{Review} The Incredible Book Eating Boy

We have been catching theatrical productions by ABA Singapore regularly ever since the little ones were 3-4 years old.  Year after year, we never get disappointed by the quality of shows that were brought in by ABA .  Today, we have been blessed once again this year, to catch Oliver Jeffer‘s bestselling picture book performing live on stage – The Incredible Book Eating Boy!

The Incredible Book Eating Boy

R has been counting down to this day for months.  He had caught the flyer of The Incredible Book Eating Boy at SOTA earlier this year when we were there to catch other theatrical extravaganza by KidsFest – Horrible Histories Vile Victorians and The Tiger Who Came To Tea.  Today, I found out exactly why so.  It was his curiosity that kept him looking forward to the show for months.

So who is this INCREDIBLE Book Eating Boy that is so special?  Is he a Superhero?  Meet Henry, who loves books so much that he prefers eating them rather than reading them.  Last week, we have already made an official introduction to the show here.


Meet Henry, The Incredible Book Eating Boy (played by Gabriel Fancourt)

Directed by Frank Newman and brought to life on stage by the intelligent cast of three direct from Australia (Gabriel Fancourt, Madeline Jones and Jo Turner), the team at The Incredible Book Eating Boy used creative puns, original music, clever movements based around transformation with the help of lighting and sound to bring across the fundamental message of finding success through a love for reading and not taking the easy way out by eating them.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Photography by Branco Gaica

The show started with a book domino that made a round on stage.  Though I caught the whole domino effect from start til end, K and R did not managed to capture it because somebody in our row was late and blocked them both just at that moment.  😦

Henry having a nightmare of a gigantic book that was trying to eat him.  Instead of being a scary monster, the gigantic book caused a stir of laughter amongst the audience with it’s efforts in trying to be one.  There were a few scenes when we could not help but burst out laughing out loud.  The kids and I found the most hilarious scene to be where Fred, the family’s cat started aiming flying poo at Henry at the side walk.  R couldn’t stop laughing at the joke played on Henry.  He found it too amusing that Fred actually did something so absurdly funny right on stage. *ewwww*

The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Photography by Branco Gaica

When Henry discovered one day that he could acquire knowledge rapidly just by eating books, he no longer need to question why the moon sometimes comes out in the middle of the day, what happened to all the dinosaurs, where the light went when it gets switched off, why an echo echos, where hiccups came from, and even why human beings have tails.  At the library (where the comical librarian who insisted that nobody, including the audience, should make a sound), Henry cleverly introduced “Henry’s Kitchen” live show and he cooked up a storm with books and named his dish Caramelized Atlas with Crispy Dictionary Salad.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy

We couldn’t contain our laughter when the Librarian insisted that everyone should keep quiet in the library. ~ Photography by Branco Gaica

However, books after books later in his obsessive quest for being the smartest person, he soon found himself talking jibberish and unable to digest any more information all of a sudden!  *GASP*  There were moments of embarassment when 2+6 equals smelly socks and the number “pie” became the equivalent of a blue whale in yellow underpants.  LOLOL!  Henry vomited out all the books and paper that he had eaten as if by magic.  Earlier I mentioned about R’s curiosity that kept him looking forward to the show.  He had been wanting to see exactly HOW does one eat books!  I’m glad the “magic” kept him curiosity alive throughout the show.

Find out how Henry, with help from his parents, eventually found that the best way to enjoy books and gaining knowledge through them is not to use his teeth, but to slowly read through page by page.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Photography by Branco Gaica

Base on the endless giggles from the audience, it wouldn’t only be us giving the mad raves about the show.  There are only 5 more shows left before it ends!  So hurry and get down to SISTIC or purchase your tickets at SISTIC Online for the best seats available.  You won’t regret it!  Confirm, Guarantee + Chop!

We have also found some activities for some take-home fun.  Do download it at this link for the original resolution.  We are very sure your entire family would enjoy the show as much as we did.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy Activities

The Incredible Book Eating Boy Activities

The Incredible Book Eating Boy

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~ SAys! Shirley 🙂

About The Incredible Book Eating Boy

When:  Fri, 22 May: 4.30pm | Sat, 23 May: 11am & 2pm | Sun, 24 May: 11am, 2pm & 4.30pm

Where: SOTA – Drama Theatre @ 1 Zubir Said Drive Singapore 227968  (Map)

Who: Recommended 3 years and above

Duration: 50min (no interval)

Ticket Price : $38, $48, $58 (excludes SISTIC charges)

Tickets available through: SISTIC Website | SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555 | SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide


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