wake-me-up for the afternoon.

I saw some really fresh aloe vera at NTUC last week.  Since I have the whole afternoon yesterday, I decided to make this cooling dessert as K is totally in love with the firm but jelly-like cold aloe vera.  The big leaf was not enough to share 😦

Fancy a serving of chilled aloe vera in this heat?? It’s so much better because its HOMEMADE from FRESH aloe vera leaf! Just don’t regret if you didn’t grab the two largest leaves.


Follow the simple steps below to make your own dessert for tonight’s dinner 🙂

Fresh Aloe Vera Leaf (do grab two pieces of the largest leaves)
5-6 strips of Sugared Winter Melon
2-3 pcs of Brown Rock Sugar (est standard ice cube size)
Handful of Red Dates (pitted)

Handful of Wolfberries
600ml water
1 Canned Longan in Syrup
1 Lemon, juiced with seeds removed
(Optional) 1 Can 7-Up or 1 bottle of Apple Cider

1. Wash the Aloe Vera skin and peel off the skin using a fruit skin peeler.

2. Cut into bite-sized cubes.  Rinse off the slim on the deskinned aloe vera for a good few times.  Drain and set aside for later.

3. Wash, soak until softened then remove the seeds off the red dates.

4. Soak and boil the wolfberries separately in a small pot. Throw away the water. I have read somewhere that Sulphuric Acid is used as a preservative for wolfberries. And not all should be eaten whole without boiling. Hence. Heh!

5. Prepare a pot of water for cooking the aloe vera in. Add in aloe vera, sugared winter melon strips, brown rock sugar and potted red dates. Set it to boil on medium fire. Then set to lowest heat to simmer for 20min to half hour.


6. After simmering, turn off the heat and leave the pot covered up for 2 hours or longer so that the aloe vera can soak in all the sweetness from the ingredients.


7. When the pot has cooled down, drain and throw away all the sugared water.  It should be slimy by now and nobody would like it.  Fridge it or chilli it in the freezer it if you can no longer wait.

8. When ready to serve, add a can of longan (together with the syrup) to the aloe vera, red dates and sugared winter melon.  Top up with the wolfberries prepared earlier.

(Optional) If desired, add in 7-Up or your favourite fruit beer or cider to serve.  It gives a different dimension to the usual longan syrup. Not for under 18 though!  >.<


Drooling already??  Make a big bowl now!  Or perhaps, for the next potluck!

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~ SAys! Shirley  🙂


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